Chapter: Righteous Fury

A/N this takes place in the timeline of Supernatural Beginning of Season 4

"You're joking, right?" Dean asked, setting down his glass of beer on the table. Sam grimaced at him to express that he wasn't. "London. You want to go to London. Chip, chip, cheerio have a damn cup of tea, London." Sam gave him a deadpan look.

"No, the one next to Las Vegas." he said sarcastically. Dean paused midsip to look at his little brother.

"It's near Vegas?" he asked, trying to keep the hopeful tone out of his voice. Sam rolled his brown eyes until only the whites showed. "Whaaat?! I was joking!"

"Sure you were." Sam responded, looking back at his computer. He was downloading several relevent files using the bar's free wifi.

"I was!" Dean defended, sloshing his drink. "Whoops." Sam barely spared him a glance, pulling up the news article that had caught his eye. He turned his computer towards his brother. Dean wiped his hand off on his plaid shirt before scrolling through it.

"So a boy gets stuck in a snake exibit, so what?" Dean said, turning his green eyed stare to his brother. There was cheer from behind them as the local football team scored on the television.

"You skimmed it. Apparently the glass disappeared while the boy was leaning on it. Snake escaped, and the boy fell in the glass reappearing behind him." Sam explained to him, slightly irritated by the noise. Sam had already concocted a few theories, the most relevent being a weak witch. Judging by the bored expression in his brother's face, Dean had come to the same conclusion and didn't find it worth his time.

"Okay, so it's a witch. Big whoop. We are not going all the way across the ocean for that." Dean replied, shuddering at the thought of being on a plane. As if his fear had not been bad enough already, the hunt they had taken on a crashing plane had made him vow to never step foot in an airport again."A hunter over there will take care of it." He added when Sam gave him a dubious look.

"I thought that too." Sam admitted, pushing his brown hair out of his face. "But-"

"No buts." Dean interrupted, downing the rest of his drink. He smacked his lips together in satisfaction and then leveled Sam with an authoritiative gaze. "Look in dad's journal and call someone if it is bothering you, but there is no way in hell that we are going over there." Sam glared and dragged the journal close to him, flipping through it for any mention of foriegn hunters.

"Huh, this is weird." Sam muttered, reading a page of the journal. Dean raised an eyebrow at him in question. "Well, on this page Dad wrote about his personal life. I think that's what it is at least, definetly not hunter related."Sam flipped to the next page but only found information of a hunt. "It says: Today is Dean's fifteenth birthday. He probably is furious that I'm not with him. I know that Sammy will most likely do something for his brother, that boy's heart is the size of the moon. He reminds me of his mother. Dean too. It hurts to look at them sometimes and I wish I could forget.. I might forget, if I can find what has been taking the memories of hunters. Bobby will take good care of the boys if I don't return. As much as he and I don't see eye to eye, he makes one hell of a father. I hope I can send Harry his way. I have never done anything for my goddaughter when she was here, but I sure am not going to let down her son too. He is out there. Somewhere."

"I remember that." Dean said, smiling at the memory. "You tore pages out of your favorite book to build me a kite."

"And then it rained while we were outside, and it fell apart and I started to cry." Sam added, smiling fondly at his brother. Dean felt the tingle of tears and blinked a few times. Dean was a lot of things, but a cryer was not one of them, especially not in front of strangers.

"So we stayed up all night watching that dumb magic trick show so you would feel better." Dean gave a huff of laughter. "That was a good birthday." Dean said, standing up and leaving a few bills on the table. Sam was looking at him with watering eyes and he sighed. "Here?" Sam nodded, dramtically making his lower lip quiver. Dean rolled his eyes and scanned the bar before opening his arms. Sam hugged him tightly, but it was Dean who didn't want the hug to end. Sam pulled away and Dean ran a hand through his short hair. "You've met your chick flik quota for the month." Dean said, grabbing his jacket and walkng out. Sam laughed, the edges of his eyes crinkling with joy. He closed up his laptop and chased after his older brother.

* * * * * * *

Harry slowly moved his toy horse across his bed, trying to ignore the growling in his stomach. It was the third day of no food after the incident at the zoo. He heard Vernon and Petunia trying to sooth Dudley who was demanding they take him to the fair in town. He rolled his brilliant green eyes and laid back on his cot. He mimiced the voices quietly, wanting them to just leave. He got his wish when he heard the front door open and the car start. Harry tried to open the door but found it locked.

"Great." he mumbled. Harry chewed his lip, thinking about what he had done at the zoo. He had pleaded with is door to open, but nothing had happened. He tried to remember how he had done it at the zoo, but all he could recall was how angry he had been. "Open." The door nothing. Harry gave a small growl of frustration, placing his hand on the door. "OPEN!" He heard the various locks on the outside of his door unlock in quick succesion. The door creaked open, defeaning in the silent home. Harry crept out warily, worried that his uncle would come into the hall as if by magic. Once he had controlled his beating heart he snuck into the kitchen. He rummaged though the cabinets and fridge but could not find anything that he could take without being obvious. There was light knocking at the door that made him jump. He rushed to the door, peeking through the window next to it. It was his neighbor and she was holding a plate of cookies. His stomach growled at him. Harry opened the door with what he hoped was a sweet smile.

