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Chapter Three

Humperdinck squirmed a bit, not only were the binds annoying but also the fact he had the urge to pee. Fauna had gone abruptly silent which instantly brought his focus on the fact he had to pee. His eyes looked to her propped on his lap. Yes, he had to pee, quite badly.

Fauna sat with her head down, eyes vacantly focused on the fine tip of the dagger blade. She tapped her fingertip against the blade tip. The part of the fairy tale she had just told unfortunately reminded her how much a fool she had been.

He cleared his throat then requested, "Might you now untie me, please."

Her head lifted as did her eyes. Her eyes shifted and looked to his pleading smile.

His smile faded, watched an angered grimace distort her beautiful face. He slowly shook his head and said, "A no, I presume." Oh, how he hoped he would not eventually wet himself. How horribly embarrassing such an outcome would be. Did he dare ask for permission to relieve himself? Her expression relayed that such a request might be unwelcome.

She suddenly snapped at the Prince, "Have you not listened to a single damn word I have spoken?!"

He slightly whined then nodded, "Yes, yes, of course." he then added, "It's not as if I have no other choice, now is it?" he went onto to complain, "And if I had not, I have good reason not for at this very moment I am quite uncomfortable." he loudly huffed, "I have no idea how long I have been tied to this damn chair but it's obvious it has been some time because..." his eyes aimed forward with frustration and he reluctantly confessed, "Because I am in need of a chamber pot."/p

He suddenly startled upon Fauna's loud burst of mocking laughter. His face sourly grimaced and eyes glared at her amused expression as she continued to laugh at him. He questioned in thought, was she going to ever stop laughing at him? Her laughter bellowed loudly in his ears. He hated being mocked or laughed at. His expression twisted with bitter resentment.

She struggled a bit to ease her laughter. Should she have pity on him?

Nearly huffing with anger, his eyes again looked forward. His hands tightened into frustrated fists.

How had he ended up in such an embarrassing situation? Why had everything he had done simply blown up in his smug face? How had all his strategic plans gone bust? All his tireless efforts done in vain without any satisfaction for him.

Her lips pouted with pity for the Prince. How small he seemed since all he strived to achieve had been ripped from his greedy grasp. She sighed, such a pitiful creature her Prince was, then she rose off him. She turned and faced him, eyed his pathetic expression. Again she sighed, "You poor thing."

Oh, pity was worse! His eyes darted upward and saw the pity she mockingly expressed. He bitterly snapped, "Do not look at me like that!"

She bent at the waist and continued to pity him with her expression then stated, "Awe, My Lord, but sincere is my expression for I feel nothing but pity for you."

His eyes narrowed with further anger.

She questioned him, "Do you not desire pity?"

His lips firmly pressed together and jaw visibly clenched.

She then explained, "You have done many bad things to so many, including me." she then stated, "And here you are, My Pathetic Prince, bound to a chair in dire need of a chamber pot," she choked back a laugh, "And who is here to save you? Yes, one of the many you have hurt."

His anger seemed to ease, before his eyes he read clearly the hurt he had in deed caused her. In all honesty, to himself only, he had never intended to hurt his favorite. Fauna had always been his delight from their first meeting. So like him she was which greatly pleased him. In fact, the improper moment when he finally shared details to Fauna was the evening he realized how much like him she was.

His anger faded and he oddly requested, "Continue your fairytale, Fauna." He would simply hold his need for bladder relief longer if needed. A fairy tale was a nice distraction.

Her eyes softened, thought his request so unlike him. She rose straight then gently nodded and continued the telling of the fairytale, "And, so, the castle and surrounding kingdom became frantic with news of the Prince of Florin having chosen his Princess Bride..."

The announcement would soon be made and Fauna was in high spirits. An assortment of new gowns were made, not designs in sickening pastels shaded blues or pinks, but in her signature shades of purple. She sensed her moment was near. Soon, she believed, her name would be sung from her prized Prince's mouth announcing her as his chosen bride. With such excitement engulfing Lady Fauna, she was oblivious to any small or large hint which tried to whisper she was not the intended.

Even the Prince kept his poise and maintained his secret quite cleverly from his favorite. Yet, as the time neared for the royal banquet, when the announcement would be made, his nerves of scheming steel seemed to slightly wane. Before his eyes was witnessed the depth of his deception, never having seen Fauna so blissful but blissfully deluded. But he not once allowed the truths be known for selfishly he indulged in the affections showered over every inch of him by his ebony haired favorite.

