Hey everyone,

Yep another AN i know you all hate me for that and to be honest so do I. Well I'm going to be honest with everyone, i am rewriting the dark gamer and no longer contintuing what i have written. After writing that last chapter I found myself hitting a deep writers block and eventually gave up trying to write it. The idea turned into something that i did not like and could not write anymore. So i decided to give it another go and to be honest i know you all are probably frustrated at me for doing this but it is against my consiounes to continue with what i have going. So i will start again and this time the story will be the Corrupted Gamer instead of the dark gamer. Different title same premise i was going for. If you have any questions please ask on Discord.

Sincerly Garrett Chesnut

If you want to use discord use the code m7hcMsY