Harry screamed as his godfather fell to the floor.




Eira chuckled, walking forwards, stepping over Sirius' body. She lifted her wand, smirking as she pointed it at Harry.

"Avada Kedavra." She practically sang, grinning as the green light exited her wand and sailed towards Harry.

Little Harry Potter, only five years old, yelled incoherently, fire exploding outwards from him.

Charlie Weasley had smiled when the Short-Snout flew over and tugged on Tonks' sleeve, leading her away. But then he realised that the miniature dragon was dragging her towards Harry's room.

He winced. He couldn't let the kid down again, couldn't betray his trust.

Stunning Fenrir, he followed after Tonks, past his father's body, past Cassiopeia Black, and into Harry's room.

Tonks was cradling Harry in her arms, sobbing. Draco and Hermione were huddled by her, whimpering with fear.

Eira was dead. She was burnt up by some sort of fire, the kind wizards couldn't conjure. Sirius was behind her, eyes glassy and unseeing... Sirius Black was dead.

Charlie turned back to the fight, eyes tearing up.

Before he could say anything, a shockwave threw him to the floor, along with everybody else.

Xiuhcoatl wasn't exactly sure how he was still conscious. He hurried to stand after the shockwave had hit, knocking everybody unconscious.

Thinking and moving quickly, he tied up the Death Eaters and those working with Eira in magical bonds. He then hurried to Harry's room.

Harry, Hermione, and Draco were half hidden by Tonks, who had her arms around the children protectively. Charlie Weasley was just coming to, turning carefully to free the miniature dragons, knowing there was little more he could do.

Xi, obscurely calm, lifted Tonks, who was still unconscious, and lay her near the bed, putting her feet up on the bottom bunk to get the blood flow to her head. He then hurried to...


He couldn't believe he hadn't noticed him.

Sirius was lying on the floor, eyes glassy, hair mussed, and mouth open in a wordless scream.

He had been hit with a killing curse.

Xi crouched next to him, checking for a pulse.

Thump... thump... thump... thump...

It was weak, it was slow, but it was there. Xiuhcoatl frowned, his hands flaring up with magical fire. The fire healed Sirius the best it could...

"HARRY!" Sirius yelled, gasping for air as he shot to sit up, hitting Xi on reflex.

"Ouch! Watch it, dimwit!" Xiuhcoatl said but grinned despite, relieved he was alive.

Sirius ignored him and stood, hurrying over to the children and scooping them up in his arms. The dragons landed next to him, nuzzling the children carefully, trying to wake them.

It was a busy month.

First, there was the capture and trial of all those who had fought with Eira. That took a week. Then there was the disposal of Eira herself – she was burnt in the fire of the firebirds and phoenixes of the west and east stars, then her ashes were mixed with the holy Styx, the river of death in Greece, carried by a grypas sent by the Grecian Ministry of Magic – the Guardians of Hecate's Fire, they were called, and were move of a witch/wizard coven due to the small amount of wizardry in Greece after the demigod rampages.

Of course, this took a while.

Then there was the funeral of Arthur Weasley. It was a sad occasion and there was only one dry eye in the room, that of Xiuhcoatl, who wasn't affected in the same way as humans when it came to emotional outbursts. Firebirds couldn't cry.

Next, the Weasley family also moved into the ever spacious Potter Mansion because of a lack of funds after Arthur died. Molly had taken up a job in Hogwarts, teaching students home economics o try and help out, also giving herself accommodations while her children remained at Potter Mansion, oversaw by Xiuhcoatl, Sirius, Narcissa, Cassiopeia, and Andromeda.

The press were bothering them the entire time.

When February rolled around, barely anybody noticed. Harry, Hermione, Draco, Ron, and Ginny, who had formed a tight friendship quickly did, however, take notice and, giggling the entire time, attempted to make pancakes for everybody, spelling out the word February. Draco, Ron, and Ginny made the mix with Harry's instructions while Harry and Hermione actually cooked the pancakes, Hermione helping with the spelling while Harry used his culinary expertise to make the pancakes perfectly fluffy.

It was needless to say Auntie Cassie was quite surprised to receive a pancake shaped in a large 'F'. Xiuhcoatl figured out when he got a nice 'E', Andromeda a beautifully made 'B', Narcissa a lovely 'R' and Sirius an 'A'. Percy, Fred, and George received the last few letters respectively. Sirius decoded the message second and burst out laughing along with Xi.

It was a lovely beginning to a not so lovely day.