Hey, everyone. *smirks*

Just wanted to let everyone know that the first chapter of Refound Happiness is out today! And I will be back to my weekly posting, so go check it out!

Side-ish Note; I am still working on editing and re-writing Reintroducing Hope (it is way more time consuming than I first thought it would be) But I would like to inform you all of one change I have made (it really doesn't effect the story at all, but I thought I should let you know) I am taking Jane Foster, Darcy Lewis, and Erik Selvig out of the story...

*dodges virtual tomatoes*

I don't think I really need to defend myself on this choice. They just don't fit in with the story. And honest to god, I don't know how to write their characters, so I am sorry, but they will not be in Refound Happiness. (And later, when I finally update, they will no longer be in Reintroducing Hope either) But I think it's better to take'em out of the story now, then it would be for me to try to force them in...

Anydoodles, please go check on the first chapter of Refound Happiness, and tell me what you think! I am super excited to get back into the swing of things!

~Fernandidilly-yo out!