I have a very important announcement about this story that I want everyone to know about. I have officially started a rewrite of this story, it simply got too convoluted and had too many plot holes that I didn't find good for the future of the story. So, I made the decision to make a full rewrite of the story to give the story the justice it needed and deserved. It will have the same characters but a new and more brilliant plot! I promise!

The new story has already been submitted under the name of Percy Jackson: The Akashic System. I have a few chapters in the bank for it that need to be edited still so no worries, I will also see what I can do about future chapters since I am still working on the The True Child of Chaos Rewrite. But I plan to probably do a chapter a week for one story and then the others, still I am not sure.

Regardless! Thank you all for reading. I greatly appreciate your comments for all my stories and the reviews! I hope you all enjoy the new story!