Chapter 2: Science Jargon

The Professor was ecstatic at his new idea, but he was also nervous, because, like all great experiments, he wasn't entirely sure it would work, in fact, he was about 70% sure it would fail. But he tried anyway. He was going to open a rift into the pocket dimension, but not to the real world. He was unable to open a rift to another dimension, because that would be impossible to do in a pocket dimension, which, by definition, isn't even a real "dimension". No, he was going to do something else, something greater, something that would be much more shocking. He was going to open a rift to another dimensional plane. "Ike, I hate to do this but... I have to." The Professor said as he plucked a hair from Ike. He protested from the pain, but settled down after a few seconds. The Professor placed the hair into a DNA scanner on his mechanical dashboard, stepped back, and let the science commence. "Here we go." He said.

Felix stumbled, and fell, three times, trying to get to the light, but he kept going. He was very close now, and as he looked he could almost see, a blurred image of... well he didn't even know what it was. But it was moving and changing colors at a seizure-inducing level. While luckily he didn't suffer from seizures, he still had to look away from it due to it hurting his eyes. At last, he arrived, and, although it was quite foolish, threw all caution to the wind, and jumped through.

And then he passed out.

Only for a few minutes, though.

When he woke again Felix found that the world around him was black and white, he had some kind of goggles on his head, and, most surprisingly, a human-sized Ike in front of him. "Greetings Felix. I am Ike, welcome to my home." Ike said in a deep, semi-robotic voice. Felix, understandably, was taken aback. "Wha- where am I!? Am I dead!? How are you so big!? Why is the world in black and white!? Again, where am I!?" Felix questioned frantically. "Hey hey, calm down Felix. It's ok." Ike replied calmly, "To answer your questions in order, the dimensional plane where my race live, no, you are alive, this is how I am in this dimension, and I think there may be something wrong with your seizure protection goggles." He approached Felix, and pressed a few buttons on the goggles he was wearing, and color came back to the world. "Um... thanks?" Felix said, "How did I get here exactly?" "Fitz opened a rift in the pocket dimension to my plane of existence." Ike explained, "I'm not going to bore you with the details, but based on the differences from dimensional shifting, pocket dimensions, and dimensional planes, he's unable to make a rift to the "normal" world, but he can send you to this plane of existence. Understand?" Felix didn't entirely understand, but he got the gist of it. "So, um, not to be pushy or anything..." Felix paused as he said, "HOW AM I GOING TO LEAVE!?" Ike stared at Felix, and he realized that he had just looked a bit hysterical. "Well... yeah that is a bit of a problem..." Ike said, "But! Fitz and I think we know the solution! Even though your IDS Glove won't work in this plane, again, science reasons, I know of a way that we can upgrade your Glove! Meanwhile, Fitz will be fixing your reality in whatever zany way he thinks of!" "Wait, what problems in reality?" Felix asked. "Well..." Ike said nervously, "There's basically, well, um... dimensions are leaking out of the manor and almost everyone on earth will most certainly die..." "WHAT!?" Felix said, "Don't worry about it." Ike said nonchalantly, "With our help he can get everyone back to living again, but first we need to get you home, and to do that..." Ike paused, "I need to show you around this place."