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The Chosen One and the twin

Harry Potter, The-Boy-Who-Lived, the Gryffindor Golden boy. Whatever you want to call him sat in his small bedroom at number four privet drive. He had been home for the summer for a month now. In addition, like all summers he had been doing his daily chores, weeding the garden, mowing said garden grass. Watering the plants, washing his uncles new company car, or painting the fences around the house, he did not care what his uncle forced him to do as long as it kept his mind off the third task of the Tri-Wizard tournament.

During his fourth year at Hogwarts, the Tri-Wizard tournament had been resurrected after over one hundred and seventy years since it was cancelled due to the death toll mounting too high. The three school champions had been selected and Harry was looking forward to cheering the Hogwarts champion, Cedric Diggory along with the rest of his school. However, Harry Potter's luck just had to have him picked as a forth champion. Nevertheless, since he was bonded by a magically binding contract he had no choice but to compete. Therefore, with the help of his best friend and sister in all but blood Hermione Granger, he had competed in all three tasks successfully completing the tasks before him from a Dragon in the first task to a maze in the third task.

However, it was the third task that haunted his dreams. Well what happened after the task, he and fellow Hogwarts champion Cedric Diggory had gotten to the Tri-Wizard cup at the same time and had come to the agreement of taking the cup together and tying for a Hogwarts victory. Therefore, with their decision made, they both grabbed the cup only for the nightmare to begin. For you see the cup was a Portkey that took them to a graveyard. The next thing they know, Wormtail had appeared and had killed Cedric before tying Harry to a headstone and forcing him to participate in the rebirth of Lord Voldemort.

After duelling with the newly reborn Dark Lord, he had escaped with the Portkey and Cedric's body back too Hogwarts. Then the fun continued with the unveiling of Alastor Moody being Polyjuiced by Barty Crouch Jr, an escaped Death Eater. After everything Harry had gone through, he had been sent back home for the summer.

Now, as he sat on his bed watching the sun go down he had mixed emotions running through his body. Anger at Dumbledore for sending him back to this hellhole with nought but a pat on the head and a there, there Harry. Resentment at his two best friends Ron and Hermione because they would not tell him anything that was going on in the Wizarding world as it was not safe to write to him in-case the owl was intercepted. He had also concluded that the two of them were together whilst he was stuck on his own in almost isolation. He was also feeling sadness and guilt for the death for his fellow champion Cedric. Too top it all, he also had a slight fear that Voldemort, and his Death Eater's would come knocking, more like blasting at his door. Therefore, with all those emotions raging through his body he finally collapsed sideways on his bed into his first dreamless sleep all month.

It did not seem like he had been asleep more than a few hours when Harry was awoken to the sound of something breaking. Sitting up on his bed and placing his glasses back on his face after they had fallen off he listened for any more noise to see if he could tell who it was. After straining his ears, he could hear voices coming from downstairs and after glancing at his clock, he knew his Aunt and Uncle would still be at the best-kept garden prize draw thingy-me-bob.

Harry picked up his wand and got off his bed, before creeping over to a dark corner of his bedroom between the door and his wardrobe opposite his window. Glancing at Hedwig's cage told him his owl was still out hunting. After a tense few minutes waiting, he heard footsteps trying to creep up the stairs, however they stood on the third from the bottom step that creaked loudly alerting Harry to their approach. Another few minutes passed before the locks on his door clicked open and his door swung inwards revealing a group of people cloaked in the darkness.

"You move, you die." Harry said as he smoothly placed his wand under Professor Lupin's chin, causing two of the group to freeze in shock and Moody to grin in satisfaction.

"What creature sat in the corner the first time that Harry Potter visited Remus Lupin's office at Hogwarts?" Harry asked in hard voice as he glared into the man's eyes.

"I believe it was a Grindylow in a tank." Remus answered with a small smile as he visibly relaxed

"Ok so you are who I thought you were." Said Harry in a normal voice but not lowering his wand an inch. "There's a light-switch next to you on the wall." Soon Remus had flipped the switch and the room was bathed in light allowing Harry to see who was with Remus.