Nervousness heightened as the evening of the banquet arrived. Both Humperdinck and Fauna showed signs of their anxiousness but with two totally different reasons. For Humperdinck, he was nervous towards the response Fauna would give upon discovering his well hidden secret. As for Fauna, her nervous condition was obviously induced by the victorious imaginings of achieving the ultimate goal.

The grand banquet hall was drenched in celebrant d├ęcor in the finest of detail with a very special seating chart where another royal chair was placed beside the Prince's.

Fauna spied the grandeur of the banquet hall. Her excitedly wide blue eyes were intensified in color as they focused on the elaborate chair where she knew the Princess Bride would be seated. She knew her place was beside the Prince and once the festivities begun, she would proudly sit beside him as the crowned Princess Bride.

Within the swirling bright blue of her eyes the visuals of a grand future were nearly visible. Her mind vividly created their future. First the moment the Princess crown rested atop her ebony curls then her moment to step amongst the commoners where the Prince would introduce her to their kingdom as their Princess./p
Her lips smirked with the lovely imagining of their wedding. Nothing but royal purple, darkest of plum everywhere. She would dress head to toe in rich purple satin trimmed in silver embroidered purple velvet ribbon. And, yes, her Prince would too be adorned in the royal color.

The blue within her eyes intensified further upon the visual of the Queen's crown. One moment in their future she would be Queen of Florin. King and Queen of Florin. Such an image swelled her heart to the brim. Even the thought of giving the Prince a son swelled her excitement beyond imaginable proportions.

Reluctantly she turned away from the symbol of her glory. With a nearly childishly excited giggle she skipped away to prepare for the evening. She determined to dress as grand as possible. Moving along the many corridors her mind put together the perfect ensemble. She would wear the silver vine head piece with amethyst settings along with matching earrings. Yes, her gown of choice would be the newly created amethyst shaded velvet trimmed in satin silver ribbon. That evening she would prove her mother wrong.

She neared a junction within the many corridors and stopped upon the sound of hustling servants. Curiously she leaned forward and spied a blue eye.

Servants moved in and out of an unused chamber known as the Princess Bride Chamber Suite. Each one who entered carried what were those ghastly pastel gowns.

Her eyes frowned for she assumed those horrible gowns had been burned or at least tossed. Yet, the true question; why were those gowns being delivered to that particular chamber?

Out from hiding she stepped then moved in direction of the hustling servants.

A servant woman immediately spotted Lady Fauna and skidded to a wide eyed halt while draped over her arms was a pastel blue gown. She quickly bowed her head in honor of the well known moody Lady then nervously greeted, "My Lady."

Hands planted on her hips, Fauna inquired, "What are you doing with that?"

The servant awkwardly bounced as her eyes widely and nervously shifted back and forth while stammering in attempt to guess what should be said. She and the other servants knew exactly who the delivered gowns were for.

Fauna hated stalling and snapped, "Well?!"

The servant startled then squeaked, "Yes!"

"Yes, what?!" snipped Fauna.

"Ah," the servant again stammered then spat, "We are preparing the chamber, My Lady."

With disgust Fauna's face twisted then she stated, "Not with those ghastly things!" she then reminded, "Those do not belong to the Princess Bride, you idiot!"

The servant grimaced in thought. Before her was the idiot.

Offended, the servant straightened her posture then proclaimed, "Ordered by the Prince we were to deliver these gown to Princess Bride suite." her chin lifted, "So, you have a problem, My Lady, take it up with his Majesty."

Fauna gasped in response to the servant's backtalk then lifted her chin and firmly growled, "That I will!" she stomped forward nearly shoving the servant and shouted, "I will also see to your termination!"

The servant watched the Prince's snooty favorite storm down the corridor. She stuck her tongue out then snipped under her breath, "Oh, someone is being terminated, alright." She snidely giggled then returned to her duties.

Prince Humperdinck stood proud while his male servants assisted him dressing for the royal banquet. He admired his reflection in the standing mirror while the proper accessories to the ensemble were being chosen. His large eyes studied the jewel encrusted chestpiece being held by one of many servants. A grimace and shoo of his hand the option was rejected.

In the distance came a very familiar stomp which echoed directly the Prince's direction.

Humperdinck immediately cringed for the particular stomping could only mean Fauna was on the approach and not in a very good mood. He predicted by evening his cringing would increase.

The voices of the standing guards came which protested Fauna's entrance but, typical of the Lady, her voice overpowered theirs. Then the chamber door was shoved inward along with a guard stumbling into the chamber.

