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"k,lklkhhgk" symbiote talking

"djndndjff" internal talk with host and symbiote

Chapter 1

Jack fired at the passing Glider, Teal'c doing the same from closer to the Gate. "Let's go, Captain. Those gliders are coming back around!"

"This man's alive!" Sam knelt beside the man, looking him over for injuries before ducking at the sound of an explosion. She wasn't going to leave him there for the Goa'uld if there was a chance he'd make it.

"Cannot wait!"

"Okay, come on, come on. Don't panic, we'll have you out of here in a minute." Daniel called as he leapt back onto the platform where the Gate rested, quickly moving people through to safety.

Jack let his gun swing on its harness as he scooped a kid up and ran for the Gate, the kids mother on his heels. "Teal'c!" Teal'c took the boy easily from him and Jack urged the mother on. "I gotta go back for Carter." He ran back down the sand to where he'd last seen his second in command.

Daniel left the Gate to quickly help two villagers, only one of whom was conscious. "Go, go, I got him…Medic! He's alive, but I think he's gonna wish he wasn't. Let's get him outta here." The two of them managed to lift him and get him to the Gate.

Sam was still doing chest compressions on the same man. She listened at his mouth, then breathed. She listened again, lowering her head to breathe again. This time, the man reached up and cupped the back of her head, holding her in place. She struggled, finally escaping and turning to one side. She bowed her head, then looked up. Her eyes flashed yellow before returning to blue.

"Carter! We've got to go!" Jack yelled as he reached her, frowning as he noticed blood on her lip when she turned to him. "You alright?"

"Yeah." Her dazed answer had him worried but there was no time.

"Let's get him outta here, come on." He started to lift them man but she stopped him, finally seeming to focus.

"Dead! Had some kind of seizure. Bit his own tongue."

Well that explained the blood. He grabbed her arm and yanked her to her feet before starting to run. Gunfire started up again as Teal'c fired on the approaching Gliders, giving them cover. As they jumped up the stairs the two men slipped through the Gate and he pulled Sam in through after them.

Daniel looked around the organised chaos as medics scurried about, checking everyone over, trying to see where he could help.

"I want a full medical quarantine until these people can be examined." General Hammond called as he approached. "O'Neill and the rest?"

"Right behind me, and a dozen Jaffa right behind them."

Jack, Sam and Teal'c came through the Gate, Sam in the middle and leaning on Teal'c's side. Not something that was usual and Daniel frowned in concern but she didn't look injured.

"Lock it up!" Hammond yelled and the iris slid into place, Sam glancing back at it.

"Carter? You okay?" Jack demanded as Teal'c removed his support, both ready to catch her if she fell.

"Yeah, fine. Thanks." She smiled slightly and they turned away, leaving her to look around the room. She ignored the voice in her head screaming to be let go as she walked from the room. It was not easy but for now this was how it had to be.

"There hadn't been any Goa'uld interference on this planet for over three centuries. The Nasyans are a…were a peaceful people. They were eager to form an alliance and aid us in setting up a research outpost. There was no warning this attack was coming. We hadn't even spotted the mothership by the time the Gliders assaulted the village."

"It's not normal for the Goa'ulds to suddenly just show up and wipe out peaceful people for no apparent reason, is it?" Hammond asked and Daniel shrugged.

"In the past there was usually some reason, most often they seem to attack civilisations that are advancing to a point where their technology could be a threat, but that wasn't the case here."

"Maybe they found out we were there." Jack offered and Daniel frowned.

"Well, how could they know? Or more importantly, why did this particular Goa'uld care?"

"They might have been a little concerned because we just kicked the crap out of Apophis."

"Well, the truth is we still understand very little about their society."

"I have seen the Goa'uld wipe out entire civilizations—no reason, simply because it gave them pleasure."

"So what, Nasya was just next on the list? Part of me wishes it was that simple, but I don't want to underestimate them." Daniel argued, he didn't believe any part of the Goa'uld society was that simple.

"Maybe their reasons just weren't made apparent to you, Teal'c. I mean, you are just a Jaffa." Sam offered coldly, earning startled looks. "All…all I meant was that Apophis wouldn't necessarily have explained everything to Teal'c even if he was First Prime. Would he?" She covered and Teal'c nodded.

"That is true."

"I agree with Sam. I think we have to assume the Goa'uld are more complex as a society than we're giving them credit for."

"The better you understand the enemy the better prepared you are in conflict." She agreed and Jack shot her a startled look.


"What's the status of the Nasyan survivors?"

"Well, we managed to recuse 237 people. The critically burned and some of the overflow our infirmary couldn't handle were transferred to the Air Force Academy hospital. The rest are awaiting relocation."