"Oh. Where is your Aunt?" She asked, looking past him.

"They all went to the fair." Harry told her, eyes glued to the plate in her hands. "Are those for Dudley?" he asked. She nodded slowly, looking as if she were deciding wether or not to trust Harry with them.

"Here. Bring these inside. I have to get home." She said, handing him the plate and hurrying away, casting glances back the small boy. Harry closed the door and grabbed a cookie, stuffing it into his mouth. He smiled in bliss. He was halfway to the kitchen when he paused. How was he going to explain how the cookies had appeared? The plate was styrofoam so Aunt Petunia would not need to return it, but Ms. Mayberry might ask her about the cookies.

"Damn." he cursed,

* * * * * *

"That's the fifth number I've called. These hunters don't remember that they are hunters. Most of them are completely nuts." Sam said, snapping his phone shut. Dean drummed his fingers against the steering wheel in thought. The case was startng to get pretty serious, but it was decidedly not their problem. He wasn't going to bring his brother into something that they couldn't handle. Sam was looking at him expectantly, and he sighed. Sam was a strange type of stubborn, grabbing on to things obessively so he wouldn't have time to dwell on the past.

"So something is erasing hunter's memories, which is what Dad was most likely talking about in his journal. He left to take care of it, but didn't find it. Or he couldn't stop it." Dean said, his foot pressing down a little more on the accelerator.

"Dad would not let that stop him." Sam said. Dean bit his tongue to refrain from commenting on how strange it was to hear Sam defend their father. "That man loved hunting more than he loved us, he would not let it go." Dean mentally rolled his eyes, feeling foolish for not waiting for the other shoe to drop. "I think he did find it. Maybe the creature or witch or whatever got smart and just made him forget about finding out about it. Too many hunters loosing their memory, that raises red flags."

"We might never know. He has never mentioned this Harry to us either. Maybe he was too late and just came back home." Dean suggested. A woman staggered into the street. "Holy!" Dean slammed on the brakes , turning the wheel sharply. The car came to a stop inches fom the woman. Sam rushed out to make sure she was okay.

"Evil. Evil. Evil. Just like they said." She whispered to herself. Besides her wide eyes she was pretty well composed, as if she had been out on a morning stroll. "She knew and still kept him." Sam noticed her foriegn accent and started to grow suspicious.

"Ma'am? How did you get here?" he asked her softly, placing a hand on her shoulder. She fliched, but otherwise did not acknowledge his prescence.

"I should have gone home the second I saw him at the door." She continued, ignoring Sam. "He couldn't make me forget. I should have listened! Should have done what he said." She burst into tears, kneeling in the middle of the road. Dean walked up to them, having just returned from scouting the forest that she had come from.

"What's going on?" He asked lowly. Sam pulled Dean a little bit further away.

"Dean, she mentioned this evil man trying to make her forget something. Sound familiar?" he pressed. Dean looked over at the woman.

"You aren't going to let this go, are you? Sam, this woman burst out of the woods with no trace of anything else having been in there with her. She nuts. That's it." He said, slashing out his arm to empasise his point.

"Yeah, but check this out." Sam said, producing the medical card he had swiped from her pocket. "Melony Mayberry, number 6 Privet Drive, Little Whinging." Sam read. "That's in England dude."

"Is there any other hunters you can call?" He asked hopefully.

"No, Dean. I have no idea how she got here, but it's gotta be like a sign or something right?" Sam urged, grabbing his brother by the shoulder.

"This is about something else. Isn't it?" Dean said calmly. He felt Sam's grip tighten slightly and knew he had hit the nail on the head. Sam stiffly removed his hand.

"Of course not." He responded, walking back towards the woman. Dean watched him go, frowning. Sam hid so much, but he was no better. He watched as Sam tried to convince the woman to get in the car. He needed to figure out what they were going to do. Dean looked back out into the forest, hoping to catch sight of anything. Sam cursed loudly in alarm, drawing Dean's attention.

The woman was gone.

Harry gasped in surprise as Ms. Mayberry reappeared in front of him. She looked around wildly and upon spotting him gave a high pitched scream. She bolted up the stairs, Harry following a few steps behind.

"Ms. Mayberry! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to, where did you go? Was it scary?" Harry called after her, his beaten trainers thumping against the white carpet, staining it with mud. She ignored him, throwing open the door to her room. She snatched up her car keys from the table and turned around. Harry stood in the doorway, watching her with curious eyes from behind outdated specs.

