Chapter fourteen

Author note: Hola, Hallo, Helloooo, so I worked and worked for this chapter, writing some, thinking ideas. I think it begins not as well as most but the later portion is the same style as the rest. I was finally in the right mindset to write this, and I hope you all like it. Sorry again for the long waits I give on my stories. I'm a Marine, mostly busy with school and job things, but I will try to keep up with your demands. Just know I will never just leave a story unless of course I die.

The past week for Harry had been kind of hectic, and dare he say it, dreadful. He'd been told that his grandfather had told everyone about his new father, and then he had seen the headlines. People were really nice about him, but no one could find anything good to say about his dad. They were all calling him names, and Harry could see it didn't bother his daddy, but he was bothered. He knew how great his father was, and none of those people had the right to say how he felt when none of them even talked to him or his daddy either.

He was fed up with all the papers, and to top it all off, he had to leave his new home with his room and his toys and everything. His dad had let him take what he wanted, but it just didn't feel the same. He loved Hogwarts. He really did. It was his first home, his first place he belonged, and the first place anyone was nice to him. But, and it was a big kind of but, he wanted to be with his daddy, only his daddy the last week before school, and that was not what happened.

Now, he only had a week left to be with his daddy while living in the castle before the students returned. He dreaded that day and worried constantly of the changes to his nice little world he had built. His dad was reassuring when he could be, but the man had a lot of work to do with only a week left until school began. He always said he still had time for Harry, but Harry was not about to stop his daddy from working and make the man angry at him when he changed his mind.

Today, he was wandering again. He'd been doing it a lot lately. Taking to moving around the castle with no one but himself or with Hedwig if she could stand to be inside that long, but mostly he was transversing the castle on his own. He had learned a lot about it that way and thought the coming school year would be easier for it, but he was still lonely and bored and his daddy was busy. He wished his friends could come over, but he was too afraid to ask his daddy for that, so he wandered.

He had made it to the fourth floor corridor when he heard the clinking of heels on the floor. He turned his head in time to see Professor McGonagall coming down the hallway he was walking. She smiled as soon as she saw him, and it wasn't her old smiles that seemed to still be stern but another kind Harry still was getting used to seeing.

Two days ago his papa had come to see them with Professor McGonagall, and though Harry was confused, he soon was informed why they were so close and touching and smiling all the time. His dad with the most pinched smile Harry had seen in a while told him that they were dating, like people his age dating, and Harry had tried to be polite when asking if they were too old to be doing that, and it had worked because everyone except Professor McGonagall laughed.

Since then she came to family meals and stuff, and Harry was getting more comfortable around the woman and it seemed she was feeling the same.

"Good morning, Harry. Where is your father?"

Harry blushed, looking away. He hadn't been telling anyone what he was up to during the day, fearing they wouldn't let him, but now he was caught. "Uh, working I think on potions or something. Madame Pomfrey gave him lots of orders for the Hospital Wing."

She brightened up at that before looking down her nose at him. "Ah," she drawled. "And, you?"

He fidgeted looking to the ground for his answer. "Just walking."

He looked up to find her nodding with pursed lips. "Walking? Alone?" He nodded not feeling words were going to come past the knot in his throat. "I see. Well, Harry, did your father say you were allowed to be walking alone?"

Harry felt a pinch of anger at her words. In the past week, his father had been too busy all day to know anything he was doing. It wasn't his fault they threw all the work on his dad. "He doesn't know, ma'am. I was bored, so I thought I would walk around."

She seemed to become a bit more pinched at that. "Well, let me walk you back. It isn't too safe for a second year to be walking the halls of Hogwarts when near to no one is in the castle yet."

Harry sighed but turned and followed her down to his father's rooms. They stopped before reaching the door to his rooms though, and Harry groaned internally. He was being taken to his father instead it seemed. The Professor knocked on the door, and inward swung the door as his father, in all his black robed glory, appeared.

