The Epilogue

When Hermione had returned to England, she dutifully visited her friends. She properly 'oohed' and 'aahed' over the new addition to the Potter family and apologized profusely for not being there when Albus was born, but swore to be there when Lavender gave birth. True to her word, Hermione was there for Rose's birth. The healer was right there in the middle of things delivering the darling little red haired squalling witch.

The healer had immersed herself in her work, dedicating all of her free time to her residency and focused on becoming certified. She had it all planned out in her head, but her heart ached with loneliness. Hermione squashed any feelings of self-pity with more work and fell exhausted in her bed at night.

Alice kept her word as well. It was a mid-summer night when Alice and Jasper arrived in Heathrow. Hermione had inherited her family home when her parents were killed so she promptly made up a room for the couple to store their belongings or hide out while the sun was too bright for them to explore and hunt.

Jasper had joked that there was enough room in the house for the entire Cullen family to move in. Hermione just smiled and agreed… well, except… perhaps not Rosalie...

Eighteen months had gone by painfully slow. The only contact Hermione had had with Embry was courtesy of her computer via emails and skype. While she was grateful for technology, it wasn't the same as being in the same room… which, of course, was the point of her moving back to England.

She had missed his 18th birthday. Tiffany had insisted that Embry was to stay off his computer and celebrate with 'people who counted'. That was his mother's attempt to further put a wedge between them. Considering the shapeshifter's mother didn't know about his secret life Hermione understood Tiffany's view on their odd relationship, but she didn't have to like it.

It was Hermione's day off and she was exhausted, both mentally and physically, but she had things to do. Her pile of dirty laundry was growing and cleaning charms only went so far. The house could use a bit of spot cleaning and there were groceries to buy, blood pops to restock and she was overdue a mani/pedi. Sighing she went through her morning ministrations and donned comfortable clothes.

Her mind made a quick list of chores she needed to see done… but first, breakfast. When she passed through the living room, she absentmindedly waved her wand causing the pillows and cushions on the couch to fluff and settle back down.

The morning breakfast routine went on without a hitch: tea, eggs with bacon, toast and jam. She listened for her cousin upstairs, but heard nothing from the couple that was currently residing with her. With a flick of her wand, the pan flew to the sink and began washing itself. Hermione sat at the table with her repast and glanced around at her kitchen. It was nearly spotless, but could use a good scrub down. She suddenly felt exhausted without even having started working and bit down on her toast.

"Right," She told the empty room, "It's definitely a mani/pedi kind of day."

Her breakfast done, Hermione washed the rest of the dishes and set off to get her purse for the number to the salon. As she reached her purse in the living room, she was momentarily distracted by a stack of magazines on the credenza.

Leafing through the magazine, Hermione was soon immersed in a new source of stem cell research. True to her bookworm nature, the witch began looking for other sources that verified or disputed the claim and only stopped when her stomach growled in protest.

She stopped and stared at her middle as if in confusion and looked up at the time, noting that half the day had passed and she missed lunch… and dinner. With an exasperated sigh, Hermione wandered back into the kitchen with the intent to make herself some dinner. Only as she stared into the pantry Hermione was quickly distracted by the chocolate digestives.

Hermione plucked open the sleeve of biscuits and pulled one out. She took a nibble of the treat and hummed her appreciation. Tea and chocolate had become her source of comfort food and if she wasn't careful, she'd gain a stone in no time.

Strong arms slid around her waist causing the girl to squeal in surprise. The biscuits went flying as she twirled around and stopped abruptly at the sight before her.

He hadn't changed a bit since the last time they saw each other. His dark hair was still kept short, parted to the side and mussed just right. His brown eyes darkened as he looked her over and he smiled at her when she gasped out his name, "Embry?"

"Hey, Babe," Embry tightened his grip, edging her closer. "Miss me?"

"Yes!" Hermione's hands went around his neck and she stopped cold. His lips were inches from her own when she asked, "Embry, how did you get here?"

His grin widened, "Your cousin gives the best Christmas presents."

"Alice…" Hermione laughed and brushed her lips against his, "I was wondering where those two had disappeared to today."



"I did not fly across the world to talk about your cousin," Embry dipped his head so he could nuzzle her neck.

She immediately canted her head to give him more access. Hermione's fingers tangled in his hair when he began nibbling at her throat. The witch couldn't help the smile that came to her lips when she teased him, "No?" Embry growled deep in his chest and he nipped at her skin. Hermione gasped before asking breathlessly, "Then why did you fly across the world?"

Embry pulled his head back to look down at her. His lips brushed against hers before he nipped at her bottom lip. He smirked when she groaned. Embry waited until she stared up at him, giving the young man her full attention and said, "I've come to claim my woman."

