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"expect the unexpected"

-Qalam Nur




When you first meet your soulmate; your core is filled with warmth and security that spreads throughout your entire being. Nothing could match the feeling of peace you will feel when you meet them. And through fates' hands or your own, you'll be drawn together no matter what. All it took was just meeting of the eyes for the smallest second.

Papa hummed that it was a miraculous sensation.

Maman said it was uplifting.

Alya called in energizing and yet, calming at the same.

And Nino could only describe it as, "Woah."

But for Marinette, when she found her soulmate, all she felt was a bubble of dread, poisoning the feelings of warmth and security that she should be flooded with. She felt no peace or happiness in this moment. No, what she felt, she felt fear, shock, and a ghosting pain in her heart.

It didn't help when he gave an enraged roar at her.

Like the mere sight of her was imposing.

Was painful.

And just utterly horrific.

Despite how his purple eyes blazed, his fangs bared, and his ivory ears fell back on his head, he didn't dive to attack. He turned and fled away, leaving a crumbling billboard in his wake. She had just managed to catch sight of the Gabriel name brand before it was eaten away.

What she didn't see was the old man across the street, straightening out of his crouch and frowning.




"I found my soulmate."

The statement was simple, and tired.

Most are happy, usually. Happy, excited, nervous, and hopeful.

A small handful wind upset, not thinking that they could come to love their fated partner.

Marinette didn't sound upset.

She just… sounded tired.

Alya frowned from where she sat across from her, lowering the croissant she was about to bite into. "What?" she asked gently, "do you not like them? Where they rude? Do I need to meet them—"

"That's not a good idea Alya," Marinette cut in, flinching.


"...He's an akuma."

Alya breathed in sharply. "You, you sure?"

Marinette bit her trembling lip and nodded.

"Chat… Chat Blanc is your soulmate?"

"I definitely felt something when our eyes met… Alya, I, I don't know what to do…"

Her best friend frowned, taking a small, reluctant bite of the croissant and chewing slowly. To her knowledge, it hasn't happened before that someone would meet an akuma's eyes and realize that they're fated to be together. Meeting his eyes and both learning about it meant…

"Do you want me to stay with you?" Alya asked.

Marinette flinched and shook her head. "I, I think I'll be ok. I don't think he'd… wouldn't he have done something?" Besides roar at her? Akumas, they were violent, insensible, vengeful… wouldn't he have hurt her then?

She hoped it meant that she would be ok. That he wouldn't track her down and attack her.

Alya tore a piece of her croissant off and offered it to the French Chinese. Marinette took it, but didn't eat it.

"Let me know if you need anything," she said. "Otherwise… I guess just wait?"

Marinette sighed, "That's what Maman and Papa suggested too..."

That probably was the only thing she could do.

These past few months akumas were a new, strange threat that started to pop up. Anyone upset became some sort of monster. Doing some sort of damage to something or someone. A strange character has been seen here and there handling them but… they don't always get there immediately.

But akumas always end up handled, people always going back to who they are.

But sometimes damages aren't always fixed.

Marinette doesn't want to think about what this latest akuma, and her evident soulmate, would do. She didn't think he would kill her. Or attack her. It didn't feel like he would. But that could just be the natural charm of soulmates. A natural switch that clicked, making them feel like they could trust their whole entire being, their life, their heart, their soul to their match. Logic whispered doubts into her ear, but her heart stayed steady and sure that he wouldn't do anything.

Leaving her a torn mess on just what to feel and think.

She curled her hand into a tight fist when the ghosting pain in her heart returned.

How funny was it?

Just how funny was her luck?

Her soulmate was an akuma.

Just how typical was that?




Marinette didn't bother trying to avoid him. Fate was going to work its magic and lead them to each other one way or another. Trying to avoid him would just lead her to him faster.

But she didn't go out seeking him though.

She had no idea what would happen between them.

She wasn't eager to see what would happen between them.

She made a conscious effort to just go about her life normally. Live as normally as possible. Chat Blanc had yet to appear before her, though she saw him on the news. This akuma was selective in what he destroyed. Any billboard that had the Gabriel name on it was turned to dust. And anyone wearing a Gabriel fashion was given just a simple fright. Maybe their clothes would end up with a big tear if he swiped at them.

