AN: In this story, little over 1/4 of Auraxis' population are magic users, and the mundane world knows about them, they just don't care that their different. The war on Auraxis ended after eight long brutal years of fighting (started in June 21, 2845 in lore) with the three factions forming their own nations on the planet's five continents (Amerish, Esamir, Hossin, Indar, and Koltyr (this continent is for new Planetside 2 players))

Summary: What if Harry's magic knew what would happen if he stayed at the Dursleys? What if, the second Dumbledore left, Harry's magic sent him away to Auraxis (Planet's name in Planetside 2)? What if when his name comes out of the Goblet of Fire, not only does he return, but with the Terran Republic, New Conglomerate, and Vanu Sovereignty with him as well? How will the Wizarding world react to a futuristic Harry Potter? Smart!Harry, NC!Harry, Strong!Harry, Animagus!Harry, Grey!Harry, Dumbledore/Ron/Ginny/Molly Weasley bashing, most likely ministry bashing. Harry will be 19 in this fic but everyone else will be their canon age. Rated T for Violence, and Language. Most likely Harry/Fleur Pairing.






OC Bio(s)

Name: Michael 'Mickey' Dominique Rohas

Birthdate: 2851, November 22nd

Age: 20

Nationality: Terran Republic

Class: Combat Medic, Long Range Specialist

Armor: Medic Composite Armor, Abstract Camo, 203rd Armor Decal, Altitude Helmet

Primary Weapon: Cycler TRV Assault Rifle, equipped with MH2 Reflex Sight (2x) Yellow Dot, Flash Suppressor, Forward Grip, Alpine Bark Camo

Secondary Weapon: NS-G1b Emissary, equipped with NiCo (1x) Cross, Laser Sight, Aftershock Camo

Skin Color: Caucasian

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color: Dark Brown, short hair

Magicical Status: Mundane (muggle)

Joined Terran Republic's military in 2869 after his mother was killed in a Pirate raid on the Koltyr Trade Center, he swore an oath to bring all pirates, and terrorists to justice, and to never surrender. Met Harry in 2871 when New Conglomerate and Terran Republic ran a joint operation on a pirate base in Amerish, Found out Harry was a Wizard after Harry sent a Bombarda Maxima curse towards an obselete jury rigged MAX Suit attempting to gun him down. Although if Michael did die, the Nanites and Reborn tech would have saved him, but would have taken an hour to fully work. after a small series of missions between the two, they were shown to be very effective when working together, and not only became great friends, their actions also boosted the Terran Republic's Relationship with the New Conglomerate.


Name: Kai Polaris Forge

Birthdate: 2849, December 2nd

Age: 22

Nationality: Vanu Sovereignty

Class: Heavy Assault, Anti Vehicle Specialist

Armor: Heavy Assault Drakon Armor, Auberon Helmet, Black Magic Camo, Black Sun Decal

Primary Weapon: Pulsar LSW LMG w/ HPR Reflex (1x) Vanu, Flash Suppressor, Darklight flashlight, Abstract Magic Camo

Secondary Weapon: Spiker Pistol, Laser Sight, Abstract Camo

Heavy Weapon: S1 Rocket Launcher w/ Black Magic Camo

Skin Color: White

Eye Color: Red

Hair Color: Dirty Blond, short and curly

Magical Status: Half Blood

Joined Vanu's military in 2868 wanting to protect the will of Vanu from Heretics, Terrorists, Pirates, Smugglers, and Treasure Hunters. Kai is hoping to make a difference and let the people of Auraxis know that the Vanu Sovereignty will not give up it's alien artifacts so easily and will protect them at any cost. Met both Harry and Michael when he was off duty in Amerish, Inside an Auraxium warehouse trying to persuade a group of twelve pirates in a hostage situation not to shoot the hostages and let them go. Civilians were not linked to Reborn Technology, and the pirates would have shot them if Harry didn't suddenly crash through a sun roof window with a group of NC and TR Light Assaults in tow, along with five Combat Medics, Michael being one of them. Seven of the pirates were killed by the joint force, while Kai killed three of them with his Spiker Pistol. The other two pirates were arrested. Kai, Harry, and Michael were soon placed on missions together, in order to prevent a pirate insurrection in the future, the trio formed a strong bond with eachother and always looked out for eachother, especially for whats planned in the future.


