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"How about a hint" Tony pushes. Steve just clenches his jaw, keeping his arms crossed firmly as he stares at the ground. "Just a small-"

"Stark I swear to god you ask me one mor-"

"Ok!" Clint announces, and looks back at the arguing men. "Enough about Cap's mystery girl, I think Jarvis has something on a possible location"

"Jarvis? Mind explaining?" Tony questions; walking forward to the front of the jet.

"It appears there is increased activity about 2 miles north of our current location. The weapon signature has increased readings in the area"

"That's gotta be it," Sam clears his throat as he took a few steps forward, standing alongside Steve who looks to his friend before looking at the Stark.

"Alright Jarvis, lead the way"

"As you wish sir"


It is several hours later that Darcy hears another knock on her door, this one much louder and quick.

"God" The younger brunette mumbles as she rises to her feet.

"Got any other neighbors you should warn me about?" Jane smiles, watching her friend head for the door.

"Yeah, not yet" Darcy laughs and grasps the door knob before opening it. Her eyes met a chest and she has to look up in order to see Thor standing before her.

"Sister Darcy!" He laughs deep before picking her up in a crushing hug.

"Just Thor, Jane" Darcy squeals at the strength of the hug as he lifts her off the ground, her feet kicking slightly.

"How is my Jane" As Thor sets the blue eyed brunette down Jane rises to her feet and meets Thor in the opening of the apartment.

"I missed you" She smiles, welcoming his embrace. They both share a sweet kiss seconds later and Darcy does not hesitate to ruin the moment by fake gagging in the background.

"Stop getting lovey dovey in my house. Out" Darcy announces, gesturing towards the door. The two step away from each other and Jane rolls her eyes.

"We're all leaving Darce" Jane reminds her, but notices Darcy walking away groaning under her breath.

"Who is there at the moment?" The curiosity could be noticed in Jane's eyes and Thor smiles before he looks around for a brief moment.

"Pepper, Natasha, Rhodes, Doctor Banner…" He trails off. "The others will be back soon" The Norse god adds. His girlfriend only nods in reply before her eyes met her assistant's.

"We leaving now?" Darcy merely grumbles, grabbing her soda.

"I don't see why not" Thor flashes another charming smile as Jane holds the hand of the arm that was around her shoulders.


"Coming up on the drop zone guys" Clint calls back. "Cap, Wilson, you guys ready?"

"All set" Sam announces, his eyes met the Captain's who was taking his shield from his back.

"Ready Barton, you can lower the ramp" Steve calls back. It took only seconds for the archer to act as he activated the ramp and the light shines in as it began lowering. Steve squints slightly while Sam looks on, his tactical goggles protecting his eyes from the rays of light.

As soon as the ramp was completely down, Steve hops into a jog and runs down the ramp before jumping off, falling towards the ground below. Sam merely huffs and stops before looking back at Clint and Tony who was in his suit.

"Dude doesn't even hesitate" He mutters before walking off and lets himself twirl slightly on his heel before he started to fall back. Keeping his arms at his sides he activated the wings seconds later and began flying down towards Cap, who was still falling, his arms and legs out slightly to slow the speed just slightly.

As the ground grew closer, Steve reaches a hand up and Sam grasps it before levelling them out. As they level out with the ground, 30 feet or so in the air, a base came into view on the side of a cliff with several cars and hostiles outside. A river below running below the rocks was heading north, the water icy and cold.

Seconds later Sam let's go of him and Steve holds his shield in front of him as he falls towards the group of people. He hits one, causing the person to fly back into a wall as he rolled across the ground before gracefully jumping to his feet.

"On the ground" Steve announces into his com link on his wrist. "You comin down today Stark?"

"For you information old man I'm already here" Steve eyes the man in the iron suit as he flew around the building, shooting a small missile at a big truck several dozen feet in front of Steve. "Jarvis? Got info on a specific location"

A boom shakes the surrounding area as the missile hits the truck, causing several people, along with the truck, to fly into the air.