And that's all he did.

Chat Blanc has yet to harm anyone.

Just scaring and destroying billboards.

That's it.

Any other time he's seen just racing on rooftops, jumping as high as he could go, and just running free like it was the most natural thing in the world. When he disappeared, no one knows where he goes. No one's really been looking for the cat like hellion.

And he certainly hasn't been looking for her.

Closest he's ever been to her was when he was in the same area. And she could see the flash of his white suit as he raced across the rooftops. She never knows what to think or feel during these instants.

A whole week like this, she was starting to think that he wouldn't come for her.

The idea both hurt and relieved her.

It was for the best, she tried to reason; tried to appeal herself to the relief that she hadn't confronted the akuma yet. Just, how would it go? She didn't feel like he'd hurt her; but she couldn't picture them meeting face to face going well.

Maybe this strange figure that handles akumas would take care of Chat Blanc, and they could meet again when he was himself. She was hopeful. It'd be preferred. Really, meeting him again as an akuma... how would that even go? What should she even do? Prepare for? Could they talk? Would he just growl at her? Should she have something to defend herself with? Should she hug hi-

A fearful gasp through her from her thoughts, and she looked up on a whim.

Meeting purple eyes that were locked right on her.

Chat Blanc.

Marinette froze on the spot, staring back at the pale figure.

Around her, people ran away, ducking into the closest buildings and just leaving her alone to gape at the akuma.

He didn't growl this time.

His face didn't twist up.

He just stared down at her, eyes narrowing slightly.

Marinette tightened her grip on her backpack sleeve, wary.

Chat Blanc looked away. Crouching low, he assaulted over the roofs and disappeared from sight, leaving her alone to her quivers. She slumped in relief when she couldn't see him anymore, her heart pounding heavily in her chest.

That was tense...




Word spread around.

She doesn't know how people found out. Those few she told have been careful to keep their lips closed about it; but people found out. Maybe someone just figured it out. Chat Blanc certainly didn't care how obvious he was, watching her walk down the street.

Or maybe it was her fault.

She didn't run away when she caught sight up him, she didn't run and hide in a building, waiting for him to leave. She just met his eyes and went on her way. She was the only one that didn't fret at the sight of him.

And maybe she was accepting the reality of her situation.

That was her soulmate.

Chat Blanc was her soulmate.

And he has yet to harm her in anyway.

She wasn't as scared as she used to be, but she still wasn't... comfortable. And that ghosting pain that comes by every and now and then certainly didn't help her get comfortable. Marinette wonders if that pain is his. Echoing through her. She wondered if it would leave if she dragged him into a hug.

And that was the blame.

Her changing feelings and view and slight comfort she had with Chat Blanc.

That's probably what started the rumors.

The true rumors that Chat Blanc was her soulmate.

"You would think she'd do better to control that monster."

The sentence came at her like a knife.


That was what he was.

Akumas were monsters.

People's negativity twisted up into something inhuman and dangerous.


Chat Blanc was an akuma.

Chat Blanc was a monster.

"Shut up," she growled, setting her bag on her desk.

"Excuse me?" Chloe's snide voice rose, fully facing Marinette.

The dark haired girl squeezed her bag's straps. Turning to Chloe, she repeated firmly, "Shut up."

Chloe raised a high, perfect blonde brow. "That's a pretty hefty order from someone whose soulmate is a monster. And terrorizing Paris. I have a right to speak about this. This is my home. And your soulmate is tearing it up."

"He's not a monster!" Marinette snapped.

"He's an akuma," Chloe sneered. "He's your akuma. Shouldn't you keep better control of your soulmate? Stop him from ruining Paris?"

"Chloe," Alya warned.

Nino cut in, "You can't control your soulmate! What he does is outside Marinette's control."

"That doesn't change that her soulmate is a monster!" Sabrina jabs in. "And she's not doing anything to stop him!"

"Making his acts against the city Marinette's fault as much as his," Chloe decided. "I should mention this to my fathe-"

"That's enough," Mme Bustier cut in, walking into class with a tired sigh. Chloe sat in her seat with a huff. Marinette quietly slid into hers. Bustier looked over them all, frowning. "Whether Chat Blanc is Marinette's soulmate or not, she's not at fault for what's happening. He's just another akuma. I'm sure he'll be handled soon." Mme Bustier turned around, ready to start the lesson.

