On the four white horses Buttercup and her darling Westley rode off alongside Inigo and Fezzik leaving the villain of the story tied to the chair in the honeymoon suite within the Castle Florin.

Prince Humperdinck had failed. His evil plan to murder his bride Buttercup on their wedding night to ignite a war with Guilder was a huge failure. His plan was thwarted by true love, the power of true love and he was beyond infuriated. Yet, perhaps more so he was embarrassed for his coward had rose the moment he came face to face with the end of Westley's sword. But was he more fearful of the strength the fabled true love had given Westley, whom he assumed he had taken care of with the use of the Machine.

He sat tied down to the chair, constantly tried to pull free but Buttercup had unfortunately did as Westley urged, make the binds tight as she desired. His desperation drove him to shout out to whomever. Then came the sounds of footsteps. He sighed with relief, his demand for freedom was heard. But by whom?

The footsteps, delicate in sound, entered the honeymoon suite.

Humperdinck turned his head and again sighed with relief then praised, "Thank the lord, it's you." he then ordered his hopeful rescuer, "Untie me!"

Peering back at the helplessly bound Prince of Florin were two large deep blue eyes lined with dark thick lashes, they reflected pure amusement.

He repeated, "Untie me!" then he announced, "They are getting away!"

Full and naturally light ruby lips formed a grin then passed them chimed, "Good!"

A gasp of surprise he gave then his face twisted with frustration and lowly he grumbled, "Fauna, untie me, now!"

Dressed in a pale purple satin, the ebony haired beauty named Fauna casually replied, "No." She snootily lifted her chin, found it amusing that the Royal Prince had been subdued by his rivals.

"What?!" Humperdinck questioned, surprised by Fauna's defiance.

Fauna responded, "You heard me." She then stepped to the desk where Buttercup previously sat before Westley made himself known. Her curious blue eyes studied the dagger which Buttercup had planned to use to pierce her own heart. Her eyes shifted and spotted a folded piece of parchment. Curiously she hummed, one hand gathered the dagger as the other lifted the parchment.

Humperdinck loudly growled, his face angrily twisted as his dark brown eyes glared at Fauna. He warned, "Fauna, you best untie me!" he then ordered, "Now!"

Fauna turned her head and looked to the Prince as he again uselessly tried to tug against the binds. She oddly stated, "But, my Prince, I thought you enjoyed being tied down." she deviously giggled then asked, "Am I wrong?"

Humperdinck loudly stated, "I have no time for this!" he then nearly whined, "They have likely made it to the edge of Florin by now!"

With a quip she asked, "So?"

Ignoring the whiny Prince, she strolled from the desk as she unfolded the parchment. She casually sat atop the large bench before the foot of the honeymoon bed. Her eyes looked to Buttercup's written words, final words. "Oh, my." she sang while twirling a rich ebony curl of hair with the tip of the dagger then she read aloud, "To whom this may concern."

Her eyes glanced at the fuming Prince then smartly asked him, "Are you possibly one for whom this concerns, my Lord?"

His eyes narrowed more at her, the furrow lines between his brows deepened.

She loudly giggled then shook her head and stated, "Of course you are not."

His jaw visibly flexed then he growled through clenched teeth, "Fauna."

She again ignored him then continued to read the letter aloud, "If you are reading this, my darling Westley had not put a stop to my marriage to Prince Humperdinck." she mockingly swooned then rolled her eyes, "And what could keep Westley away would only be death. My sweet sweet Westley is dead. I cannot bare an existence without him. I cannot continue living without my Westley."

She smirked then cleared her throat of a giggle and continued, "And I refuse to spend my life in the presence of a cowardly and heartless snake who claims to be a Prince." she again cleared her throat of another laugh, "Prince Humperdinck is not worthy of the crown of Florin. He is a liar. He is a despicable soul who is not worth being called a man, let alone a Prince."

"Enough!" Humperdinck shouted in protest. His ego had already been slashed by his own actions, caved to Westley like a coward then tied down onto his coward's throne.