The man raised the famed brow and cocked his head. "Good morning, Minerva. What is the meaning of the pleasure of your call with my son?"

The cat animagi looked back at him, and Harry squirmed. "Harry was wondering the halls, Severus. I was worried, and he told me you weren't informed."

Harry felt his stubborn bravery crawl inside himself as his father turned his stern disapproval on him. "Ah," the man drawled loftily. "I see. Harry, come inside after you thank Professor McGonagall for walking you here."

Harry slumped his shoulders and turned toward his Professor. He didn't look up as he mumbled a thank you and scurried his way into his father's classroom to a stool far from any potion. He could hear them talk a moment longer before the door was closed, and all Harry could hear was the switch of fabric before his sight was blocked in all black.

"What was it you were doing, Harry?"

Harry snapped his eyes up to his father who was looking at him all disappointed. Harry was past flinching without the man moving now, and he could tell the difference between anger and disappointment when it came to his father too, but he still hated that look. He cringed, curling his shoulders' inwards and keeping his eyes downward.

The man crouched in front of him, and Harry almost lost the battle of being a big boy who doesn't cry. The man tilted his chin up to where their eyes met, and the itchy feeling before tears started came over him. The man looked so stern and disapproving that Harry wanted to confess everything to him. "Dad, I'm sorry."

The man nodded. "I can see that, but what are you sorry for, Harry?"

Harry sighed slouching more. "I left the rooms without telling you."


Harry kicked the stool legs in frustration. "And, I went walking around all alone."

The man nodded, and Harry let out some of his breath. He hated having to say what he did, it was usually worse than the punishments. "Yes, you did do that Harry multiple times in the past week, and I do not recall that being something we have discussed all week. Do you?"

Harry's gaze fell and his lip trembled, and he felt so stupid. He was all upset because his dad wasn't paying him enough attention, and now, he was going to cry about it. "I was bored, okay? You were so busy… and I knew you needed to work… I'm sorry, Daddy."

Harry heard a large intake of breath before he was in his dad's arms again. He calmed immediately as the man rubbed circles on his back. He hadn't cried he was proud to admit, but he was so close to doing it now.

"Why hadn't you said something earlier, Snakelet?"

Harry shrugged burying his face in the man's neck. "Didn't wanna be a bother."

Harry heard and felt the sigh before large hands were carding through his hair. "I'm sorry, Harry. I was caught up in catching up on my work, and didn't even think how boring being all alone all day would be in this castle."

Harry shook his head. "Not your fault. Should've known better."

His father's chuckle made him laugh slightly before the man set him down once more. "True, and we will talk about the consequences later, but for now, I would like to tell you that I am going to be done with these potions by tomorrow."

Harry smiled , happy his dad was getting close to being without so much work. "That's great, Dad. What's next, more lesson plans?"

Severus laughed and shook his head. "No, Harry, what I am saying is that, I am going to be done and we can spend the rest of the week together before the students get back."

Harry's eyes widened, and his father chuckled in amusement. "Really?"

The man nodded and Harry couldn't contain his joy as he bounced in his chair. "That's so great, maybe we can do something fun and with Papa too."

The man nodded still chuckling at his exuberance. "Sounds very nice, Harry, and I am sure your Papa would love to spend some time with you. Now, that that is settled though, your punishment."

Harry groaned before pouting up at his dad and turning on the puppy dog eyes. "Come on, Daddy, I was just missing you."

His father snorted before rolling his eyes. "Such a snake, little one. But, that won't save you from the King of the Snakes. So, you will be helping me in the potions lab for the rest of the morning as your punishment."

Harry groaned appropriately even with the lax punishment. It could have been worse, like the dumb corner or an early bedtime or a dreaded essay, but this way he got to spend some time with his dad even if he was working. His dad cuffed his head a little before pushing him toward a workstation. "Get to work, brat. You get to make the de-swelling solution."