"I'm leaving! Like you wanted, let me go!" She pleaded, eyes wet with tears. Harry scrunched his nose in confusion.

"Are you...scared of me Ms Mayberry?" He asked innocently, backing out of the doorway. She ran past him and down to her car. Harry watched from the window as she pulled away and sped off, not knowing that she would never return. Going back downstairs he went into her kitchen, pulling the canned foods from her pantry. Feeling a bit guilty he pulled the meager amount of money that he had in his shoe and left it on her counter. Harry went out the back yard, slipping through the hedges that seperated the two houses. He had just locked himself back in his cupboard when the unmistakable roar of his uncle's car filled his ears. He double checked to makes sure all his food was hidden and then laid on his cot.

"Madwoman she is." He heard his uncle mutter as the man entered the house. "They should revoke her license, they should."

"I never liked her." Petunia sniffed. "She could have killed my poor Duddykins, driving like that." Harry rolled his eyes.

"Stop it mum! I'm fine." Dudley groaned, stomping up the stairs. Harry blinked away the dust with a frown. The locks clicked open one by one, the door opening to reveal his Uncle's large form.

"Boy! Go weed the garden, and if I catch you eating any of your aunt's vegtables, you will be sorry." He warned, pulling Harry out by his hair and shoving him towards the front door. Harry rubbed his head and walked outside, kneeling by the front flower garden. He weeded methodically, the chore nothing new to him. It was just starting to rain, a loud crack of thunder making him jump. Harry sighed and hummed a song as he pulled the weeds. He used this time mostly to reflect on his parents. Aunt Petunia did not talk much about her sister, and that which she did say was hateful. He knew that her name was Lily, and that she had died in a car crash. He liked to think that his mother was very beautiful with long brown hair and green eyes, just like him. He knew nothing about his father, not even his name. Petunia always said he was the cause of the crash, and Harry doubted that he wanted to be like the man. A drunk who had killed himself and his wife, leaving their baby alone in the world.

"Why should I believe her though?" Harry asked himself. Petunia was always telling him things that weren't true. She called him a freak, but Harry thought he was pretty normal. He went to school like everyone else, and his teachers thought he was very smart. He supposed that others couldn't make things happen like he didn't know what that meant, but he decided that as long as he wasn't using his power that he was normal.

* * * * * * *

"You saw that, right?!" Sam exclaimed after his shock had worn off.

"Death Echo."Dean rationalized, looking back at the forest. "She will come back out in a moment I bet."

"Last time I checked, Death Echos don't have medical cards." Sam countered, holding the card next to his face. "Why are you avoiding this?" Dean clenched his jaw.

"Get in the car." Dean ordered, walking back to his side. He got inside and slammed the door shut, not even wincing at the fact that he might have hurt his baby. Sam shoved his hands in his pockets, glaring at the car. "Now!" Dean shouted out of the window. His younger brother sighed and walked off the road, into the woods. Dean knew what Sam was trying to do, but he had been on too many guilt trips recently and was running low on fucks to give. Dean would bet anything that Sam was waiting just beyond the outer ring of trees, expecting him to go chasing after him and give in. The worst part of it all, was that Dean could feel himself giving in already. The journal entry that Sam had read had made their father seem like an actual person instead of an army commander. To many, Dean did not seem like a sentimental person, especially with how much he spouted against it, but this Harry had caught his attention. The boy was presumably motherless much like Sam and him, and in need of Bobby to be his father figure. It had been eleven years though, Harry was most likely grown up and was no longer in need of rescuing. Still, it nagged at him that their father had left a case seemingly unresolved. Dean shook his head, green eyes casting a glance at the clock. What they needed to be focusing on was Yellow Eyes. The angels that had appeared to Sam and him had really changed the game up, at least in his eyes. Castiel especially, who had started as a general dick with wings but had become something else towards the end. Dean could see potential in the blue eyed angel, but he doubted that their paths would ever cross again. There was a thud as Sam entered the car, sullen and refusing to look at Dean.

"I...I'm hoping..." Sam fell silent, a lump lodged in his throat. His brother didn't need to continue, because Dean had already been thinking the same thing.

"You're hoping that it also took memories that prevented Dad from treating us like normal kids." Dean looked over at his brother and could see that he was right. Sam had always worn his heart on his sleeve, ever since they were children.

"It's too late for that." Sam admitted, surprising Dean. Shifting in his seat, barely missing the ceiling due to his incredible height, Sam directed determined brown eyes at his older brother. "Harry is out there still. I know it's been a long time, but-"

"I know." There was a momentary silence before the two of them clasped their right hands together in solidarity. The gesture was more than a brotherly custom, it was a promise. The bond they shared had not been broken or weakened by Sam's stint at college, it had simply become static. They both jumped as a black haired man appeared in the back seat. His blue eyes were filled with an intensity that only matched the level of dishevelemnt that his trench coat had achiveed.