"Sir, I think it's important to try and find the reason why Nasya became a Goa'uld target."

"Agreed. But relocation is the first priority. I'm assigning the three new SG teams 10 through 12 to coordinate with you. Dismissed." They all stood and then cleared the room except for Sam and Jack who were gathering their thing. Jack glanced at her, something was bugging him but he couldn't put his finger on it yet.

"Oh, Carter, I hate to be a nag about this but ol' Doc Fraiser says you haven't been checked out yet?"

"I'll go right now. Wouldn't want to break post-mission protocol, right, Colonel?" She grinned and slugged his shoulder before leaving and he stared after her in confusion. Since when did Carter do that? No, something was off, had been since that guy died back on the planet.

"They're going to find you." She ignored the taunt as gloved parted the hair and gently massaged the back of her neck for signs of Goa'uld entry. The hands then slid back towards the front, checking the glands under Carter's jaw.

"Sorry to have to do this." She turned and picks up a tongue depressor. "All right, open." Sam obeyed and Fraiser shone a flashlight in her mouth. "You had a sore throat lately?"

"A little, why?" She lied easily.

"There's a small abrasion back there. I have to do a swab." She opened a package. "And open." She inserted the swab and Sam nearly gagged as Fraiser took the sample. "Cassandra's been asking about you."

"Cassandra…Yeah, I've been so busy lately." She answered slowly, looking a little lost.

"She understands. Okay! You just let me know if it gets worse."

"I'm free to go out tomorrow, though, right? We're searching for possible relocation sites for the Nasyans."

"Sure. Cassandra's gonna be at the hospital with me tomorrow, so why don't you stop by and spend a little time with her first, you know, if you can."

"I will." "How could she miss you?"


"Help me."

Sam turned a corner, walking quickly towards her destination. She pushed her way into the locker room where Daniel and Teal'c were preparing. She looked around the room, then turned to them. "Where's the Colonel? We're due to get out of here in five minutes!" She snapped angrily.

"Well, he left us a message. Said he'd meet us in the Gate room."

"Well, step on it then!" She stormed out. "You're not me and you're showing it."

Daniel turned to Teal'c in confusion. "What was that?"

Sam made it to the Gate room to find the Stargate stationary and the room empty so she began to pace, glaring up at the control room, not seeing Janet alongside the General as they watched her. The left-side doors opened and Daniel entered with Teal'c. "Where's Colonel O'Neill?"

Jack strolled in from the right-side doors, behind Sam, his hands behind his back. "Stand down, campers. We're on a hold."

"Why?" She demanded.

He moved to her side. "I dunno, some computer glitch." He casually raised his arm and jammed his fist against her right shoulder. She jerked away, looking where he hit her. He lowered his arm, revealing a syringe.

"They know and now you'll never escape."

"What the hell was that?" She snarled.

"That was enough to take down an elephant!" Janet was shocked, Sam should be out cold.

Sam raised her rifle, turning it on Jack. "Open the Stargate!" "No! Don't hurt them!"

"Jack, what the hell is going on?"

"Open the Gate now!" She calmed herself. "I command you." Her eyes flashed as an airman rushed forward, shooting her in the leg with a tranquilizer dart. She pulled it out and raised her gun to attack him, but Jack knocked her arm down. She escaped his grip and punched him, knocking the Colonel to the ground with a grunt. Teal'c steadied his staff weapon. "Open the Gate now…" She pulled a grenade from her supplies and took the pin out. "…or we will all die!"

The soldiers took aim even as Jack scrambled to his feet. "Hold your fire! Teal'c…"

"I have the shot, sir."

"And if she drops that grenade, what? Nobody's gonna open that Stargate. We're all gonna live, or we're all gonna die, right here."

"Let me go! I must go!" "They won't do it, just surrender. He'll give the order if you don't."

"Not gonna happen." He stated firmly even as the drugs finally took affect and she crumpled to the ground. Jack lounged forward, rapping his hand around hers tightly to hold the grenade steady. Fraiser turned, hurrying out of the control room. The airmen approached and Jack handed Sam over, allowing them to take her away. He bent down, picked up the grenade and replaced the pin. The three men then watched as Sam was carried away.

She woke slowly, feeling confused, but then sat up to find herself on a cot in a room cut in half by bars, a cell. She stood and found she'd been stripped to trousers and t-shirt. She walked to the bars and found red lasers also in place, ready to sound the alarm should she cross them to take care of the bars. A clever system.

"I told you so."

