This is the original beginning three chapters of Armageddon Averted, due to its spoiler and ACC/self insert nature, I decided to have it placed as simply background so people who did not watch the show/hate ACC with a passion can skip it.

"If I have a super-weapon and my mad scientist tell me it need further testing, I will allow him to do so. No one ever Conquer the world using the beta version"-Pete's evil overlord list.


LCL…oceans of it hitting the shore in a never ending tide. In the distant horizon lies what's left of the SEELE EVAs, decaying hunks of flesh that once were Engines of destruction, now perverse memorials of this world's final hour. And somewhere above in the stars lies Rei/Lilth, the final product of the instrumentality project, the last evidence of the human civilization. On a sandy beach near the crater that once was known as TOKYO-3, there lies a boy and a girl. All that's left of what once were a proud race, ten thousand years of history, all reduced to ashes by the decisions of a group of senile men questing for immortality.

With his arms around her throat, the boy stares into the eyes of his female companion, and croaked: "I feel sick." The girl did not react, she did not move, she barely breathed.

After several long and agonizing seconds, the third child, no, he can't be called the Third child anymore, because he no longer pilot that 50-ton bio horror anymore. Shinji release his grip on his ex-coworker's throat, but still no response.

"Asuka, please don't die." He pleaded to the stilled form and watch in fear, as her breaths become shorter and shorter.

"Asuka, I need you, I don't want to be alone." Still no response, Shinji now wonder if that last tender touch he receive earlier was a cosmic joke from god, taunting and spiting the poor boy for his role in the Armageddon.

With a feeling of helplessness he have not felt since the day his father declared the only reason he needed him was to pilot the bio-metal monstrosities called unit-01, Shinji broke down and cries out in fear, fear of loneliness in a world that is barren of life, empty of joy, devoid of love.

"Asuka, don't die on me…I…I cannot live without you."

With this declaration followed with a sacrifice of tears, shinji is reward with a groan from the fallen Eva pilot. He looks into her eyes and for the first time in a long time he saw a light in those jewels.


"Asuka….you, you are alive."

"Barely….can you do something for me?"


Several long and agonizing seconds passes…

"Will you get off me? You baka hentai"

Blushing furiously as images of a similar debacle with Rei flash through his mind, Shinji remove his offending hand. Unfortunately, this time he got a series of wrecking coughs from Asuka instead. A small ribbon of blood bubble out of her lips, to the basic-med trained Shinji (Living with Misato's cooking prompted him to take certain lessons to prepare for the big disaster that were always loomed in the horizon) meant only one thing and one thing only: Internal damage. He has no idea how or what it can be, but recalling the amount of punishment Asuka took in her last battle before her EVA went six feet under, Shinji know it cannot be good. What is worse, with Tokyo-3 nothing but a smoking crater, there is little chance for proper medical aid before she bled to death.

Asuka must realize it too, because her breath suddenly become quicker and quicker. Slowly, in a rhythmic way, she whispers out to her sole audience.

"Shinji…do you remember the time I told you… that I would not like you even if all the men in the world dies? Well…I lied…I really did like you a lot, since the first day I met you aboard the Carrier…I was jealous, but I…"

Placing a finger in front Asuka's lips, Shinji replies: " shush, I know, I like you as a friend too…"

"Not as a friend you baka…"But Shinji interrupts her again.

"Be quiet, you need to conserve your strength. You are dead tired," dry laughter "Rest now, it will be better in the morning."

"God damn it, of all the males in the world I could have gotten stuck with, I have to live with you! Shinji Ikari! A bloody poor liar of the first order! Oh God I miss Kaji! You know well as I do I am not going to live till morning, but before I go, let me explain this to you baka…."

But before she can say anything else, shouts of alert interrupt her. Four men in black armor armed with Heavy assault Rifles, flanking an elderly man dressed in white with a single briefcase, came in running down the beach.

"Your readings are correct Alex," the white uniformed man in the center spoke to a metal piece that is attached to his wrist, "there are people down here. You ok kids? Oh shit!" with one look at the nearly dead Asuka, the white uniformed man run and sit down next to her, reaching out with a hand and begin to probe her with a pen-like item that periodically beeped red.

