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We arrive at the Hospital. They wheel me in quickly. My other brothers were waiting. Joe sees them and heads over to them. He fills them in of what was going on. After a while, Walter the family Dr came out to talk with Adam.

"Walt. How are they?" Adam was asking him.

"There all gonna be fine. Haley and Evan I want to keep overnight. I'll even have them in the same room." Walter said to him.

"What for?" Brian was then asking him.

"Head injuries and I want to be certain." Walter was saying.

"Ok." Adam said to him.

"I'll have a Nurse get you all when they are ready." Walter said before leaving my brothers and coming back to us.

They were happy to know we were going to be ok. A few minutes later, Daniel was coming out and saw Ford.

"Hey Daniel." Ford said when he spotted Daniel.

They were all going by him. Adam took him in his arms and hugged him.

"You ok?" Adam asked him.

"Yeah fine." Daniel said to him when he broke from his hold.

Brian took him next and hugged.

"Hey partner." Brian said to him giving him a hug as well.

Crane was next.

"How was she?" Adam wondered about me when he was asking Daniel.

"Scared." He said to them.

"Walt, said she has a head injury?" Brian said to him when he was asking him.

"She must of hit it on the dash board." Daniel explained.

"So what happened?" Crane asked him wondering what caused us to crash.

Daniel was explaining to them.

"You don't think it was Jim, do you?" Adam was then asking Daniel.

"It could have been. Since we were on back roads." Daniel told him.

They then saw Charlie walking over to them.

"Hey Charlie, what's up?" Adam asked him.

"Adam, we know who did it." He said to my brothers.

"Ok, who?" Brian asked him.

"Jim." Charlie told my brothers.

They were shocked but not really shocked.

"How did you know?" Crane asked him.

"Someone called us and told us." Charlie explained.

"So now what?" Daniel asked him.

"Let's just say he ruined his life over this." Charlie told my brothers.

They stood there shaking their heads in disbelief.

"How's Haley and Evan?" Charlie then asked my brothers.

"Walter has them staying. Due to head injuries." Crane explained to him.

So my brother and I stood over night. Jim was arrested for attempted murder now. I am so glad things are back to normal.