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So much has happened in three years. She's been thrown up on, peed on, had her hair pulled, and much worse mother things. It's not easy being a mother of three, let alone a set of twins. Kate loves her kids, and there's nothing she wouldn't do for them. She's done so much already that one more thing wouldn't hurt. She's crazy busy today. Jake and Reece were finally turning three. Something that's still amazing to the parents.

Kate wanted a small party, but Castle had wanted a big party. They had had a pretty decent size part for when they turned one, that Kate finally convinced him for a smaller party in the park. Family, a few friends, a few coworkers, and Missy, Kate's OBGYN, who had birthed the twins.

They'd planned everything that needed to be planned. Kate had taken the twins a few weeks before the party to the nearest party store and asked them as she perused the aisle of themed party supplies, what they had wanted. They kept coming back to the little section of Peppa Pig themed items, clapping and giggling, each time they walked past the cute pigs. The two adults were not huge fans of the show but would do anything the twins wanted. They were special to them and to even think about giving them a mediocre birthday was out of the question.

Kate had thought about getting a few of the cute games to go with the set of party supplies but changed her mind and opted for the more fun Peppa piƱata. She just had to get the candy to fill it. Ending up with the bag of candy, she throws it into the cart and carefully pushes the cart down the aisle. This is the first time in ages, that she's out, by herself, with the boys, and without her crutches. It's a struggle, but she's getting better. Much better than the day she first started using her crutches.

"Eat mama!" Jake cries, tired of having to share the seat with his brother.

"Soon, Mommy is almost done; we just have to pay." Kate sighs, pushing the cart up towards the checkout. They pay, and Kate heads to the car. She lifts Jake in first, clipping the chest clip to hold him in so she can get Reece and buckle him in next. She kisses them both and then loads the car up. Thankfully she'd parked next to a cart corral and did not have to go far to put her cart away.

It's a busy morning. Even though they had reserved their spot at the park, the family still had to get up, eat, get dressed and packed for the party. Kate would make sure she's packed the stroller so she can keep the boys corralled until someone else arrives, willing to play with them. Lily was old enough now, and their tables and grill had been close enough to the toys, that the parents had agreed to let her go play. Under one condition, she comes to check in on them.

Getting to the park, Kate parks and shuts her car off. She gets out and presses the button to open the side door to the van. Lily is already out of her seat, waiting for Kate to let her out of the car.

"Wait, Lily, you have to stick with mommy." Kate sighs. She'd sent Castle to go pick the cake up and knew he'd be here soon, but was having a struggle getting the kids out.

"Kick your feet Reece, you got this, watch Xavie, just like him," Kate smiles, standing behind the boys pushing Reece as Lanie stands behind her son Xavier. The two adults are chatting as the men are standing at the grill, working on the burgers. The rest of the guests would be arriving soon.

"I can't believe the boys are three already," Lanie says, pushing her son as he calls out for another push.

"Me either, I mean, three is nothing amazing, but it's still something."

"Push mama!" Jake cries, kicking his feet, waiting for his mother to come over and push him again.

"Hold on Jake; mommy is coming."

The food has been served, cake had been eaten, and presents are being handed out. Martha and Jim had teamed up and bought the boys brand new Radio Flyer trikes. Tassels and all. Lily had gone with Kate the other day, and they picked out Batman Spider-Man action figures. The boy's big present from the parents had been big boy beds, that when old enough would turn into a bunk bed.

"More?" Reece asks after all the gifts had been handed out.

"That's it." Kate sighs.

"Sorry." She adds.

Castle is amazed, he'd thought Kate would of brought her crutches to the party but seeing her chase the boys around to wear them out, she apparently did not. He couldn't help but stare at her. Everything about his wife was perfect, and it made it even more perfect watching her run around. He wants to stop her, tell her how amazed he is, point it out to her; but he knows if he does, this could possibly catch her off guard and send her down. Something he does not want to do. She's been so good lately in her PT he does not want to send her downhill.

He's sitting at the table, some of the friends have gone home, but Castle, Kevin, and Javi are sitting at the table playing a card game. Lily had worn herself out and was sleeping on Castle. Both Nick and Sarah Grace were with everyone else as they chased each other around the grass that was surrounding the table.

Kate had finally caught up to Reece, and as he giggled loudly, Kate scooped him up and spun him around. She's happy; she's spun him around and is bouncing him up and down. He's happy; they are both happy.

"Got ya!" Kate laughs, kissing Reece on the head.

"Nooooo... Put me down!" He cries, kicking his feet.

"Only if you give me a kiss."

"No kiss mommy."

"Yes kiss mommy."

"No, mommy, down!"

"Fine, but you owe me a kiss still."

It's a late night. The parents were exhausted. The boys were having trouble sleeping. Kate had weened them off the breast at one and a half and now at three were trying to get them finally off the bottle and to the sippy cup. They were down to one feeding in which the twins are allowed a bottle. That's the nighttime bottle. She's taken that away and the boys won't sleep. She thought about giving it to them and trying another night but she knew it would continue to happen and she had to do it sooner or later.

Both the boys were crying. Castle had Jake while Kate had Reece. Standing at the crib, Kate tried bouncing him slowly to get him to sleep. They had started to set up the big boy beds but that was another failed idea for the moment as they felt they should just do one thing at a time.