"Great, massive internal bleeding," The old man murmurs, then pull out a gun like object, which he point at her chest and shot her at point blank range, the gun hisses each time as it empty its life giving munitions into her. After five or six doses, he turns around to Shinji: " That should hold off the bleeding so she wont die during transit, now exactly what did you do to the poor girl?"

"Well umm… you see…" Shinji found himself in a loss for words, as usual.

"I have no time for this." the old man interrupts, and then he press a button on his wrist-com " Alex? Yes, we found the survivors, two of them, look like teenagers, but one of them is badly hurt. I am going to examine the other one right now, but I need a medical shuttle down ASAP, yes, do bring down a Regeneration tank if it is not too much trouble. Gerald out."

The man called Gerald turns around to check out Shinji, waving the same pen/probe over the boy's body, but this time the pen made only two beeps.

"You are ok for a kid who just survived the end of the world. Some Gel-band is probably all you need, let me take care of that. Take off your shirt." After Shinji did what he is told, the man reach into his briefcase and pull out a red bottle and begin to apply it to the boy's chest and back. Just as he finishes, a shuttle with a boxy design (think of those planes with lots of missiles from episode one) landed.

With a commanding presence worthy of general, Gerald gesture the four men to carry Asuka aboard.

"Come along now boy, it is time to leave this dead world."

(this is where chapter 2 starts)


Several hours later

"Where am I?" Thought Asuka as she finally opens her eyes for the first time in seven hours, looking up and down, she see herself wearing her birthday suit and floating around in a pool of milky white liquid. " I can breath, so is this LCL? No wait LCL is red…this stuff…tastes better" she thought.

With the uncertainty of a new borne babe, she reaches out with her arms to feel the unfamiliar environment around her, and eventually the cool feeling of glass told her she is in a tube of some kind. Oh yea, the Regeneration tank, or whatever that guy toss me into, did he took off my clothes? Did Shinji saw me naked? How dare they! As curiosity melts into rage of possible violation, the red-haired girl raises her arms to pound on the glass.

Shinji at the moment is nervously (and blushing) as he stares (well not exactly stare, it is more like periodically peeking since he is facing away from the tank) at the nude 14-years old redhead that is floating rather carelessly around the tank while desperately tries to hold back a nosebleed. As the carelessness changed to fury, the Japanese cringed at the thought of another punch in the face and quickly turns around and stay turned around to face the other two occupants of the room.

Granted, it was not the first time he ever see her nude (or nearly wearing nothing), but previous times it usually involved him being violently kicked and ejected from Misato's apartment through walls, doors, and windows, following the usual well documented {by fan-fiction writers} string of curses denouncing his sexual indiscretions, and if she feel especially peevish, his lack of spine. And of course, all while Misato, their self appointed "Guardian" watches on (and semi-drunk).

Gerald, unable to hide the amusements in his eyes as he stare at the young boy like a specimen to be dissected, finally decide to break the ice and say: "So, will you tell us what happened?"

Still nervous at the fact that any second he will have a angry redhead on top of him, can only give his trademark response "……….."

Alex, the man that greeted Shinji and Gerald at the docking bay, until this point is checking the stats of the multi-bank of equipments that covers the walls of the room, turns around, and points out the window, where the ruins of the giant Lilth/Rei thing hovering above the horizon: "Yes, the young lady is beautiful, but we need to know why Earth….is like this right now."

"Can …we… take this conversation… elsewhere? I rather not be sticking around when she gets out the tank, she get slightly annoyed at the idea that someone might see her naked." Well, there is the understatement of the year.

"Don't worry son, she is not due to exit for another two hours, now talk, all of us here are on a tight schedule." Gerald is still talking like he did before, but there is now clearly a hint of steel entwined in the word schedule.

"Perhaps…it would…be…nice…if..f…you..u…intro…duce yourselves first?" Shinji's cringes, as a furious bang can be heard from the Regeneration Tank.