Name: Harold 'Harry' Joseph Franklin *Formerly known as Harry James Potter*

Birthdate: 1981, July 31st (Arrived at Auraxis October 31st 1982 in Earth Years, but 2853 in Auraxis years)

Age: 19

Nationality: New Conglomerate

Class: Light Assault, Close Range Drifter

Armor: Light Assault Drakon Armor, Sigma Grunt Helmet, Guerilla 3 Decal, No Camo

Primary Weapon: NC12 Sweeper Shotgun w/ GD refleXR (2x) Diamond, Laser Sight, Slug Ammo, Ashtiger Camo

Secondary Weapon: LA3 Desperado w/ Darksight Flashlight, Ashtiger Camo

Skin Color: Caucasian (I think Harry's skin color is caucasian, CORRECT ME IF i'M WRONG!)

Eye Color: Emerald Green

Hair Color: Jet Black

Magical Status: Halfblood

Warning! Intel Classified! Access Denied!...


(Planet Earth, Great Britain, #4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surry, October 31st, 1982)

(No Ones POV)

In Little Whinging, Surry in the dead of night stood an elderly man in Violet Robes with a record size beard that looks like it could reach his feet. He was holding a small bundle wrapped in a blanket in his hands standing outside of #4 Privet Drive, he was busy reasoning with a middle aged woman with a stern look in Emerald Green Robes.

"Albus are you sure this is the best decision? I've seen these people and they are the worst sort of muggles the world has ever seen!" The woman in green said to the man named Albus.

"They are the only family he has left Minerva" Albus said

"Yes but couldn't the boy grow up in a proper wizarding family?" Minerva questioned

"The fame would overwhelm the boy, it is best that he grows up away from that, and only return when he is ready." Albus responded as he placed the small bundle on the doorstep of Number 4, revealing a small baby no older then one, sleeping peacefully, with a fresh lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead. Albus then placed a letter on top of him that said 'Mr and Mrs Dursley, 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surry. "Good luck Harry Potter" he said quietly to the little boy.

However in Albus' head, he was plotting 'Yes, you will be the perfect weapon for the light, and you will die when the time comes...'

Albus then turned around, walked to the edge of the house, placed a series of blood wards over the house, and apparated away with Minerva in tow.

However, the second the witch and wizard were gone, Harry's magic began acting up knowing what fate Harry would have if he stayed here and with a pop, the small bundle disappeared with the note, never to be seen again for thirteen years on Earth.


(Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardly)

(No Ones POV)

in an empty headmasters office with several tracking charms of all kinds, stood a phoenix, and a ragged dirty brown hat.

The phoenix stood on a perch glaring at the monitoring charms his master Albus Dumbledore had placed on young Harry, thinking whatever he was doing was for the 'Greater Good'. However, the Phoenix's glare turned from anger to shock and then joy when he witnessed the charms beginning to blare then detonate sending debris all over the room.

"It appears Mr. Potter has left the country" a voice said. The Phoenix turned to the source and looked to the top of a bookshelf revealing the ragged old hat, but this time the hat had a mouth and was grinning evilly at the destruction.

"Oh, the old farts going to be paranoid when he finds out" the hat said eagerly awaiting Dumbledore's reaction when he returns.


(Planet Auraxis, year 2853)

Far into the future, on the planet Auraxis three factions have finally come to terms on ending a terrible war leading to nowhere on the planet, but death and destruction.

Although the factions military had the technology to revive their fallen soldiers, the casualty count rose higher then all the wars Earth had faced in it's history alone.

After eight long years of brutal fighting on and off the ground, the three factions: Terran Republic, New Conglomerate, and Vanu Sovereignty have agreed to share the planet, knowing that there was enough land for all.

The Vanu Sovereignty claimed Indar for it's rich Auraxium deposits and is known for containing alien artifacts, something that the people of this nation value greatly as a gift. The Terran Republic claimed the Esamir Continent to rebuild their society, and to begin researching ways to contact Earth and let them know where the expedition that took place two centuries ago had led them here. The New Conglomerate claimed Amerish for it's rich fertile land that can be used for farming, and the rich minerals found in the hillside was valueable for industrialization. The continent Hossin was shared between the three nations and was converted into a Civilian Center. The continent Koltyr was proven too small to be used as a Civilian Center, and held no Auraxite or minerals of any kind, thus it was converted into a trade center for all three nations.