Harry rolled his eyes before getting to work. Time with his dad could never be a punishment.


Severus leaned down after throwing powder in the floo's grate. His day so far had not been too harsh, but he needed to keep Harry occupied for the rest of it. "Malfoy Manor," he called into the grate, waiting on the backs of his heels for someone to answer.

A beautiful long haired woman who was Narcissa Malfoy peeked through at him with a broad smile once she saw his face. "Hello, Severus. How are you?"

He rolled his eyes. "I am well, Narcissa."

"And my little nephew?"
Severus huffed at her persistence. The woman had hardly left him alone about meeting the child, but finally she could hush up if his plans came to fruition. "He is well also, Narcissa. Now, may we please move on to the topic of my call?"

She sighed before smirking. "Always the one to cut pleasantries, Severus. Go on then, why have you called today?"

"Harry, Narcissa. I need you to watch Harry for the rest of the day. It has come to my attention that he is bored, and my son when left to boredom is an equation that does not bode well. So my question is would you be willing to oversee him during the afternoon?"

Even without the ability to see her face clearly, the wideness of her eyes was unmistakable. "Finally, Severus, I thought you would never ask. I have waited so long to meet my little nephew that Lucius and Draco have told me so much about, and not one word has been mentioned, and I am very relieved you have finally seen it fit to let me at least meet him, Severus. I mean really, am I really so horrible that you cannot introduce me to my nephew?"

Severus held up a hand halting her flow of dramatic flair. If she wanted pity, she picked the wrong person to convince. "Yes, Cissy, you can meet the bloody boy and spend time with him if you like. Please, just leave me be about the subject matter."

She beamed a pretty pureblood smile and nodded. "Very well, Sev. Send him over whenever you like, a house elf will escort him to wherever I am."

Severus frowned seeing a fault in that plan. "I rather you did not send a house elf. Harry is not very comfortable with the creatures, and he may not allow them to lead him. If it is not too much trouble, could you or Draco be there rather than a house elf?"

The woman took no time to contemplate. "Of course, anything for Harry. It will be arranged, Severus."

Severus rolled his eyes at the woman. Every woman, man, and child was looking out for the little boy now, and Severus could truly not be more thankful to them for it. His son needed the stability and protection, and if there were so many people working at it, eventually Harry may be more comfortable, like boys his age. "Thank you, Narcissa. You and Lucius both have been very accommodating and kind when dealing with something I sprung on you both with no warning. My child and this as well, and it makes me very glad to call you both my friends and family. Harry and I both appreciate it."

The woman seemed to be more shocked than anything, though she did not lose an ounce of decorum, rather she looked more stone like than at any other point in the conversation. The woman than beamed, more unguarded than Severus had hardly ever seen her. "Thank you, Severus. From you, I know that means so much, especially since you had to say so much about your feelings. But, we love you and Harry, no matter who we thought him to be before, now he is family and that is all that will matter to us."

Severus nodded, clearing his throat at the awkward exchange, at least in his case. "Yes, well, I must go get ready for lunch and to inform Harry of his plans for the day."

She nodded knowingly before parting ways with him. Severus stared at the grate for a few more moments before getting up, dusting off the soot that somehow managed to escape onto him. He turned and walked down the hallway to where he had left Harry in his room. He knocked on the boys door before calling through it, "Harry, time for lunch."

He heard some shuffling around before the voice of his son was heard. "Coming, Daddy. Be there in a minute."

Severus nodded at the confirmation before walking to the kitchen and calling a house elf with an order for lunch. After that was finished, he rested in his chair to wait for his son to show up. They began their meal, and Severus held off on the news for after the boy had eaten his fill. He had learned the hard way that he had to wait to talk the boy about anything after he ate or he would upset the anxious little one.

As soon as they finished eating, Severus cleared the table magically and then pushed away from the table. Harry, as usual, was up and following him like a sad puppy seeming to read anytime they would talk about something. Severus rolled his eyes inwardly at the boy, who always thought he was in trouble, as he sat down in his living room. The boy followed, but as usual stood in front of his chair.

