It just wasn't a day at the Grand Pangolin arms without the sounds of Bucky and Pronx screaming at each other. Judy had never made an official complaint against them, but her curiosity pushed her to ask the manager Dharma about them. From what she had learned, the two had been living in the apartments a year and a half before Judy had arrived. While it had been a disturbance in the first few months they'd moved in, the neighboring residents had adjusted to the noise just fine. Dharma had suggested to Judy that she should invest in "E and H: Earplugs and Headphones".

With a pair of headphones over her ears, Judy sat in front of her computer, one arm crossed under her bra and the other holding her chin, a hefty load of stress weighing on her mind. After her morning bowl of Bleaties, Judy had made the realization that the restaurant she and Nick were dining at tonight, Monte Savannah, was a five-star restaurant with a semi-formal dress code. She rushed in a frenzy to the nearest clothing emporium hoping to find something quick, but ended buying four different outfits, unable to make her decision at the store. Once she'd made it back home, she went through the endeavor of trying on each outfit to see which she liked best. All her life, she'd never cared much for her attire, save for navy blues of her police uniform. Now, she viewed her outfit as if they were going to make or break the evening for she and Nick.

It had taken her half an hour to go through each outfit, but she'd found the last one she picked quite striking. It was a dark gray jacket with a pink shirt underneath, and a pair of violet slacks. The jacket's collar made a nice v-shape down her chest, showing off just a bit of her shirt. The pink top showed just a bit of fur above her cleavage, and hugged her hips in a flattering way. The same went for her slacks, wrapped around her athletic thighs like a glove and giving some lift to her bottom. Judy thought she'd have to settle for "good enough", but she was surprised to find that she looked pretty sexy in that outfit. Without a moment of second-guessing herself, she snipped the tags off, happy to keep the outfit and wear it to Monte Savannah that night.

Just as soon as she'd solved her clothing dilemma, Judy's mind had conjured up a new problem to worry about. Her outfit had made her look so enticing, she wondered what effect it might have on Nick. He might be so drawn to her, that he'd try to seduce her after their meal. She felt foolish that the idea of sex with Nick had not even crossed her mind since last night, when he'd asked her out. Judy's life on a conservative farm had made it impossible for her to even masturbate, let alone have sex. She'd never even seen a naked bunny before; now she might be seeing a naked fox in a matter of hours, feeling his weight on top of her as he attempted to ram his thing in her.

Interspecies sex was one matter that her mind struggled to process, but the real issue was the fact that her lack of sexual knowledge might not bode well for she and Nick, if the evening went in that direction. Judy decided it might be wise to use the hour she had left to perhaps look up some web pages online on the matter. She'd sat down several minutes ago, but had lost her nerve after seeing her desktop: a picture of herself in between her mother and father, surrounded by her twenty-nine siblings of various ages. Guilt gripped her heart as she bore their accusing stares, judging her for what she was about to look up, and made her freeze in her tracks.

Come on, quit getting so apprehensive about it. Judy chided herself. Take a leap, be a grown up, live a little.

Judy gulped and forced her hand on the mouse, ignoring the faces of the picture. She clicked the Zoogle Chrome icon that opened up her internet browser, and a blank search field was visible at the center of the window.

Her paws moved over the keyboard, and froze. Her eyes moved up as she contemplated her next move.

What do I even search for? She wondered. Fox sex? Fox penis? Fox and bunny sex?

Each thought made Judy cringe. She not only didn't have a clue about sex, she didn't even have a clue on how to search for it. Thinking it over more, she decided to try a more scientific query.

Fox reproduction

Judy punched the enter key, and watched the page disappear as the loading circle began to turn. After a few seconds, some results were listed underneath her search field. She decided to click the first result, a Yakipedia page titled "canine reproduction". The page loaded an article with paragraphs of information along with a number of detailed illustrations.

Just like rabbits, she saw that fox penises weren't immediately visible even with their pants off. However with male rabbits, a flaccid penis within a pouch was undetectable for the most part, just like their testicles, as if there was nothing there. Canines were quite a different story. The first picture she noticed was of a naked canine, from his stomach down to his thighs. Between his legs, she could see a pair of large furry testicles. What caught her off guard though was the sight of his sheath. It was big and round, with just a tiny slit at the top. Even completely flaccid, the round protrusion was intimidating, like it was teasing the viewer of what it was holding back.