The first man speaks first "Alright, my name is Alexander Chinoaski, I am the chief engineer and what pass for a leader on this ship, this is Gerald, our doctor. We are members of the out-bound project, have you heard of us?"

The name struck a cord in Shinji's head, even as the banging continues. Shinji's eye widen slightly as he take a quick trip down the memory lane, Back to one of his sensei's lessons, periodically interrupt by err…healthy signs of Asuka's recovery.

" 15 years ago, before the second impact, there was a project Out-Bound expedition, using a technology known as a fusion reactor and a Fuychanda-William Drive (developed by a Japanese and a American scientist) that have not been seen since the impact. They attempted to breach the fifth-space, or the reality barrier between time and space and leave the solar system. The starship, aptly named Hope for Mankind, was launched with 500 hands aboard, but just as the ship was about to warp, Second Impact struck, and majority of the experts, well survived experts anyway, since NASA Florida, Tokyo Space center, Beijing Aero-research all ended up underwater shortly afterwards, conclude the furious meteor-storm that followed the second-impact Asteroid shredded the ship into pieces. It is widely believed what is left of that ship is now in the sea of…Asuka, Shinji! You are late, now go stand out in the hall! It is your fault baka!"

Shinji quickly snap into attention, when he realizes Alexander is waving his left hand in front of his eyes.

"Yes I have heard of the Out Bound Project, but…"

"We were dead? Hardly," Alexander replies: "luckily, we manage to start the warp-drive in time right before the crash and break free, but the asteroid's gravitation field pulled and shredded the F-W drive, killing more than half of us aboard, including the command crew and left us stranded about forty light years away from Earth, thankfully, we manage to find a world to settle in, and it even more surprisingly, we found a ruined alien settlement with no one alive but a veritable treasure trove of technological loot, so we decide to settle there. Using cloning and gene-splicing we even manage to start a thriving colony."

"So why did you come back?"

Gerald looks up from a report he was examining to answer the question: "Well, you see, the planet we found had a elliptical orbit, with one revolution roughly 20,489 Earth days to the star that we had pass for the sun. So eventually, the planet moved so far away from that sun it started an ice age, with glaciers creeping and entombing entire outer settlements. So we had to pack up and come back here, only to find a nearly dead world with only you two, and that circus of horrors." pointing to the Rei/Lilith out the window "So why don't you tell us who you and her are and why we found only two of you in a world that might pass for a chapter in the book of the revelations?"

"Well you see…" in the next hour or so, Shinji explained the Evas, Adam, Lilith and Rei, his father, NERV and SEELE and how this all came to pass. Even as he talked, both men just stood there as if they were statues, spellbound by this incredible story.

After several long and painful moments, Gerald break the silence: "So let me get it straight, a group of old men who fear their impending mortality, so they decided to clone and play God, based on a scroll that was thousand years old with who knows how many typos, and created a bunch of horrible monsters that end up with a ritual that deserve to be stuck in a B-rated movie written some depressed third-rate Hollywood producer and reduced all of mankind into a predomial stew? All in the name of instrumentality?"

Shinji could only nod at the old man's assessment.

"I can't believe this. You know, when I was a kid, there was a movie that was quite popular involving an asteroid crashing on to Earth, but there, the President of United State said: For the first time in this planet's history a specie have the power to prevent its own extinction, but these guys extinct the EARTH! Several billions of lives, countless species of animals and plants, my god, what would the younger generation say? They all looked forward to come and see their ancestral home."

Gerald's rant is interrupt by a ping sound from the console.

"Here is a towel boy, look like your girlfriend is coming out, be a gentlemen and go dry her up, come on Alex, we have much work to do, we must inform the others of this situation."

Before Shinji could excuse himself from such the noble duty of…well cleaning up Asuka, both Gerald and Alexander left the room with a speed that belies their age, only the hissing sound of a door closing marked their exit.

Turning around with the towel in hand, Shinji is reward with the sight of a dripping wet Asuka, freshly out the Regeneration Tank, with one hand balled into a fist…

The Third child could do nothing as his world explode into dancing pen-pens.


