Prologue: Gods

The Gods are real. From Primordials to all other known deities who have appeared.

Theire orgins and powers differen but one thing remains the same, they were called Gods for a reason.

Greek Gods excluding the Primordials were brought about by the Elders and over time mnay false stories were created and some were down right laugble to insulting but none the less they existed.

Hades however was different from the rest. While Declairing himself a God, he never forgot who he was orginally. He killed a few Titians and let the rest be sealed away. He killed the Sourece, Traid, and the Infernal Council and took all Demons under his command to help allow good to rise in the world with little interference from any evil but that of those in Humanity's own hearts. Over time he allowed demon and other such being out when theings were going well. Of course the Elder who have so mnay years finnaly managed to get rid of the other Gods though they lost many of their numbers tried to fight Hades and found they couldn't. For Elders, still had a Soul and Hades could control all Souls, both living and the dead. Hades wasn't heartless, he understood and said that upon a balance of good and evil being resotred he would hand his powers back to them.

A a Milliea went by and he gave his powers back but intruth all he gave back was the big (I)*s for he was no longer was a god. His others powers were with him so long that they became permently attacked to his soul, along with any other power he would gain in other lives. Upon his death 75 years later after becoming Mortal the Source had returned alogn a new generation of the three major factions in the underworld.

Hades's soul had reincarnated a few times and sometimes weilded the powers he had before and other times he gain new ones, but his current life now is one that exisits and yet it doesn't. After all Hades was accident;y Granted Divinty once again and this time with knowledge of each of his lives and the powers he gained, he has no intentions of being mortal again, he has found that without his guidence the world is in greator danger than ever before. Bu this time he will choose the small pantheon for himself to help run things.