Marinette was conscious throughout the whole period. She could feel her classmates' eyes on her, wary and frowning.

It felt like prickling needles poking at her head.

She gave a start after a piece of paper was tossed her way.

Control your monster.

Marinette left school after the first bell.




Slipping into one of Paris' smaller parks that was nearly empty, Marinette sat at the lip of a fountain, grimacing as her backpack fell to her feet with a big flop.

Gripping the lip edge the fountain's ring, she breathed in and out, trying to calm her frazzled nerves. Only that she couldn't. Chloe's sneer ringing in her head.


Control your monster.

Your monster.

Your soulmate is a monster.

"Shut up," she whispered angrily, feeling a painful sting in her eyes and a sharp ache in her chest. Whether that was from Chat Blanc or her own turmoil, she didn't know. All she did know was that it hurt. And that this whole thing was a mess. A terrible, twisted joke of fate and rotten luck.

He wasn't a monster.

Her soulmate couldn't truly be a monster.

He, he was just...

An akuma right now.

He was hurt right now.



And it was being manipulated, and taken advantage of, and it wasn't his fault and technically he still hasn't done anything to hurt anyone.

He wasn't the real monster.

The real monster was the one taking advantage of his pain.

"Chloe doesn't know anything," she griped to herself, pulling her legs up, not caring how she teetered on the fountain edge, and buried her face into her knees, wrapping her arms around them to secure her. Just breathe Marinette, she told herself. Just breathe. It'll be ok. It'll work out. Everything will be fine.

A favorite saying of her Maman's.

Everything will be fine.

When would it though?

There was a faint growl in the air, and Marinette stiffened at the sound. Peeking up, she sucked in a sharp breath when her eyes met purple. Chat Blanc was crouched on the other side of the park, perched on a lamppost. He looked infuriated and in pain. He looked like he didn't know what to do with himself, his claws flexing from where they gripped the ebony post.

Marinette didn't move.

He didn't either.

They just, sat and eyed each other.

Sky blue eyes wide.

Purple eyes narrowed.

He sharply hissed at her, surprising her enough that she jerked back and fell into the fountain with a squeak, cold water wrapping around her. Sitting up with a grimace, and wiping the water off her face; she stiffened when she saw that he had moved, that he was standing right in front of her, staring down at her from where she fell into the water. He leaned down, his claws twitching.

She didn't know if he was going to reach down and pull her out.

Or if he was reaching to scratch her.

Before he could get close he froze, a purple butterfly symbol appearing over his face.

His face twisted into pure fury. Growling sharply, he jumped away, leaving her to gape after him in the water.

When she got home, wet and tired, she saw she got an alarmed and furious text from Chloe.

'Your soulmate ruined my closet!'

It was horrible, unfortunate, and technically still out of her control.

Seeing this shouldn't have, but, it made her day just a little better.

The ghosting pain in her chest had lessened.




She found that he's been much closer than she had originally thought.

It had been another long day filled with Chloe and Sabrina shooting her dark dirty looks, almost everyone in the school avoiding her, and just, not sure how to interact with her. The blonde had warned everyone that simply talking with Marinette turned Chat Blanc onto them. No one was taking a risk.

And all that precaution around her left Marinette drained. She could barely get two sentences out of anyone outside her own immediate friends.

By lunch, she was done and headed home for good. Sneaking past her parents, she intended to just hide away on her balcony for the rest of her day, probably sketching to vent out her frustrations.

She wondered what was taking that strange hero so long to fix Chat Blanc?

If he was fixed, everything would be better.

School would be better.

He would be better...

Sighing, she opened up her latch, she slid her sketchbook and pencils out. She was about to slide out herself when she caught a big white figure out of the corner of her eyes. Turning slowly, she met narrowed purple eyes gazing down at her.

There lounging on her white and pink lounge chair was Chat Blanc.

Squeaking in alarm, she ducked back into her room, slamming the latch behind her.

Chat Blanc blinked at her retreat. Eyeing the latch, he turned his gaze to the sketchbook she left behind. Glancing at the latch once more, he leaned over, hooking a claw on the edge of the book and slid it closer.