Severus frowned, but words were never as good as actions when it came to his son, so he dragged the boy into his lap for this talk rather than telling him to sit somewhere else. He could feel the child relax into him and snuggle closer slightly to get more comfortable. Severus smiled giving his child a few pets through his curls before clearing his throat. "Alright, Harry, so soon I will be returning to my potions, and I wanted to talk about what you will be doing for the rest of the day."

The boy nodded, seeming to squirm to get down, and Severus sighed, holding onto thin hips to keep the child seated. "Daddy, let go," the boy said obviously frustrated. "I need to get down to help with the potions."

Severus shook his head with an exasperated puff. "That was not what I was suggesting, Snakelet. I was going to explain that I talked to your Aunt Cissy, and she and Draco will be hosting you for the rest of the day. I wanted you to have some fun and maybe be a bit distracted while I finish so no room for mischief, Little one."

The boy smiled and nudged Severus. "Always room for mischief for me, Daddy."

Severus chuckled, ruffling the boy's hair. "Well, it will shorten the amount. Also, I want you to be good for your Aunt since this is her first time having you. I know how good a boy you are, so I am not awfully worried."

As usual, his little snake seemed to preen at the praise and snuggle into him happily. The small smile emboldened Severus's efforts in helping his son become well adjusted and in him being the happy boy he should have always been. He gave the boy a few more strokes to the head before pushing him off his lap. "I promised your aunt you would be coming after lunch, so we shall be adjourning this meeting, alright, Harry?"

The boy nodded leaning into Severus as soon as he was up and standing. Severus loved how much the boy wanted touch, but the reason for that still made him angry. Soon, he could drop the anger to a low simmer, but until then, all he could see sometimes was how broken the boy looked. He combed the boy's curls into a semblance of order as they walked toward the floo.

He grabbed the boy's shoulders and turned them to face each other. It took seconds for the boy to be encased in his arms after jumping into his body. Severus smiled as he kissed the top of the boy's head before pushing him towards the floo. "Make sure to speak clearly, Harry. And to not breathe in when speaking, understand?"

"Yeah, Dad. I think I can do it this time."

Severus nodded. "Good boy. The name is Malfoy Manor. Be a good boy, and don't try to do any death defying stunts when you and Draco end up on brooms."

The boy rolled his eyes playfully. "I would never, Dad."

Severus pushed the boy toward the fire place just as playfully, watching the boy giggle before beginning the process of flooing. Severus was relieved when the boy seemed to do it correctly. He waited a minute longer by the floo before returning to his lab to finish the few potions Poppy needed for the beginning of the year. There was always the ones she predicted necessary, and ones Severus decided would also be necessary as well.

He had just gotten down to business when he felt eyes on him. He put a stasis spell on his potions before turning to see his father standing near the doorway. The old codger smiled at him before coming closer, inspecting the contents of his cauldrons. "Well, seems to be a busy day. I am sorry for interrupting you, Son."

Severus rolled his eyes at the white lie. "You are not, but please, proceed. How may I help you today, Father?"

"I do apologize for interrupting, Severus, but it had been a few days since we had spoken, and I prefer to keep our contact frequent."

Severus rolled his eyes, "Harry is fine, Father."

The old man rolled his eyes right back. "I am aware, Severus. I saw him most days this past week. He of course did not seem me, but I was content to just be a silent presence."

Severus's eyebrows rose higher than usual. "You knew my son was roaming the halls of this hallow school, and you did not see it fit to inform me? Are you completely mad, old man? He is twelve for Merlin's sake, Father!"

The old man seemed quite surprised at Severus's outburst, which was understandable as he had usually such calm anger. "Severus, truly I thought it was fine for the boy to be exploring. He will be years ahead of other second years this way, and well, he never seemed to be up to any mischief."