"Hello Professor Moody." Said Harry as he went back over to his bed and sat down.

"I don't know about the Professor part seeing as how I didn't get much chance to actually teach anything." Growled Moody in his gruff voice. "Nice to see you take your safety seriously lad." Moody then limped into the small bedroom and looked around.

"Hey who's the chick?" Harry asked as he looked at a purple haired young woman with a heart-shaped face.

"Chick, I'll have you know I'm a fully trained Auror." Replied the woman in a voice as though Harry had insulted her tremendously. "And the names Tonks."

"Whatever, I was just saying I would not kick you out of bed for farting." Harry said in an off-handed voice causing Tonks' jaw to drop while Remus and another man still in the doorway snorted in laughter.

"Nice-one lad, and I would be Kingsley Shacklebolt," said the tall bald, black man as he stood in the doorway, to which Harry nodded his greeting.

"So, what you doing here Moony?" Harry asked as he turned back to his old Professor who had taken a seat at his desk.

"We are here to take you back to headquarters." Answered Remus with a small smile. "We are your advance guard."

"What four people" Harry laughed at them, causing them all to frown at him.

"What's so funny?" Asked Tonks as she stood in front of his window with a frown and her arms crossed.

"Sorry, but if Voldemort really wanted to kill me tonight, you four aren't going to be able to stop him." Answered Harry as he looked at them all in the eye.

"Three of us are Auror's…" began Tonks before Harry interrupted her.

"And so was the ten that Voldemort killed single-handedly in the first war." Harry said as he glared at her. "He would eat you for breakfast without breaking a sweat." Tonks looked down at his words knowing he had a point.

"Harry, there others waiting to take over should something happen to us." Spoke Remus hoping to calm the teen down.

"Oh, well that makes all the difference then doesn't it?" Replied Harry in a sarcastic voice. "And how are we getting were ever it is we're going?"

"By broom." Answered Remus with a smile knowing how much Harry loved to fly.

"And where is it that we're flying to." Harry asked raising an eyebrow.

"London." Answered Moody before Remus could speak causing Harry's jaw to drop.

"London, are you all mad, its freezing out there at night and its pouring it down." Shouted Harry as he pointed out the window.

"It was Professor Dumbledore's idea." Said Kingsley Shacklebolt speaking up for the first time since introducing himself.

"I don't bloody care if Merlin himself suggested it, I am not flying in this weather." Snapped Harry as he looked at the four in his room.

"Well how do you suggest we get there then boy?" Growled Moody as he glared at Harry with his mismatched eyes.

"These two are fully trained and fully qualified Aurors correct?" Harry asked as he pointed to Tonks and Kingsley.

"Yes." Nodded Moody and Remus.

"With full Portkey Licence's and Apparition licences?" Harry asked as he looked at the two in question.

"Yes." Answered Tonks and Kingsley in unison.

"Then create a Portkey or we could apparate to London." Harry hissed at them as though it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"We could do that." Interjected Remus hoping to defuse an argument before it could break out.

"Fools." Muttered Harry as he began packing his trunk whilst Kingsley went about finding something to use as a Portkey.

London, Headquarters

Harry and the four-person guard landed in a dark and dingy street. Looking at the houses, Harry saw more boarded up windows and rubbish piled in the gardens than he had ever seen in his life.

"Read this piece of parchment and memorise what is written." Said Remus as he passed Harry a slip of parchment, looking down Harry read the words.

"The headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix can be found at Number Twelve Grimmauld place London."

"The Fidelius charm, nice." Commented Harry as he looked up and watched as number twelve squeezed itself between numbers eleven and thirteen.

"You've heard off the Fidelius charm then?" Asked Remus as he led the way up the steps in front of number twelve.

"I'm not the ignorant Gryffindor you all think I am." Smirked Harry in a sneering voice as he entered the front door after Remus had tapped it with his wand causing the locks to unlock.

"Keep you've voice down until we get to the kitchen." Remus Whispered to Harry as Moody closed the door as quietly as he could.

"Why's that then Remus?" asked Harry in very loud voice not caring about the answer as he had been ignored for a month and he wanted to know why.

