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(This is the end segment of chapter three and first half of chapter four, where the Post-Third Impact Asuka warp into Shinji's bed room during the night before the 7th Angel attack)

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Katsuragi Residence

Shinji just finish kissing the sleeping Asuka, who apparently mistaken his room for hers and end up collapsing in his futon, displaying her feminine assets to him in their full glory. As he heard her say "mama", Shinji could only sigh, rewind his SDAT, and mumble something about "she is really a normal girl" and moved his blankets to another corner of the room.

But before he can lie down again, a thunderclap went off in his room, accompanied by a bright flash of light. Before he could do anything, a body slammed into him and sent the boy tripping over the dozing Asuka and (literally) flying through the Shoji panel and right into the hallway. Even before he regain his sight from the flash, the particular pressure that is now burrowing into his chest and the smooth skin inform the poor boy that a girl just landed on top of him. A girl who apparently is now whispering his name in a fashion normally reserved for dispossessed lovers.

She is crying he thought. She is barely wearing anything; her clothes feel like as if they were shredded… The thought should have alarmed him, but he is simply too dazed to think, the girl have her arms coil around his neck like a cobra ensnaring prey…and sobs on. The musky scent of ozone fills the air. Then in an almost slow motion, the lights came on.

"Shinji you hentai ba….k…..a…"

It is almost as if time slowed down to accommodate such a wonderful (and shocking) event, but as the light cover over the mysterious girl, Shinji realize she have red hair, but that alone has not been the strangest part, nor is the waterfowl that fainted on the floor next to him.

What is strange and deeply disturbing, is the fact that beyond the ruined door, also stood a red-haired girl wearing pajamas with her balled fist slowly connecting toward his exposed face…

(This is where chapter IV starts)

Asuka stood there in stunned silence…below her lies a very stunned Shinji, and between the two of them is another Asuka dressed in clothes that is about to fall apart any second. There is ozone in the air on a stunned waterfowl on the floor.

Despite Asuka's legendary command of profanities, for the first time in her life she found herself to be a loss of words. After all, you can hardly accuse someone to be hentai if you are glued to him at the same time…


"WHO THE HECK ARE YOU?" the standing-up-dressed-and-fist-curling Asuka screams in her usual friendly voice.

"Mein Gott, can you be a little bit noisier? I think there are people in Okinawa that missed your last shout." The second Asuka climb off Shinji. With a stare that can melt glass, she stands up unabashed and came face to face with the first Asuka.

The Atmosphere quickly became electrified…with a terrified Shinji crawling to a nearby corner as if the Third Impact is about to go off. Then, as quickly as it start, both Asukas backs off.

"This….this can't be real" reaching out with one hand, the cloth-intact Asuka reaches out with her left hand…and pinch the other her in the place that all guys love to touch.

The other Asuka wince a bit, but then replies: "oh gee…I never figured myself to be a lesbian, as much as I might explore this venue later so I don't have to deal with boys, do you mind if I can get your…err some of my clothes?"

"My clothes? Eww…nobody touch my clothes but me!"

"But I am you, and also…(dropping voice to a lower level) you realize that Shinji then can see EVERYTHING about YOU too right?"

The dressed Asuka's face turn ashen as she scan the newcomer up and down, then with a great cry she grab the future-Asuka and push the girl into her room then slam the Shoji screen behind them. A furor of commotion follows, and a short period later two identical Asuka emerge from the room dressed in identical pajamas. Shinji, who went to get an ice pack for the punch in the face, got quite an eyeful from the two girls.

"What are you staring at?" The one on the left asks in an unfriendly tone. That must be the one who just decked me.

"Nothing! I swear! Sorry! Sorry!" Shinji quickly replies as he expect another furry of blows to come any second.

"I know, he must be thinking those hentai fantasies about us right now," the right Asuka teased.

"Shinji, you are so perverted you know that? At first there is Wondergirl, then Misato, then Ruitko, then Maya, now us."