Fauna lowered the letter then questioned the Prince, "Truth hurts, does it not?"

He deterred his eyes from Fauna's lovely face.

She crumpled the letter then asked, "Does it bother you more that she simply ran off or she ran off with her dear Westley?"

He pursed his lips, refused to answer.

She then stated, "True love always wins, Prince."

His eyes darted to her serious expression then he snapped, "Shut up!"

Her chin proudly lifted then, ignoring his typical spoiled demand, she stated, "You were doomed the moment you idiotically chose Buttercup to be your Princess Bride." her face drained of expression as a defensive hate enveloped her eyes, "And make me her damn lady in waiting."

She darted up onto her feet and tossed the crumbled letter over her shoulder. Her eyes glared down at the helpless Prince then she bitterly stated, "That so called wedding was not supposed to happen."

With a loud huff she turned then slowly strolled towards the window the four had made their escape. Her bitter tone continued, "Buttercup was not supposed to get that far in all this." she peered out the window, "She was never supposed to survive the Spaniard, Giant, and Sicilian."

With an angry spin she turned from the window and aimed hateful eyes on the Prince who remained stubbornly quiet. She loudly grumbled and pointed at herself, "I was supposed to be before that alter beside you, not sickeningly sweet Buttercup!" she then quietly stated, "Me, not my perfect cousin."

Her full mouth pouted as her eyes lowered with disappointment. Pitifully and with great jealousy she more so questioned herself, "Why always Buttercup?" sluggishly with her typical proper posture slumped, she stepped forward, "Why a mere peasant girl with golden hair and whatever other so called perfections?"

Humperdinck huffed through his nostrils, he was tiring of being tied down while his source of war with Guilder was likely far gone. Finally he spoke, "Because the peasants would bond with one of their own and upon her death they would have begged to go to war against Guilder." he then added with a grumble, "That is why Buttercup."

Fauna's pout quickly faded beneath an angered expression then she shouted at the Prince, "And look what happened, dear Prince!" she stepped before him, "Your desire for war jumped out that window!" she pointed at the window, "And has rode away into the sunset with her one true love, the farm boy Westley! And here you are!" her arms tossed in the air in gesture to his situation, "Tied to a chair and left to face the shame of your failures!"

His eyes lifted and glared up at the angry lady in waiting. Her every shouted word was the truth. Then he watched her anger fade as again she began to pout.

Her tone pathetic, she asked, "Why is war more important than me?" her pout again faded and she then angrily questioned, "What use is war anyways? What would you have proven if you succeeded and war with Guilder went on as planned?"

She bent forward, brought her face before his then asked, "Why was I not enough, your Majesty?" she then aimed the tip of the dagger in his anger twisted face, "Why could you not have been satisfied with me? No war and stupid Buttercup, just me?"

He reluctantly replied, "You would not understand."

"Oh," she grimaced then stated, "I understand." she rose up, "You thought starting a senseless war with Guilder would prove yourself as the ruler needed for Florin." she stuck her tongue out at the Prince then quipped, "I am not stupid."

She turned around then seated herself on the Prince's lap while her eyes admired the silver dagger. She curiously questioned, "I wonder, if Westley had stayed dead, which you thought you had succeeded in doing, would my cousin have went through with killing herself in his honor?" her head curious tilted as the tip of the blade was aimed at her chest, "Would she have plunged this dagger into the depths of her broken heart?"

Her eyes thoughtful, she then stated, "In truth, she truly loves her Westley."

Humperdinck rolled his eyes. True love was a waste of time and effort in his selfish opinion. He then took a deep breath in preparation to convince Fauna's assistance and calmly requested, "Fauna, dear, would you please undo these binds?"

Her head darted and looked at the Prince. She loathed his attempt at sweetness then quipped, "No." She again looked to the blade and listened to him frustratingly huff.

Should he? Was he capable of apologies even if not truly honest?

Humperdinck took another preparing breath then began an attempt at an apolofy, "Fauna, darling, I am..." He was swiftly interrupted.