Elsewhere in a darkened room, six men and six women sat together around a circular table. No, this is not SEELE, but actually the Office of the Directors aboard the Hope.

Gerald: "The boy confirmed what we manage to salvage out of Tokyo 3, down to the letter. It is unbelievable what happened. We manage to obtain records of the MAGI system and brought it online, and let me tell you, the final hours of Earth made my blood gone cold. My family, my ex-wife, my children, all gone because a group of idiots were afraid of their own shadows."

Voice one: "So what can we do? Leave this planet? Our astronomical officers can find us another planet to settle down I am sure, with the sea going red with LCL it is obvious that it will not be able support our colony."

Voice two: "Negative, it would be too risky, we do not have enough deuterium to fuel another jump, or sea water to distill it from. And if any of you study astronomy before, then you will know since they are so far away, the lights coming from planets that we might see as a possible home is actually eons earlier. Verdant pastures could be actually a molten sea of lava, or a just simply cold, dead ball at this point."

Voice Three: "This planet was our only choice, and now we are in trouble. Our food supplies are running dry, and water level is getting lower and lower, three month from now on, or even less, there going to be major supply trouble."

Alexanderclearing his throat: "There is a possible solution…a DANGEROUS solution."

Voice Four: "You don't mean project Chronos? It is too risky! We saw what happened to the ruined alien colony, and if the records we found is correct, they wiped themselves out in a attempt to alter time."

Alexander: "exhales I am aware of the risk, but they were desperate, but not as desperate as us at this point. We cannot allow the summation of what we learned to be destroyed and left to dust, if we can get a person into NERV and sabotage the embryonic form or the early stages of this 'Adam' or possibly "Lilth", we can stop this…nightmare from unfolding."

Voice Seven (Female): "I hear only 'maybe' 'possible' and 'ifs', those are not the words of a researcher! ALEX! Is your mind becoming dull as your Instruments? We need hard facts, not wishes and."

Voice One: "If I recall the alien tablets correctly, they said 'time is river, a passenger through time is like a pebble, it will not alter the river's course, but It might create a few ripples before sinking…"

Gerald: "A few ripples are all we need. For humanity and our survival, and I think I know a pebble you might consider…"

Voice Two: "And how we can get this pebble into that place? You know well if the time traveling device works, our pebble would be lucky if they had their own skins intact. Not to mention NERV, if the MAGI system shows correctly, is one of the most secure installations on the planet."

Gerald: "I have something that might even the odds, the Xia Computers, download the entire magi system into it, and our agent would be able to walkthrough the halls down to the Central Terminal as if he own the place."

Silence reigned for a long time as everyone begin to digest that idea…


Back to the Shinji beater…

"So sorry As..Asuka, I am so sorry, soo…" Shinji's plead is cut short by another punch in the stomach. As he crumples on to the floor like a doll with its string cut, he see Asuka standing over him, smiling.

"That was the fee of saying sorry without my permission, baka."

Shinji curled there in a fetal position as he digest the information while watching the teenage banshee putting on her clothes, a jumpsuit that resemble the suit she wear in a EVA but considerably less…tight.

"So umm…you are not mad that I saw you naked?"

"Don't push it." Suddenly with a coy look that deeply remind Shinji of Misato, Asuka kneel down in front the boy, with her front zipper open enough to show her ample cleavage. Shinji's face quickly turns red and he tries desperately to hold back the warm rush of blood that is threatening the explode out his face. While at the same time, he realizes certain lower part of him is expanding, and he knows Asuka can see it too.

"Just as I thought, pervert as usual." But this time, he didn't get hit again, nor did she turn around and leave.

I will never understand her. Shinji thought.

Before he can form a reply, the door slide open and a young man of African American decent in a tech uniform walk in. He looks about their age, with a touch of white in what otherwise to be raven black hair. He coughed politely to get the young…couple's attention.

"If you don't mind, I 'd like to show you to your quarters."