With a huff, Humperdinck turned to the side and demanded, "What is it?!" He would strategically cover his cringe with gathered strength.

The guard panicked and made another attempt to prevent Lady Fauna's entrance to only be struck down with a blow to the shin.

As the guard groaned Fauna entered with her glaring eyes aimed at the Prince.
Inside, Humperdinck panicked for the glare being given could mean anything when it came to the easily miffed Fauna. He forced a big smile and pleasantly greeted, "Darling!"

Fauna despised the Prince's big smile and pleasant tone then warned, "Don't you dare!" her hand raised and finger aimed, "You, Prince, have some explaining to do!"

His smile became nearly frozen stiff. Did she know? Had she discovered the truth? Was he about become throttled and not in a pleasant way? A struggling throat clear, he then questioned, "And, my Dear, what must I explain?" He was thankful his voice did not squeak.

Forward she stomped with her accusing finger still aimed at the Prince's smiling face. Directly in front of his royal highness, her glare narrowed then she demanded, "Explain to me those disgusting gowns being put into the Princess Bride chamber suite!"

Everything inside him froze as stiff as the smile across his lips.

She reminded him, "I specifically told you I will not wear such grotesque colors!"

Okay, he thought, she was not as suspicious as first thought. So, he aimed the blame at the servants, "Oh, my Sweet, we are but surrounded by morons." his body relaxed then he dared and faced her, "I had specifically ordered all your lovely purple shaded gowns to be delivered." He did not.

Cautiously he took her pointed hand in his then charmingly explained, "I will apologize for their undoubted stupidity." Sweetly he brought her hand to his lips and placed an apologetic kiss.

Her obvious anger faded beneath the Prince's sweet demeanor. A soft smile formed across her lips as the expression about her eyes also softened.

Yes, he praised, crisis diverted. Then he continued his deception, "We will remedy this crisis tomorrow when you can oversee what will be delivered to the suite." those words were of some truths, "But, for now, why not focus on more important things."

A step forward, he gently touched the side of her beautiful face then stated, "My Dearest Flower, you must ensure your place as the most beautiful of the kingdom."

She loved flattery and knew he was correct. Her hand rested over his then she stated, "Not to worry, My Sweet Prince, an easy task that will be."

He nodded in agreement. To him, the saucy creature before him was truly the loveliest maiden throughout his broad kingdom. Though rumors proclaimed another to be the fairest of Florin, his Lady Fauna would always be fairest of them all. She was a great beauty but passed her beauty was a female equal to his own snob. Yet, though he would always be thwarted with complete awe towards her, a different Princess Bride had been chosen.

With ease of anger, Fauna quickly kissed her Prince then giddily turned away. Tonight, she thought, would be the evening all her embedded dreams would come true. She eagerly paused in the chamber doorway then blew a kiss to her Prince.

Humperdinck metaphorically snatched up Fauna's kiss and delivered the invisible symbol of affection against his chest. In ways, he felt some guilt having schemed such deception. And, in ways, he somewhat feared the consequences of such deception. When the truths were known, would he lose the favor of his favorite? Would Fauna turn her back on him? Would his decisions have more severe repercussions which would ruin the five year relationship with his Lady Fauna?

Fauna vanished from his view and an odd development of concern formed about his expressive brown eyes. In all truth, he never had a five year relationship. Only long standing relationship he had was with Tyrone. His entire life, Fauna was the first woman to catch his fancy which not once dwindled in five long years.

Was his scheme worth the possible destruction of a five year long relationship with the only woman he could deem his equal?/p

The Castle Florin was in an uproar of excitement. Finally the crowned Prince had chosen his Princess Bride and soon the announcement would be made. But of all the guests, Fauna was likely the most excited filled with the euphoria of her greatest moment. Throughout the festivities she beamed with pride which she aimed directly at her mother's snooty stone faced expression. Though Lady Verna eyes were firmly filled with doubt, Fauna not once relented her pride.

Then the moment arrived and all were silenced with anticipation.

Fauna prepared herself as the Prince rose from his throne-like seat with a silver chalice in hand. Her anxiousness was visible within the brightness of her eyes and broad smile. Her hands nearly strangled the wine filled goblet. She listened to every quickened beat of her heart and heightened excited breaths within the silence of the banquet hall. Her sole focus was her beloved Prince. The wait was nearly unbearable. She had waited years and a few more minutes would be survived.