Harry had just finished weeding the front garden, and was soaked to the bone. He stubbornly kept his mouth shut so his teeth would not chatter. He moved to the garden that was along the fence that seperated their house from Ms. Mayberry's. Her house was quiet, black skid marks disfiguring her driveway. Harry hoped that he had not scared her too badly, at that had not been his intention. Using his super secret powers on her may have been a bad idea. He was absolutely sure Uncle Vernon would take a belt to his back if he ever found out what Harry could do. It was bad enough what had been done to him when he did things he could not explain. A small bead of blood welled up on his finger when he distractedly grabbed a rose. He hastily wiped it on his oversized shirt, ignoring it. Harry knew deep down, that what he did had to be magic. Uncle Vernon was very sure that magic didn't exist however, and that confused Harry. He guessed that his uncle was probably right, why would he be magic? He was afterall, just Harry.

The Impala sped off without a moments hesitation, smoke coming off of the pavement. Dean yanked the rear view mirror down so he could look at the angel in his car. Upon closer inspection he could see a busted lip, and an eye that was beginning to darknen. Castiel touched his fingers to his face, instantly healing himself.

"Castiel?" Sam asked in confusion. Castiel inclined his head.

"Sam, Dean." Lightning struck the pavement behind them. "Something has happened." Castiel pulled out a blade.

"WOAH. Cas, let's just talk about this." Sam yelped, moving as far away as he could. Dean looked at his side mirror, seeing the cracking road approaching. He pressed down more on the accelerator. Castiel sliced at the roof of the Impala each slash leaving a trail of white light in it's wake.

"What the hell is going on?" Dean demanded, swerving to avoid another ligtning strike.

"We need to leave." Castiel said in his usual monotone as he gazed out the back window. "Give me a place."

"What are you talking about?" Sam asked. "Dean is already driving, tell us where to go." Cas turned back to face them, his eyes glowing brightly.

"Pick a place."

"London." Dean blurted just before the entire car was filled with a burning light. It receded just as quickly, and both brothers hesitantly opened their eyes.

"Do not leave the car." Catiel told them. "I have warded it temporarily." Dean stared out at the fields before them, the rain pattering softly against the car. Sam shakily removed his hand from his chest, turning more completely in his seat to look at the angel. The raven haired man was watching them both calmly, as if they hadn't just tried to outrun the wrath of heaven itself.

"What just happened." Dean asked hoarsely, not bothering to move. Castiel was silent for a few minutes, watching the beads of water on the window race each other. What he had done was very wrong, yet at the same time, very right.

"You went off the plan. There unidentifiable variable that we could not have accounted for. The moment you came into contact with it, everything changed. I changed." Castiel looked down at his hands. "I have decided to save you, I feel that this is what God would have wanted. When you came into contact with this entity your purpose changed. Are you alright Sam?" Sam forced a smile, even though he was getting a tremendous headache, and desperately wished that Ruby had been with them.

"I'm fine. Just...a lot to take in."

"So they bring me back from the dead, just to ice me."Dean said to get them back on topic.

"The woman that you met, radically displaced from her home in a moments notice, derailed the plan. The new plan is to rid the current players and regroup."Castiel explained. "I have already given Bobby the necessary protections, as well as a few of your friends. Others were thankfully able to argue for the amnesty of players who had not yet touched the plan."

"They are trying to kill us because of that crazy woman?!" Dean exclaimed. Sam gave his brother a small smack in the shoulder.

"I told you it was important."

"Gee thanks." he replied sarcastically, making a face to mock his brother. Sam gave a huff of frustration.

"The woman has been terminated." Cas told them gravely. "I hope you know what your purpose is, because I cannot tell you."

"How do you know that we have a purpose?" Sam asked.

"I can feel it."

"We will need to get out of the car eventually." Dean commented.

"Oh yes, I apologize." Cas reached over and placed a hand on both of their chests. "I have branded your ribs with an anti tracking engraving." Sam and Dean both moved back, touching ther chests in disbelief. "It is for your own good."

"And why should we trust you?" Dean accused, starting up his car.

"Because I am the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition." Castiel stated. "We share a profound bond, one that my brothers and sisters cannot seem to break. I am also considered a 'player' in this game. I will be staying with you."

"You still full of angel juice?" Dean asked.

"It will fade over time." Castiel admitted softly. The rawness of his emotions opened up the smallest hole in Dean's armor. The angel seemed to be telling the truth, and had most likely sacrificed a lot to be down on earth with him. He was certain they would not have killed Castiel, perhaps just locked him away for a few millenia. Yet, Cas had faught to save the people that Dean cared about most. "I am not exactly sure what I am anymore. I will become man, but do not know anything about it."

"That's alright, neither of us really knows what we're doing either." Sam reassured. "But from now on, we do it together. We need to start this case, and end it fast. Then we can figure out what to do withthe rest of ourlives"

"Good, and I know exactly where we are staying tonight."