As if on cue (Probably they were), both Asuka bend forward and poke Shinji in chest, while displaying their two sets of….ummm, feminine features to the poor boy, just like his future counterpart, Shinji faints with a nosebleed.

"Ah well, hentai." the right one smiles and poke Shinji's prone body one last time.

"Ok, now can you explain who you are?"

For the next half hour or so the future-Asuka explain how and why she ended up back in the present, and how the third Impact started. The present Asuka listens in surprise, and then finally frowned as the tale came to an conclusion.

"Are everything you say is real?"

"I am afraid so, but it can be reversed, it must be. I came back for this purpose, Shinji, my Shinji...I am afraid he might already give his life for this purpose."

Silence hover over the air as both Asukas stare at the unconscious form on the ground.

"Asuka, you have to understand," The futures Asuka say: "Please don't tell this to anyone. If NERV or SLEELE find out, my life won't worth spit."

"Yea, but how can I cover for us both?"

"Tell them I am your long lost sister, Tsuka, and I just found out about my long lost sister from Germany so I decide to reunite with you."

"Tsuka? What a dumb name."

Ignoring that gibe, the Tuska replies:" We got distinguish ourselves somehow."

"Fine…" present Asuka frowns:" They are not going to buy that, they are NERV, one of the biggest intelligence organizations out there. No matter what you say, they will go check it."

"Don't worry about it, I have away to deal with it, I need to buy time. I need to somehow convince Rei to forgo joining with Lilth, Shinji to stand up for himself so he wont hopeless agree to Lilth's demands to become her staging platform for the third Impact, because the first time he failed to realize that having people around him is a good thing. And if possible, find where Gendo keep Adam and destroy it."

"Wondergirl? If she is the trigger, then kill her, I can ambush her after one of those sync test and bam! No third impact."

"That wont work, they will just grow another one in a short order, presumably separated and guarded with a lot more of security."

"I always suspect Rei came in tubes, argh, what you suggest is very dangerous, it could cost us our lives."

"It will be worth it, my Shinji most likely already paid it with his, I must do what it takes to make sure his sacrifice is not in wasted."

After a long silence, Asuka asks: "You realize this means we have to be nice to wondergirl."

"Yea, I am afraid so, except one thing through."


"I am, no, WE are not sharing baka boy with her."

Asuka blinks.


Sometime later that night

Shinji wakes up due to some unnatural pains and pressure that seem to be covering all over his body. Opening his eyes, he realize there is a pair of female arms encircled around his chest from behind, even through in front of him is another sleeping Asuka, with her arms around his neck. And as far as he can tell, the girl from behind just entwined her legs around his in a way that can be defined a little bit more than naughty.

Carefully turning his head around, he saw the other girl smiling as she slept, so did the one who is in front of him. With the feeling of their breasts burrowing into his chest and back, Shinji nearly had a coronary on the spot. But thankfully someone in heaven apparently decided to shower the boy with some luck so he manages not to have another nosebleed.

Unthankfully however, is that both girls show absolutely no signs of letting go or even loosening their grip anytime soon.

Misato said we had to sleep together to train for the battle for the Angel, and I know Asuka have sleepwalking problems, but this is ridiculous!

Shinji then made some estimates of what would happen if he tried to peel off the girls by waking them up, since apparently his own limbs have been jellified somehow, except for his, umm… toothpick, which apparently have been inflated then petrified. Then he consider the consequences of what would happen when Asuka(s) wakes up…the very least she will do is call him a pervert…

With a tiny whimper, Shinji falls back to sleep.

But before he fell into the sandman's hand again, he prays that Misato won't find him like this in the morning.

His prayer was not granted.



Despite the fact there is a (two) multi-ton monster(s) out there who is about to exterminate all of civilization, Misato hemmed a little tone as she key the door to her residence. The major know although she made orders to force the teens to sleep together, there is zero chance it would actually happen, with Asuka's temper and Shinji's lack of a spine to force the issue.