"There is a basement below the west building with spiked readings on the stolen SHIELD weapons"

"Great, Barton, let me poke it with something"

"Negative, we need it intact or else Fury will have our heads"

"That's a real fucking pain in my ass" Tony mutters, flying around the building before he shoots at several people, effectively knocking them out before he lands just outside the building.

"Language!" Steve snaps over the com as he throws his shield at an oncoming motorcyclist and watches as the shield hits, throwing the biker from the vehicle as he crashes to the ground.

"Sorry dad" Tony mocks, hearing Sam's laugh over the com.

"Need any back up Tony?" Sam asks as he flies around the building, up the cliff and spins as he appears before several men, shooting them all down with ease.

"All set here bird, I'll let you know if it changes" Tony was already making his way through the building, taking out all oncoming hostiles.

"Stark try to keep them alive" Steve warns, currently combating three men. It took seconds for him to get the upper hand, punching one, knocking the other off his feet, and throwing the other against a SUV.

"Where's the fun in that"

"Stark" Steve snaps.

"Steve, I could use a hand with the morons on the roof" Sam grumbles, dodging from the machine gunners on the roof of the south building around the corner.

"I'm on it" Steve breathes before running towards his friend's location. "Barton? How's the view up there" The soldier heads for the double doors and slowing down slightly as he jogs to a stop before lifting a foot, kicking the door open before hesitantly stepping inside, spotting a spiral metal stair case heading up, gun fire could still be heard.

"All good up here Cap'n. No reinforcements incoming. Looks like this is it"

"Wouldn't that be nice? We might even make it home before the Game of Thrones episode tonight" Tony chuckles and a cry along with a fire from his suit can be heard in the background.

"Way to keep the chipper mood" The annoyance could be heard in Steve's voice. He was not one for small talk on the battle field. A few words might have been shared from time to time, but his soul focus was on the fight.

Now if you were to go back in time 70 or so years, back when the Captain was fighting a much different fight from the one presently, it was different then. Having the Howling Commandoes by his side along with his best friend Bucky, it was like having family on the battle field. Always cracking wise-ass jokes, making fun of each other, it was all fun and games for them. But when the time came, they all would become serious and made getting the job done the priority.

Steve runs up the stairs of the building and is met by several armed men. Using his super soldier agility and reflexes he manages to dodge shots and blows while equally delivering his own. Several gunmen lined the edge of the building and after knocking the last man down the stairs he runs towards the rest.

Throwing his shield at the man on the left he slides towards one, knocking his feet out from under him before jumping to his feet in time to catch his shield. Several of the lined gunmen start to notice him and they turn their guns on him, firing at him. Steve holds up his shield, defecting the bullets as he tries to move to the side but is receiving gun fire from three different angles.

"Sam? You open?" Steve calls into his com, not intentionally distracting the gunmen from his friend.

"Yeah, thanks Cap. On my way" Sam calls back, flying towards the building. Steve's eyes caught something to his right on his exposed side where no one originally had been standing. He spots an individual coming up the stairs, his eyes specifically locating the grenade launcher in his hands.

"Sam!" He called, backing up slightly with receiving gun fire from multiple angles and also the threat of a fired grenade.

The man raises his weapon and Steve's head jerks to the side, eyes widening as the weapon is fired and he quickly holds his shield up protectively in front of his chest and face as the force of the blast hit his shield and knocked him off the side of the building.

"Shit!" Sam curses and Steve barely gets a glimpse of him before he smacks something and felt a burning feeling of sudden cold and icy water surrounding him. It feels like hitting brick as he is completely submerged and he tries to shake the pounding in his head as he slowly opens his eyes. The water was numbing and burned his face and hands as he tries to swim up, the weight from his armor and shield making it difficult, the temperature of the water making matters worse.