"That is besides the point, Albus. These halls are dangerous, this past year has proven that beyond a doubt. Can you not understand that, Father?"

"I do understand the need to protect a child," Albus said with a significant look in Severus's direction that always seemed to make him feel two feet tall. "I am sorry I have made you feel this way, Severus, but I did not mean to do so."

Severus nodded his head and inclined it to the potions. "Thank you for the apology, but this is the last bit of work I need to do before the school year is beginning and I can begin to spend time with Harry."

The old man nodded, stepping toward the door. "Yes, Severus, of course. Please, try to meet with me more often, Son?"

Severus nodded before moving back to his work.


Harry felt like the biggest klutz as he fell head over toes out of the floo grate at the Malfoy's. His face turned red as he looked up at a beautiful woman with white blond hair streaked through black. She was really pretty, and his mouth dropped open in shock. The woman giggled, and Harry ducked his head as he blushed harder.

He picked his head up as he heard the clicks of heels on the polish floor. He was just in time, and barely managed to keep himself from flinching as the lady reached down and picked him up. Once he was on his feet, the lady helped to dust him off before grabbing his shoulders and looking at him with the largest smile he thought she probably had ever smiled. "Harry, hello, it is so nice to finally get to meet you."

Harry shook his head to clear the cobwebs before sticking his hand out. The lady looked incredibly amused, but she took his hand in hers. "Nice to meet you too, Aunt Cissy. My d-dad said to tell you thank you for taking me."

She smiled larger and brought Harry in for a tight hug. Harry stayed tense, but he could feel a slight relaxation before she let go. "No, Harry, it is purely my pleasure to see my little nephew," she said with a pinch to Harry's cheek.

Harry squirmed at the treatment, but he had to be polite so he smiled slightly. "Yes, ma'am. Uhm, where's Draco?"

"Here, Snape."

Harry snapped around to see Draco, who of course was smirking at him because he just had to have seen him being treated like a little kid. The blonde walked toward him still smirking, but somewhat more happy than amused. He clasped his arm around Harry making him feel as small as he was when the blonde was so much taller and larger than he was. Harry ducked his head with a blush. "Well, little cousin, is that the only greeting I get?"

Harry shoved the boy a little, which did nothing, before sighing. "Hi, Draco, nice to see you again."

The older boy smirked before pinching his cheeks like his mother had. "Nice to see my cute little cousin too, right, Mum?"

Harry felt his whole body flush. It was short lived, as he was soon laughing when Draco got smacked on the back of the head by his mother. It was slightly playful, but Draco, always the drama queen, whined and rubbed at the back of his head. Harry's Aunt looked at Draco sternly. "Be nice to your cousin, Draco, or he will not be playing with you today as you will be grounded."

The blonde nodded before dragging Harry along behind him. Harry waved politely bye to his aunt before being dragged farther into the house by Draco. They made it to a huge staircase, and Harry's mouth stayed wide open as he was led up it and through halls full of too much stuff that looked super expensive and breakable. "Hey, Draco, where are we going?"

"My room, little cousin."

Harry accepted that as they finally stopped in front of a green door with gold letters spelling Draco's name. Harry rolled his eyes as he was led into the room, and they roamed the room more to see green and lots of things like toys and posters. Harry kept walking as he was led to the set of couches in the bedroom. They both plopped down, Harry with a lot less grace than his pureblood cousin.

"How do you like it, little cousin?"

Harry turned sharply from looking around at the question and forced a smile. "It's really big. I dunno if I could find my way around if I were you."

His cousin smirked at him in that annoying way Harry knew meant teasing was coming. "That's okay, baby cousin, you can hang onto one of the adults to find your way."

Harry pouted at the teasing before realizing it helped his next argument not one bit. Harry crossed his arms, turning his nose up at his cousin. "I'm notta baby, Draco. We're the same age."

His cousin laughed, settling into a condescending smile afterward. "Sure, Harry. I can definitely see that."

