This is just a little missing sound and dialogue that I would've loved to hear in the finale.

And yes, I am most definitely on the #SevenYearsLater team. I just cannot make my heart believe that such a great love story ended in anything other than a happy ending.

Soooo, enjoy!

"Ready. Set. Go!"

They take off in a flurry, with little Lilly in the lead, in a mad dash to the breakfast table. She's followed by her two little brothers. The faternal twins aren't only faternal in looks. Their differences carry throughout their behavior. For instamce, little Jack manages to evade his mother, while Reese, their clumsy, clumsy boy, takes a dive to the floor. Luckily, his mom is there to pick him up and carry him over to the breakfast bar.

"Mommmmyyyy. That's cheeaatiiiing. He has to run by himself!" Her oldest child pouts at her and she laughs.

"Yeah, mommy. That's cheating." Castle says as he pours orange juice into sippy cups. She sticks her tongue out at him in passing as she hands her boys their juice. As usual, they swap cups before taking a sip and, though she'll never understand why (they're identical cups in everyway), it's become apart of their routine.

Castle lays some bacon, eggs, and fruit out on the table, while Kate brings toast and muffins. Immediately, Lily grabs one and takes a chunk out of the center. "Lily, please, smaller bites."

"Daddy doesn't have to take small bites." She looks over at her husband who has almost the whole muffin stuffed in his mouth. When he sees them all watching him, he smiles, allowing several bits of muffin to fal out of his mouth.

"Yeah well, that's because Daddy eats like a toddler." She chuckles.

"Nuh uh, momma. We eat good." Jake enthuses, while his brother dabs his mouth with a napkin.

"Oh, so sorry boys. You're right. Daddy eats worse than a toddler. He eats like a..."

"T-rex!" Their two boys yell out in sync. "Rawr!" They yell and Beckett mimics their roar back.

"Um, my dining skills are very refined, thank you all very much. And Jack? It's we eat well."

"We do, you don't." Reese finally voices and everyone laughs.

"Two other men in the house and I'm still outnumbered." Rick sits with a pout.

"Awe, it's alright babe. We still love you." She grabs his hand in reassurance and kisses before setting their joined hands against the table, where they stay clasped.

"I know what'll make you feel better Daddy! Family toast time!" Kate smiles and clinks her cup against her husband's and daughter's, then extends across the table to clink her ceramic cup against the animated, stegosaurus-covered, plastic cups of her sons.

Afterwards, she sits back and watches her children eat and talk happily. She and Castle stare at their children for a while before staring at each other. This. This is the future they'd always dreamt of, and now, it was real. This, everything in this moment, was real. They survived hell and back, but everything was worth it.