Gaara had spent much of her life living with Shukaku constantly trying to get her to do the unspeakable. Kill that guy, crush that woman, pulverize those puppies, the list of his demands were numerous.

The newest parasitic being to take up residence within her mind was much more demanding; Chocolate Cake, Raspberries, and a few times -to her loving husband's utter delight- ramen. And like the creature before it, her growing child refused to let her get any sleep.

And yet her beloved Teddy Bear was snoring away peacefully while his spawn was apparently in the middle of a spar with her organs. Also, she wanted something sweet, and cold, no wait hot, she wanted hot fudge ice cream. "Naruto."

The blonde future Hokage, savior of the lands snored oh so slightly irregularly at that.

Gaara couldn't see his face this time. It had grown awkward to lay facing Naruto. But being spooned by him wasn't bad either. Though his hands often wandered to one of her breasts while the other fondled her swollen stomach, not that she could blame him both of those areas had gotten huge. Her stomach was roughly the size of a ramen bowl. A large one.

"Naruto," Gaara said once again, this time, she grabbed his hand that was groping her breast. She attempted to pull it away but her sleeping husband's hand practically snapped back into place. She vaguely wondered if Sakura and Tsunade had snuck some of Jiraiya's DNA into Naruto's synthetic limb.

This time, Naruto awoke, and with a jaw stretching yawn, snuggled back into the nape of Gaara's neck just below her long red braid. "Whazit Gaara?"

Gaara froze. Not because of Naruto's awakening nor because of the tightness of his grip on her breast. No, her darling unborn child was deciding that now was a good time to come out into the world. The bed was wet. It also still wanted the ice cream.

"Gaara?" Naruto asked slightly more awake now. He lazily rubbed out the crust from his eyes. "You okay?"

Gaara sat up suddenly; her muscles were contracting. "Go get Sakura."

"Huh?" Naruto asked, a growing sense of panic counteracting Gaara's natural calm tone. "She's all the way in Konoha though."

Gaara sighed and choose to forgive her husband for being an Idiot. Sakura had insisted that she stay with them in Suna until the baby was born. That was over a week ago. "Naruto, the baby is coming. Go get Sakura."

"The baby is coming?" Naruto repeated. Gaara watched his blue eyes blink at that. And then widen considerably. "The baby is coming! Holy Shit!" Naruto shouted as the statement woke him up like a cold shower in the morning.

"Go get Sakura," Gaara repeated while Naruto stood up and began to panic.

"What do I do?!" Naruto asked in a panic. He was out of the bed in a second, attempting to help Gaara up. "Wait no you should lay down right?"

"Get Sak-"

"Oh wait I know! I should go get Sakura! She's here right okay! You stay right here and don't panic okay, panicking is not going to help. Oh, wait! We're supposed to do those breathing exercises right?! Okay wait, breath with me in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out. Wait! What am I doing? I need to go get Sakura! Okay, I love you! Both of you don't panic, Sakura's awesome at this! Hold on I'll be right back!"

Gaara was just befuddled.

She watched Naruto run around the room twice before he finally left. Sakura wasn't that far but she wondered if she should have made Naruto wear more clothes other than his froggy boxer shorts. Gazing at her protruding stomach, she felt a kick. Her natural response was to poke back. "You better not inherit your father's motor-mouth."

The child didn't respond. Gaara took this as a good sign.

"Sakura-chan!" Gaara heard her incredibly loud husband's voice echo throughout the halls of her home. An impressive feat considering that sound didn't bounce well over hardened Sand.

"W…What?!" Sakura's voice carried just as far. "Gah! Naruto what the hell are you doing!? Puts some pants on!"

Naruto sounded curious. "Why are you naked?!"

Gaara had to remind herself that she loved Naruto dearly. She also had to remind herself that she was the one to make him impregnate her.

"It's hot in Suna you idiot! Now get out of my room!"

"Wait! Oh, yea! The baby's coming!"

There was a long silent pause. Gaara vaguely wondered if Sakura had killed her husband. Given the current state of things, she wouldn't be too terribly upset until she tried to sleep again. Her eyes once again drifted towards her round stomach. "Maybe you'll be a good substitute?"

"The baby's coming?!" That one was Sakura's as there was a sudden slamming noise. "You idiot! Why didn't you say so sooner?!"

Gaara was once again happy that she had convinced Naruto that Shikamaru and Temari would be much better godparents than Sakura and Sasuke. These feelings were compounded when Sakura came barging in wearing nothing but a bathrobe.

Sakura herself was also three months pregnant, still a long time till her due date, so she wasn't exactly showing.

Throughout the entire birthing procedure, it was Gaara that remained calm. Even the very experienced Sakura who had overseen the births of more children than Gaara would ever care to hear was in a panic. Gaara blamed Sakura's pregnant state and more or less missing husband.

