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Chapter 7

Jolinar watched on as Cordesh was restrained, feeling nothing but sadness, he had been Tok'ra from almost the beginning, was one of Garshaw's oldest friends and yet he had betrayed them. Rosha's death and her own near demise were all his fault, he had betrayed her to Cronus. Who knew how many other operatives had died because of him. he would be tried before the Council…and she knew her own trial would likely be after his.

They would be harder on her than most other agents due to her past and she had always accepted that. She had been Egeria's friend; they had rebelled together, but no one could ever forget that she was Goa'uld and not a Tok'ra by birth. She had taken a host against her will, perhaps some pardon could be given due to the chaotic circumstances, but she had then supressed her host and threatened to harm her people. That she had sacrificed herself to then save Samantha may buy her some leniency, but she doubted it.

There were times when she wondered how her mates could love her, how her hosts could continue to allow her presence, not when they knew of her past, her hosts far more clearly than Lantash and his hosts. Her wonderful, sweet Martouf had never asked of her time as a System Lord and she knew he never would. He was disappointed in her actions, she could tell, but he still looked at her with love in his eyes, had kissed her so tenderly. The biggest surprise was Samantha, why hadn't she demanded her removal once the Healers cleared them both for the procedure? Her agreement of the need to ensure the traitor was caught? She knew her host was keeping many things form her, but she never pushed for answers, not wanting to upset her.


Martouf looked up as someone knocked on the wall beside the entrance to his quarters, smiling when he saw Samantha there. Her team had been given access to the communal wardrobe as they had very little with them. she looked rather fetching in the blue dress she was wearing, Lantash agreed. They still mourned for Rosha, they would for years, but they also hoped Samantha would agree to remain Jolinar's host as she was an amazing woman. "Please, come in," he offered, and she entered, taking a seat on the chair while he sat on the bed. "Is something wrong?"

"No, I just wanted to talk with all three of you," she answered and Martouf nodded, rousing Lantash.

"What did you wish to discuss?"

Samantha looked away, taking a deep breath and Martouf felt a flash of concern but then she squared her shoulders, sitting straight and looking right at them. "My remaining Jolinar's host."

He felt completely shocked and he could feel that Lantash too was feeling shock. "You would do that? I do not understand, that is a decision for the two of you."

"But it affects the two of you deeply as well," Samantha pointed out. "There are some major diplomatic reasons for me to remain a host, but I also can't make such a big personal decision based on them."

Martouf bowed his head, Lantash coming forward. "Diplomatic?"

"I think our people can help each other a lot. I doubt our meeting you was the first time we've run into Tok'ra operatives, and we may have killed them, believing them to be Goa'uld. We're fighting for the same thing, to end the threat. We can share intelligence, run missions together, because I know there are some where having unblended humans with you would be helpful. I also think we may be help with hosts as well, I've learned from Jolinar that many fatal conditions on Earth can be cured by a symbiote, I am sure there would be those willing to blend to be cured and to help fight," she shrugged. "It would have to be worked out between those a lot higher up than my team. They'll be wary thanks to the Goa'uld so it may take time."

"I see," Lantash was feeling a little sheepish that he had not considered such reasons himself. By remaining blended she could be the bridge between their people. It just wasn't the reason he would wish her to have.

"I'm a soldier but this is beyond what anyone could order to me to do. If I chose to remain with Jolinar I want it to be for the right reasons, because it's the right decision for all involved. I know going back to the SGC blended, without some sort of diplomatic tie between us, would be dangerous. My team would stand up for us but there are elements of the government who wouldn't care. I'd likely disappear into a research facility or base somewhere," and it was obvious she didn't like admitting that. "So, I'd have to remain here at least until something was worked out. You are Jolinar's mates, you should have a say in if I stay."

Martouf was surprised and when Lantash remained silent he nudged him, receiving control again. He leant forward and gently clasped her hands in his. "Samantha, are you saying you would ask for Jolinar to be removed if we did not accept that you will be our mate as well?"

She nodded. "I won't come between a relationship that's several times older than I am."

"We loved Rosha, and we miss her, but this is not the first time something like this has occurred. We mourn as one and we love as one. Should you chose to remain blended, Jolinar's love for us would become yours. We do not know you well yet but even then we can see that you are an amazing woman. Not just beautiful, but highly intelligent and kind as well." He needed her to be sure that they were not simply attracted to her due to her appearance.