"I refuse to hear it." Fauna firmly stated, "What comes out of that deceptively lovely mouth of yours are nothing but selfish lies." she lifted her chin with stubbornness, "Throughout these years nothing but lie after lie, you thoughtless oaf."

Again she pouted, felt deceived by the supposedly great Prince of Florin. Perhaps she was not innocent either but she honestly thought that was one quality they had in common. So many years felt wasted. Her years of being primed by her overbearing mother seemed done in vain. She had fought her way to the top. She clawed her way through the cluster of prim and proper ladies to shine before the Prince. And all seemingly was done without purpose or expected reward.

She held her pout and reluctantly looked to her bound Prince then asked, "Might I tell you a fairytale, my selfish Prince?"

He asked in response, "Once your fairytale is told, will you then set me free?"

Her slowly nodded though she was quite satisfied where she had him, bound and no longer in control.

He huffed, "Fine."

"Good," she chimed then stated, "This fairytale might seem familiar, darling self centered Majesty."

She cleared her throat and began her tale, "Once upon a time in the land of Florin there was a young woman who had been preparing all her life for the grand moment she would be introduced to the Royal Court…"

The evening of Fauna's introduction to the Royal Court of Florin had arrived. But she was not the only young woman being introduced for many daughters from every glorified household were being brought before the King and Queen and their son Prince Humperdink. There was plenty competition to be dealt with and she was well prepared.

From birth, Fauna's preparation for her introduction began. She was giving ever imaginable lesson available to raise her properly into the higher of Florin's society. Even the typical snobbery was instilled in her. Her head was not only held high for purpose of correct posture but to let it be known she was no commoner like her cousin Buttercup.

Fauna and Buttercup were cousins but that was all the common ground they shared. Their mothers were sisters. Fauna's mother married into wealth as Buttercup's mother married into a common life for the purpose of love. Buttercup was deemed the loveliest peasant in the land with golden hair and surmountable beauty unhindered by her commoner status. Fauna was deemed the loveliest of her higher ranking society with the blackest ebony hair and fair beauty enhanced by her societal status.

But there was no love between the cousins because of their separation by ranks in society. In fact, rumors told tales of Fauna's envy towards Buttercup's ability to enchant everyone throughout their shared homeland. And those rumors flourished the moment Buttercup sworn true love to the humble farm boy. The rumors claimed Fauna's envy heightened by Buttercup's ability to love and be loved which left the young dark haired beauty much colder. In Fauna's world, there was no room for true love only steps upward into society.

As Buttercup's true love Westley went off to seek his fortune, Fauna was entered into the highest of society by her mother's desire of the grandest of fortune, the Royal Crown.

And, so, Fauna's introduction on a glorious Florin evening and to the castle she was delivered.

The grand Castle of Florin was lively with all those apart of the Royal Court. Carriages of all grandeur styles arrived and from them emerged impeccably dressed Royal Court seat holders along with their daughters. Also, every other grand house throughout Florin arrived in droves. The introduction of ladies to the Royal Court was one of the most prestigious events of the year.

The carriage for the House of Verna was last in line, purposely last.

Inside the carriage, Lady Verna continued to instruct her daughter Fauna. A detailed plan was derived. With firmness she explained, "You shall be introduced last."

Fauna nodded and obediently agreed, "Yes, Mother."

Lady Verna asked, "We allow all others go before us, why?"

Fauna responded, "For the last shall seen shall be remembered."

Lady Verna proudly smiled and gave a nod of approval then confidently confirmed, "Yes, Fauna, and you shall be remembered by his majesty the Royal Prince."

Fauna again verbally agreed with a nod, "Yes, Mother."

Fauna's richly shaded blue eyes shifted and peered at the nearing courtyard entrance. So many carriages were ahead of them, her last place was secure. She was nervous but held her composure for that was what a proper lady did. No matter the circumstances a lady held firm to her composure to alleviate the impression of weakness. She had only seen the Royal Family from afar as they were high above standing on their castle balcony perch addressing the entire gathered kingdom below. And not once had she ever seen the Prince.