"Boy! Come in to make dinner!" Petunia screeched from the front window. Harry wearily stood up, wiping his muddied hands on his trousers. He had been outside for hours, and was beginning to worry that they would leave him outside all night. There was a distant rumbling and Harry paused halfway in the door to watch the sleek black car roll onto their street. Petunia grabbed him by the shoulder to yank him inside, but curiosity got the better of her. The Impala parked in the driveway of number six Privet drive, three incredibly good looking men exiting the car. Harry made a face of disgust as he saw Petunia primp her hair and put on a sickening sweet smile. "She isn't home at the moment!" she called out, drawing their attention. The tallest of them clamped a hand on the shortest's shoulder, preventing him from speaking. The trio made their way over to the Dursley household with pleasant smiles.

"Hi there. We are your new neighbors." The green eyed one said. His gaze shifted down to Harry and he gave the boy a friendly wink. Harry raised an eyebrow in return. "Looks like this rascal didn't get inside in time." Petunia gave a fake giggle, pulling Harry close to her as if she actally cared about him.

"Oh, yes. He just returned from the park."

"Alone?" Another asked, causing Petunia's smile to falter. "He's kinda young." Harry glared at the tall man.

"I'm nearly eleven." Another giggle from his Aunt.

"Yes, he thinks himself to be quite the independent boy. How rude of me, I am Petunia, this here is my nephew Harry."

"I'm Dean," The green eyed man said. "That there is my brother Sam, and shorty over there is Castiel." Harry could see that Dean was beginning to get uncomfotable with Petnuia's not so silent admiration.

"Is Cas your boyfriend?" Harry asked, casting a significant sidelong glance at his aunt when Dean looked at him in shock. An understanding smile came to his face and he gave Harry a discreet thumbs up for his quick thinking.

"Why yes he is!" Dean announced, wrapping an arm around Castiel's shoulders. "He's my angel from heaven." Behind the pair Sam made fake retching sounds causing Harry to laugh.

"Yes, we share a profound bond." Cas added, confused to the turn of events. Dean blindly kicked behind him several times, missing his brother completely.

"Sammy here is single!" Dean said with malice. Petunia fluttered her eyes.

"Oh boys, I am a married woman." Dean gave Harry a betrayed look when the boy started to snicker. "You must join us for dinner. I must say I am curious about the three of you,"Dean's stomach decided for them when it gave a loud growl.

"Don't mind if we do Petunia." Dean accepted, ruffling Harryls hair in revenge as he passed. Harry rushed towards the kitchen, Petunia hurrying after him. "Nice family." Dean commented to his companians. Sam frowned as he looked at the walls.

"There doesn't seem to be many pictures of Harry." he noticed.

"He could be visiting. I mean-" Dean stopped dead in his tracks, causing the others to run into him. "No way is it this easy."

"Wait you think this boy is..."

"Eleven years Sammy. Maybe there isn't a case here." Dean whispered as they came closer to the end of the hall.

"Why are we whispering?" Cas asked, popping his head between the two of them. Sam and Dean nodded to each other, agreeing to investigate the boy while they were here.

"Hello there! Please have a seat with us in the living room, while my lovely wife fixes dinner." A portly man gestured them over to the couches. Dean and Cas sat near each other, by a blond boy who was rounder than he needed to be. Sam took an empty armchair as Harry rushed out to go change his clothes. "I am Vernon Dursley, this here is my boy Dudley." The boy gave a grunt of a greeting, not bothering to look up from his handheld gaming system.

"Nice to meet you. I am Sam, those two lovebirds are Dean and Cas. We just moved in next door." Sam explained.

"Mayberry sold her house then. Good, she was a rotten woman. Nearly ran my family off the road this morning." Vernon ranted, his mustache quivering. "Where are you lot from then?"

"We are from Kansas, in America. The uh, North one." Sam gave an awkward cough. "My brother and I are federal agents."

"Retired." Dean quipped.

"Uh yes, retired Federal Agents. Cas he uh, well he uh, teaches." Dean glared at his brother.

"Oh what do you teach?" Dean silently begged Cas to not say something stupid.

"I teach language." Cas said, followed by something in a tongue none of them could understand.

"A cultured man! Excellent." Harry reentered the room, choosing to sit on the floor near Dean and Cas. Sam studied the boy closely. The most striking thing about him was his brilliant green eyes, that is, until he pushed his bangs aside to reveal a ligning scar.

"Sorry to interrupt, but bathroom?" Sam asked innocently.

"I'll show you." Harry offered, getting up. Sam followed the boy upstairs, but stopped him in the middle of the hall.

"Harry, look-"

"How did you get the house next door? I saw Ms. Mayberry this morning." Harry asked, curious about the trio.

"She was a friend of Cas. She didn't want it anymore." Sam gave a nervous laugh. "Just, gave us the keys and went off to America. Sort of like foriegn exchange. Do you live here?"