Prince Humperdinck cleared his throat as he raised the chalice higher. He was about to make an announcement which would undoubtedly surprise the entire royal court. His eyes glimpsed his excited favorite. In likeliness, he knew Fauna was not the only individual who assumed her succession as Princess Bride. He also knew Fauna's surprise would surpass the others' and likely burst into complete outrage.

Another throat clear, he finally addressed the silent court, "My friends," a slight pause as Fauna's eyes nearly glowed with soon to be dashed hopes, "Tonight is a joyous night for I have chosen our kingdom's Princess Bride, my bride."

Fauna relinquished the strangulation of the goblet then firmly thrust it against the chest of the nearest court member and ignored the wine having sloshed over the man's garb. She fought the urge to leap forward but awaited the moment her name was beautifully sung by the Prince to all those surrounding her. Within her mind repeated, Princess Fauna.

Again he cleared his throat. His eyes shifted from Fauna and peered far behind the cluster of royal guests. At the back of the banquet hall his eyes focused on the double arched doors prepared to be opened by two guards.

Her eyes frowned for her Prince's strayed. Firstly her head turned in follow of the Prince's directorial focus then shifted did her body. Through the many royal head her eyes wove and looked to the doors which were slowly being crept open. Something inside immediately sank.

"I give to you," Humperdinck's voice raised with a slight nervous crack, "Princess Buttercup!"

The gasps of surprise were loud and dulled the sound of the banquet doors opening. All heads and bodies aimed the direction of the doors. All eyes were wide upon the physical reveal of the chosen Princess Bride whom was not the assumed Lady Fauna but the Lady's fair haired cousin Buttercup, a common maiden.

Speechless, yes, speechless was Fauna. Every muscle throughout her lovely faced grew tense with her jaw tightly clenched. Her eyes widened with pure fury as they watched the dreaded blonde cousin make an entrance. Her hands fisted as she felt all those hopes and dreams become ripped from her grasp.

Then an unwanted voice sounded from beside her, "Compose yourself, Fauna."
She heard the snide tone within her mother's voice. How she hated her mother's prediction was correct. Yet, she hated the newly appointed Princess Bride more. But, she hated the Crowned Prince even more than her commoner cousin.

On her jeweled slippers Fauna spun just as the banquet hall started to kneel in honor of the new Princess Bride. Her eyes, the blue almost darkened with rage, shot hatred directly at the Prince.

Humperdinck almost stumbled backwards upon being metaphorically struck by Fauna's powerful glare. The darkness which swelled within the blue of her eyes practically delivered instant fear inside him. He had never feared a single soul until that moment of pure deception.

The velvet sleeve of Fauna's gown was tugged and Lady Verna grumbled with demand, "Kneel."

Fauna jerked her sleeve free. She refused to bow or kneel before the thief of her hopes and dreams. Then the anger twisted into the sensation of true heartbreak. Everything she strived for had crumbled into dust at the feet of her cousin. Her thought triumph of having won the Prince had collapsed beneath falsehoods and lies. And the pathetic assumption of true love burned into ashen remain within the gaping hole that was her heart.

Not caring about inappropriate behavior, Fauna needed to escape the destruction that was her life's purpose. From banquet hall filled with the kneeling royal court and servants she ran, heard the callous snickers filled with amusement to her dismay. Through the corridors she ran in attempt to leave behind the remnants of her failures. Into her chamber she ran, the heavy door slammed behind her.

Inside the chamber she froze, the shock and horror heavy throughout her expression and posture. Then, again, the rage brewed. Her eyes erratically scanned the room eyeing each and every symbol of her failures; gifts from the Prince. The rage burst and into a screaming fit of destruction she was sent. Through the room she raged, every fancy gown and piece of elaborate jewelry were snatched, thrown, then mercilessly stomped.

And on and on Fauna raged. She stormed through the entire chamber attacking and attempting to destroy everything which reminded her of her tragic failure. Her screams of protest and detest echoed through the thick wooden chamber door and continued through the corridors and reached the banquet hall.

Humperdinck immediately startled upon his ears being struck by screams of pure rage. Those around too became distracted by the continuous screams. He quickly demanded for the music to play in hopes to drown out the vocalization of the ultimate betrayal done by him.

Over the music and muffled screams the sweet voice of Buttercup questioned the Prince, "What is that?"

Humperdinck looked to his chosen Princess Bride and forced a smile then awkwardly replied, "Nothing, my Princess," but it was not nothing, "Do not concern yourself for tonight is a joyous occasion." He was with concerns for there will undoubtedly be plenty explaining to be done if he managed to survive the wrath of Lady Fauna.