She had been informed through rumors of the Prince's impeccable handsomeness. Yet, they were but rumors and she predicted them to be false. Also it was proclaimed the Crowned Prince was a great hunter and tracker. Again, rumors and rumors weren't worth their meaning. But, she hoped the rumors would bare some truths for if he were greatly handsome, her efforts of seduction would be done much easier.

Fauna snapped from her thoughts as their carriage reached the grand entrance.

Firstly Lord Verna stepped out then assisted his wife Lady Verna from the carriage.

Lastly Fauna was assisted from the carriage. Immediately her large eyes peered up at the girth of Castle Florin.

Forward the last arrivals stepped and entered the castle which was grandly illuminated for the introduction festivities.

Fauna was self admittedly fascinated by what she saw throughout the stroll through the depths of the castle. But she kept any excitement or enthusiasm hidden beneath her firmly composed demeanor. Emotion was not acceptable, as her mother claimed.

The closer they neared the Grand Hall the sound of the introductions became louder. House after house were introduced in procedural fashion.

Lady Verna, without looking back at her daughter, demanded, "Remove the cloak."

"Yes, Mother." Fauna agreed. She undid the silver clasp of her black velvet cloak then removed it. Unveiled was her rich black hair made into thousands of smooth lengthy ringlets, the crown twisted with a silver threaded ribbon. Her gown was made of luxurious deep purple satin trimmed with silver embroidery. Purple, Lady Verna always preached, was the color of royalty.

Lord and Lady Verna entered the massive Grand Hall with their chins held high and faces stern without expression with eyes strictly forward. They entered the crowd with Fauna directly behind as the introductions continued at the far end of Grand Hall where the King and Queen sat in the Grand Hall thrones.

Fauna kept her eyes forward, peered between her parents and saw nothing but strangers cluttered within the large hall. She knew, informed by her mother, that the King and Queen sat on their designated thrones as each young woman was brought before them then introduced. It was said that the royal Prince too would be with his royal parents and presented each of those hopeful young women. All the young women strived to catch the Royal Prince's eye. But Fauna was determined it was only she who would capture the Prince's fancy, as instructed by her mother.

Lord and Lady Verna went to a complete stop at the end of the line of introductory parents and daughters.

Fauna stood silent, her posture and composure impeccable with her hands folded before her. She listened to the whispering voices surrounding her and the loud announcement of each household's name followed by name of the daughter being introduced for the first time to the Royal family.

Her parents stepped forward, she did also. She hid her nervousness well as her eyes peered forward. She caught a glimpse of the King and Queen as a daughter of another house was brought forward and properly curtsied. Her eyes looked to her mother.

Lady Verna peered over her shoulder then gave Fawna one final instruction, "Compose yourself."

Fauna gave a bow of her head in agreement then looked forward just as her parents stepped forward in preparation for their household announcement. She took a deep breath, lifted her chin, straightened her spine and unfolded her hands. Her moment had come.

Loudly the final household was announced, "Lord and Lady of the House of Verna!"

Forward Lord and Lady Verna stepped before the King and Queen and graciously bowed in their honor. They rose up, their postures quickly returned to their stiffened states then they turned and stepped to the side.

Fauna stepped forward with undoubted grace. Her large blue eyes focused on the aged King and Queen. She was loudly introduced.

"The daughter of Lord and Lady of the House of Verna," the voice shouted, "Fauna Marigold-Geraldenia of the House of Verna!"

Forward she continued and neared her parent's stone stance. Though she hid her nervousness with ease, inside she feared a shift of her eyes. Her focus remained on that of the King and Queen. The Queen of Florin was nearly as stone faced as her mother but there was immediate sweetness clearly read throughout the aged expression of the King's.

She stepped between her parents and allowed a smile to form over her lips to further disguise her nervousness. She stopped in proper place then slowly lowered in curtsy to the royals before. She lowered her head then heard a loud excited giggle from the sweet faced King. Her eyes frowned then she listened.