Without warning, Steve begins to feel his heart beat speeding up drastically and the familiar feeling of cold and icy water started to creep over him in an eerie and unpleasantly recognizable way. Flashes of his memories, crashing into the artic start to take over and post-traumatic stress wasn't exactly something he wanted to deal with at the moment.

It was a jolt as he's suddenly grabbed and pulled from the water, out and into the air before he's flown towards the now secure clearing.

Sam set him down and quickly lands, walking around to face him.

"You alright man?" The concern is clear on the other soldier's face as Steve waves a hand, coughing up a bit of water.

"Yeah, thanks" Steve breathes before making himself get to his feet, stumbling slightly.

"Stop fooling around out there guys, found the weapon" Tony says over the com seconds later as he flies out of a window of the building and up into the air, circling the area as he decides to fire a missile at the building Steve had been on moments before. Steve felt his shoulders slump as the boom echoed, as well as the cries from the men who had been up there.

"Real nice job Tony" Steve sighs, his eyes now on the ground.

"You flatter me Rogers" Tony grins as he lands several feet away, holding a strap that secured a box, setting it down first before he touches down. "Truly, your comments just warm my heart"

"Package ready for extraction?" Clint speaks up and they can hear the jet above, the stealth on to keep the jet hidden.

"It is feathers, and so are we so I'd make a landing"

"I'll call it in, a SHIELD team will come pick up the mess with an ETA of 30 minutes"

"Fantastic" Tony seems quite pleased with himself as he easily begins to drag the crate further into the clearing.

"You sure you're alright?" Sam asks, once again turning his attention on the Captain.

"Fine Sam, thanks" He put a hand on his friend's shoulder before both pairs of eyes met that of a jet as it landed several yards away. The ramp came down and Tony drags it even further forward before stopping briefly.

"Load er up Stark," Clint calls back. As Tony once again begins to drag the crate up the ramp as Steve and Sam begin walking forward as well.


"So who was on this… mission" Darcy was curious. There was no hiding that.

Thor smiles at her questions and chuckles.

"Well. Stark, Captain Rogers, Sam Wilson, and Clint Barton left this morning" He replies, his eyes scanning the communal area of Stark Tower as they walk out of the elevator.

"Are they coming back today?" Darcy asks, pushing a bit further. "Like- what kind of mission were theeeyy-…." Darcy's widen as she actually looks around at the room before her. "H-Holy shit" She gapes, spinning around as she spots out the room. "You actually live here?!"

"Indeed" Thor chuckles, his arm around Jane's waist. "Remolded slightly after The Battle of New York, but… It has stayed mostly the same"

A woman with red hair, wearing a black blazer, skirt, and black heels walks out of the elevator only minutes later, seeing the small group chatting.

"Ah, Pepper" Thor smiles as he turns. "This is Jane" A smile was clear on the man's face, one of pride and excitement.

"I've heard so many good things about you" A small laugh escapes Pepper's lips as they shake hands.

"So glad to finally meet you" Jane smiles. "This is my friend Darcy"

The younger brunette hurries over and gives a small wave, most of her attention focused on her surroundings.

"I hear you two may be working here?" Pepper smiles, eyeing the two brunettes.

"Hoping" Jane says, some shyness in her voice but overall still calm and natural. "It would be nice to not be isolated all the time" She laughs.

Pepper nods knowingly and she chuckles. "I know what you mean,"

"I was going to show them around" Thor clears his throat politely. "In hopes to get them acquainted before they move in?"

"You mean when she moves in" Darcy nods to her boss, her ear buds now in and her phone in hand.

"Of course, make yourself at home" Pepper smiles before she begins to walk towards the dining room table.

"Would you like to see where you'll be working?" Thor questions, looking down at the brunette. Jane looks up at her boyfriend and smiles before laughing.

"You know, I don't have the job yet" Jane reminds him.

"But you will" He gives her an adorable and childlike grin as they walk towards the elevator, Darcy walks also as she is still eyeing her phone and blindly following.