So her host was awake as well and just as confrontational as always but could she blame her? She had suppressed her and threatened her friends and colleagues. "You did. All this does is makes it much easier for the Ashrak to find and kill us. They must let us go."

"They won't. We will never help a Goa'uld."

It hurt to be called that but the pain of loss was deeper still. Her poor Rosha and even Thomas though she had been within him only a handful of months. She had almost forgotten over the centuries what it was like to have an unwilling host. Since pledging herself to her friend Egeria's cause all of her hosts had chosen her. She did not like remaining in control all of the time but she could not trust Samantha Carter to speak and not say something that would further endanger them.

She turned to the door as it opened to reveal Colonel O'Neill. "So, you and I have got to have a little talk. You really screwed up here, you know. I mean, you really blew it."

She shook her head. "You are weak."

"Who's behind bars right now?"

"Your tactics will not work on me."

"Not buying it, huh?"

"You must let me go."


"You really have no idea why this is happening." She sat down on the cot.

"And I guess you don't feel like telling me." They stayed there in silence, Jack glaring at her through the bars. She stared back, her eyes hidden by shadows. Finally, she broke the silence.

"Let me go." She stood up and approached the bars. "Let me go through the Stargate. I will find another host and send your friend back to you."

Jack stood up, unable to help being curious. "You can do that? Leave a host without killing them?"

"Yes. It is possible, but not easy. I could die, but I promise I will try."

"The Nasyan man died when you left him."

She closed her eyes in grief. "The Nasyan man died first, that is why I left him. He was beyond my natural abilities to heal."

"What were you doing in him in the first place?"

"Carter's mind would be intact. She would return to you as you knew her before."

"You know I can't trust you."

"I could have killed you and many others when you stopped me from going through the Stargate."

"You didn't want to die yourself."

"It would not have killed me. I am too valuable."

"Which is exactly why we'll never let you go." He walked towards the door, not wanting to hear anymore empty promises.

"I have done nothing to harm you. But you would not let me go even if you did believe me." She paused. "Oh God, he's telling you the truth! Please, Jack!"

He looked down, obviously disturbed as he knocked for the guard. He wanted so badly to turn around but they all knew the snakes could fake being the host.

"No, Jack! Please, don't leave me, please! Give me a chance!" The door opened and Jack left. "Don't leave me like this! Please!" The door shut and her face became cold again. "What will it take?" "More than you'll give."

She slowly ate the food that had been delivered by an obviously scared airman. She had been going through her hosts memories and was honestly shocked by how far the Tau'ri had come since the rebellion against Ra. And her host… if only they had met and blended under different circumstances. She would keep her word though, she would find another host and return Samantha Carter to them unharmed. But first she had to convince them to release her. She had to return home to warn them, if she did not… she stood and called out to the guards. One opened the door and eyes her warily. "I will speak to the Jaffa." She told him and he closed the door again.

Teal'c entered the room almost an hour later, assuming the hands-behind-back position. "You have requested my presence?"

"Jaffa, you must convince the humans to let me go."

"They will not let you go."

"They are impressive. The Tau'ri have become very powerful in the time since the Goa'uld reign here. Certainly the System Lords will not allow this to go unchecked. I can provide the humans with information that can help them defend against attack."

"They are more powerful than you know. Already, a Goa'uld attack on Earth has been thwarted." He stated proudly.

"Then a more powerful assault is already being planned."

"They are not fools. They believe you are here to plant a seed of that destruction."

She walked up to the lasers and stared into his eyes. "Not all Goa'uld are the same. There are a few that oppose the System Lords and their ways. You must have heard of the Tok'ra."

Teal'c stepped closer. "Every Goa'uld seeks power for his own reason and would betray his own brother to achieve it."

"Some seek power for a greater purpose. Not every Goa'uld is an enemy to the people of this planet. The Tok'ra are real, no matter what Apophis has told you."

"I have yet to meet one."

"You have now. I am Jolinar of Malkshur."

Teal'c's eyes widened. He turned, giving her one last look before he left the room using his card.

Jolinar moved back to the cot and sat down to wait, hopefully giving her name would get them to act. Teal'c had been a First Prime, he would know her name. She had to hope he believed her enough to convince them.

"There is an old legend among the Jaffa for them to speak of concerning a group of Goa'uld who opposed the ways of the System Lords. This group is called the Tok'ra. This Goa'uld, Jolinar of Malkshur, claims to be part of that group."

"Can you be sure he is who he says he is?" Jack asked before looking at the cell to see Jolinar stand and approach, almost smirking at them.

"I cannot."

"Unfortunately, we do not carry identification."

"Okay, let's try to build a little trust here, shall we? One of the Nasyans we brought back was very badly burned. But somehow he just got up out of his hospital bed and disappeared. Who is he?"