They were piercing cries. Kate had felt like she'd done everything to help him sleep but nothing seemed to work. Castle had moved into the living room with Jake, so that if one of them fell asleep, they wouldn't wake the other one up.

"Shhh... Reece, it's ok, Mommy's got ya." Kate coos.

"Sleepy Reece, Sleepy Reece." She singsongs, trying to continue to sooth him.

"Jake, you should be tired, maybe we should watch a movie." Castle tells him, reaching for the Apple TV Remote. He turns it on and finds a night time two hour long sleepy time and white noise for kids. He turns it on and sits with Jake in the rocking chair. He turns it up a bit and after some rocking, he's noticed that his eyes are getting droopy. Within 20 minutes, Jake is finally asleep and Castle couldn't be more happier. Luckily, Castle had the other monitor on him and could tell Kate to bring Reece out into the living room so Castle could put Jake to bed. She comes out and Castle gets up and carefully puts Jake in his crib and turned the light out so he can sleep. He then comes out of the nursery and finds Kate in the rocker with Reece. He'd stopped crying, but was now almost wide awake.

"Come on baby boy, mommy and daddy are tired, it's really late, you need to go to sleep." Kate sighs.

Kate's in the kitchen, Lily was asleep in her room along with Jake who had always been an early to bed type of kid. He liked his sleep. Although Reece had, had trouble sleeping these last few nights, so Kate was making him a sippy cup of milk. She hoped that the warm milk would help him sleep. Castle had been in his office, working on his writing as he listened to music.

After handing Reece his sippy cup, Kate trips on the rug and falls to the ground catching her forehead on the corner and nicking it. She's down on the floor, the pain in her legs unbearable as she tries to get up. She tried pulling on the drawer to pull her up, but she felt as though the drawer was going to break. She looks at Reece, who was drinking out of his cup.

"Reece baby," She groans.

"Can you go get Daddy for me?"

The boy nods and heads towards his father's office but turns around looking at his mother. He's scared. He got in trouble the other day for playing in there without his father and was scared to go back.

"Scared Mama." He cries, running back to Kate and clinging to her. She tried calling out to Castle but with his fancy noise canceling headphones she got him for his birthday, he'd never hear a thing.

"Baby, please, go get daddy, he won't get mad at you."

"But trouble."

"You won't get in trouble, now go get him ok? Mommy really needs daddy." Kate groans as pain shoots through her leg.

"Scared." He cries again still clinging to his paining mother. Kate had thought about calling 9-1-1 but knew that if they showed up, Castle would be mad at Kate for not getting him.

"Don't be scared baby, mommy says you can go get daddy, I can see his office from here, I will watch you."

Carefully, Reece lets go of his mother and toddles to his father. He finds him in his office completely distracted by his writing and his music. He tries first to get his father's attention by calling out to him. It does not work.

"Come on baby, go climb in his lap, I'm watching, you are doing great."

The pain shoots louder as she tried to get up again. She thought maybe she could crawl to him, but she could still barely move, and she started to feel like she was going to black out from the head injury. Reaching and turning to his father, Reece climbs up into his father's lap. Castle is startled as he smiles, saves his work and takes his headphones off.

"Hey buddy, what are you doing out of bed?" Castle asks, kissing his son's head.


"You want mama? Did you have a bad dream?" He sighs, clutching his son to sooth him.

"Come on, let's go get mama," Castle smiles, lifting his son and putting him on his hip. Just as he steps out of his office, Castle hears the moans. He quickly makes his way to the kitchen and sets Reece down running over to Kate.

"Oh, my gosh Kate!" He exclaims.

"Hey, hey, don't move, tell me what happened," Castle says, holding his wife's head to keep it from jerking and so he can check out her head laceration.

"I was getting-" She chokes.

"Reece some warm milk, you know, to help him sleep." Her eyes blink as she tries to stay awake. Reece was now sitting next to his mother, scared as he watched the two adults in front of him.

"Stay with me Kate, did you slip?"

She nods and blinks again as Castle looks over at Reece. The boy looks up at his father waiting to see what he had to say. Castle instructs him to get his phone out of his pocket, how to open it up and then how to call 9-1-1. His hands had been full holding Kate's neck. He had no clue if she had tweaked it or not and wanted to keep her stable.

The operator answers and Castle tells her that he's with his wife, Kate Beckett, retired police captain and that she fell. An ambulance is sent out, and while still holding Kate's neck, Castle uses Lucy to call his mother. He'd of used her to call 9-1-1, but that feature had been blocked so no one had accidentally called. He knew his kids would fool around with her once and a while, and he was not wanting to have to deal with a miss call.

She answers sleepily groaning at her son.

"Richard! Why on earth are you calling me so late!" She groans again listening to a moan on the other end of the phone.

"Oh, God, did you butt dial me again while having sex?"

"This is unacceptable!"

"No, no, mother I did not butt dial you again, Kate fell in the kitchen, and I need you to come watch the kids. You just have to put Reece to bed, Lil and Jake are already asleep." Castle says as a gasp is heard from Martha.

"I'll be over as soon as I can, stay calm."

The EMT's arrive soon after and get Kate stable. They fit her with a C-collar and lift her up onto a gurney. They clean out her head wound and cover it up to keep it clean so she can get stitches back at the hospital.

"Thank you." Kate sighs as Castle walks with her to the elevator and down to the ambulance.