Sam has been eyeing Steve with minor concern for most of the ride back to the Tower. He recognized the look on his face, that thousand-yard stare and fidgety, tense posture.

"What happened" Sam states to his friend. He knew those looks from work; he did in fact use to work at the VA. He had worked with many soldiers with PTSD and knew the symptoms and signs of someone struggling with their past.

Steve slowly looks up to meet the other soldier's eyes but refuses to answer for several seconds.

"Nothing, I'm fine" He sums up before shuffling his hands slightly, his left leg bouncing gently against the floor. Sam could see the tenseness in his face and posture still showing and didn't back down.

"Don't bullshit me Cap, what happened. Flashbacks? Memories?"

"Whoa, wait. Hold on, why can he cuss?" Tony demands, overhearing the curse word leave Sam's lips.

"Don't worry alright? I'm fine" Steve replies, his voice a little firmer. The man's eyes slowly met the floor and he sighs before he nods, his arms crossed over his chest. Steve wasn't an extremely open person at times. Usually he was, but there were times where he was as stubborn as a mule.

"You can talk about it if you need to" Sam finally says, seeing the little nod Steve gave in reply as he began to pull his gloves off. It was when Steve abruptly froze that Sam looks back over.

"No no no no no" Steve mutters quickly under his breath before quickly looking his hands over.

"What wrong?" Sam's brow furrows as he eyes his friend's change in behavior.

"Cap?" Clint calls back, overhearing the change in tone.

"Come on" The soldier breathes before he squints to eye the now smudged pen ink on his hand.

"Is that your girl's number" Sam asks slowly, leaning in to see, one eyebrow rose.

"Sa- she's not my girl" Steve snaps before standing, walking towards the cock pit to get more light.

"You idiot, you lost her number?" Tony laughs slightly, looking over the Captain's shoulder. Steve waves a somewhat threatening hand back to shoo the billionaire away before he looks his hand over again.

"Could this day possibly get any worse" Steve mutters to himself before huffing,

"Gives you another excuse to go see her" Clint shrugs after a few seconds, his eyes briefly meeting the Captain's.

"We need to give you a serious education in dating, Cap'n" Tony makes clear after a few seconds and Steve only mutters under his breath before retreating his original seat, dreading what was to come.


"And make sure you wait around 48 hours or so" Sam adds. "Too soon and she'll think you're some freakin weird stalker, too late and she'll think you forgot"

"She lives 15 feet down the hall Sam" Steve reminds him firmly.

"Your Avenging life isn't a normal one Cap. And for the love of god, reconsider living in that old apartment. You have a perfectly good floor in the Tower"

"Tony-" Steve starts with a huff. Steve had a very high tolerance, patience wise… Most of the time.

"We're back" Clint calls back quickly and lowers the ramp, giving Steve a head start to hurry off. As expected, the soldier didn't hesitate to grab his gloves, placing his shield on his back before he hastily exited the jet and headed towards the stairs.

"Wait up Cap! We aren't done giving you a lesson" Tony laughs from behind him, Sam's laugh following.

Steve was somewhat ticked off, one for losing Darcy's number by being literally blown off a cliff into an icy river, and two for Tony and Sam's attempt of giving him a lesson in dating. Which Steve felt he did not need in the first place. The soldier liked to think he learned enough form the double dates Bucky dragged him along on.

"You alright man?" Sam suddenly appears beside him and Steve gives him a reassuring smile.

"Fine, just tired" Steve give him the first excuse off the top of his head as he grip his gloves in his other hand.

"Listen, I know when it comes to the plane crash, you get a little closed off but- If you wanna talk, don't hesitate to let me know, ok?"

"I'll keep that in mind, thank you" Steve says, this time meaning it more than he had on the jet. He knew Sam was just trying to help, and that he really did care. But that wasn't a topic Steve took lightly.

"We're a family Rogers, gotta open up to family at some point" Tony points out, walking past the two soldiers with Clint following. Steve only shakes his head slightly, breathing out through his nose.