It was Gaara that told them that she should be in the tub. It was Gaara who kept track of her contractions, their regularity was something she found a brief bit of enjoyment in. It was Gaara who reminded Sakura that she was the midwife. It was Naruto that squeezed Gaara's hand.

Gaara had decided to do a home birth. The reasons were rather simple; she was good friends with the best medical ninja, she was having a healthy pregnancy, she wanted to freely be able to snuggle with her teddy bear, and lastly, somewhere along the line, she obtained Naruto's disdain for hospitals.

The birth was ended with a Plop.

Thirty-two minutes, sixteen seconds since her water broke.

"Wow," Sakura said loudly. She was quick to cut the umbilical cord with a chakra scalpel. "That has to be the easiest birth I'd ever done."

Gaara stared at Sakura. She wanted to walk over to her baby. But her legs were filled with sand. "Having Shukaku removed was more painful." The dryness in her voice earned her a chuckle from Naruto and a snort from Sakura.

"All I'm saying is that you should have like fifty kids with how easy that was," Sakura said in a half asleep voice. She handed the oddly silent bundle to Gaara and let out a yawn.

"For Suna, I am required to have three children," Gaara said plainly as she examined her newborn child. She had hoped that she would feel some sort of motherly love right off the bat for her child. It was small, pink, and had a horn made of wispy red hair. With two whisker marks on each cheek, Gaara's teal eyes met her child's blue eyes.

She had no connection to this creature she just gave birth to.

"Is it a boy or a girl?" Naruto finally asked. He moved over to Gaara's shoulder to look at his child.

"Huh?" Sakura asked in confusion. She could have sworn that she had told them. "It's a boy."

Gaara could see the instant love in Naruto's eyes. She watched in amazement as he tenderly brought a finger down to poke the silent child's nose. "Hey, there little guy. I'm your daddy." the child squirmed at the touch and let out a small grunt.

Sakura sat down on her chair and looked at the newly formed family. Gaara seemed off somehow. "You two decide on a name yet?"

"Well how about it Mom, he's got your hair." Naruto had agreed for her that whoever the child got their hair from was going to get to name it. It was the only way he was going to get a child called, Boruto.

Gaara stared at her son. The child was fussing. Almost without thinking she brought it to her exposed breast and the child began suckling. It was a strange sensation. "Arashi." The name wasn't even one that she was considering before now. "Arashi Uzumaki." She repeated feeling his weight.

Naruto looked at her and smiled brightly. "I like it."

"Yea yea, I'm very happy and stuff. Any questions or can I go to bed?" Sakura asked rubbing her eyes.

Naruto spoke first and pointed at Gaara's chest, brushing against the breast that was not being occupied by Arashi. "Does she get to keep those?"

Sakura examined Gaara's swollen chest briefly, resisting the urge to pat her still rather a flat chest. "Some do some don't."

"They're too big," Gaara complained. She didn't like them, they were heavy and moved too much. "I don't like them."

Naruto smiled at her. "Me and Arashi do."

Sakura let out a deep sigh at her Idiot teammate. "Anything else?"

Gaara looked at her child one last time, then looked at Sakura, then finally at Naruto. When she was born, her mother had sacrificed herself so that she could protect her. That was the kind of love Gaara was expecting to feel. The same kind of love she felt for Naruto; the love where she would do absolutely anything for them. "Why don't I love my child?"

The room dropped five degrees.

"Postpartum depression," Sakura said grimly. "It's uncommon but rare, especially among Shinobi." Naruto wisely sat and listened as he squeezed Gaara's hand gently. "What exactly are you feeling for your child?"

Gaara examined Arashi. What did she feel when she looked at her son? There wasn't anything really. "Nothing, I thought there was supposed something that would make me want to give my life to make certain he lived." Gaara then blinked and looked at Naruto, she did not like the frown on his face. "I don't want to be like my father."

Naruto simply held his wife for a long time. He wasn't certain when Sakura left. He didn't even remember when Gaara started to cry. Probably the ninth time he said they'd get through this together.


Six months passed and Gaara noted a few things a few things. One was that she could be a mother and she did love her son. The second was that Arashi was very quiet, very silent, and very curious. The third was that her son had inherited her Kekkai Genkai in a very unusual way. The fourth and most troublesome, that she would forever curse herself for naming her son after a storm.


Gaara looked up from the stack of papers that had somehow developed during her pregnancy. There had always been paperwork. But apparently, the village fell apart if she had to leave for a few week to give birth to one of their future leaders. She put sand in the tea of one of the councilors that made a comment about why a woman shouldn't lead.

Matsuri barged into the room, her reddened face filled with panic. "Arashi-kun is flying!"

Gaara blinked, more confused than shocked. "What?"

"Arashi, he started floating and then he started flying and I couldn't catch him, he kept avoiding me, and even Kankuro can't catch him with his puppets!"