"You said you used to be Federal Agents." Harry continued. "I have met government agents before, they always believe the adults. Are you like that?" Sam knelt down so he was eye level with Harry. The boy was too small for his age, and the cheer in the house was too strained for his liking.

"You weren't at the park, were you?" Sam asked softly. Harry's emerald eyes met his and Sam winced as another pang of hunger hit him.

"I know how you really got Ms. Mayberry's house. You were going to break in, cause I made her leave." Harry confessed, his eyes wide. "I try not to use my power so I can be normal like everyone else. I don't want to be a freak." Sam's eyes watered, the raging hunger in his gut turning into an empty pit. There was a case here, one that had been postponed eleven years and festered into something potentially dangerous. Even though Sam did not see eye to eye with his father, the man's acceptance of this boy into their family was important to him. If this was the boy who the woman had been talking about, perhaps his father was the one who had erased the other hunter's memories. To protect his son.

"I am taking you away from here." Sam promised. What he did next could be explained away by his withdrawal symptoms, but mostly it was the righteous side of him that had drawn the blade and rushed back downstairs. Petunia dropped that plate of the food she had been setting as the door slammed open, Sam's figure imposing in the doorframe. Vernon shot to his feet, face turning a strange shade of purple. Dean unseathed his dagger as well, looking to his brother for an explaination. Sam looked at the Dursely's with an almost wild look, the hand that held the blade bobbing in discontent.

"You know. I spent almost all my life learning about the monsters in the world, vampires, goblins, wendingos. But there is always one that is forgotten. People. They are the worst." Cas frowned at Sam's philosephy, realizng why this man would be suited for Lucifer's vessel. "Admit what you did. It is the only way you don't get hurt."

"You don't understand he's a freak." Petunia scolded, giving a yelp as the blade passed inches from her face and embedded itself in the wall. She glared, her hatred for the boy overwhelming her fear. "Just like his horrible mother! Everyone was so excited to have a witch in the family! I! Was the the only one who saw her for what she was. A freak! Then she had to get herself blown up!"

"Blown up? Blown up!" Harry shouted, his tiny frame shaking. "You told me they were killed in a car crash!"

"Ha! That would be to normal for her. She met that horrid boy at that horrid school and had a horrid son that I got landed with. We've tried our best to make him normal...beatings even, but it doesn't work." Castiel slowly stood, the storm outside getting a bit louder.

"You beat this child?" He asked darkly, the lights in the room shattering from Harry's confusion. Lightning struck outside, illuminating a figure even more terrifying than a blood lusting Sam. It revealed an angel of the Lord.

"What's going on?" Harry cried. Dean put his dagger away and grabbed the boy, easily picking him up and rushing out of the house. He dove to the ground , shielding the boy. The house came apart with a defeaning crunch, caught halfway between being pulled in by Sam, and exploding outwards, unable to contain Castiel's gave a grunt of pain as Harry pushed him, rushing back towards the house. Dean followed , trying to hold the boy back. "No! They are still my family!" Harry tore free, running into the rubble, where the Dursley's were cowering. Sam had blood running down over his mouth, skin pale of exertion. "Leave them alone!" Harry shouted, voice raspy. Petunia reached out for him, sobbing her apologies.

"Harry please. I'm so sorry. Please, don't let them hurt us." Both Sam and Cas powered down just as Dean joined them. Harry looked so very small and insignificant in the burning rubble. He turned to look to where the stairs had once been, confusing the newcomers. His eyes were glittering with unshed tears. "I can tell you about what you are." Harry's head snapped back to his aunt. Vernon chose this moment to speak up.

"Like hell! We don't need his bloody kind around. Take him! Figure it out on your own, and when you see the abombination that he is, you can bloody well kill him yourself!" A single shot ran out, red blossoming on the man's forehead. Dean turned the gun to Petunia.

"Take us someplace safe. You tell us what we need to know, and then you and your son leave." He ordered, eyes hard.

"I'm not going anywhere unless you fix him." Harry countered.

"Kid, we don't have time for this. Cops are going to be swarming the place. He's already dead." Dean explained, grabing the boy and hoisting him over his shoulder. "Now, let's go." Harry punched at Dean's back, legs kicking wildly. Peunia pulled her son along, Sam and Cas flanking them.

"Let. Me. GO!" Harry complained. Dean uncermomniously tossed him into the back of the Impala, ordering Sam and Cas to guard him. He slid behind the wheel, Petunia and Dudley next to him. "How can you not care!" Petunia allowed herself to cry, taking each of the younger boy's hands in hers.

"I do care. I loved him so very much. I may not have cared much for you boy, but I would never wish you dead. You are so much like her...I didn't want to get attached, only to be left behind again." Petunia held her son closer. "I had just hoped that you would be normal. I could have loved you then..." Harry let his hand slip out of his aunt's grasp, heartbroken. He did not protest as Sam slung an arm around him and brought him close. "I don't know a safe place. Vernon was all I had after..."