"Who's that?" Sam suddenly speaks up. Steve looks up at the question and as they walk into the communal area, they see two girls along with Thor.

Steve eyes the two women briefly and sees one of them turn slightly and he makes an abrupt stop and freezes.

"Cap?" Sam speaks up, slowly looking back at his friend. Clint and Tony stop as well and look back

"My friends!" Thor suddenly announces with a deep laugh. "I must introduce you to my beloved Jane and lightning sister Darcy!"

Clint hears the name 'Darcy' and slowly looks to Steve with a rose eyebrow and grin on his face. Steve stands frozen in place, gripping his gloves like a life line.

Sam could see the look Clint was giving the Captain and decided to play along.

"C'mon Cap. Let's say hi" Sam mutters before pulling the fellow soldier along towards the three people. Tony, Clint, and Sam see the two girls with Thor. One had lighter straight brown hair and brown eyes while the other had dark wavy brown hair and blue eyes.

"This is Jane"

"We know who you are" Tony chuckles, eyeing the brunette Thor currently had an arm around. "But we do not, know of this young lady you brought with you" Tony quickly adds, his eyes now on Darcy.

"I'm the assistant. I wouldn't expect you to" Darcy states plainly, not at all seeming to be fazed by the billionaire.

"This is Darcy Lewis" Thor explains. Sam exchanges a look with Steve who gave him a long hard glare in return to not try any shit.

"Long time no see, Captain" Darcy speaks up after a few seconds, picking Steve out slightly. "Was kinda hoping seeing you the first time wouldn't be the last" She smiles, eyeing him now. Sam and Clint, along with Tony knew by their Captain's sudden tense and nervous posture, this was Darcy. The Darcy. His neighbor Darcy. The Darcy's number that he lost.

"Good to see you ma'am" Steve replies with a curt nod, offering a polite smile, his hands rested on his belt and his gloves still in his grasp. Tony laughed at Steve's sudden low voice and his desperation to hide himself slightly. "Or uh, Darcy" He smiles, then remembers how Darcy had asked him before not to call her ma'am. But that wasn't him, that was Steve. She didn't know this side of him.

"You know me too well" She chuckles before her eyes met her phone again.

"I must continue giving them a tour of the Tower" Thor concludes the brief conversation. "I will be back soon my friends"

"Chow" Clint calls, making a bee line for the kitchen.

As soon as the three people walk into the elevators and the doors close- Tony, Clint, and Sam all stop what they're doing and look at Steve with knowing looks.

"What an incredibly spectacular turn of events" Tony states, his Stark tablet in hand as he had snatched it from the table.

''Stark I am not in the mood" Steve sighs as he takes his helmet off and runs a hand through his hair.

"She doesn't know who you are does she" Clint laughs after a few seconds.

"No" Steve snaps. "And believe it or not, I'd like to keep it that way for now"

"You're not the best liar Steve. That might not be a wise decision on your part" A female voice says from the couches and the men look over to spot Natasha Romanoff rise from her seat, a book in hand.

"Hey babe" Clit smiles, walking towards her, the original conversation now in the back of his mind.

"Thanks Nat" Steve mutters before looking back down at his hand.

"Get into any trouble" Natasha asks the archer, gripping his chin to look over and possible injuries.

"Unfortunately not this time" The archer gave her a goofy grin and she rolls her eyes before she gives him a small peck on the lips.

"What you gotta do is lead her on a bit" Tony says in Steve's direction. "Keep her guessing and don't give her too much attention-"

"These boys trying to tell you how to treat a lady, Rogers?" Natasha turns her attention back to the Captain.

"Key word being trying?" Steve adds in question, receiving a glare from Tony.

"I'll show you the right way" She makes clear, raising a perfectly sculpted eyebrow in the direction of the other men. "C'mon" She gestures to the elevator. "We can talk about it over a spar match"

"Gonna let her kick your ass Rogers?" Tony asks.