Judy lifted a paw over her mouth as her face grew hot. She could see the top of another picture down below. Her other paw trembling, she forced it to keep steady enough to scroll down and look at the picture in full. Reaching the bottom of the picture, she saw the same model in the same stance. Circles of green and blue surrounded Judy's sight as she stared at the picture. This time, out of his large round sheath was the sight of a grayish fleshy shaft. It was by her best guess a few inches long, not even half a foot. It looked quite different from a rabbit's penis, but staring at it for a minute, she didn't find it off-putting. It had an intriguing shape, with a noticeable point at the tip.

That probably feels… interesting. Judy thought. I'll bet I could take that without trouble.

Looking at the bottom of the picture, she noticed the caption for the image. "Canine penis: semi-erect" it said.

There's… more…?

Feeling her chest tighten, Judy scrolled down the page, until she found another picture. Same model. Same stance. But Judy's jaw dropped as she realized what was different in this shot.

The gray shaft she'd seen before had grown a few inches, more than half a foot now. It wasn't the extra length that intimidated her however. The sheath between his legs had reduced in size, revealing what it had been hiding. At the base of the model's length, she saw an inflated mass, more bountiful in width and girth than length itself. It was fat and rounded on each side with a crease up the middle. From the sight of it, it almost looked like another pair of testicles, but entrapped within the penis itself.

What!? What is that? Is that normal?

Judy's eyes scanned the accompanying text next to the picture. Her sight locked onto a phrase in bold, the "bulbus glandis", and read the description that followed.

The bulbus glandis (also called a knot) is an erectile tissue structure on the penis of canid mammals. During mating the tissues swell up and lock (tie) immediately after penetration of the male's penis inside the female. The locking is completed by circular muscles just inside the female's vagina tightening thus preventing the male from withdrawing. The circular muscles also contract intermittently, which has the effect of stimulating ejaculation of sperm, followed by prostatic fluid, as well as maintaining the swelling of the penis and therefore the tie, for some time. For most canines the tie may last up to half an hour or more, though usually less.

Judy's ears flopped behind her head, her mouth open in shock. She imagined herself laying on her bed, her legs spread open as Nick straddled her with his pants off. He'd have his erection at full mast, along with his own knot of similar girth. She'd be helpless underneath him, shivering as he pushed his length into her, deeper and deeper until he met resistance against the knot's width. With his teeth bared, he push with all his might, forcing it past the surface of her tight rabbit snatch. Judy actually felt her vaginal walls constrict at the mental image.

"Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope." Judy muttered to herself, rolling out of her chair and onto the floor, reaching for her phone. "Forget it, it's not happening. I just need to call Nick and tell him I can't do this."

Judy's paw clicked open her phone screen and she hurried to access her contacts. She scrolled down the list until she found Nick's tab, and was just about to click the button to call him. She hesitated a moment, realizing she probably wouldn't be able to articulate herself very well to him. She decided it might be better to leave him a text. Just a quick, Hey Nick, hate to say this, but I don't think tonight's gonna be a good night, I'll tell you about it at work on Monday, sorry 3. Yes, that would be the better option.

She looked at the profile picture of Nick. It was him in his navy blues, his head turned at the side to look at her. In his paws was a bowl of noodles and a pair of chopsticks, which he was struggling to hold. Judy had caught the picture of him as he'd had his tongue out, trying to lap up the noodles before they fell out of the ends of the sticks for the twelfth time. He'd begged her to delete it immediately, but she had made it clear it was on her phone to stay. He was lucky she didn't post it on Safaribook for all of his and her contacts to see.

Judy's heart sank. She couldn't just blow him off like that. She had shared so many happy moments with him. Even if she didn't go to bed with him tonight, he at least deserved better than a last-minute cancellation. Judy closed the phone, and set it back on the floor.

Maybe there's a way to do it. Judy thought, her mind going back to the intimidating knot on canines. It's worth a look anyway.

Climbing back up to her chair, Judy navigated back to the search page. Unlike last time, she knew exactly what to type. Though still a bit uneasy, her pads flew across each button without hesitation as the text filled the empty bar on screen.

