Laying her head on her desk, Hinata looked out the window to her side, watching the sun rise. People say when you're happy you see the beauty around you've never paid attention to before. But for Hinata, she could see it right now, even when she was sad, confused or distressed. How beautiful it looked, lighting up the sky and everything else. And how big it was, yet irrelevant to her current situation.

It was early in the morning, earlier than the time she usually arrived at school. But she decided it was the best time to get there especially considering all the issues she would have to deal with. Like Ino, the other day after detention, she rushed home without so much as a word to the blonde. She was so tired that day, it would be too much to talk with her again. So, she said her goodbyes to Naruto and departed.

And she was sure, he wasn't so sad to see her go, he had Sasuke to hang out with too now. Which made her feel...well, a bit unsettled? No, it was something else. She couldn't say what, though.

Still, that Uchiha Sasuke...What would she do about him? He clearly wasn't fond of her, but he seemed to get along with Naruto rather well. And Naruto liked him. There was no way she was getting in between that. So, she should just learn to get along with him, right?

Then again, it kind of felt like Uchiha came between them! They were no longer Hinata and Naruto! They were now Hinata, Naruto, and Sasuke. No longer a party of two but three. And not to be bias or anything, but she liked the sound of Hinata and Naruto better.

Groaning, Hinata lifted her head and banged it against the wood surface of her desk, and immediately regretted it. "Ahh." She whined and brought her hand up to rub her aching.

When she looked ahead of her, she froze, her eyes meeting blue. Across from her, sat Naruto, watching her curiously. A heartbeat skipped before she straightened herself and pushed her hair behind her shoulder."N-Naruto, when d-did ou get here?" She asked. The girl couldn't have seen him come in, she was looking the opposite way, but she should have at least heard him, right?

"A few minutes ago." He smiled at her generously."you didn't notice me."

Seeing him smile, made her smile, her mood lifted."You should have said something."

"I would have, but you looked like you were thinking about something deeply." He shrugged a shoulder and laid his chin in the palm of his hand as he continued to watch her. "So, how could interrupt."

"Aren't you thoughtful."

Naruto smirked playfully,"Of course. I've been called the most thoughtful person, by this one girl."

Hinata frowned slightly. What girl? Did he have moe friends she didn't know about? "What-" She began but was cut off by the way he was looking at her. His eyes were full of amusement. And then it dawned on her."Aha!" She laughed."Me? Ah, I did say that, didn't I?" A shy smile graced her lips.

"Yep. When you said that, it made my heart flutter." Naruto told her casually.

Hinata blinked her eyes, unsure whether he was serious or not. Nonetheless, something in her stirred at his words."Oh, wow, you really are a flirt ,huh?"

Naruto sighed."I suppose so."

The Hyuga giggled and shook her head at him."So, what are you doing here so early?"

"Because I knew you'd be here so early," Naruto answered, and put down his hands, touching his stomach, or what she thought was his stomach, she really couldn't tell because the back of his chair was blocking her view. But he was wearing a slightly distracted face.

"How'd you know that?" She asked, genuinely curious. It wasn't as she had told him, he was too busy with Uchiha.

Naruto looked back to her, once again focused."Yesterday, you went to school earlier than usual to avoid trouble. But you ended up getting right in the center of it." He smirked."So, I figured you'd come even earlier than last time. You know, because you still have issues to solve and all."

"You're right." Hinata sighed, feeling down at the mention of the mess she would have to work through. Though, she didn't dare tell him that one of the problems was Sasuke."I know I can't avoid it or hide from it. We promised to be brave, but I don't want to deal with it immediately."

"Ahh, the life of a beautiful, smart, and popular high school girl must be tough, huh?" Naruto mocked, making a sad , sympathetic face.

Hinata giggled again, her spirits soaring back up again.

Naruto grinned, seeing her happy again."Well, I'll know what it'll be like to be that popular soon enough, eh?"

She nodded her head eagerly."Of course you well. I gave you my word after all."

"I know." He then wiggled a little, looking uncomfortable.

Hinata furrowed her eyebrows, gave him a concerned look."Are you okay?" She inquired, ready to help him at any moment.

"Yeah." He assured her with a smile."It's just, well, the thing is. Hinata, remember when I was sick?"

"How could I? You nearly scared me half to death."

"Yeah, well, when you visited me, I told you the reason I got sick was because I got distracted out in the rain."

Hinata blinked."And you told me you'd show me what it was later."