Shinji and Asuka were led down a darken corridor to a rather Spartan room with a single twin-sized bed, a shelf, a two table, a pair computers, a table full of food, drinks and a box of tissues, and a door that lead to an adjacent showering facility/lavatory.

Asuka is first to break the silence: "Err there is only one bed, what happen if pervert boy get horny and attack me in the middle of a night?"

The tech raise an eyebrow curiously and replieds: "well judging by the fact how long it took you to deck him in the medical chamber, Earning blush from Asuka I don't think that is really a problem. But since you are not stapled like the rest of us, here." He tosses a small plastic packet to Shinji. "Wear this before you attack her."

Before either kid can say a word, the door closes in front of them with a hiss and the Tech left. Being such an unusual and high-tech ship, neither Shinji nor Asuka could find the way to open it.

"So what did he give you?"

After several moment of uncomfortable silence, Shinji answered:

"A condom. NERV brand too, 'when you need protection strong as an AT field', Look like they dug into the Geo-front already."

{This is not a theft of idea, this is a tribute the Andrew Huang's Neon Genesis Evajellydounts, one of the greatest humor EVA fan-fics ever-author}

Asuka, in response did what she always do when present with any suggestions of sexual intercourse: she let out a piercing wail that can be heard throughout the mile-long starship, shattering hundreds of test tubes and instantly ruin countless hours of experiment. In the conference room where the executive board is holding their meeting, Gerald smiled: " Yes ladies & gentlemen, I think I have the boulders we need for this task."

(This is the start of chapter 3)


Aboard the Hope of Mankind, 20:00 Earth standard-time

"I am going to the showers first Shinji, no peeking now."

"Yea, sure." Shinji replies absent-mindedly as he turn on the computer and begin to listen to music, then quickly shut the computer down. Apparently, the Hope crews are wonderful technicians, but certainly have a weird taste in music, all those songs are at least 15-20 years old. Sighing in disappointment that his favorite songs are not there, Shinji turn off the computer and spend his time watching satellite Rei/Lilth revolve beyond the horizon.

"Dreaming about perverse fantasies of wondergirl again?" Asuka ask in a sarcastic tone as she peak her head out the shower.

"No Asuka. I am just wondering about why did Rei consent to do all this. If I only talk to her a little bit more, maybe a little more caring, show her something about life, she would not have…"

"She consented to this and you know it! Because she is a DOLL!" Asuka spat out the name as if it is something poisonous; "She had no emotions, she was not built with emotions, she is nothing but an item to carry out your father's perverted fantasies."

Without turning around, Shinji continue to stare at the images of Rei/Lilth and the other EVAs, and answer back: " No Asuka. She had emotions…I know that for a fact."

"Oh did YOU?" Asuka's voice went up by an octave, "Let me guess, you went into her house, and she came out the showers, and next thing you know you are on top her with panties and bras flying."

If Asuka is staring at Shinji's face at this moment, she would have been appalled by the pale face of her male companion; but thankfully, the darken background of the view port did not translate colors into his reflections. Mustering ever iota of self-control he ever had, Shinji take a single deep breath then force himself to calm down.

Calm down, there is no way Asuka would know about the Rei-incident, because she would have you strangled alive a long time ago if she found out.

"No, because after the battle with the 5th Angel, when I pulled her out the entry plug, she smiled at me. I always wondered if that was the first time she ever smiled."

Hearing Shinji gushing about her most hated enemy is enough to send Asuka into a state of seething fury, without another exchange she slam the door to the shower stall with an loud bang. After what it seem to be eternity, the door reopens and Asuka came back out.

"Oh Shinji-kun…"

THAT immediately got Shinji's attention, when Asuka talk to him with that tone, it is usually preclude to a tease then a string of blistering oaths. So as Shinji turns around, he was not that surprised to see Asuka wearing nothing but a towel covering her torso.

"You know, now we are alone, and you have that condom…" Asuka smile at him suggestively, then she allow the towel to fall another inch. That certainly got Shinji's attention. Desperately trying to hold back a nosebleed, Shinji could only tremble as he found his own body paralyzed likes a mouse staring into a viper's eyes.

