As Hayley honed in her skills over the course of her growing up, Jeremy was very proud, and shocked how she had progressed so fast, faster than anyone else he has taught. And she was stronger and faster than anyone in the pack. But he also knew this would be like a beacon to attract Malcolm, he probably thought he killed the entire family but if he found out that the child had lived, who knows what he would do. Jeremy was sitting in his room, contemplating this while the others were messing around outside.

The sun was high in the air, a nice breeze blowing. Hayley and Elena were chasing each other around and playing. The guys were trying to see who was strongest as usual. It was a calm day. Once they tired themselves out, they all went back into the house, chatting and having a good time. Hayley was the first to realize Jeremy wasn't with them so she slipped out of the group and went up to Jeremy's room. She slipped in and saw him dozed off in his chair. She smiled at this and walked over, not making a sound. She picked up the blanket from his bed and gently placed it over him. She loved seeing him like this, when he was asleep, he never seemd so worried or serious. He just seemed, calm. At peace. She didn't understand why he was always so worried about her. Maybe one day he would tell her. But for now, she enjoyed seeing him sleep so peacefully.

She slipped out of the room, going in to hers. The rest of the pack had their fun and went to bed for the night. Hayley got ready for the night, braiding her hair. She slipped into bed after cleaning up and dressing into her usual pajamas. A t shirt and shorts. After settling into the bed, she soon fell alseep. Morning was soon to rise.

As the morning came, Hayley was the first to wake up. Jeremy was soon after. They both walked into the kitchen and greeted each other. "Sleep well in your chair?" Hayley asked, snickering as she poured herself as well as him a cup of coffee. He gratefully took it and chuckled. "Yeah, I slept amazingly. Thanks for the blanket." He said, sitting down at the table. Hayley sooned followed and sat next to him. "So, why are you so worried about me if I'm excelling so much like you've said? If I'm the strongest and fastest then why do you protect me as if I'm some runt?" She blurted it out, not holding back on what she truly felt. Jeremy simply sighed, rubbing his face for a second before replying. "Yeah, you are. You are something amazing. You are literally one of a kind. But that's what makes you like a bright light that attract the wrong moths." he stopped for a second, thinking of how to express his concerns but not tell her about Malcolm. He didn't want to open that can of worms yet. "There are bad people out there that would love to do horrible things to unique people like you. You shouldn't even be a thing but you are." He explained. She simply scoffed and shook her head.

After a few minutes and finishing her coffee, Hayley spoke up again. "So, just because I'm unique by being a second female wolf, it makes me such a target to some bad people. If I'm so strong like you say and fast, then why don't I just take them down? I can do it. Just let me go out in the city alone for ONE day I promise I will return just fi-" Jeremy quickly cut her off with a stern tone. "No, Hayley. I can't. And it isn't that I don't trust you, I don't trust them. You are underestimating the people and what they could do to you. You aren't leaving this house without someone." He said in a tone that meant he wasn't going to negociate. He then left the room. She clenched her cup and gritted her teeth. "I am not staying here like a child." She murmered to herself before getting up and going up to her room, passing Jeremy by without a word.

She waited a few minutes to make sure Jeremy had believed her, and waited for him to get to talking with the others. Hayley opened up her window, quietly stepping out onto the small roof stepping. Closing the window, she hopped off the roof to the ground, landing on her feet. She brushed herself off, and began making her way towards the gates of Stonehaven. As she reached the gate, she was a little hesitant about leaving. But she couldn't turn back now. She slid through the gate and made her way towards one of the cars that parked next to the gate. She chose Jeremy's since she had stolen his keys passing by him without noticing. She ignited the engine and drove off towards the city.