"Filth! Scum! By-products of dirt and vileness! Half-breeds, mutants, freaks, begone from this place! How dare you befoul the house of my fathers-"

Came the shrieking voice of a Portrait as the curtains flew open. Harry laughed as he watched Remus and Tonks try to unsuccessfully pull the curtains back over the portrait. He walked forward to see a pale old woman dressed in black robes that were at least twelve years out of date.

"BE SILENT." Harry shouted at the portrait in a menacing voice causing the woman to fall silent as she and everyone else looked at Harry in shock. "Now unless you can keep a civil tongue in your head I will get some paint-thinner and remove you from this wall."

"You wouldn't." gasped the woman in the painting.

"Try me bitch." Snapped Harry as he glared at the woman. "I will even use a toothbrush so you have to endure it even longer." Harry smirked, as the painted woman seemed to grow even paler than she was.

"So, where's the kitchen?" Harry asked as he turned to look at a shocked Remus.

"Oh, it's this way." Said Remus snapping out of his shock and leading the way to a door at the end of the hallway.

As he emerged from the door at the bottom of the stairs, Harry looked around the kitchen full of witches and wizards. Sitting at one end of a huge table was the Weasley family and Hermione. Ron and Hermione got up with smiles, no doubt to come greet him. However, they froze in place at the hard glare he sent their way. To the left side of Ginny was a girl with dark red hair and green eyes. Harry looked at the girl closely, he knew she looked familiar yet he was sure he had never met her. The girl looked to be about his age as she gave him a small nervous smile. Sitting next the girl was a man Harry recognized straight away, the shaggy black hair and mischievous grey eyes of his Godfather Sirius Black. Sirius gave him a roguish grin in which he nodded his head back with a blank look on his face.

Sitting next to Sirius were five people he did not recognize so he barely spared them a glance before his eyes locked with the cold black eyes of his potions Professor, Severus Snape.

"Potter." Spat Snape in greeting as he glared at Harry.

"Dumbledore's lapdog." Replied Harry in a mockingly bright voice causing the Weasley children, Sirius and the unknown girl to snigger quietly, while Snape flushed red in anger.

"Don't call me that." Whispered Snape in a deadly sounding voice that caused the sniggering to stop as they looked to see what was going to happen.

"Oh and what are you going to do spank me and send me to bed with no supper?" Harry asked with a snort causing the other teens to burst out laughing.

"Enough." Came the voice of Albus Dumbledore before Snape could reply.

"So, is anyone going to introduce all these people?" Harry asked as he indicated the witches and Wizards sitting across the table from Sirius and the twenty or so around the kitchen.

"These are all members of the Order of the Phoenix." Spoke Dumbledore from the head of the Table next to McGonagall.

"Really I thought it was an old folk's tea-party." Muttered Harry in a voice loud enough to be heard by all in the kitchen. "So what's the Order of the Phoenix when it's at home?"

"The Order of the Phoenix is group that I founded when Voldemort first began his rise to power." Began Dumbledore as Harry took a seat next to the door away from everyone else. "Our primary goal is to fight Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters as they attempt to take over the Wizarding world." Explained Dumbledore expecting Harry to voice that he wanted to join.

"And these are the members of the Order." Harry asked as he indicated the adults in the room.

"Yes." Answered Dumbledore a little surprised Harry had not insisted he join up.

"And you're main goal is to fight Voldemort and his army?"


"Oh well I never really liked living anyway." Muttered Harry but everyone heard him.

"What do you mean Harry?" Dumbledore asked as he peered at Harry.

"Look around you, look at your fighters." Replied Harry causing everyone to look at each other with frowns. "Then look at Voldemort's army and you'll see your chances of winning this war are slim to fucking none." Harry shook his head as some of the witches and wizards protested his words.

"I don't mean to sound rude or cruel but Voldemort would chew you all up and spit you out." Said Harry in grim voice. "I mean look, some of you are old enough to be my grandparents, or too injured to be effective or not trained enough to fight in battle."

"Oh and I suppose you are." Yelled an unknown scruffy wizard with droopy eyes and a pipe in his mouth.