"Mum?" Dudley hesitantly asked.

"I know a place you can go to be safe from the authorities. Dudley and I cannot go with you, will not go with you."

"Why not?" Dean growled.

"We are Muggles." She said, almost sadly. "Five of us accompanying the boy would draw attention. Head towards London, I will tell you what I can on the way over." Dean reversed out of the driveway, taking the same route back to London as he had there.

"You said your sister was a witch, got blown up. Was Harry's father a demon?" Dean asked.

"No. What a horrid accusation." Petunia saidm sounding appalled. A bit of hope returned to Harry. "As if I would keep demon spawn in my household. I would have left him to freeze."

"It's not too late for me to shoot you too." Dean threatened. Petunia moved away from him.

"So how did your sister get her powers?" Sam questioned. "You two must have been close before, did she tell you any names?" Petunia looked at him in confusion.

"My sister was born with her powers. They all are. At first I thought that what she could do was amazing, magic was so fascinating before. One day we met a boy, Severus Snape and he told her that magic was real. He called her a witch, which had offended her until he explained. He explained that she was not alone, and that they were called witches and wizards. She met with this boy a lot, and I would always be hidden, listening. Muggle refers to a normal person. She was a Muggleborn witch, but they have their own society, and breed within it. There are freaks raised by freaks. The thing I could never understand was the halflings. A normal person having a child with a, a thing like that." Petunia shook her head at the thought. "The truth is boy, that your mother and father were murdered by a man named Voldemort. You killed him when you were a year old, but Dumbledore, the headmaster of the retched school you will eventually go to, warned me that he could return, and that keeping you was the only way to ensure our safety."

"I killed someone?" Harry asked softly.

"You can see now why we wished to rid him of his powers." Petunia told Dean with a slightly smug tone to her voice. "He is a monster."

"You are a monster." Cas retorted.

"So what, this guy is looking for Harry?" Sam interrupted before the two could get at each others throats. "Should we be concerned?"

"Dumbledore has not informed us of anything." Petunia gazed out of the window. "That is all I know. I would suggest disguising him." Petunia touched her sons face tenderly, the boy still in a state of shock. "They sent my sister into that world a lovable human being, and she died there a soldier. The most I can do for her now is make sure the same doesn't happen to her son. That is the last I will help you. He is now your problem." She finished as the pulled in front of a building that Petunia had been silently motioning Dean to drive to. "Can you see it Harry?"

"The Leaky Cauldron?" Harry read from the swinging sign that only he could see.

"That woud be the one. If you will excuse us." Petunia opened the door and led her son out. The two walked away from the Impala, not sparing it a second glance, and catching a cab not to far away. The only noise among the remaining males was the soft tinking of the car as it cooled.

Albus Dumbledore sat in his office, compiling a list of announcments he would have to make at the Opening Feast. At the back of his mind he was thinking of Harry Potter. The boy of his two most loyal soldiers. A lot had needed to be sacrificed in order to keep the boy where he was needed. The morality of his Potions Professor Severus Snape had been crushed the moment he let the young man overhear the phropecy. Convincing Remus that a werewolf gaurdian was unsuitable for a child, and stomping out the hope that he would find happiness after the war. The goodnatured Sirius Black would rot away in Azkaban Prison never able to see his godson, or spirit him away from the war. They were horrible things to do, but once the war was over for good, they would all see that it was necessary. Even little Harry. He was aware that a part of Voldemort's soul resided in the boy, and that it would cause him much pain over the years, but in the end it would be a powerful ally. This shard was what compelled him to place the boy with his relatives. He knew that they would keep a close eye on the boy, and could keep him humble. Albus sighed. The last powerful boy that he had encouraged had gotten arrogant and in the end had become his enemy. Next to him Fawkes, his pheonix gave a small trill, as if reading his thoughts and trying to comfort him. Albus took a moment to rest, gazing at the various things around him. His office was filled with various things that to an untrained wizard could be nothing more than an old man's knick knacks. However, each object held a very specific, and very important, purpose. It was for this reason that the aging Headmaster jumped to his feet as a small hand mirror began to float up from it's position on the shelf. It spun a few times until Albus grabbed it.

"Show me." He commanded. A vision of the Dursley's destroyed household came into view. There were Muggle athourities all over the place, and Albus calmed himself. The small bell that sat at the edge of his desk had not rung, meaning no wizard had breached the wards, or that any wizarding magic had been used inside the household. The mirror was set to wail if Harry was ever to far from his Aunt, the radius being a good enough one to accomadte for schooling. He guessed that perhaps it was a Muggle accidents, for that was fairly common. Harry might have been taken away from his relatives by the most pesky Child Services. Albus clicked his tongue at himself for getting worked up over nothing. He knelt in front of his fireplace, intending to make a few calls to correct the situation. He was completely content with himself, not knowing that many of his toys would soon fail to find Harry Potter.