She nodded and her eyes went vacant and he knew Jolinar was speaking with her. Her smile when she refocused made his heart race with hope.


"You sure about this Carter?"

"Positive, Sir," she looked him straight in the eye. She was sure that blending fully with Jolinar, becoming Tok'ra, was the right thing for her to do. For herself and for Earth. They needed this alliance, if she could help bring two very stubborn people together. Jolinar agreed that they would have their work cut out for them.

"Alright, I'll figure out some way to sell the General on the idea."

"Your presence will be missed Captain Carter."

"Thanks Teal'c," she smiled at him and looked at Daniel.

He moved in and hugged her. "I'll miss my coffee buddy," he offered, and she laughed. "Follow your heart," he whispered before letting go.

Getting the Council to agree to letting her team leave hadn't been easy but she'd had Selmak and Saroosh on her side which had helped a lot. They left the next day for Cimmeria since their GDO's were definitely locked out. They'd dial Earth from there and talk, though with the Hammer broken they could not guarantee they weren't hosts. It was still a relatively safe planet and they had parted on good terms with the people there.

Settling in to life on the base without them felt odd, but she spent the first night asleep and completing the blending with Jolinar. Once that was done, it felt more natural as she had access to her memories of all the people there.


Sam looked around the quarters they had been given, taking in her own belongings, of which there were few, along with what Martouf had saved of Jolinar's as well as his things. She had agreed to move into quarters with him as it felt wasteful to use such a large room all by herself with her team gone. The more time she spent with them, the more she came to care for Martouf and Lantash and she knew some of that was Jolinar's emotions for the men, but she didn't mind, it was a natural part of being blended. It could be months before the SGC tried to make contact and they had left several coordinates for them to leave messages at, in case they had to move bases before then.


Sam smiled as Martouf leant in to kiss her, lifting a hand to run through his hair and then down his neck to gently massage Lantash, hearing Martouf groan as she did. She was soon lying on their 'bed', as he learnt her body, before she stepped aside for Jolinar. They spent the night switching between host and symbiote as they lay together for the first time since she had become a host. They had waited two months but tomorrow a delegation from Earth would be arriving in the new tunnels to meet and discuss a possible treaty.


"Daniel?" Sam looked up as her best friend approached, fiddling with his glasses, they'd barely gotten to say hello earlier but there was a break now and she was happy to see him, except he didn't look happy. "What is it?"

"General wanted me to give you this," he handed over an envelope, not an official air force one at least so she opened it, paling as she read the letter. "Sam?"

"It's my Dad…he's got cancer, terminal."

"I'm so sorry," Daniel winced, and she leant back as Lantash wrapped an arm around her waist.

"Samantha?" he asked in concern.

"It's my Dad, he's dying," she murmured, and his arm tightened.

"I am so sorry," he murmured, pressing a kiss to her hair.

Her head dipped and then it was Jolinar looking up at him. "Blending could save him, and Selmak needs a new host," she suggested.

He looked startled for a moment, not expecting her to bring it up and then looked at Dr Jackson, Daniel he had asked to be called, he didn't looked disgusted by the idea which was a good sign. "We will stand by you," he promised.


Sam smiled as Colonel O'Neill and Daniel helped her Father through the Gate, watching as he looked around in shocked awe. "Dad!" she called, walking past the other Tok'ra and he looked so relieved to see her.

"Sammy," he pulled her into a hug. "You look good kiddo."

"Thanks. The General explained?"

"Gave me a crazy sounding story, that's not so crazy now," he admitted, and she laughed. "And here I was looking at trying to get you into NASA. When George called and said you were MIA…" he shook his head.

"I'm so sorry Dad," she took Daniel's spot at his side as they began to walk to the Rings. "Have you heard from Mark?"

"Your brother still won't speak with me."

"I'm sorry," she squeezed his hand. "Stand here," she told him, and her team moved in close before she activated the Rings. She led them to temporary quarters to get some rest before her Dad would meet with Saroosh and Selmak, hoping it went well.