Scooping it up, he cracked it open, just catching sight of a design when the latch burst open.

Turning to his fated partner, Chat Blanc was met with a squirt in the face.

Yowling in fury and alarm, Chat Blanc ripped away, stumbling to the other side of the balcony, the sketchbook dropped to the floor. "What the hell?!" he snapped, whipping around, baring his fangs. Marinette froze from where she was almost on the balcony, her hand gripping the spray bottle tightly.

Standing up, baring her shoulders, Marinette tried hard not to shake on the spot as she glared at him. "Y-you were on my, my balcony!" Shaking too much, she crossed her arms and gripped her elbows tightly, trying to cap her nerves. "That's, that's trespassing."

He paused, grimacing at her. Wiping away some of the water on his face, he comments, "I'll be sure to knock next time."

Marinette bit her lip, unsure how to reply to that.

Instead she settled with warily shuffling on her feet, watching him, waiting to see what he would do. She was unsure if what she was feeling right now was fear or nervousness. Despite the uncomfortable bubbles festering in her, she didn't feel like running from him. She still felt like she could trust him. But she was still very aware of the power he had, how dangerous he could be, and right now he was staring at her with his dark, slanted eyes.

She should run.

She should dive back in her room and lock the latch behind her and pray that he wouldn't follow.

She fiddled with the spray bottle, unsure as she waited.

He gazed back at her, bangs still dripping. Frowning, he made her jump as he spoke, "I find I'm... at a disadvantage."

"O-oh?" she stammered, tightening her grip on the spray bottle.

"You know who I am," he stated.

Biting her lip, she replied, "I know what name you go by. Who you are... who you actually are... I don't..."

"I'm Chat Blanc," he insisted, his face twisting up, ears falling back on his head, tail twitching angrily. "I'm no one else. I'm not that... I'm Chat Blanc. That's the only name you should know me as." He snarled the words, his eyes blazing in such rage, his teeth bared. The ivory belted tail was slashing behind him, rattling her balcony garden. The rattle of it made him jump, turning to gaze down at them. He almost looked sheepish that he disturbed them. Clearing his throat and relaxing slightly, he pressed, "I don't know who you are."

"You, you want to know who I am?"


She gripped the spray bottle tighter and he flinched. Shuffling back, he perched on the railing, mindful of the plants next to him. He continued, his voice careful, "You're my soulmate. My... fated partner to be. Someone I'm-" he was cut, stiffening as a purple butterfly shape appeared on his face. She watched tensely as he twisted up in rage, gritting out, "-chained too." Then he shook his head and the symbol flickered away with a frustrated hiss coming out of him.

Eyeing her nervous expression, he ran his claws through his hair, sighing. "I'm not going to hurt you," he promised.

Marinette stammered, "You, look like you wanted too."

Flashing her what seemed to be a charming smile, he swore, "I could never hurt you. Even if he wants me too."

"He?" she croaked.

"The one who blessed me with the life of Chat Blanc! Hawk Moth! He doesn't... care that I found you," Chat admitted, but shrugged as he motioned to her, "but what can you do? Nothing really. Besides run and squirt me," he chuckled, then tensed and quickly added, "...not that you have a reason to run."

"You're not making a very good case for yourself," Marinette said.

Chat sighed, his hand falling back to his neck and lightly scratching it. "Can I know you're name?" he asked again.

She stood stiffly across from him.

Chat continued slowly, "Finding you is... binding. But you, supposedly, give me the greatest happiness in life. I find that's usually associated with freedom." He looked away, considering his words. "I won't think of you as... chaining. I'll think of you as... a companion in this freedom." He flashed her a smile. "My comrade. My partner. We'll be free together!"

Purple eyes locked on her, imploring. "Can I know the name of my true love? Of my partner?" he asked with a charming smile. "I promise I won't hurt you. Nothing will. All I ask is a name. And I rather I hear it from you."

Marinette sat in her lounge chair, setting the squirt bottle on the ground, close enough that she could grab it if she needed too. Eyes never leaving his, she mumbled, "Marinette. Marinette Dupain-Cheng."

One of his ivory ears flickered at the name, purple eyes blinking as he stared down at her.

"Marinette," he repeated, testing the name on his own lips. He smiled at her. "It's a lovely name."




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