"I've gone against Voldemort single handily four times and lived to tell the tale, what have you done?" Hissed Harry causing most to grow quite.

"Professor Dumbledore is the most powerful light wizard of the age." Said Molly Weasley. "If anyone can stop You-know-Who it is him."

"Ah, I'm afraid that you are wrong on both accounts Molly dear." Said Dumbledore in a calm tone of voice causing everyone's head to snap to look at him.

"What do you mean Headmaster?" Asked Professor McGonagall with a frown on her face.

"I mean Minerva that I could not defeat Lord Voldemort even if I wanted to." answered Dumbledore in sad voice.

"Oh here we go." Thought Harry. "The old codger is going to somehow say only I can defeat Voldemort."

"And the comment about not being the most powerful light wizard?" asked Molly in a voice barely above a whisper.

"I bet he says I am." Harry thought with a mental growl.

"The answer to both of those questions is Harry" Replied Dumbledore as he turned to look at Harry.

"I fucking knew it." Snarled Harry as he glared at Dumbledore. "I knew you would thrust that responsibility onto me."

"Harry, mind your language." Gasped Molly and Hermione in unison.

"I'm sorry Harry but it's true." Said Dumbledore in a quiet voice. "You are the only one who has the power to stop Lord Voldemort once and for all."

"Tough shit I'm not doing it." Shouted Harry ignoring Hermione as she berated him for his language once again. "I've fought him four times already, and nearly lost my life every time I did, I' am not going to die for you or anybody."

"So you would condemn the entire Wizarding world." Asked Dumbledore in a quiet voice.

"Why should I save a world that condemned me to live ten years in a cupboard, to be a slave cooking every meal, doing every chore from the age of five?" Yelled Harry as his emotions got the best of him and some of his darkest secrets came out before he could stop them.

"What do you mean you lived in a cupboard?" shouted Sirius, Remus and the unknown girl in unison.

"Never mind." Said Harry trying to shut them out.

"No tell us what you meant." Shouted Sirius with a look of thunder on his face.

"I said no.," growled Harry in a voice his friends would know to drop the subject.

"TELL ME WHAT YOU MEANT." Shouted Sirius his voice bouncing of the walls.

"YOU WANT TO KNOW FINE." Yelled Harry as he shot out of his chair. "FROM THE AGE OF THREE I WAS SMACKED AROUND BY MY AUNT AND UNCLE, FROM THE AGE OF FOUR I WAS SMACKED AROUND BY MY COUSIN, AGE FIVE I WAS FORCED TO COOK EVERY MEAL WHILE I GOT COLD LEFTOVERS, I HAD TO CLEAN EVERY ROOM, DO EVERY CHORE AND MY BEDROOM WAS A FOUR FOOT BY FOUR FOOT CUPBOARD UNDER THE STAIRS." By the time he had finished he was breathing heavily while the occupants of the kitchen stared at him in shock before he whirled around and began on the headmaster.

"YOU PLACED ME THERE, FORCED ME TO LIVE IN THAT HELL." Harry bellowed at the aged Headmaster. "AND EVERY SUMMER AFTER I HAD ASKED, NO BEGGED YOU NOT TO, YOU SENT ME BACK." Dumbledore visibly flinched at his words.


"Because you're the only one who can stop Voldemort." Whispered Dumbledore as he looked at Harry with pleading eyes.

"Says who?" Snapped Harry as he tried to burn a hole through Dumbledore's head with his eyes.

"There was a Prophecy made a before you were born." Began Dumbledore sadly. "And only three babies were born that could fit the Prophecy."

"Tell me the Prophecy." Hissed Harry glaring at Dumbledore. "NOW." He snapped when Dumbledore hesitated.

"Very well." Sighed Dumbledore before looking back to Harry he began.

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches ... born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies ... and the Dark Lord will mark the child as his equal, but the child will have power the Dark Lord knows not ... and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives ... the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies ..."

"You said there was three who could be the child of the Prophecy, I'm one, who are the other two." Harry asked after thinking it over for a few minutes and was now looking for a way that he might not be the one.

