Hi everyone,

I am only updating to let you all know that this story will not be continued. I felt the need to let you know as so many new people are still starting to folllow 'shackles' and I feel the need to let any potential new readers know that the end of the story is reached.

I apologize for not finishing this (and for the update notification you all are gonna get)- I moved on from Zootopia almost a year ago and simply cannot see myself getting back into this story enough to completeit. My ideas and intentions for the plot have vanished from my mind, and there is little to no connection left to the characters. If I was to ever attempt this again, it would not be to the same authentity as the previous chapters.

It's really amazing to see how many people enjoyed this story and are still interested in its progression. I was glad for every favourite, review or follower, of course, and I do feel bad for disappointing anyone. Thank you for reading so far and for enjoying this story.