"It must be the Ashrak."

Jack looked to Teal'c for a translation.

"It means hunter."

"A Goa'uld?"

"Yes. An assassin of the highest rank who carries out the orders of the System Lords."

"Who's he here to kill?"



"For being Tok'ra. We are all hunted by the Goa'uld for daring to stand against them. Cronus has sent him to kill me and any who get in his way." That was all she could tell them. "They won't let you go with that, they'll never let us go." Jolinar could feel Samantha's sadness and so opened her own memories to her host, memories of over a year on the run, of losing Rosha and then Thomas. "He will never stop hunting me. I am sorry Samantha, that I will be the cause of your death at his hands." They watched as the Colonel and Teal'c left with what little information she had given. With nothing else to do she lay on the cot and slept, dreaming of her beloved mates. Martouf had been right to not want her to go on the mission, it had been too risky and now they would never know of her fate.

She woke at the sound of a knock on the door and then it opened. "Daniel Jackson." She stated as calmly as she could after her dreams of home and love. Samantha was surprisingly quiet.


"You care about Samantha Carter as much as O'Neill and Teal'c."

"Yes, I do."

"Yet, this is the first time you have come to see me."

Daniel took a pen and notebook from his pocket. "I came to see if you could give us a description of the Ashrak."

"I will know his face only in the moments before he tortures me to death…killing your friend along with me."

"Well, there's no way he's getting in here."

"You are not stupid, Daniel, nor am I."

"He doesn't even know for sure you're here on this planet, let alone in this base."

"He is Goa'uld, he will find me. It's what he does. Letting me go, trusting me, is the only chance of saving your friend Samantha."

"Then I'm sorry." He stepped up to the bars and finally made eye contact and Jolinar felt bad at the pain she saw there. "I'm sorry, Sam." He whispered.

"Alive, I can be a powerful ally. Dead, I am useless to you." She tried.

"Then you're gonna have to give us more than empty promises."

"I can give her back to you."

"We can't let you go."

"I'm not talking about Samantha, Daniel." He turned away and she straightened up. "I'm talking about Sha're." He looked back at her. "I know where she is."

"Where?" He demanded, eyes wide.

"Apophis and his Queen have returned to Chulak but you cannot take her from him in such a secure place. It is said he will send her into seclusion soon, perhaps to spawn. There will be a chance then to rescue her. The Tok'ra know how to remove an unwilling symbiote."

Daniel stared at her, not sure what to believe. "I…"

"I can help you save her Daniel. And I will find a new, willing host. The Tok'ra and Tau'ri fight the same enemy. We could be of great help to each other."

"If you want willing hosts then why are you in Sam?"

Jolinar swallowed, admitting this would not be easy but it may help gain his aide. "It was an error. I understand now what Samantha was attempting but Thomas was dying, there was a battle around us. I did not know then that she was trying to save him. Tok'ra do not enter through the back of the neck but through the throat."

Daniel stared and then his eyes widened. "You thought she was offering… let me talk to her, please."

Jolinar stared at him before finally nodding. "Very well." She bowed her head and mentally stepped back, ceding control. Daniel watched as Sam stumbled slightly and then looked up at him. "Daniel." She whispered, hand raising towards him but dropping before she could touch the lasers.


She nodded. "It's me, I'm here. Abydos, Sha're is being sent to Abydos. Jolinar just knew the world of her hosts birth. Save her."

"Sam I…"

She smiled slightly. "I'm okay for now Daniel. You have to find the Ashrak." Daniel nodded and reluctantly left them alone. Sam looked around the cell, just happy to be able to control her own body. Jolinar remained quiet, letting her have the time.

Sam started as she heard the sound of fighting and then the door was wrenched open. Jolinar instantly took control, suspecting what was coming. Two airmen are crumpled to the floor, just inside the door and they knew they were already dead. The Ashrak turned the weapon over in his hand and then approached the cell.

"Interesting weapons these humans use." He stepped over one of the dead airmen and ripped open the cell door. "Kree shak, Jolinar. By decree of the Goa'uld System Lords you will die with dishonour by the power of the Hara'kash." He activated the device on his hand.

"Hear this. The days of the Goa'uld System Lords are numbered. Tell them that I died with hope. My death only feeds the fire that burns strong in the Tok'ra."

The Ashrak raised his hand and hit them with the Hara'kash. Her head was thrown violently back, her skull exposed where the light was shining on it. She grimaced, her eyes wide with pain. Jolinar had suppressed Samantha fully, trying desperately to protect her host from the pain. "Forgive me, my Samantha." She whispered to her, feeling her strength fading. Eventually, she collapsed to the floor. The Ashrak kept up his assault until he was certain she was down for the count. He disengaged the device just as airmen rushed in with guns ready.