The people of Auraxis weren't all normal, little over a fraction of their entire population were magic users. When Auraxis was colonized, four magical schools were developed.

The Indar Magical Institution, The Amerish Academy of Magic, The Esamirian Magical School, and The Hossin School of Magic.

90% of Auraxis' magical population are halfbloods, and mundaneborn witches and wizards, and only 10% were purebloods. The number of purebloods used to be higher, but when half of Earth's expeditionary fleet was destroyed by the collapsing wormhole leading the expedition to Auraxis, most of the pureblooded families aboard the fleet died.

When the war of Auraxis began, several thousand witches and wizards along with countless non magicals, joined their factions military, or were drafted to fight the coming war.

Although the war ended leaving millions relieved to finally live a peaceful life, pirate factions began rising in hopes of making money off of the factions efforts at rebuilding.


(Continent Amerish)

In one of the many Armories the New Conglomerate owned stood a twenty seven year old woman wearing the New Conglomerate uniform, minus the armor which was in a locker in front of her. She had curly light brown, shoulder length hair tied into a ponytail trailing down her back, her eyes were walnut brown, and a very small yet visable scar could be seen on the far left of her chin.

Her name is Amber Franklin, a now retired New Conglomerate Combat Engineer, Mundane Born Witch, and is about to return to civilian life. Most people would be happy to return home to their families, and live their lives after the long conflict. But Amber was not one of them, before the war ended, she was hoping to live a normal life and start a family with her 29 year old husband John Franklin, but a week before the war had ended, she suffered an injury that neither nanites, nor the revival technology could fix, and rendered her unable to have children.

Amber was devastated by this outcome and had been locked in a state of depression ever since. Amber was sitting on a bench in front of her locker holding her Standard Issue New Conglomerate helmet, staring at it for several minutes before putting it in her locker for the last time. Just as she closed the locker and began to head out, a bright flash of light covered the room she was in, temporarly blinding her. When Amber regained her vision, her hearing was invaded by what sounded like a baby crying. She immediatly looked at the source and nearly gasped at the sight. A baby boy wrapped in a blanket, no older the one, with jet black hair, and a fresh lightning bolt shaped scar on his head. The baby was crying for his mother while crunching up a letter written in partchment in his tiny left hand.

Amber immediatly picked the baby up and began humming a soft tune in his ear, while rocking back and forth hoping to calm the child down. It seemed to work because soon after, the baby had calmed down and looked at Amber revealing a set of beautiful emerald green eyes that would have made her squeal at how cute he looked if she wasn't a battle hardened veteran. Still that couldn't stop the warm smile appearing on her face.

Amber then noticed the letter in the baby's hand and after having to play a game of tug o' war with the child who refused to give up the letter, read it and found out that the childs name was Harry James Potter, and that the letter explained that Harry's parents had died trying to protect him from a dark lord named Voldemort. What confused her was that the letter she was holding was addressed to some family named Dursley, and the address on the back was nonexistant on Auraxis. It then hit her that this child was not from Auraxis, but from Earth and that how he got here must have been one hell of a form of accidental magic. But now the child was orphaned and had no family on Auraxis, and she doubted that the boys magic would be ready to perform something like that again.

An idea crossed her head that almost made her put on a face splitting grin. She could adopt the child! She knew that she could not bear children but thanks to this boy's accidental magic, and possibly fate itself, she could finally start the family she always wanted with her husband.

Amber looked down at the little baby in her arms who seemed to have fallen asleep with a small smile on his face.

"Welcome to the family Harold Joseph Franklin" she said in a motherly tone, and with a very warm smile on her face.



I am an idiot for not noticing the damn mistakes! (and the fact that I only have wordpad, and not Microsoft Word, or Open Office, so I have to spellcheck the hard way.) I apoligize for that, Chapter two has been edited as well, internets going out for a couple of weeks, so I can't post/update chapters, but that doesn't mean I can't work on them!