Harry tossed a couch cushion at the boy and pounced on top of it, trying to use his unsubstantial weight against his bigger cousin. The older boy pushed him off, and Harry landed awkwardly sprawled on the ground with a thud. Draco looked at him a little worried, but Harry was fine. He had had worse pain before than that. He used the pause to pull at the bigger boy, sending him falling on top of him. Not his best move, but it was funny.

They wrestled a bit more before there was a gasp and some click of heels on flooring. They both paused to see Harry's aunt standing over them with a look of shock on her face. "DRACO ABRAXAS MALFOY! I told you to be nice to your cousin, and I come here to find him underneath you! You just wait until your father hears about this Draco."

The paleness Draco adopted made Harry really worried for Draco. He scrambled away from the boy, trying to not sprawl on the ground again while also wanting to help his cousin. "No, Aunt Cissy, he wasn't… we were just playing. I pulled him down on top of me, honest."

The pureblood woman looked at him skeptically before looking to Draco, and Harry was really hoping he was selling his innocence in a non-Draco way or he was a goner. She must have liked what she saw because she let a long sigh and nodded. "Yes, I see, boys I suppose. Well, if you two wish to roughhouse, do not do so indoors. Draco, show Harry your quidditch pitch or something of that nature as I do not wish to see my home torn apart."

Harry watched the blonde nod so fast Harry was worried for his neck. He was stopped from that thought as his cousin grabbed onto him and started pulling his confused body from the room. They were almost sprinting down the halls, and Harry's feet decided to catch up to the movement and help them to go faster. They made it to a back patio that Harry had to catch his feet on because they were on their own as his head was focused solely on the quidditch pitch in front of him. He had to wonder how rich his uncle and aunt were for this to be in their backyard. Purebloods were really weird.


Harry was shocked when Draco told him he was staying for dinner, but he let it go easily, accepting he would have to listen to the older boy. He let his cousin ask his Aunt before he was told to ask his father through the floo, which his Aunt helpfully opened for him. He was so happy to see the floating head in the grate. His smile widened to span his entire face, and he slid in front of the fire with his head nearly an inch from the flames.

"Careful, Harry," his father rebuked.

Harry nodded. Still smiling, and hardly caring he was scolded slightly. "Hi, Daddy."

The man smiled. "How was your day with your aunt and cousin today, little one?"

Harry beamed, telling his dad all about their roughhousing and flying. The man seemed startled at first but was soon listening intently and with a smile on his face. "So are you finished or are you asking to stay longer? Is it a sleepover?"

Harry felt panic just at the suggestion, and his face paled and his hands started twitching over themselves. "No, I couldn't…"

He trailed off, getting a look of understanding from his father and comfort. "It's fine, Harry. Do you want to come home? Is that it?"

Harry shook his head, calming down. "I was just going to ask to stay for dinner, Daddy."

The man nodded in understanding, smiling in reassurance. "Of course you can, Little one. If that is alright with Narcissa and you are comfortable that is."

Harry nodded, letting go of his anxiousness. "It is, Daddy. But I can come home right after, right?"

His father nodded. "Yes, Harry. I will expect you then. I think it best you go back to your cousin and aunt."

Harry nodded getting off his knees. "I love you, Daddy."

The man smiled. "I love you as well, Little one."

With that the floo closed, and Harry slowly turned around from where he had been seeing behind him was his aunt waiting for him to finish. He smiled and walked to her. She rubbed his shoulder smiling and nudged him toward the dining room. "Your uncle just arrived home, Harry, and he was very happy to hear you were here."

Harry nodded, smiling slightly. It was so different to hear an Aunt tell him an Uncle was happy to see him. His life now had gotten so different, but a very good different. He followed her through the still too extravagant house to the dining room where both his cousin and uncle were waiting. There was a seat left open between his uncle and cousin that Draco patted for him. Harry sat down and greeted Draco before turning to his Uncle. "Hi, Uncle Lucius."