Asuka let the towel fall to the floor. The sheer sexual power of that one act made Shinji's nose erupt in fresh geysers of red. Quickly he turn around to grab a tissue from the desk to hold off the bleeding, after he finally stem of the tide of red, he turns around and found Asuka sitting on the bed, but she actually wore her underwear under that towel (Red of course). With a dramatic air, she point at the poor boy and said:

"You know Shinji, under this rate, I can picture your epitaph now; Shinji the invincible and spineless, leader of the three stooges, lover of dolls and pilot of metal monstrosities, defeat angels after angel, only to fall to a nasty nose bleed."

Shinji could not talk. Time after time, Asuka manage to play him like a fiddle. Seeing her invasion completed and all resistance render futile by her blitz attack, the German Redhead figure now it is time to have her defeated foe sign the peace treaty and let her dictate the term of occupations.

"Shinji, Go get a shower, you can sleep with me tonight. But let us settle a few ground rules: No touching of my bra and panty, No kissing, No physical contact of any kind, and especially no hentai fantasies of wondergirl, got it?"

{Sorry Ryoma, but I couldn't help it but to steal that line…it is just so wonderfully balanced-author}

Shinji, still reeling from the effects of the Asuka maneuver, could only nod as he went into the shower, wash, then climb into bed with her. A few minutes afterward…


"Yes Shinji?"

"You are, um, violating your own rules."

"Which ones?"

"The no touching part."

"Do you mind?"

After some careful considerations of the pros and cons of refusing her, Shinji decide not to press the issue: "not exactly…but can you violate them, I mean the rules, gently? I really like to be able to say…replenish my nearly depleted air supply?"



The morning, or what pass for a morning aboard a Spaceship.

Shinji got up and got himself dressed, choosing one of the jumpsuits that was in the closet left by their host, not exactly flashy, but space travel really don't give you any opinions for style or fashion. A quick glance out the view-port told Shinji the "ring of Evas" has pass behind Earth and is now out of sight. Looking back at the sleeping angel on his bed, he could not help but break out a smile.


"Yes Asuka?"

"I wonder what our former classmates would think of us now?"

"Toji would have a coronary, while Kensuke would probably try to catch this on tape, the class rep would tell us how we are living in sin. Misato…she would probably go off to collect her winning about some bet involve us getting together, then get drunk, very drunk."

"Yea…I guess. You know? I really wish we could go back. Even just to see the Stooges. Their antics were…well, the third impact showed me they are just immature compare to us. What they did was harmless."

"So you mean you are not mad about Toji and Kensuke selling pictures of you?"

The icy glare from Asuka should have warn him something is wrong, the silence should have warned him of the impending doom, but Asuka recent…warm actions made Shinji lower his guards and continue to ramble on: " let see…there were pictures of you in class, in the gym, in locker room, in the sho…"

The next thing Shinji knows, a leaf in the shape of Asuka's hand stuck him squarely in the face and thank to the low gravity of the ship (not anime physics), sent him sailing into the wall, hard.


"I am sorry." Shinji quickly went back to his elementary defense, surprisingly, this time worked, because the fuming German teenager is already entertaining visions of the two Stooges being struck down by the mighty Langley wraith.

"When I get my hand on those bastards there is going to be hell to pay."

A beeping sound interrupts Asuka's vengeful reverie, as a mechanical voice chimes: "If you are ready, please visit the doctor's office ASAP." From one of the niches in the closet, a robot powers itself up and literally, floats through the air and waits by the door. For the first time in a long while the door slide open.

"Doctor?" Asuka give perplexed look.

"I think it meant Gerald's office, come on, and get dressed."


Five staircases, two ladders, and three elevators later.

As the two approaches the office that marked "Gerald." The door slide open noiselessly to admit the two teenagers. To their surprise, Gerald was not alone; he had Alexander and two techs with him. The elderly Russian shake their hands, but remain stand up by the doctor.

The room resemble the one the couple spend the night together. It has a single desk, a console, an examination bed, some equipments, a fridge and a shelve with some odd shaped rocks and bones and few CDs, but nothing else. The greatest luxury, Shinji realizes, within an enclosed space, is the empty spaces themselves.