"Yes! And that's it, I brou-"

The door slid open, interrupting Naruto. And of course, of course! Sasuke walked inside, carrying his bag. And just like that, her good mood plummeted again. Well, she supposed it wasn't that bad.


It was cute to see Naruto excited and all, but still... The Uchiha looked at Naruto and gave a little wave before he noticed Hinata, and then, of course, she received a subtle yet quick glare. Hinata wasn't sure what to do when he did that. So, she kept a blank face.

He approached them and turned to Naruto, completely ignoring Hinata's existence. "Arent you in the wrong seat, Naruto."

"Oh, you're right." He chuckled sheepishly, and stood up, holding his stomach, which stuck out more than usual. He took careful steps to his seat, behind Hinata. Uchiha looked satisfied and then went t his seat in the very front and set his bag on the hook underneath his desk.

"I'm glad you're, I was about to show Hinata, and that you're here. I can show you both at the same time!" Naruto chatted very energetically.

"Show us what?" Hinata asked, very curious. Uchiha as well, looked very curious, even walking over to get a better look at whatever it was that

Naruto waved his hand in front of Hinata's face and spoke,"Watch and be amazed." He whispered mysteriously. And then he began to lift his vest.

Though, before he could even pull it half way up, Hinata interrupted, quickly jumping from his seat. Her actions started Naruto and Uchiha both. "Wha-what are you doing?!" She sputtered, demanding an answer. Her heart was palpitating and her breathing shallowed. But more obviously, she was flustered.

They both gave her a confused look, but Naruto caught on first."Ah."

"She is right, though, what are you doing getting undressed so suddenly?" Sasuke inquired first.

"I'm sorry, really." Naruto apologized sincerely. His apology was more directed at Hinata, knowing her condition."It was stupid of me to just do that without warning. I wasn't thinking."

Hinata clutched the sides of her skirt tightly, trying to calm herself down. But she was so much more aware of that fact that she was in a room alone with two boys. It frightened her, but she closed her eyes and forced herself to think, ignoring her body's reaction.

The first thing she concluded by her heart first was that Naruto would never hurt her. And then her brain came to realized this, and once that happened, she was able to stabilize herself more.

But, to be more comfortable, he moved closer to Naruto, away from Uchiha. Her body at least knew that it could trust Naruto, but she herself was still unsure of Sasuke. "You can't just randomly do that."

"I know, and I'm sorry." He apologized again and began lifting his vest again."It's just that I have underneath-"

The door slid open once again and Naruto quickly forced down his vest."Now, what is it!" He whined, looking toward the entrance along with Hinata and Uchiha.

It was none other than Yamanaka Ino. Hinata sighed, she knew she was going to have to deal with this problem sooner or later. She was just hoping it would be later.

The girl stared at Hinata, almost glaring. Her eyes did wonder to Sasuke and Naruto once. She stared harder at Naruto the most. She sighed and crossed her arms over her chest and her eyes then landed back on the Hyuga.

"We need to talk. Don't worry, it'll be quick." Ino said, wearing a straight face.

Naruto stood up from his seat."If you have something to say. Say it here." He demanded, speaking for Hinata.

Ino rolled her eyes and her straight face turned into a frown.

"It's okay, Naruto." Hinata smiled at him reassuringly. She knew she'd have to talk with Ino, and she was sure the long haired pale blonde wouldn't abuse her. At least no physically.

Naruto looked to Hinta."But...Alright." He still appeared a little worried."Don't take to long."

"Sure." Hinata nodded and followed her out into the hallway. They didn't stop there, they continued away from te classroom. Hinata guessed so no one would eavesdrop on them, Naruto in particular.

They continued on their way until the reached the stairway, they stopped in front of them. Hinata watched as Ino's shoulders moved up then down by her loud and dragged out sigh. Slowly, she turned her back away from Hinata and faced her. This was their moment to 'talk'. The only thing was...Hinata didn't know how to start or what to say? All that fire she had the other day seemed to burn out. Now, things seemed awkward more than anything.

And anyway, she didn't want to fight with Ino. She just wanted things to be cleared up between them so she wouldn't get attack or so without expecting it. She also wantedIno to she wouldn't stand her treatment of others anymore.

Ah,and there you have it. She now knew what to say and how to start. But of course, Ino beat her to the punch and spoke first.