"What of Naruto? Doesn't he have some sort of flying ability or something?"

Matsuri blinked in confusion. "Gaara, Naruto's been gone for a while. He's in Konoha."

"Oh." Gaara briefly wondered which was more worrisome, her son flying, or Kankuro trying to catch him with that Sasori puppet of his. "I will go retrieve him."

True to Matsuri's word, her son was flying. The winds were swirling around him, coddling him almost. His wild red hair was swirling about, dancing to the flow of the wind.

Arashi flung himself about to look at his mom. He smiled as soon as he saw her.

Gaara on her cloud of sand couldn't help but smile at her son's small joyous smile. He had no concept of wrong, but he could recognize her face and Naruto's instantly. He always smiled at them. "Arashi, come to me." She said in her Kazekage voice.

The wind met with the sand and started flinging it about. She had to carefully navigate a pillar of compacted sand in order to reach her son.

Arashi stared at his mom and attempted to swim closer to her. It didn't work. In his frustration whatever technique or chakra manipulation, he was using stopped in an instant.

Her son was falling. Nearly fifty feet.

Given a moment's thought, Gaara would have simply caught Arashi with her sand. But her motherly instincts kicked in. She leaped from her sand cloud after Arashi. Arashi let out a rare cry when she reached him. Wrapping herself around her crying child Gaara braced from the impact.

She slammed against the side of a building, before tumbling down into the cold wooden arms of Kankuro's puppet.

"Gaara?" Kankuro asked concerned. "You and Arashi okay?"

Now safe, Gaara examined her child who smiled at her the same way Naruto did when she found him doing something stupid. "I believe my son has inherited his father's sense of adventure."

When Naruto returned to Suna he was rather curious why his son had a leash and Harness on him. And why his wife had a cast on.


Gaara had a great deal of contempt for the council of her village. She certainly respected them, and they were practical in that they reduced her paperwork load by a great deal. But at times when they asked her for something beyond her duty.

Such as right now when herself and Naruto were standing before her council with the current Hokage, Kakashi joining in. Kakashi had sought to enroll their two-year-old son into an early program in Konoha, given his ability to manipulate the wind like Gaara could sand. When Naruto brought the idea to Gaara she was almost ready to agree, although that would mean her two-year-old son would be spending a lot more time in Konoha.

Which would not be a bad thing once the train was built between the villages, cutting the journey from a full day to two hours.

Everything was okay until her council discovered that she was planning on sending her child to train in Konoha. Even after the war and all these years of peace, none of them wanted who they saw as the future Kazekage go to any other village for training.

"We're not taking your future ruler away." Kakashi drawled out looking half asleep and half ready to throw his hat at Naruto. "Our aim is to simply help Arashi become the best ninja he can be, and we have a-"

"It's bad enough that Gaara choose your future Hokage as a husband, we will not be having our future leader be taught to be loyal to Konoha." One councilor interjected. Oddly enough, it wasn't one of the older ones it was a younger member that Gaara had elected in hopes his views would be more liberal. Sometimes being patriotic was a bad thing.

"We wouldn't be training him to be loyal to Konoha." Sakura who was at the head of the program said firmly. "It's an early-"

Gaara looked at her husband, who was sitting right beside her, holding her hand tightly. A small smile was on his face as he stared off into space. She was at first mad that he wasn't paying attention to the discussion, but then realization crept in that it was an incredibly stupid conversation. The council had no say on what she did for her son. Due to the alliance, due to the treaty, due to Arashi's last name, they couldn't touch him. At Least not directly.

The council could make her life hell until she got fed up and fired them all by removing the current floor of the building. She had filled it with sand once when they first scolded her about marrying Naruto. It was her life and her family. Suna would not be weaker for this bond.

They needed to know that.

"We're not sending the Kazekage's only child to Konoha!" One of the elders shouted, getting a round of nods of approval from his fellows.

Gaara examined the floor as the discussion was getting heated. Largely because Kakashi was letting the emotional Sakura speak for him. It almost looked like he was rereading volume two of Icha Icha.

A classic.

From the depth of the pages, she could see it looked like he was close to the part where Nezumi and Tariya have a heated-

An idea struck Gaara then. Without warning she stood up sharply, dragging a puzzled Naruto up with her. "You are saying this is a problem because of my only child correct?"

The council turned to Gaara a silence befalling over them. They blinked. "Well yes."

Naruto looked at his wife. He liked the way she was squeezing his hand. Good things always followed.

"Well then, this issue is settled. I apologize for bringing you out here for nothing Hokage-sama." Gaara said swiftly. "Sakura-san could you watch over Arashi for a few hours?"

The pink haired woman blinked at her redheaded friend. "I don't think Sarada would mind but why?"

"We're going to go make another child."

The room fell into silence as the Kazekage dragged her husband out of the room. The last sound on the way out was Naruto's soft Sweet.

Good things did follow.

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