Parts part one

"You never get distracted," Tony said with indifference. It had been two months since Rhodey's accident and Tony couldn't get over it. It has been two months since the falling out of the Avengers - two months since he last saw the ex-Avengers. Steve and the others were in hiding and there was no lead to where the hideout was.

"We've already discussed this," Vision said firmly. Vision wasn't frustrated at all, none the least, but he was concerned. He was concerned with how Mr. Stark saw him. "Hundreds of times," he exhaled. "I feel bad as it is -

"I know," Tony chimed quickly, his eyes flickering rapidly. "But I'm still amazed that you did."

Vision became quiet.

"It's alright," he assured. He began to pace around Vision, his eyes looking back and forth at every object in the room. "I'm just curious that's all. There's so much that we don't know about you and the way you work."

"Where are you going with this?"

Tony stopped in place and smirked at him. "You like Wanda."

Vision blinked. "Excuse me sir?

"You like Wanda," he mouthed slowly with a cheeky grin.

Vision opened his mouth but paused for a moment. "I don't think that's possible," Vision said without any hesitation.

Tony rolled his eyes and smiled smugly to himself. "I didn't think it was possible either but the evidence is piling up," he exhaled deeply for a dramatic moment. He locked his eyes on Vision. "You're very protective her - very close to her - you've been moping around ever since she's been gone."

"It doesn't mean that I have feelings for her."

"Except you do."

Vision frowned and bit his lip. "I only care for her," he emphasized, keeping his stance firm. "Nothing more."

Tony rolled his eyes again.

"I'm not fully human," Vision began. "I'm not capable of feelings-

"It seems that you're more human than you think."

"I'm not going to do anything with my feelings," Vision announced the next day. Tony was in the lab, fixing his Iron Man suit. "I'm better off this way," he blinked slowly. He shouldn't be feeling remorse but he does. He misses Wanda, misses her more with each passing day.

"Good choice. After all, she's not the most stable and she's a fugitive," Tony said absentmindedly. He was barely paying attention to Vision, too absorbed with the broken parts of his metal suit.

"She's human," Vision added lowly, attempting to convince himself. "And I'm... I really don't know what I am really."

"You're a creation. A miracle of science."

Vision chuckled softly. "I'm quite aware." He blinked several times and looked around the lab. All he could see was remnants of Wanda. He remembers it her following him around the lab - or rather him following her. Vision naturally gravitated towards Wanda. He was her Vis, her friend. He always protected her even though she didn't need it. His eyes lowered and he frowned.

"There's other things out there," Tony said out loud, sensing the growing sadness in Vision. "Or people too," he shrugged his head from side to side and he hummed while tightening a piece. "It doesn't matter to me, you do you." There was a bit of sarcasm in his voice. What Tony meant was go after anyone or anything that wasn't Wanda. Vision was already a mystery as it is and he shouldn't be going after someone that was a mystery too. In fact, Vision shouldn't be romantically involved with anyone until Tony knew completely how Vision worked.

Vision shrugged but forced himself to nod. "Yeah I suppose you're right. Besides most likely things wouldn't work out between Wanda and I," he laughed to himself. "In that situation, I'm not even sure if the parts would fit." Vision couldn't help but to be frank.

Tony looked up from his work and eyed him. "Parts?" he raised his eyebrow.

Vision gave him an obvious look. "You," he said awkwardly, moving his head side to side.

Tony dropped his tools and quickly ran his hand through his hair. "Oh," he paused with widened eyes. "Yeah-yeah, it's um, probably better if we leave that unanswered," his voice went hoarse. He was extremely uncomfortable, embarrassed even and to make it worse, Vision was unaffected. Vision was just standing there, waiting for a response from him. Tony started to pace around the room, deliberately avoiding eye contact with Vision. "I - um, didn't know you think things like that - WOW that's an image I can't shake off," he muttered to himself.

Vision shrugged.

"How-how, um often do you think about thing?" his voice involuntarily went high.

"A few days after I was born -Is there anything wrong?" Vision blinked and examined Tony. Tony was acting more scatter brained than usual.

"No - no," he forced a laugh. "You're still young - you're not even -you're only -do I need to give you the talk or something?"

"No, I'm quite aware," he chuckled to himself.

"Good, then let's not talk about this anymore today or ever."

In the middle of the night, Vision leaves his room. He plans to come back before Mr. Stark wakes up - he just had to see her.

He doesn't know where she is but he's going to find her.