The King giggled as he giddily clasped his hands together. His arm lifted and he swatted the Crowned Prince's arm. He pointed down at lovely young woman in purple and loudly stated his opinion, "This one is something else!" he continued to giggle, "Hmm?" he again swatted his son, "Quite lovely this one!"

The King's smiling eyes looked to his wife, the Queen, who seemed not at all amused by his outburst of approval. He grimaced at his wife then shifted on his throne and looked up at his son. He again pointed at Fauna then attempted a whisper, "Make sure you ask this one to dance." His voice nearly echoed for the Grand Hall became silent. He continued to giggle then joked, "If you do not then I shall!"

Prince Humperdink shared much of his mother's demeanor. His eyes deeply frowned at his father's giddy outburst. He lightly rolled his eyes then looked to the bowed young woman. Upon her introduction, he paid no attention for he had gotten bored by the fifth daughter. So, he didn't even remember the name that was announced.

Fauna had not been prepared for such a loud comment from the King. She slowly lifted her head, slightly broadened her smile and looked to the widely smiling King. She graciously bowed her head in thanks to his sweet compliment.

Slowly she rose up as her eyes shifted in the direction where the King's praise was given.

Well, Prince Humperdink self admittedly thought, he got bored too quickly. The face amongst the drape of ebony curls was quite impressive along with her intense blue eyes. He regretted not having paid attention to the names.

Fauna looked directly into the dark brown eyes of the Prince's. She was immediately thankful that the rumors of the Prince's appearance were based from truths, he quite pleasingly handsome. She gave him not the smile her mother forced her to practice. In fact the smile given was genuine and mixed with a hint of sweetness but heavily injected with sincere flirt.

Fauna again looked to the King and Queen, the flirt quickly removed from her smile but ample with sweetness. Again she graciously bowed her head then turned. The first face she saw was her mother's with an approving smirk.

The Queen lifted her arm and with a twirl of her wrist the Grand Hall exploded with the traditional festive celebration.

Fauna went on as planned. Every instruction her mother gave remembered. Her conduct for the rest of the evening was of great importance.

And so the evening continued.

Fauna made her presence known. She was by appearance quite an enchanting woman and with the added performed charms she became even more so enchanted with nearly every available gentleman. One gentleman after another requested a dance with her, the newly added lady of the court and she graciously accepted. A tedious task it was proving her desirability amongst all the younger and older gentlemen. A ploy her mother insisted to be performed in benefit to capture the Prince's eye.

As instructed, she always made certain she in direct view of the Prince. Yet, she had taken her own liberties. She strayed from playing coy. And no matter the gentleman, her blue eyes would always embrace moments to hold those of the Prince's. No matter how she was surrounded by admirers, through her intentional giggles and smiles she would make herself known to the Prince but always the less subtle eye contact. A lady never blatantly threw themselves in the direction of a chosen gentleman, let alone a Prince. Subtlety was always the most valuable card to play within such a game. Though her demeanor was held subtle, her eyes clearly strayed beyond subtlety.

Again she strategically placed herself where she would be seen by the Prince's large dark eyes. Surrounded by a slew of unwanted admirers, her eyes peered his direction with a heightened spark of flirt. Finally a true sign of the Prince's intrigue was given to her in return; his full mouth curved into a slanted sly smirk.

Then the moment came for her to play another card in her advantage.

She looked to the gentlemen before her and graciously and made a loud announcement, "My dear sweet, gentlemen, I must leave you for a brief moment." she sweetly smiled at each gentlemen who subtly whined in protest which provoked her to graciously giggle, "All your sweet gestures have left me somewhat in need of fresh air."

A young gentleman quickly offered, "Please, give me the honor of escorting you, my lady."

She sweetly smiled and lightly patted the young man's face. Then her eyes shifted and aimed directly at the Prince and she stated loud and clear, "Thank you, sweet sir." she not once looked to the gentleman, the Prince her focus, "But I wish a moment alone." Then the final card tossed the Prince's direction, her left brow suggestively lifted and lips smirked, the hint dropped. Perhaps not the conduct her mother would approve but she did.