So which means she get to issue a few punishments when those two get back, as she open the door, she found the Shoji screen to Shinji's room torn with a large gap as if a body flew out of it, chuckling to herself, she peer into the gap expect to find Shinji inside, after a wild night with Asuka and the redhead somewhere else.

I got a bet riding on this. The major thought.

What she sees is beyond her wildest imaginations.

Shinji is VERY much in bed with Asuka; in fact, he is with TWO of them. While such a situation would imply incredible changes had took place during the night, the fact there is a second girl, well in the word of Gendo Ikari: "This is not according the Scenario."

If not for the fact there is an Angel threat looming in the horizon, the Major probably would have fainted on the spot. Or get drunk, very, very drunk. But thankfully for Tokyo-3, her military instinct overrode the urgency for alcohol. So like any sensible adult when they found their children in bed with unrelated members of the opposite sex, Misato screams: " WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?"

The shout woke up the sleepy trio from their pleasant (and in Shinji's case unpleasant) slumber. The two girls quickly cover their mental inadequacies with males by smacking Shinji on the head and shout the usual curses, a bit half heartily this time.

Asuka is the first one to recover and start talking fast: "Good Morning Misato, you are the one to told us to sleep together, it is not my fault baka-boy tried to get a feel off me. This is my sister Tsuka, she just came from Germany. "

With her thunder stolen, she could only utter, "I didn't know you have a sister."

"Neither did I, she showed up at our door steps last night, and you can see, she got the right credentials right?"

Shinji tried to say something, but Asuka and Tsuka each hold one end of the pillow over his head so no words could come out.

Long pause.

"And why is she sleeping with Shinji then?"

Nervous laughters answered her.

Longer pause. Except for the fact Shinji's hand begin to claw the air around him because he is running out of oxygen, of course, the three females in the room didn't notice that fact.

"Alright you kids, lets go kill that Angel. You, young lady (Pointing at Tsuka) are going to have a talk with me after this."


The author will promptly skip this battle; after all, we all watch the anime before, but at the same at the Katsurgi residence….

Turning around to make sure no one can see what she is doing, Tsuka issue a mental command to active the XIA-computer. To her surprise, words begin to appear in front of her, and NOT from the monitors. The redhead frowned in surprise, but didn't flinch.

-Hello Asuka, just think about the words you want to say.

"Err ok." Realizes she talk out loud, drawing the attention of the family penguin. Quickly she murmurs "sorry, leg spasm." Pen-Pen stare at her one second then said "WAKKK" then went back to his place in the refrigerator.

-Careful, we don't want to attract attention.

-This is kind of new to me since I am not into people writing under my eyelids. And there is only Pen-Pen around anyway.

-I understand, but you may have to be careful, NERV have bugs everywhere, my sensors are picking up three of them right now.

Well allow me to introduce myself, I am a class five Alpha personal computer, one of the lost tech salvaged from the Out-bound project. I am what pass close to intelligence as a computer can go. I understand my mission and I will do my best to assist you. As my first suggestion, I recommend you to look appear to be normal while I unlock the NERV network for you. To do this, take a UPS cable and plug it into the slot on the back of your neck.

When she did she is told, the machine quickly took over the operation from there. It didn't take it very long to get into NERV"s computers, because the XIA-computer have the complete records of ever code in all of NERV and SLEELE' computers, all salvaged from the destroyed Magi system.

-Surf some sites; order some clothes…appear to be doing something than stare at a blank screen.

-Oh, ok.

Tsuka presses a few keys and open a browser and launch a site about fashion for teenagers, absent-mindly, she select a few items, order them, but change her mind in the last second and have them canceled. Experiencing third impact, several Angels and the loss of her Shinji, have not change her taste for clothes too much.

-While we are passing time as I hack into NERV's system, is there anything you want to ask?

-Where did my Shinji go?