He stood, looking like he'd been checking her pulse. "She's dead. Let's go." They left the cell, passing Teal'c and Jack. "Colonel, the prisoner and two guards, dead."

Jack and Teal'c went inside, pausing to check the airmen. Jack then hesitantly went inside the cell, kneeling next to Sam's body, not wanting to have confirmation of how badly they had failed her.

"These two are dead."

"Sam, Sam! Sam." He called and then beneath his hand he felt the tiniest of movements. "Teal'c, get a medical team down here right away. Come on, Sam." He cradled her face and smiled shakily as her eyes fluttered slightly, obviously able to hear him.

Medics rushed in and he helped lift her onto the gurney and then they were rushing towards the infirmary. Janet joined them partway and got on the gurney, straddling Sam as she took over CPR. "Let's get her on the table. I want an EKG and an EEG stat!" She climbed off and they lifted Sam over onto the table. "Okay, on my count. Three, two, one, good. Whoa, where's my epi? 1 milligram. Epi's in…"

Jack and Teal'c watched, out of the way of the medics and looking like they felt useless.

"Pulse is erratic."

"We're getting feedback from the EEG." Janet frowned at the readings. "What is this?"

"Looks like interference. Two signals."

"Well, isolate them! We could be picking up separate brain waves from the parasite."

Distant sounds filtered through the pain to Jolinar and she realised they weren't dead, not yet. She felt the rush of drugs into Samantha's body and knew the doctors were trying to save her. She gathered her remaining strength to save her host. "Find them, tell my loves of my death and that I loved them till the end." She whispered to her Samantha, imprinting as much as she dared into her subconscious.

"The parasite is still getting weaker."

"Security alert, intruder in the embarkation room, code red!"

Jack turned to Teal'c and whispered. "Go…" Teal'c took a last look at the bed and left.

"Parasite energy level is still falling."

"Jolinar." Sam was barely aware but she could feel the symbiote fading away from her. "No…."

"Let's cardiovert one more time. 30 joules." Janet called.

"Goodbye my… Sam…."

"No." Sam struggled, reaching for Jolinar, she understood now. But there was no answer.

"The parasite is dead." Janet called as one monitor showed a flat line. She glanced at Jack before taking a deep breath, she would not lose Sam. "Try another milligram of epi, then prepare for de-fib." She ordered.

"She's out of de-fib!"

"She's got a pulse!" Janet pulled on her stethoscope and listened hopefully.

"Faint but stable." The medic applies a bag, helping Sam to start breathing again. Janet looked up at a monitor, smiling at what she saw. The bag was pulled away and Sam opened her eyes, weakly looking around.

"You did it Sam…You won." Jack grinned at her.

She shook her head, weak. "It wasn't me." She managed to say.

"Oh, yes it was. You hung in there, you beat it."

"The Goa'uld gave its life for me. It saved me." It, she had to say it, not she. Couldn't let them know how close they had become in the last few hours.

Janet and Jack looked at each other as Sam rested her head once more.

Daniel walked into the infirmary with a large bunch of flowers that he put in a vase on the table before looking over at Sam, finding she was awake though still very pale. "Hey Sam, how's it going tonight?" She didn't answer so he left the room to find Jack, Janet and Cassie waiting for him. "She's still the same."

"Janet said that the Goa'uld died."

"Well, that's right. Um, it died and we can't remove it without really hurting her so we're waiting for her body to handle it. She's the same old Samantha Carter. Same person we've always known." Daniel explained awkwardly. No one wanted to risk neurosurgery when she was still so weak and the corpse didn't seem to be doing any harm where it was.

Jack rubbed Cassie's arm and smiled at her. "Cassie, she's just a little sad right now. But I'll bet she cheers up when she sees you. Come on."

Cassandra entered the hospital room and walked to Sam's bedside. She turned, seeing Janet, Jack and Daniel watching from the doorway. She climbed onto the side of the bed and lightly touched Sam's shoulder. "Sam, it's me." She got no response. Cassie easily turned Sam over and she looked up with extremely tired and sad eyes, she looked on the verge of tears. Cassie smiled reassuringly. "You're going to be okay."

Janet smiled at Jack even as Sam exhaled sharply, closing her eyes for a moment before looking back up at the young girl who smiled at her before curling up against her.


So Basically 'In the Line of Duty' from Sam and Jolinar's viewpoints with some small additions then a big change at the end. This will lead to big changes further on.