Brockton Bay was a lively place at night, even more so during the weekend. Even with the gang issues that plagued the city, people who just got off work would be looking to have a fun time, spend some money, and shake off the cobwebs for the work week.

It was because of these potential customers that most of the bars, clubs, and restaurants stayed open just a little bit later, much to the chagrin of their respective employees. There was money to be made after all.

However, the woman walking with her daughter was nowhere near the crowds in the city proper.

She was wandering the docks, the one section of town that every local avoided like the plague no matter what time of day it was. And it was clear to anyone with eyes that she wasn't a local.

The woman's hair was a sandy brown styled in a hime cut that was just long enough to fall below her shoulders, leaving her bangs to end somewhere close to her chin.

Her skin was fair and her face was just on the right side of pretty without being "hot" and that was leaving out the fact, her clothing, while plain, screamed 'I have money.' A long, black, double-breasted, country-styled gown, combined with what appeared to be a long red skirt, a white dress shirt, ending in a cravat with some yellow symbol stitched onto it tied around her neck.

Her daughter was even more of an oddity, while she had her mother's hair and face(albeit slightly rounder with baby fat) her clothing, a mishmash wouldn't look out of place on a cape costume, certainly drew eyes.

Around her legs, a black skirt with a pink stripe at the bottom and a lacey slip underneath. Going up was a on a pale pink long-sleeve button down shirt, with frills of the same color on the shoulders and the collar.

Over this, was a dark, sort of navy blue corset, of which, on the girl's left side, had the same crest on her mother's cravat in gold yellow at the top, and red ribbon lacing up the front.

In short, what happened next would've been only a matter of time.

Just as the pair passed an alley, there was a quick flurry of movement and two figures stepped in front of her.

A hard cold object was pressed into the small of her back, right above the spine. The tell-tale click of a gun cocking.

"Don't move, bitch." A voice quietly demanded. "Don't turn around."

The attacker's voice was unmistakably male but it was extremely rough, gravely, and dry as if he hadn't drank anything for days. Most likely a side effect of drugs as this was merchant's territory.

"Money. Now. You scream, I shoot the girl first." The man warned.

The woman didn't scream but it wasn't because she was doing as her attacker said. Instead, she breathed a long suffering sigh and reached into her purse crooked in her arm. None of the men surrounding her had a chance to react as she pulled out something that was far too large considering the size of the bag. None of them registered what it until it was too late. The woman spun on her heel, delivering a vicious back kick to the groin of the man behind her before cocking the shortened winchester and firing at the man on the left. Even in the dim light of the docks it wasn't a hard shot to make. The space separating the two of them wasn't even a full yard. Practically a point blank shot later and the man went down like he was clotheslined.

With a cocking of the lever action, she fired into the second man, who only had time to see his partner go down before he too was dropped.

Then she turned to the man behind her, and despite his pleas to be spared and something about having a family, she pressed the barrel to his forehead and finished her work.

With not a hair out of place on her daughter or herself, the woman put the gun back into her bag and, taking her daughter's hand, continued their journey.

In five minutes they reached a dilapidated apartment complex, one of many that lined the docks and entered. Only instead of the inside of a ruined apartment building, the door lead to a opulently decorated hallway that was extremely out of place in building of such disrepair. As she closed the door behind her, the place she was now in was sealed away from the rest of the world.

The woman also knew that person tailing her, since the attempted mugging would no longer be able to follow. She would have take care of it before now, if she hadn't been under strict orders by her mistress, and her observer hadn't interfered like those men had.

"Uuuu~. Mama, now that we're home can I go play with the bunnies?"

She gave her daughter a smile. "Go ahead, as long as they aren't busy." The latter part of her answer had been added as an afterthought but it was doubtful that her daughter heard her as she took off down the hallway as fast as her little legs could carry her.

She a light shake of her head she made her way down the hall until she reached a door which opened as she approached. Not even breaking her stride, she entered and sat down at the table in the middle of the small room. Across the table was her mistress in her usual dress, who had a tea cup rising to her lips.

She waited for her to finish her sip before reaching into her bag and pulling out a file that was nearly half an inch thick and sliding it across the table. "I have collected the documents required for leasing the property as well as applying for the business licenses under mine and Eva's name."

The blonde woman set down the cup and with a wave of the pipe in her other hand, the file rose into the air and began to flip through the pages. After a minute of review, she smiled and sat the file down next to her tea. "Very good, Rosa." She said, voice ringing like the sweetest bell. "I trust there were no issues with acquiring the paperwork?"

"None, Lady Beatrice. Only, on the return trip."

Her mistress raised an eyebrow. "Oh?"

Rosa nodded. "My daughter and I were accosted two blocks away by three men I believe to be Merchants or associated with them. I took care of them."

"Very good. No witnesses?"

"Only one. Observed me from a distance during the attack yet didn't interfere before or after the event. I suspect a cape but not one affiliated with the PRT or Protectorate. Yet I can't confirm."

The smile on her mistress's' face faded and was replaced by an unreadable expression. "Alright. Thank you for your work. Speak to Eva about your next assignment."

Rosa stood and with a polite bow left the room to do just that.