"Don't go easy on her just because she's a lady" Sam reminds.

"She can hold her own" Clint says in Sam's direction.

"Yeah, I know that" Sam laughs. "Let us know how it goes!" He calls after as Natasha and Steve head into the elevator.


Steve slowly pulls his room key out of his pocket with a sigh. It had been a crazy day, which had its ups and downs. The only 'up' being seeing Darcy, if he was honest with himself.

Natasha did give him good tips on how to treat women while they had a few friendly sparing matches. And he already knew to trust her word over Tony's. Natasha usually never steered him wrong. They had a very healthy brother-sister relationship which was something Steve never had growing up. Only Bucky who was like his big brother.

As he slowly enters his apartment, he tosses his pair of keys on the kitchen counter before peaking back out into the hall. He did not want to go to sleep knowing he could have ruined his chances of getting to know his neighbor better. He'd rather end the day on a good note.

Remembering Natasha's words, he hesitantly walks down the hall and towards Darcy's apartment. Natasha made it clear, that he shouldn't be afraid to ask anything. She had told him that it was better to ask for the lady's permission than for her forgiveness, which was something Steve almost immediately took to heart. Respect was something he held high.

As his fist knocks quickly and gently on the door he waits patiently to hear a sign that she might be home. It surprisingly did not take long as the door swung open seconds later and a smiling Darcy was now looking up at him.

"Hey soldier!" She gives him a beautiful, white smile.

"Darcy," He greets with an equally happy smile. "I uh, I'm sorry to ask again" He starts, rubbing his neck nervously. "But I lost your number" He says slowly, wincing slightly in hopes that she wouldn't snap at him for not taking better care of it. He shows her his hand and Darcy eyes it before a laugh fell from her lips.

"It's cute how shy you are when you're nervous. It's all good" She makes clear. "I'll write it on paper this time ok?" She adds with a hopeful smile. Steve nods eagerly in reply; excitement could be seen on his face as Darcy walks away quickly.

She returns only moments later, this time jotting something down on a piece of paper.

"Ok," An amused and delighted smile was on Darcy's face as she continues writing. "How'd you lose it? If you don't mind me asking" She laughs, half her attention on writing, but the good portion open to listen.

"Oh uh," Steve merely chuckles as he rubs the back of his neck again before he places a hand through his hair. "Water" He states openly.

"Washing your hands?" She chuckles, her voice flat.

"Let's go with that" Steve offers, a somewhat nervous and questionably smile on his face that made Darcy giggle slightly before she covers her mouth with a hand and clears her throat.

She just giggled. What the fuck brain!? She curses to herself in her head. Darcy didn't giggle. She just wasn't a giggler in front of men. This was definitely a first.

Getting out of her thoughts the blue eyed brunette hands him the paper.

"Thank you so much" Steve sighs, clutching the paper in both hands. "I swear I will not lose it this time" The man makes clear with a chuckle before looking down at the paper.

Darcy's #
Lose it again, you know where to find me :)

"It's no problem" Darcy flashes him another smile. "Kinda like having you stop by now and again, nice highlight in my day"

Steve eyes her for several moments, lost in her deep blue eyes and cherry red lips when he clears his throat, not quick enough to hide his now reddening face.

"T-Thank you" He says while clearing his throat before backing up slightly. "I'll ca- text you!" He corrects as he makes his way back towards his apartment.

"I look forward to it" A somewhat shy smile was on the brunette's face as she closes the door seconds later, her eyes now facing her apartment.

"My god it just got hot in here" She states before shredding her sweatshirt, flopping down on the couch.

This guy seriously was more serious than she originally thought. Most guys that wanted her number would indeed get it, but if they lost it they would almost never try to get it again. Most would in fact 'lose' it on purpose. But this guy. Her neighbor. He was respectful, polite, sweet, and shy as hell. Darcy couldn't help but harbor a growing crush on him.

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