Intercourse between foxes and rabbits

Results filled the screen after tapping the enter key. The first option at the top made her grimace: "XXX Down The Rabbit Hole Hot Interspecies Action 18 and Up". Judy rolled her eyes. She wasn't going to educate herself on the matter with pornography, she knew better than that. Judy scrolled down the page, each result giving her similar results warning that the visitor be at least eighteen years old. Rather than click the next page, Judy decided to revise her search.

Research on copulation between the rabbit and fox species

The page refreshed, only to give her the same option at the top, though she did notice at the bottom of the page a rather preachy looking title of how "smutts" were destroying the nation's values.

Looking up at the top again, Judy resigned. She she wasn't going to get anything more informative no matter how long she searched. It was best to take what was given to her. Judy gulped as she moved the mouse back up to the top option.

Goodbye forever, browsing history purity. Judy thought, It was nice knowing you.

Judy clicked on the link. After clicking the age verification notice, a window for a video player appeared and began to buffer. A few seconds passed, and she could see a cheap motel from street view. The sound of a sporty Zooburu sedan rolling by filled her headphones, as she watched it drive into a parking space outside the building. The shot switched to a close up of the vehicle, the driver opening the door and stepping out. It was a fox with brown fur, much different from Nick's coat of fiery red. He was dressed in a uniform, khaki pants and a blue shirt and cap, each with a logo she didn't recognize. The fox reached into the backseat of the car and pulled out a square object with a rubber package. It looked like a bag for pizza from what she could see. Watching him walk away from his car made Judy wish that Nick had asked her out for pizza instead of a fancy restaurant.

The shot transitioned to the fox in front of a room, knocking on the front door. It opened to reveal the sight of a white bunny half his height. Judy was surprised to see that she had answered the door dressed in nothing but lacy blue lingerie, leaning her paw on the door frame and staring at the fox with a sultry smile. Taking a glance at her, the fox smirked before reading the ticket in his grasp.

After listing the price of the pizza, the scantily clad rabbit plead that she didn't have enough money available to pay for what she'd ordered, and asked if there was perhaps another way to cover the cost. Listening to their exchange of dialogue, a disgusted gag escaped Judy's throat. She hadn't even made it one minute into the movie, and she'd been treated to the worst acting she'd seen in her life. It was the type of performance that made her grade school pageants look like something out of a Sheepsearian play. Watching the two enter the motel room, it was clear to Judy that the rabbit intended to pay for her pizza with her body.

Deciding that she couldn't stand another second of bad acting, she clicked ahead in the timeline of the video, skipping ahead to a point where the fox had been relieved of some of his clothing. The two were on top of the rabbit's couch, while she moved her paws along the fox's lap, toward the button on his khakis.

Looking him over, Judy was impressed at his physique. The white fur of his front side was rippled with definition, his pecs round and prominent, his abs sticking out with six clear points of muscle. His beefy arms moved across the rabbit's chest underneath him, slipping her bra down to play with her nipple. It was then that Judy realized how much more endowed the rabbit was than herself, about two cups bigger at least. Feeling a bit of frustration, Judy tried not to look at her as much as she could help, instead turning back to the fox.

She'd managed to pull the waist of his pants down his long and sturdy thighs, revealing a pair of white briefs with an intimidating bulge poking at the front. She cradled its weight with her paw for a moment, making it throb toward her. After a moment, she decided to relieve the specimen of the last layer of its confines. Just like she'd seen in the article, the prominence of his sheath was apparent, as was the pink flesh of his semi-erection. Leaning back against the arm of the chair, the fox allowed his rabbit partner to move forward, stroking the shaft with her paw, before moving her mouth down toward the tip.

Judy's head leaned forward, her chin over her keyboard. As she grew more and more captivated, her hanging ears began to twitch with life. They began to lift, tittering slightly, but growing more rigid with each passing second. In less than a minute, her ears were completely upright, standing at full attention as she watched on.

She readjusted her position, so that she was sitting on her knees in her chair. Judy's eyes locked on the sight of the fox's erection engulfed by the rabbit's mouth, lips enveloping it underneath the tip. It seemed quite a lot for her to handle, her cheeks bulging just a bit as she closed her mouth around its girth, but the model seemed unphased by its presence. Judy's incisors clung to her bottom lip. Her toes curled slightly, and her thighs squeezed together as she watched with growing interest.

A minute passed of the rabbit suckling the shaft in her mouth, before Judy noticed something at the base. A bit of movement underneath the sheath. The rabbit lifted her paw, petting his fur underneath the roundness of his sheath. A few seconds later, the shaft extended even more out of its encasement, and the bulbous knot at the base popped out.