Her back turned to the gentlemen, she then stole away. She wove through the moving guests with her smirk firm. Her direction aimed for the furthest outdoor exit from Grand Hall. Her hand darted and snatched a goblet of wine from a passing server then she turned and disappeared.

The courtyard was dimly lit by many torches as it was closed off to the commoners.

Fauna scanned the vacancy then her eyes shifted upward and looked to the night sky. The stars were vivid, perhaps a sign that her mother's goal would be successful. She brought the rim of the goblet to her lips and took a subtle sip as within her blue eyes came a reflection of sorts.

Everything she had learned and practiced was all done for her mother and the House of Verna. Yet, had it at all been truly done for her own being? Had she once done one single action for the purpose of herself?

Her eyes lowered, a type of melancholy drifted over expression. Her life had been mapped out since birth. She was groomed, educated, and inside her was instilled her mother's purpose, the Royal Crown. Her entire life was built around that very evening. If she failed, the shame her mother would undoubtedly place on her would be nearly unbearable. If she failed, she thought, why should there be shame for she had done everything asked of her?

Then a subtle smirk returned. There were a few of her own actions conducted that evening. Her mother would have surely disapproved of the manner she used the wiles of her eyes and gestures. Yet, for her, it was a nice feeling having given some of herself into her mother's plans. She honestly was attracted to the Prince. His definite handsome appearance had muddled the true goal of that evening, the Royal Crown.

A voice from behind Fauna asked, "What is your name?"

Fauna snapped from her thoughts and quickly erased her smirk. She turned to the side and discovered her mother's ultimate goal, Prince Humperdink. Well, she made quick note, her more unsubtle gestures worked better than thought.

She smiled then faced the Prince and graciously curtsied then sweetly spoke, "My Lord," then as she rose up, she presented her name, "Fauna, My Lord, of the House of Verna." Odd, she thought, he had not remembered her name?

"Yes, yes." Humperdink said as he stepped forward with a hand rested against the handle of his

sword, "Of course." Yes, he successfully covered up the fact he never gotten her name or paid no mind to her name before he truly saw her.

He lifted his chin proudly and stepped beside the lovely creature then inquired, "Why had you come out here unescorted, Lady Fawna?"

She embraced the goblet with both hands then replied, "Well, My Lord, I had tired of the indoors and company."

He mused, "Oh really?" he then commented, "Plenty company you kept, that I witnessed."

She sighed with a nod then stated, "Yes, but they were unwanted company, My Lord."

He frowned, defined the lines between his brows, then curiously asked, "But why keep such company if they are unwanted?"

She again sighed, looked down at the wine within her goblet, the brilliant stars reflected against the surface. She lightly traced a fingertip along the rim of the goblet then answered his question, "For it would be rude if I had simply said leave me be." she looked to the Prince, "Would it not?"

He continued to frown then asked, "Why not?" he then stated, "I do it all the time." he gave a gestured shoo of his hand, "Simply tell them to leave and they do as told."

She giggled then stated, "But you are the Prince, My Lord, so of course you have the right to rid yourself of any unwanted or undesired company."

He shrugged and smugly agreed, "Yes, you're quite right."

She slightly nodded her head then added, "And I am not with your advantages and so I must reluctantly tolerate the unwanted and undesirable."

He somewhat awkwardly cleared his throat then inquired, "And so, are you currently at a disadvantage with another unwanted and or undesirable?"

She smiled and falsely shifted her eyes shyly to peer at him. Yet, within her eyes was nothing shy or innocent. She replied with a slyness, "No, My Lord, quite the opposite."

He immediately grinned, he liked her. She was far from blatant with her words or demeanor as he had run into before in the past. She was subtle with her statements which were nicely filled with intriguing suggestiveness. He also admired the difference of expressions within her lovely blue eyes, a hint of deceptive naivety, a dash of cunning, and a smidgen of suggestiveness. Well rounded, he delighted in thought.

She shifted her stance and again faced the Prince. Her head slyly tilted and she inquired, "And, My Lord, might I inquire, are you going to use your advantage at your disposal to freely dispose of, well, me?" she lowered her head at the chin and peered her wide eyes up into his, "Am I possibly unwanted and undesirable company?"