Gerald pretended to ignore the red welt that is now decorating Shinji's face, but instead he politely reaches into the fridge behind him and hand Shinji an ice pack. After several painful moments, Alexander decided to break the ice.

"So tell me, young lady, what would you do if you can go back in time?"

"I would find that chrysalis of Adam, then break the damn thing. Maybe then the Angels wouldn't come. I would somehow release the information about the EVA project to the rest of the world, and get wondergirl a life. If she don't merge with Adam, maybe, maybe all this wouldn't happen."

"I see. How bout you Shinji?"

"I will go and kill my father."

Three sets of eyes now riveted to him, all stare him in surprise.

"He was responsible for this whole crisis, in the end, he used everybody just to get mother, a woman who was killed because his insane experiments with…godhood. He cost me of my friends, someone so dear to me that I can call family, and almost cost me the other one I can truly call family. For the sake future of mankind, I will not allow it to happen."

Alexander frowned, Asuka look as if she is in shock, but Gerald smiles.

"What would you say if I can give you a chance, should we say, to truly save the world?"


Several hours later, in a large room with a giant steel ring in the center, surrounded by a bank of electronics.

Alexander points to one of the large metal ring that took up most of the cavernous chamber, curved with Runes that don't look like anything found on earth, it ominously stood there as if daring the EVA pilots to brave its perils: "In here you see one of our most advance technology ever, a time traveling machine, once you pass this gate, it would teleport you to your destination. Be warned, the trip is one way."

Shinji: "Errr…just out of curiosity, what would happen if we, say meet the former version of ourselves, wouldn't we die or the Universe explode?"

Tech: "You read too many sci-fi novels, but yes, our superiors have thought about that scenario. We ran a test based on it by sending one of our lab hamsters through the gate and set the time backward for an hour with a message 'Gate test', or at least we assume our future held a test like that…well it is hard to explain. But sufficiently say we brought both hamsters to each other and the Universe have not fallen apart yet."

Asukafrowns: "Ok… that is good to know…"

Seeing his young charges begin to look at the whole scenario dubiously, Alexander quickly continue his pace: " We will send you both through the gate, it should beam you two about six-eight months backwards, according to your desires, you want to beam to a department in the suburbs of Tokyo-3?"

Shinji nods and replies: "That is correct, beam us to Misato's apartment."

Just as the two teenagers step onto the steps that lead to the alien gate, Gerald walk in shouting: "hold one second, I have an parting gift for the two kids, " The Doctor ignore an withering stare from Alex and withdraw a small gun, the same kind Gerald used on Asuka first time they meet, then aimed it at the back of Shinji and Asuka's neck and fires: "This is a computer which will identify you to us when we jump orbit second time, It will active itself once you get pass the gate, and you can communicate your wishes to it by thoughts. It contains all of NERV's access codes we could salvage from that wreck, as well as their basic angstroms coding, it is the only thing close to a piece of equipment we can get through the warp gate intact. Alright, good luck."

With a wave of a hand, the Doctor point to the three engineers standing by the banks of consoles and they begin to tap into their controls with the same skill that reminded the two EVA pilots of the bridge bunnies.

"Power at 45%"

"Field integrity rising"

"Power at 75%"

"Field integrity stabilizing"

"Power at 90%"

"All equipment running on nominal performance"

With a gesture from the Alex, the two teens walk into the electrical void.

But something went wrong. Slowly, Asuka realizes both of them are caught into a hurricane of some kind, with Shinji been pulled in one direction and Asuka in another, desperately both of them try to hold on to each other, but the maelstrom slowly, inch by inch pulls them apart.

"Shinjiiiiiiii….." is all Asuka can scream before a curtain of light, brighter than anything she ever seen, cover her eyes…


AN: The world I am thinking (described by Gerald) of is Alpha Centauri, if anyone play the EPIC computer game(still rated the best turn based strategy game ever) in question, you would understand this, I think later I might even include a dumb down version of this game in the stories.