"So, I take what happen yesterday was more than just a silly little outburst?" Ino asked looking a bit agitated, though she asked she knew the answer already. She just wanted to confirm it.

And confirm it Hinata did. The Hyuga nodded her head. "Yeah. We did fight pretty viciously and all..." She said feeling awkward once again.

Ino nodded her head once."And what does that mean?"

"W-what do you think it means?" Hinata inquired, genuinely curious what the blonde girl thought.

"That we're no longer friends, or whatever we were in the first place," Ino said.

Hinata pinched her lips and felt suddenly a bit sad. Sure, Ino wasn't a nice person and she wasn't too close with Sakura and her. But those two were the people she felt the most comfortable with, or as comfortable as she could get, in the school. When she first started attending this school, Ino pulled her under her wing and protected her. And Sakura made her feel more at ease. They weren't friends, hiding secrets from one another, but they were something.

It was ironic in a way. Sakura and Ino were her shields because she was weak,but now she was getting stronger and even became a shield for someone else.

Ino sighed, seeing how Hinata was silent she was right. "I always had a feeling something like this might happen. You were always the nice one and all..."

"I can't just sit back and watch you torment others anymore. It's wrong." She replied."I was nice because I thought it would make up for ignoring their pain." It was best, to be honest and straightforward with her.

Ino scoffed."So, what? Are you trying to be a hero now? You have to be even more loved than you already are?"

"It's not like that. I just want to stop being so afraid all the time and having to hide." She shrugged her shoulders."I want to live honestly."

"Sure." Ino rolled her eyes."And fine. Do what you want. But, I do have one last question for you, then we can go our separate ways or whatever."

Hinata blinked."What could that be?"

"Why Naruto?" Ino questioned, seriously looking for an answer.


"Did you not hear the rumors about him? They're not only rumors."

Hinata clenched her fist at her sides becoming increasingly frustrated with Ino. Those two sentences were enough to fire her up. She knew where Ino was going with this. Did she always have to be this way? Picking at other people?

If Ino had said this to Hinata before she started to talk to Naruto, the Hyuga would have doubted her decision. But Hinata was more confident not only in Naruto but in herself now. Though she had a long way to go before she became completely confident, she still had enough to tell Ino off.

"Oh? You mean those rumors you spread?" She bit.

Ino looked a little frightened by her sassy reply, but it was only because she still wasn't used to this side of Hinata. She quickly recovered and responded."Not all of the were told by me. And anyway, they're true. Where do you think I got them from? Not out of thin air, they're too horrible to be invented."

Hinata huffed,"Then what about the one about him being an ugly beast? Because if I recall he's the exact opposite of ugly. He's beautiful!"

Ino was taken aback once again by Hinata's sudden outburst. She gazed at Hinata almost glaring."Hmm..." She pondered. "Fine."

Hinata actually smiled a little at that. At least the blonde bully was acknowledging the truth of that instead of denying it in a ridiculous way like yesterday.

"But, it wasn't too untrue. He was a little beastly."


"The whiskers, Hinata." Ino answered."And that was just one rumor out of a few others."

"They're not true." Hinata stood firmly.

Ino squinted her eyes."Did he say so? Did you ask him?"

"I did! And he said-" She paused mid-sentence as the memory came to her mind.

"I-I suppose they do have some truth to them.."

"I don't believe them. She said instead." And tried to sound just as firm as she was before.

Ino smirked, seeing right through her. "I knew it. The mid wasn't kicked out of school for no reason."

"He wasn't kicked out of school." Hinata defended. Last time the girl claimed he was held back.

"Whatever, he didn't go to school for a whole year and I'm sure there's a reason for it." Ino's smirk grew."He's dangerous. Be careful, Hyuga-Princess." And with those last words she walked past her, she suspected back to tier classroom.

She left Hinata feeling more than frustrated. How could that girl get her so riled up and leave her in a sour mood? It was just so-so, ugh! And she couldn't even think of anything to say back. But, whatever at least she was done with her.

Hinata sighed, trying to calm herself down, and turned to walk back when she stopped, seeing a familiar face. Sakura. The pinkette was standing on the stairs, looking a bit lost in thought as she stared at Hinata. But she snapped out of as soon as she noticed that Hinata had caught her.

She smiled sadly and walked up the rest of the steps. "Hey, good morning." She said, nervously.

Hinata was caught off guard, she was not expecting such a friendly greeting after her argument with Ino."Goodmorning." She answered back and smiled slightly.