-He separated with you in the time vortex, so he could be anywhere between a few days to -30 years back somewhere on this planet. If he is still alive, it would be hard to find because like you, Shinji's computer can mask itself fairly well so he can pass through any security net.

Asuka paused to digest its words, but she couldn't think of anything as a reply. Silently reassuring herself her Shinji would come back to her at all cost, hell, he survived the third impact just to see her. Times ticked away until a new message flashes in her eye.

-Access complete, you now have the control of the entire system besides the three wise men themselves. The level of sentience present in the MAGI means it will take longer to take over, I have installed a stealth version, but it will take me one to two weeks for a complete take over.

-Good, can you open up my files?


A photo of Asuka Langley appear on her eyelids along with streams of data detailing her medical and biological records, along with early histories till the present day. Quickly scrolling past the more painful histories, she finally reaches the bottom part that marks "comments"

-Good, input the following information: "Although we cannot confirm it, one of our agents reported the hospital that handled Asuka's birth had a record for a second child, but no such record exit and the chief doctor who was responsible for the surgery vanished in the chaos following the second impact." And if you can, include some medical stuff that has to do with twins.

-Done. Anything else?

-Where is Lilth?

-She is frozen in Bakelite right now in a cold storage room in Central dogma. And while on a side note, I think you may find it interesting I found the 17th Angel, he is in a SEELE lab near Alaska, off the map.

-SEELE bred on Angel?

-Yes, the salvages from Tokyo-3's MAGI core before the jump confirmed its existence; it is in a separate life support system that is not hooked online so I can't interrupt it. I cannot give you a visual yet since their computer encryption is amazing.

-So is there anything I can do?

-Anything you do would be dangerous at this point. I have replicate my conscience into the system, but it might take a while to bear fruit.

-Ok, log off then…wait, how is it the battle outside?

-It was over 2.38 minutes ago.

-Oh, bye.


Back at the Misato residence, several hours later

A tired German red head and an equally tired Japanese boy trudge through the door, exhausted from their latest kill. Misato always said: "another day another Angel," but hey, she was never the one doing the killing. Somehow, despite all his training, Shinji still cannot get used to piloting one of those 40 tons bio-weapons. There is just something unholy about a dunk into LCL follow by a open duke out with one of those acid-energy-AT field monstrosities AND always ended up with a near power failure. The word "five minutes" now held a special meaning in the second child's head. Asuka is equally tired from the bus ride back because Misato had to stay behind and do paperwork (of course, it might have something to do with Kaji, she thought glumly). Her mood is bleak, to say the very least.

And the sight at home is enough to send her mood into the Abyss.

Tsuka, dressed in a bathrobe and whistling a tone to herself, is carrying her favorite red blanket and futon into Shinji's room. With a cheerful Pen-Pen in tow no less.

Asuka did what she did best; she wailed.


"Moving into Shinji's room, what else?"

The mention of his name instantly shook Shinji out of his lethargy, and the fact A…err Tuska is moving into his room is…well, shock him even more.

"my..my room?" is all Shinji able to utter.

"Yes your room, hon. I lost mine, so I guess I need an replacement."

"You need an replacement? Why do you want this baka hentai?? And what do you mean a replacement?"

"yea.." Shinji stammered, then paused a moment: "Replacement for what?"

With a perfectly straight face, Tuska reply:" Replacement as my stuff animal of course."

Shinji faints!

Looking at her fallen companion, Asuka sighs; "He is so easy isn't he."

"Yea, show him one bit of sexual innuendo and he drop like rock, he was never a pervert, just a spineless fool."

"Yea, unlike the stooges he hangs out with."

"That reminds me, did you know Kensuke and Toji was selling yours, or should we say our pictures?"

"Is that so…" Asuka's eyes narrows.

"I think a lesson is in order." Tsuka replies.

"Indeed, what do you have in mind?"

Somewhere in a field outside the city, Kensuke and Toji sneeze violently!


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