Sam dressed in uniform for the first time in what felt like years, though it had only been a few months. She was going to Abydos with the team to try and save Sha're. she felt someone watching as she settled her vest and turned, smiling at her Dad. "Abydos is safe," she assured him.

"Other than whatever guards Apophis has sent to guard his Queen," he pointed out.

"I've been there before, Daniel lived there for a year, Jack and he helped a rebellion there. We know the planet better than any guard will since the people will not support them," she slipped her side arm into the holster strapped to her leg. "We'll be back with Sha're before you know it."

"Just be careful, it's been a few months since you've been on a mission with your team."

"I promise," she kissed his cheek. "Haven't you got a mission of your own to prepare for? It's been far longer for you," she teased, and he chuckled.

"It's a quick information hand off, I should beat you back," he assured her. "No one's willing to risk Selmak just yet."


Jolinar stared at the rounded stomach of Daniel's wife in shock, Apophis dared? Such a thing was forbidden and for good reason. That was no innocent child growing within the young woman.

"Goa'uld!" Sha're backed away, pushing her Father with her.

"Sam's not a Goa'uld," Daniel assured his wife. "Sha're…" he stared at her, looking so lost.

"Daniel's right," Sam spoke up, smiling softly. "I am Tok'ra, do you know what that means?" she asked and Sha're nodded slowly, still looking nervous.

"Sam's symbiote was the one who told us where you were, Sam put the information together to realise the exact planet."

"The Tok'ra can remove a symbiote without killing the host," Sam offered, Jolinar remaining quiet as she did not wish to stress the young woman.

"You can free my daughter of the demon?" Kasuf demanded and Sam nodded. "You will go with them," he commanded of Sha're.


Sam smiled as Daniel held his wife close, stroking her hair as she clung to him. Amaunet had been successfully removed, freeing her. Jolinar was worried about the baby but she also could not condemn it before it was born. They would wait and see and hope that good parents would help the child grow up to be better than the Goa'uld that had fathered it. They would keep a close eye on things.

Sam was surprised to feel a flash of regret, she had never really wanted children. She'd only met her niece and nephew once, things with Mark too tense since she'd joined the Air Force. Now she would never have children of her own, harcesis children were forbidden by the Tok'ra and Goa'uld and for good reason. Technically, she could have a child with a human and the child would be human, but she would never do that, the only man she would want a child with was Martouf. She felt him wrap an arm around her waist and turned to smile at him.

"I'm sorry," he whispered knowing where her thoughts had obviously wandered.

"I've never wanted children before, always far too focused on my career," she admitted.

"Raising a child in the Tunnels is too dangerous," he murmured, and she nodded, she knew it had been tried before, hosts with children who had nowhere else to go. Some had been killed when the base was raided, others captured by the Goa'uld, very few had grown to adulthood safely, though of those who had, most had then become hosts themselves.

"I love you," she kissed him gently and they slipped away to leave Daniel and Sha're alone.


Daniel flashed Sam a grin as the President added his signature to the Treaty. It was done, they were no officially allied with the Tok'ra. Jacob Carter would remain in the Tunnels as their ambassador while Sam and Martouf would come to the SGC. It would be good to have her back. Thankfully, the signing went well, no problems at all popping up and the party after wasn't too bad. Of course, that was when Sha're's waters broke.


Daniel pushed Sha're down behind some stonework, his gun in hand as his eyes searched for somewhere safe. If they could make it to the caves they had hidden from Ra in then they had a chance. Heru'ur had come to claim Abydos for himself and he could not be allowed to find Sha're or baby Kasuf, named for his proud Grandfather. They had returned to visit him and let him know they knew were Skaara was, that a mission was planned to try and save him. he glanced at his wife to see she had their son now tied to her chest under her cloak, a gun in her hands, and he was glad she had insisted on learning to shoot. Kasuf had remained with the rest of his people, to try and fight off the invading forces but some of the boys were with them a as a guard. The Temple with the Gate had been taken first or else they would have already made the dash for the gate to return to Earth for help. The Tok'ra had ships, though not many and nothing that could stand up to a Ha'tak. If they could get a team or two onto the ship though, they could sabotage it.