"Hermione," Embry's voice called out from the waiting room.

"In my office," Hermione responded.

The clinic was technically closed, but the paperwork kept piling up before she realized it and the woman was determined to finish each case before she went on maternity leave. Hermione sat back in her chair when her husband leaned against the door frame. She sighed softly and rubbed at her protruding belly. Hermione smiled tiredly, "Hey."

"Gordy, Tell your mother it's time to go home," Embry prompted their son.

The three year old scampered out of his father's arms and ran to his mother, "Mummy, Daddy said we hads to come get you to make you come out of da kinic."

"The clinic."

"Uh huh, he said if we don't you will sleep here."

"Sleep where? On the floor?"

"Not da floor, silly. On da, on da…"


"Uh huh, on da sofa in da wait woom."

"The sofa isn't very comfortable for sleeping." She noted the furrow between Gordon's eyebrows and asked, "What's wrong, honey?"

"I tought you'd stay cuz you don't loves me no more, but Daddy said dat's not right cuz you loves me whole bunches."

"He's right, I do."

"Uh huh, Daddy said you work too much."

"He said that?"

"Uh huh, and Daddy said if we can get you to come out den we can go to da beach and see Grandpa Billy for storytime."

"Storytime with Grandpa Billy?" Hermione stroked Gordon's dark curly hair as her toddler attempted to hug her. "I love storytime and Grandpa Billy is the best storyteller."

"Uh huh, he's da bestest in da whole wide world," Gordon laid his head on her belly and asked, "Mummy, when is my baby sister coming out?"

"Sister?" Hermione looked up at Embry who grinned unabashedly as he finally fully entered the room to join his family, "What makes you think it's a girl?"

"Daddy said so." Gordon looked up at his mother as if it should have been the most obvious conclusion because, after all, Daddy was always right.

"Of course he did," the witch hissed when Gordon pushed away from her belly to jump up and down excitedly chanting 'can we go, can we go, can we go' repeatedly. "Yes, we can go."

Once the health clinic was closed up for the night, the Call family walked slowly down the sidewalk until it came time to cross the beach to the edge of the water. The bonfire blazed in the distance like a beacon of welcome and promise. Gordon stopped at the edge of the sand to kick off his trainers and then presented them to his father, "Here, Daddy!"

Embry crouched beside his son and grinned, "Look who's coming."

Gordon turned quickly and cheered, "Unca Sef!"

"Hey, squirt." Seth crouched and allowed Gordon to bowl him over. The pair began playfully wrestling in the sand as the three year old could be heard squealing and giggling.

Embry took the opportunity to ease Hermione's feet, one at a time, out of her slip on shoes. He then stuffed all footwear (including his own) into his small carry all bag that Hermione eventually created for each pack member. The bags had magically expanding leather cords and the entire thing magically melded with the fur of the individual wolf as Bella had suggested years ago.

Seth came over to the couple and gave Hermione an awkward half hug while still holding the toddler. She tickled the little boy as she returned her friend's greeting. "Be good for Seth, Gordy."


"See you at the fire." Seth tossed the toddler onto his shoulder fireman style and jogged away.

"Think he'll ever grow up?" Hermione asked.

"Nope," Embry held his wife's hand as they made their way to the bonfire.

As he did every time Hermione came near, Billy held out his hand to his adopted daughter. The witch went to him without hesitation and gave him a kiss on the top of his head. She sat in the chair that Embry quickly brought over to her and smiled her gratitude to him before he wandered off. Billy gave her hand a squeeze, "How's my granddaughter treating you?"

"Like her personal playground."

Billy smiled and placed a hand on her belly, "Listen here, Ayasha. You behave in there or I won't bounce you on my knee and tell you stories."

Hermione laughed as her daughter's hand pressed hard against Billy's from the inside of her belly as if she were trying to reach out to her grandfather.

Embry came back a few minutes later with drinks and edged her forward in order to slip into the chair behind her. Hermione relaxed against her husband once he was settled. Collin, who was still the youngest in the pack, came with an ice chest in order to elevate Hermione's feet. Hermione looked at the gathered faces sighing contently.

Those gathered around for story time were the original pack of ten wolves, their mates and offspring as well as the Elders. The only one missing was Jacob who was traveling with the Cullen family or more accurately his imprintee. Even Charlie had joined the bonfire that evening and sat in a chair beside Sue.

Peace had settled into La Push once again. While the legends continued to be told to each new generation, the need for the pack calmed as the cold ones left the area. Hermione sighed contently as Embry rubbed her stomach.

Billy looked around the gathered audience and told the tale of their forefathers, "Generations ago the tribe settled in La Push and became fishermen and shipbuilders…"

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