"One is Neville Longbottom." Answered Dumbledore quietly. "And the other is…"

"Me." Squeaked the unknown red haired girl who had gone pale after hearing the Prophecy. Dumbledore nodded his head at her as she looked to him for confirmation.

"And who are you?" Asked as he looked at the familiar, yet unfamiliar looking girl.

"Jessica Potter." Answered the girl in a quiet voice causing Harry's jaw to drop.

"So you're my cousin?" Harry asked now clicking onto why she looked familiar. However, the girl shook her head no.

"Twin sister." Jessica whispered as she looked at Harry.

"What." yelped Harry in shock; however, that shock soon turned to pure rage as his eyes lit up with an inner fire. The people in the kitchen watched in awe and fear as Harry began shaking with rage, the house shaking along with him as a bright white Aura burst around him. Everyone could see him battling with his rage and magic trying to keep under control.

"Tranquillo" "Tranquillo" Dumbledore put as much power behind his two calming charms as he fired them at Harry. However, the charms just frizzled out as they were exposed too Harry's Aura. Soon Dumbledore could see that Harry was about to lose control and he quickly alerted the others.

"Strongest shield Charms up people." Shouted Dumbledore causing everyone to snap into action.

"Fortissimi Scutum Leporem" chanted Dumbledore as he waved his wand in a complicated manor, just as a transparent gold shield burst into being in front of everyone Harry lost the fight for control over himself.

"NYAAAA." Harry roared his anger to the heavens as powerful blasted out of his body.

Windows all over the house exploded outwards, marble counters snapped clean in half, bottles, glasses, and cups shattered into a thousand tiny pieces. The door and wall in which he was standing in front of exploded in a cloud of dust and rubble. Everyone in the kitchen strained with the effort to maintain his or her shields as the teen roared his pain, his anger, his betrayal and his rage to the heavens. The magical shockwave tore through the ancient and new wards over the house. The shockwave was so great that it was felt all over England, Scotland and Ireland, from the late night ministry workers in central London, to Professor Flitwick in his Hogwarts office in Scotland, who was knocked of his seat as the blast washed over him.

After what seemed like an eternity but was really only five minutes, Harry collapsed on the floor into unconsciousness. Dropping their shields, the occupants of the kitchen stared down at the fallen body of Harry Potter in shock and awe of the power they just felt.

They were broken out of the shock as Jessica ran to her brothers' side and cradled his head in her lap as she began crying.

"What's wrong with him sir?" Asked Hermione quietly figuring someone had to ask the question as they all watched Jessica cradle her newly found brother.

"He has fallen into a magical coma." Dumbledore answered after waving his wand over Harry. "Minerva, please Floo Poppy and ask her to come over."

"Of course Headmaster." Replied McGonagall as she went over to the fireplace and threw in a pinch of powder from the mantel, however, the flames stayed orange instead of turning bright green as was normal.

"The Floo's not working." Said McGonagall as she turned back to the room with a frown.

"Strange." Muttered Dumbledore before closing his eyes in concentration.

"The wards are down." Said Sirius and Dumbledore at the same time. Everyone then turned to look at Harry once more.

"He ripped through some of the most powerful wards." Muttered Bill Weasley in shock. "Headmaster I shall go and replace the wards." He then left the kitchen followed by McGonagall.

"Wingardium Leviosa" Came Jessica's quite voice as she pointed her wand at Harry and began levitating him.

"You can't do magic outside Hogwarts without permission from the Ministry of Magic." Said Hermione in shrill voice.

"I fucking dare you to try and stop me from taking care of my brother." Hissed Jessica in a voice almost like Harry's' as she glared at Hermione. After glaring at her for a moment, Jessica turned round and stepping over the rubble and splinters of wood that used to be the wall and door, she left the kitchen floating Harry in front of her.

"I guess there's nothing for us to do but clean up in here." Commented Dumbledore as he looked around at the destruction.

"You can, I'm going to check on my Godson." Said Sirius before leaving the kitchen.

"And I'm going to check on my goddaughter." Commented Remus as he followed Sirius through the rubble, leaving everyone else to try to sort out the kitchen and the rest of the house.

End of chapter

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