A staff blast hit nearby, and they ducked lower, weapons at the ready, and he was glad Jack had supplied more ammunition for the guns that had been left with the Abydonians on that first mission, even if it hadn't been authorised. He took a breath and lifted his head above cover, shooting the Jaffa. He'd learnt where the weak points in their armour was since that first trip, though he did wish he carried the MP5 at the moment. He could use one, Jack had made sure of it, pushing him through training with every firearm the SGC used to be safe. "Get ready to run," he told them and then the Jaffa fell to their fire and they took off. Sha're cried out and he turned to see a burn mark in her cloak, low down on her back. "Sha're!" He dropped to his knees and pulled her up into his arms, the boys covering them. he could hear the baby wailing as he staggered and stumbled over the sand under her weight. Sha're hadn't made a sound and he knew that was not good.

They finally reached the caves and he carefully lowered her only to find she wasn't breathing. "Daniel?" Tobay asked shakily and he reached out to gently close her eyes. Around him the boys began crying even as Daniel carefully took Kasuf from her body, cradling his son close, he had adopted the baby without hesitation and now he was the only parent the baby had. He fiddled with his own clothing to secure the child to his chest under his cloak, glad he had worn native garb for the visit.


Daniel stood at the grave as the coffin was lowered down. She was being buried on earth but following Abydonian customs, the right led by Kasuf. The SGC teams had arrived in time to save several hundred people, bringing them to safety through the gate and the Tok'ra were helping to find them a new planet. Sam and Jack were at his sides, Teal'c behind him and Martouf was on Sam's other side. His family giving their support. He'd lost Sha're twice now, this time there was no chance of saving her. He had failed to protect her and now she was dead.


Jack hugged Skaara tight and the boy returned the hug, though he wasn't really a boy anymore. He then stepped back to let the brothers reunite, happy that Daniel had his brother-in-law back.


Sam smiled as she walked down the aisle towards General Hammond, her arm through her Dad's, Cassandra walking in front of them. Waiting with the General was Martouf, dressed in an earth style suit, Daniel and Malek standing with him. They were finally getting married on Earth, they'd been officially mated by Tok'ra standards since before her Dad had blended. The ceremony wasn't long but at the end they were husband and wife by American law.

The party after was for the whole base which they appreciated. She smiled when she saw Cassie teaching little Kasuf how to dance. Thanks to the Tollan and Nox, Apophis' genetic memories had been suppressed, leaving him a normal little boy, if a little smarter than normal. She nudged Martouf when she saw Daniel and Anise dancing together, she thought that could work well, Daniel could soften her more abrasive edges and she could help him find happiness outside of his son.


Jolinar stood at the grave as the gun salute was given to the fallen General, Martouf's hand in hers. Sam was too distraught and had given her control. After six years as a host, Jacob Carter was being buried with full military honours, though his body had been cremated for safety, despite the treaty there were people on Earth who would love to get their hands on a host, even a dead once with no symbiote within.

She glanced at where Daniel and Freya stood, hand in hand, Daniel's head bowed in grief as he struggled with Selmak's emotions. They had almost lost both of them, it was pure chance that had led SG-1 to stumble into the dying man on a mission. They had tried to save him and when it became obvious there was no hope, Daniel hadn't hesitated in offering to blend with Selmak. He would take her Father's place as ambassador to the Tok'ra.

Sam would miss her Father, but at least she had gotten an extra six years with him and a far closer relationship. Jolinar had come to feel like his daughter as well thanks to her host. Jacob Carter had been a good man and he would be missed by many. She was glad that his son had shown up, with his family, though they had never managed to reconcile, perhaps Sam could though with the slowed aging her presence gave her host, the contact would need to be via phone calls and emails only eventually. Jolinar knew that Sam would have to deal with watching her friends at the SGC age must faster than she did, though at least Daniel wouldn't and there was Teal'c as well. Perhaps in a few years they would return to the Tunnels and let someone else join the SGC as ambassador.

One thing Jolinar knew, she would never regret becoming Sam's symbiote, even if their meeting had been so full of misunderstanding that it should have ended in death. Instead she was happier than she had been in a very long time. the Goa'uld were almost all gone now, perhaps one day they would have peace. Then they could live freely somewhere and not in the Tunnels, it was a nice dream anyway.

The End

Originally this was going to be a much larger story. Unfortunately I've really lost interest in Stargate. So it got very condensed into this chapter, though obviously not covering everything it was originally going too.

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