The man smiled and put a hand on his head, rubbing his hair gently. "Hello, Harry. How is my favorite little Gryffindor?"

Harry smirked. "I'm your only Gryffindor, Uncle."

The man chuckled, patting his shoulder. "Too true, Little one. Well, all the same, I am very happy to see you today. It has been much too long."

Harry beamed at the man's sincerity and nodded. "I'm glad to see you too, Uncle Lucius. It was a really long time."

The conversation between everyone picked up after that, and Harry had a surreal moment. These were his Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin that loved him. They had just found out he was related to him, and they loved him. He wished he had grown up with people like them, and wondered what it would have been like to not associate Uncle, Aunt and Cousin to pain.

He was knocked from his reverie from dinner arriving, and from there the meal proceeded well. Harry had begun eating a nice portion since his Daddy had gotten him, and he was satisfied with how much he ate in comparison to Draco. He still ate less, but not too much less. He would have to tell his daddy when he got home.

They finished eating, and Harry was starting to get fidgety. He really wanted to get back home. He missed his daddy and was afraid. He knew his daddy wanted him, but being gone so long seemed so concrete. He needed to get back home. He went to his Uncle, tapping the man's arm lightly. He was starting to feel skittish again, fearing they'd keep him from home longer than he was comfortable.

The man kneeled down with concern, obviously seeing the state Harry was working himself into. "What's wrong, Harry?"

Harry tried to hold back the tears, but his eyes were welling up when the man was so kind to him. He hoped he wouldn't say no to him going home. "I-I…" he sniffled pathetically, and hated himself for it. "I wanna go home."

The man nodded, putting a hand to his forehead. "Are you sick, Little one?"

Harry shook his head, biting his lip. He didn't want to admit what a little kid he was being about missing his daddy, but he wanted to go home. "I-I want to go home, Uncle Lucius."

The man nodded, picking him up, and settling him onto the man's hip. The man rubbed his back and combed fingers through his hair. It soothed him a little but all he wanted was his daddy now. "Can you tell me what made you so upset, Little Snake?"

Harry shrugged, speaking one word, "Dad."

The man nodded, going toward the floo. "I hope you don't mind if I floo over with you?"

Harry shook his head, resting his head on the man's shoulder. He just wanted to go home no matter how he got there. The man flooed them both to his home at Hogwart's dungeon, and the first thing he saw was his father's black robes. He wiggled in his Uncle's arms until the man let him down finally. He ran to his father, jumping into the man's arms.

"As nice as this is, Harry, why do you look so upset? Lucius?"

Harry only caught a few words about home and crying and upset, and he frowned at that, hearing how much of a baby he sounded. He didn't like that, but he still snuggled into his daddy's warm chest with his face hidden in the crook of the man's neck.

Soon he heard the floo woosh and assumed his uncle had left. His father carried him toward the bathroom, attempting to set him down, but Harry whined at the man. "No, Harry, you need to get in the bath and changed into pajamas. You were very upset, and I am sure very tired."

Harry grudgingly nodded and slipped from the man's arms. He went to the tub his father must have magically ran and stripped, getting in after to clean up. He washed quickly and put on the pajamas his father had left on the loo for him moments before he finished. He got dressed slowly, feeling the tiredness his father talked about creep up on him.

He rubbed at his eyes as he made his way to his room where he could hear his father rustling around. He went to the man, immediately being picked up and placed into bed, which he whined about slightly as the man was warm and his bed was not. "Cold…" he whined.

His father chuckled, tightening the covers on him and spelling them warm without even a wand. Harry would be impressed if he weren't so sleepy. His father kissed his hair gently while Harry nuzzled into the man. "I love you, Harry."

Harry smiled, feeling his eyes closing. "Love you, Daddy."

He heard the man nox the light and leave as he drifted toward sleep. His last thoughts were of the coming week he would spend with his dad.