His grin broadened, he really liked her. He replied to her cunning question, "I believe there shall be no shooing you away, Lady Fauna."

Her lips formed a satisfied smile then asked, "Then what shall we do now that we both are in suitable, wanted, and desirable company, My Lord?"

His brows curiously lifted then he leaned nearer her. He urged, "Enjoy ourselves."

She hummed with approval then confidently stated, "Then enjoy ourselves we shall, My Prince."

And enjoy they did.

The evening continued and became the highlight of Fauna's life. Though her mother was persistently instructing within the back of her thoughts, she continued to allow her own self to emerge in the presence of the Prince. Yet, easy it was for her to be herself for she and Prince never returned to the festivities.

The Prince proudly gave her a lovely tour of the castle. First she was introduced to the many horses within the castle stables where the Prince beamed with pride towards his sturdy steed. She delighted in his odd show of affection for the chocolate stallion. Then further she was escorted into the depths of the castle.

She was shown the armory where the Prince persistently bragged about his vast collection of personal swords. Further into the castle she was shown the Prince's study where he again bragged on and on about his responsibilities being the Prince of Florin, having inherited much from the aged King. So many rooms with many uses were shown to her. The banquet hall was shown and the Prince bragged how huge the banquets were. The main throne room was shown where the Prince bragged how he would sit upon the throne as king. Then the chapel was shown, yet oddly, the Prince said very little and without bragging.

The chapel she loved the most for she hoped one day she would stand before the alter as a bride.

Hours passed and an end to the castle tour came. The festivities died down and many of the guests left in their carriages as the Royal Court members were allowed to remain for the evening. And Fauna's time to depart neared.

Just outside the Grand Hall at one of many interior castle entrances, Fauna stood with the Prince. Peered into the Grand Hall and easily spotted her parents. She sighed, her mother seemed lacking any concern for her whereabouts. She knew Lady Verna assumed her daughter had done justice and stole the Prince which was the truth.

Prince Humperdinck spoke up, "Must you leave?" He truly found great interest in the young woman whom he now fondly remembered her name with ease. She had been quite pleasant, distracted him from the other young women who would have and likely would have continued to throw themselves at him. She not once shown any aggression. Her subtle ways were refreshing. Yet, he clearly read every one of her not so subtle expressions and intriguing smirks.

Again Fauna sighed then looked to the Prince beside her and nodded, "Yes." she then faced him, "But, in all truth, my Lord, I wish I didn't." And that was the spoken truth, not part of her mother's determined scheme to win a crown. Though the Prince was quite a confident bragger, she truly enjoyed his company. She found his confidence, though conceded, charming and similar to her own.

Humperdinck slightly titled his head as he again noted her quite lovely appearance. He took detailed notes of her striking blue eyes that were made even more so by the thick and dark lashes. Even the fairness of her skin enhanced the intense blue of her eyes. He then urged, "If you wish not to leave then don't leave."

She smiled in response then questioned, "Do you, my Lord, wish for me to stay?"

He simply replied, "Yes."

Her smile broadened with a slight smirk about the corners then she stated, "It is not in my place to deny what the Prince wishes."

He grinned then agreed, "No its not."

The smirk fully consumed her smile and she said, "And so, my Prince, your wish is my command."

His grin broadened and he agreed, "Yes, it is."

Her right brow suggestively lifted and heightened the meaning of her smirk.

And that night, Fauna never left the castle. In fact, she never left the castle the day after nor the day after that.

Author Note:

This is my first EVER Princess Bride fan fiction... Hence my name, typically I write Fright Night 1985 fan fiction. Since I'm a huge monstrous Chris Sarandon fan I decided to dip into the Prince Humperdinck pool, another one of his infamous "bad guys" I simply adore! So, in my typical fashion of always trying my darnedest to give some kinda happy ending for the bad guys I created Fauna just for Humperdinck.

Hope you enjoy this weird fairytale.