Oh my god, there it is. Judy thought as she looked on. She lifted one paw up over her mouth in shock, while the other remained down below her desk. Her chest began to tingle, as did her lower belly, growing more and more along with her interest in their performance.

After teasing his knot for a moment, the fox leaned forward, pinning the rabbit on her back. His paws slid to the insides of her knees, and pushed against them to spread her legs apart. Judy was given a clear shot of the rabbit's vagina, her lips spread open and dripping wet. The fox crept forward, the tip of his erection drawing nearer and nearer to the opening.

Rather than enter, it hovered above the crease, leaning on the nub of the rabbit's clitoris. She let out a lusty giggle upon first contact, her whole body going rigid for a moment as she adjusted to the sensation. His rod moved back and forth along the surface, teasing her, getting ready for its grand entrance. He finally pulled back, pushing the tip of his length against the small opening. The rabbit gasped as she felt him enter her inch by inch, until the fat of his knob pushed against the breach.

No way. Judy watched on with a mix of fear and intrigue at the sight. Is it gonna fit?

Gritting his teeth, the fox pushed his hips forward. Despite Judy's expectations, the sizable mass found its way inside, albeit with a loud and wet pop. Judy let out an audible gasp at the same time the rabbit on screen moaned in lust. It took her a moment to adjust, but the model seemed to enjoy the sensation of the knot inside her, the corners of her mouth turning up even as it hung open with her moaning.

Between her own legs, Judy's paw quivered as a single digit moved up and down, pushing against the fabric of her pink panties. The base of them had gathered a bountiful amount of dampness, a result of her snatch reacting to what she was watching. Judy had thought that a fox's knot would be too much for a rabbit to handle, but the two on screen seemed to be enjoying themselves well enough. The fox kept upright on his knees, thrusting back and forth, just enough to keep himself from yanking the knot out of her. The rabbit underneath him had her head leaned back against the couch, her eyes closed as she moaned, completely lost in the sensation. Judy wasn't sure how much of it was authentic or exaggeration, but she was glad to see that they could go at it without any noticeable pain. It gave her hope that if Nick made a move on her, she'd be able to accommodate him without trouble.

Nick… NICK!

Judy's thoughts snapped out of the video and back to reality. Her eyes darted to the bottom right corner of the screen. It was five minutes til six. She needed to leave in five minutes if she wanted to catch the bus to Monte Savannah on time.

Judy rushed to click the close button on her browser. When her paw touched the mouse, she noticed the presence of something wet and sticky on the bottom. She looked down between her legs to confirm her suspicions of what the substance was. The pink of her panties had a darkened wet patch at the center, where she'd been unconsciously stroking herself while watching her dirty video. Knowing that she'd been pushed to such desire brought a rush of shame, but also of exhilaration, culminating in a powerful twinge that emanated another drop from her opening into the dampness below.

Darn it, not now! Judy mentally exclaimed, rushing to stand up from her chair. Another glance at the clock on her computer showed that she had four minutes to leave. She could feel the wetness of her lips brush up against her fur and panties as she took a step away from the computer. In times such as these, she wished that her apartment had a bathroom of her own, instead of the community toilets in the same area as the showers. Without such a luxury, she'd have to settle for the next best thing. Yanking a tissue from the box on her desk, Judy lowered her underwear down just enough to slide a paw in. She thoroughly pressed against her nethers, wiping away the fluid that clung to her. One slow and firm swipe, from the top of her labia to the bottom, stopping right before she reached the crack of her behind.

She would have liked to spend several more minutes touching up, but the clock was ticking against her. Tossing the tissue into the trash, Judy pulled her underwear up and hurried to get herself dressed. On went the slacks, the shirt, and the jacket. She hurried to the mirror to check her reflection, see that her outfit was in place and nothing unsightly was stuck on her face. Even as she stepped to grab her purse, she could still feel a bit of wetness inside of her.

Great. Gonna have to deal with that all night. Judy gritted her teeth and told herself to just deal with it. She'd have bigger things going on than a bit of discomfort between her legs, and it would dry soon enough at any rate. Fighting the urge to waddle, Judy darted out the door with her purse over her shoulder, locking the door and hurrying off toward the bus station.