"So, what's the plan?" Sam asked. Despitethe fact that he was the one who usually ironed out the details, he always looked to his older brother to outline it for him. Sam trusted his brother, even when he seemed unbalanced, even when he was being stubborn, always. It was rare for him to disagree, but the times that he did he was usually right.

"I say, we disguise him, like she said. Pretend to be his parents or something. Go into this place and act like he is this Muggleborn type. They give us the info, and we raise him from there."

"Wait, raise him?" Sam blurted.

"Raise him." Dean confirmed. "Whaddaya say Harry? Youwant to be a Winchester?"

"Boy howdy." Harry quipped, mocking the brothers' gave a snort of laughter, giving the kid playful shove. Dean noticed Cas watching them, looking a bit lost. Harry seemed to pick up on this too and turned towards the angel. "You're coming too. I can't have just one Dad afterall." Cas gave a small smile, nodding his head.

"I can help with your disguise. The mark you have on your forehead is a strange one, but I think I can remove it." Cas placed a couple fingers on Harry's scar, wincing as he felt a dark tinge to it. He slowly moved his hand away from it, a black smoke following. Harry screamed and began to thrash, Sam gripping him tightly.

"Dammit Cas, you're hurting him!" Dean shouted, grabbing onto the angel's arm.

"I've almost got it." Cas muttered, his eyes lighting up as he used more power. Dean dug his fingers tightly into Castiel's arm before letting go. His green eyes were intense, watching the interaction closely. Harry suddenly went limp, Cas holding a black ball of smoke in his hand.

"What the hell is that thing?" Sam whispered, eyes wide. Cas studied the mass, seemingly having a conversation with himself in his head. Dean smoothed back Harry's hair, the skin unblemished.

"This is troubling. Please give me an object that you can face parting with." Cas ordered. Dean dug around in the front of the car, coming up with a girlish necklace. It was a black adjustable string with a silver cresent moon pendant.

"Here. This is meaningless to me." Cas took the necklace and slowly brought the smoke near it. There was a faint screaming before the smoke was absorbed. "Harry will need to be the one to wear this. He is used to it's prescence and it should not affect him."

"Should?" Sam stressed. "What is it?"

"This is a soul shard. It has been...corrupted. In more ways than one. Once this soul is free of all its vessels it will be dragged down to Hell." Cas explained to them. He silently slipped the necklace over Harry's head, the pendant falling right over his boy wearily opened his eyes.

"Did any of you happen to get the number of the trolley that hit me?" He joked. His nose scruched up and he squinted from behind his glasses. "Did I drop my glasses then?" He wondered aloud.

"You're still wearing them Harry." Sam corrected. "Are you feeling alright?" Harry slowly removed his glasses, gasping in wonder.

"I have corrected your vision." Cas said. "Glasses make you look like..." Cas looked at all of them expectantly. "A nerd." Harry chuckled and gave a thumbs up. He really enjoyed seeing the angel happy, and being able to use slang correctly seemed to do that.

"What are you exactly Castiel?" Harry asked, noticing for the first time the various wrinkles of stress that all three men wore.

"I am an angel of the Lord, but soon I will be man, just like you."

"Not quite like me." Harry said. "God is real then?"

"Yes." Cas said proudly. His face fell when he saw that this realization had upset the boy.

"Then why did he never answer my prayers?" Cas made to answer, but found the wrong words stuck in his throat. Dean could tell that Cas was struggling with the realization that Heaven was not everything humans thought it to be.

"Well, he answered it today." Sam offered slowly. "He could tell you were strong, and could hold out just longenough for us to find you." Harry hesitantly accepted this answer. "How about you and I go shopping for some clothes, huh? I'll tell you everything I know about being undercover." Harry nodded eagerly and the two exited the car.

"I can tell this is hard for you." Dean began, but Cas held up a hand to silence him.

"I have never felt a soul as pure and strong than that of Harry Winchester. The darkness within him had been powerless to create even the slightest barriar of grey. It was being burned by the light, forced to sumbission. I took it upon myself to hide him from the angel's as well. I fear that if they were to ever find him, he would become your replacement." This news came as a small shock to Dean. "His light burns like a righteous fire, creating a glow that can warm even those who had strayed into greyed colors. Only those who are truly 'evil' will ever geniunely hate him. His aunt, despite her prejeduice longed for him to live as normal as his kind could. His Uncle...I can only speculate to the sins he had commited in his life. I am terribly upset to not be able to know the parents of this remarkable child."

"Yeah, well. All of us are his parents now. And his brothers. And his protectors. And I swear to God, literally, that I will tear whoever extinguishes that light into a million freakin pieces." Dean vowed, getting out of the car. A small smile graced the angel's lips before he followed.