king: ... I'm so sorry

Tsuna: king-san... why did you start another story?

King: *looks away*

Hayato: TEME! don't look away!

Tsuna: you haven't updated your other stories then, you made a new one. Please explain.

king: b-because I .. I just finished watching Gundam build fighters and the ending left me heart broken and to help myself, I started watching Assassination Classroom... a-and...

Tsuna/Hayato: and?

King: and plot bunnies started to appear and they are bugging me so i have no choice but to create this.

Tsuna: *sighs in defeat*

King: I'm so sorry, Tsuna-kun.

Summary: Right after the moon incident: Tsuna was transferred to Kunugigaoka with the help of his father and Reborn, his brother's (Giotto) tutor because they want him to get better. That's what they said, but the truth is, they just don't want him getting in the way of their work. Tsuna knew they were lying so he just followed them. And the to his very first day, they were told that they will be assassinating their teacher, no, their monster teacher and this information must never be told to anyone.

Chapter 1


Tsunayoshi knew that he is useless. How can he not if the people around kept drilling to his head how useless and idiot he is. Even if his family doesn't tell it by words, their eyes are telling him. It hurts him. Every time he goes home with wounds, they will just ask if he is fine, but never help him. Not even by his mother. Addition to his suffering was when Reborn, his brother's tutor, came to their life. The hurtful words he says were stuck to him. The everyday beatings from his bullies, the glowering and sardonic expression from his family and classmates, and Reborn's hurtful words also started hunting him in his dreams.

Tsuna has given up.

He already accepted the reality that no one cares for him.

One night, while Tsuna is slumped on his bed, he heard a knock from his door which was very uncommon. He stood up and opened the door. He was greeted by Reborn's tall figure. Due to his height, Tsuna looked up; he looked directly at Reborn's cold and expressionless eyes. Tsuna may not realize it but the way he looks at Reborn, to be precise: the way he looks at the world, was sending a deep message. 'Help me': Tsuna's non-expressive eyes said. For the first time, Reborn noticed it and it gives him a chill to his spine. He was too caught up to this teen's eyes and forgets the reason why he is there. Tsuna blinked at the silence and decided to speak. "Uhm.. Reborn-san? D-do you n-need s-something?"

Reborn has woken up from his trance when he heard Tsuna's question, but he kept looking at the other's eyes. "Yeah. Go to the dining room, we have something to tell you." With that, Reborn went downstairs, leaving Tsuna there. Tsuna stared at the older man's retreating figure. "What do they want now?" he said, loud enough to be heard by Reborn.

Not long after he said that, he followed Reborn to the dining room, and there, his mother and older brother who were waiting for them. Tsuna looked at them with no expression like always. Reborn sat on one of the vacant chairs and Tsuna remained on standing, then noticed the envelope on the dining table. Giotto looked at his brother and smiled at him, a smile which Tsuna knew was fake. "Why don't you sit, Tsuna?" Tsuna didn't respond and just did what his brother suggested.

When he got seated, Reborn slid the envelope in front of Tsuna. "Tsuna-kun, your father had decided for you to transfer at Kunugigaoka. Reborn had already taken care of all, even the house where you are going to live." Nana, their mother, said with a smile. Tsuna remained silent and took out the contents of the envelope. There, he saw his new I.D, copy of the papers Reborn had submitted to the school and ATM card. 'So, they are getting rid of me.' Tsuna thought as he stared at his new I.D.

"The first day of school will start three days from now on, so you have to go there tomorrow. I will personally go with you." Reborn said. Tsuna nodded and remained his silence. His silence made them a bit conscious and the atmosphere around them were very heavy. "uhm… Tsuna, do you have any questions?" Giotto asked and he sounded a bit worried.

'He sounded like he's worried.' Tsuna thought. 'Worried?' he continued in his mind as he looked deeply at his brother's eyes. 'As if.' He said to himself bitterly.

"Why does he want me to transfer schools?" He asked without any emotion, but the way Tsuna looked at his brother was like it will haunt Giotto in his dreams. It was the eyes of a person who has given up on life. It was the eyes of a hopeless person.

"W-well… Dad said he wants you to get better grades and w-we agreed to it." Giotto replied nervously without removing his gaze from his brother. Tsuna tilted his head slightly "And sending me to Kunugigaoka will help?" Tsuna asked again and this time, the heaviness of his tone made him gulp. He was about to answer back, when Tsuna suddenly smiled at him and that made him sweat cold and shiver.

"Okay. I will go there." Tsuna sounded he's happy, but what really made Giotto shiver was the dead eyes Tsuna gave him while smiling.

Tsuna immediately went back on his stolid expression and stood up. "I'm going back to my room. I have to pack my things. Thank you for informing me" Tsuna said and went back to him room with the envelope.

When they heard the click of the door from upstairs, Giotto asked his mother to leave him and Reborn alone. Nana followed his son's wish and went to the kitchen to prepare the ingredients for tomorrow's breakfast.

"Reborn, did you notice it?" Giotto asked seriously at his tutor.

"Yeah, and I don't feel right about." Reborn replied.

Reborn's eyes were shadowed by his fedora, but Giotto knew him. He knows that Reborn is not pleased, not because of Tsuna's tone earlier, but the look and vibe he is giving us.

"I'm worried." Giotto said and this time he was really worried and looked down.

When morning came, Tsuna was woken up by another knock on the door.

"Tsuna,-kun, you should get ready, Reborn-kun told me that you will leave in an hour." Nana said from the other side.

Tsuna lazily went out of his bed and started changing. After that, he went out of his with his luggage and downstairs, he was greeted by his brother and some of his friends. He ignored them and put his luggage on the other side of the room. And then, he went to the kitchen to get some biscuit and energy-drink in the fridge. He didn't even touch the food his mother prepared for them.' Why bother? It's not like it's for me. ' He thought as he ate his everyday breakfast.

An hour passed, Reborn told Tsuna they're going. Tsuna followed Reborn in silence and left their house without saying goodbyes.

The drive was silent. On their whole journey, Tsuna kept his outside; watching the people and building, meanwhile, Reborn silently studies the teen and there, he noticed the light and dark scars on the teen's arms.

After their long drive, they reached the house where Tsuna will be staying alone. Yes, alone. Tsuna looked at the huge house. 'Looks like they were preparing me to live alone in this gloomy house'

Reborn opened the front gate and the entrance door while Tsuna followed him behind. When they entered the house, Tsuna thought it has nothing, but lights and dirt, but he was wrong. The huge house is clean and it has furnitures and appliances. "Everything we think you need are here. This house should be fine. It's a bit big and if you want, we can hire you some maids." Reborn said in low tone. Tsuna didn't look at him and passes him for him to look at the whole house.

"No need. I can manage myself." Tsuna said without looking at Reborn as he continued to look at the beautiful chandelier at the ceiling.

'Living alone is not bad' Tsuna thought and smiled inwardly.

"I should be going now, the spare keys are in the dining table and if you need more, you can call us." Reborn said.

After that, Reborn went back to Namimori leaving Tsuna alone in his new huge house. Tsuna started unpacking his things and after that, he toured himself around the huge house. The house consists of 3 master bedrooms and 6 small rooms which can have three people sleeping there. It also has a garden on the backyard and a Koi pond. The dining room was huge enough to have a party and the kitchen has everything Tsuna needed for baking.

"I might enjoy staying here" Tsuna said and sat on the sofa.


For next chapter:

"This place is much more annoying than my hometown"


"You said you have given up, but your inner self hasn't"