"So, um.." Sakura started, and shifted her eyes."I guess this means." She sighed heavily and looked back at Hinata."I guess this means you and Ino aren't friends anymore."

Hinata nodded her head and answered kindly. "To be honest, we never really were. It was all just an act."She may have disliked Ino, but she really didn't dislike Sakura. The only thing that annoyed her about the pinkette was the girl's undying loyalty to the Yamanaka, which was just her kissing up to Ino.

"I just thought that you two were not in your right minds. That-that if you just talked everything would work out." She sighed."Even still, for me, it wasn't like that. I truly thought of you and Ino as my closest friends."

Hinata didn't know what to say, Sakura just looked so deflated. And he had no idea the girl thought that way. It made her feel guilt."I'm sorry.."

"No, you don't have to be." she shook her head."If I'm, to be honest, I do understand you and your reasonings...I suppose."


"We should get to class, some other students are coming in now." She hurriedly said and ran down the halls calling Ino's name.

Hinata sighed and watched her go. Now she was no longer angry but felt lonely. Was it just her who felt that way? She didn't know. But the thought of Naruto reassured herself. she made the right decision. And she wasn't alone, she had Naruto now. She didn't have to hide her relationship with him anymore. And they could have tons of fun together.

The thought of that made her brighten instantly. It was almost scary really. Just one thought of the goofy guy made her happy. She chuckled to herself. And smiled. Yes, that was right she had him now.

And Sasuke. A tiny voice in her head reminded her.

Oh yes,Sasuke, another problem she had to deal with. Though, he was Naruto's friend so she knew she couldn't handle it, right?

It made her think she needed to make more friends herself.

~ . ~

The thing Naruto wanted to show Hinata and Sasuke was a surprise indeed. Especially the way he presented it. In fact, it was a surprise to everyone in their homeroom. It all happened unexpectedly. It happened during class.

Hinata was trying to pay attention to Mr. Hatake as he spoke about-about...something! She wasn't really listening at all. Yes, she had a lot less on her mind since her talk with Ino. But she still had to deal with Uchiha Sasuke. Of course, she wanted to get along with him for Naruto's sake. But obviously, the feeling wasn't mutual. He only ever sent glares at her.

What could you do with a guy like that! Why did he even dislike her so much? Well, she supposed she did beat him up, but it wasn't severe or anything. She would have to apologize and then maybe they could get off to a better start.

As she stared at the oblivious Uchiha's back, thinking this, she heard a grunt behind her. Slowly, but subtly she turned her head to look at Naruto. He was shifting in his seat uncomfortably, and he looked rather impatient. Even gained a look or two from Ino and Sakura.

Was he okay? He had been like that for a while now. Are you okay? She mouthed. And as a reply, he simply nodded his head as he shifted again. He didn't look okay.

And then she began to turn away when she heard him snickering. That was enough for her to continue staring. He quickly clapped a hand over his mouth to suppress his snickers from getting any louder. It was not only weirding Hinata out but the others around them, that were becoming more aware of him.

She opened her own mouth to shush him, but she was too late. Before she knew it, he dropped his hand burst out laughing. And now he had received the whole classrooms attention.

Lucky for him, it was a quick laugh and he immediately realized his mistake because he quickly went quiet. "Ahem." he coughed, sitting in his seat awkwardly.

Hinata herself was embarrassed for him.

"Tell me, Namikaze Naruto, class representative. Whatever did you find so funny to disrupt class?" Mr. Hatake asked, tilting his head slightly. He, himself, looked quite amused, but obviously ready to dish out a punishment.

Naruto looked to Hinata then to Sasuke before looking to their teacher."You see, teacher." He began and as he did so the corners of his mouth started to twitch into a smile."the thing is...the thing is." he started to crack and before they knew it he was laughing again.


Hinata facepalmed.

Sasuke sighed.

"I'm sorry!"He laughed."I-it's not laughed some more."Really."

Hinata stared at him incredulously, and then she noticed something about Naruto. His shirt. Something in his shirt was moving. And quite frankly, it freaked her out."N-Naruto? Wh-what is that?" She pointed.

She didn't have to ask twice. Because the something in his shirt decided to come out - or more lie burst out through his neck hole.

Staring back at Hinata's lavender eyes was the beady eyes of an orangish fennec fox cub. It stared, she stared back. And then it's ears twitched.

Something like this, yes, it was definitely a Naruto thing to do.

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