Walking down the hall Draco swallowed again.

He was nervous.

Why was he so bloody nervous?

She was just a girl.

In the back of his mind he scolded himself, as many times as he tried to think of Luna as just another girl he knew that wasn't the case.

If it was it wouldn't have bothered him so much to know she had never before had a valentine.

Not one, she had told him as she fiddled with her hair while reading over some mushy romance novel that Draco thought was far below someone with the intelligence that Luna possessed.

"It's just a story Draco." She said with an eye roll when he turned his nose into the air.

"It's that time of year, love is in the air." A small sparkle was in her eye but he couldn't help bunching up his nose in disgust.

"Valentine is annoying, all the 'chocolates' laced with love potion, all the silly cards full of pictures and notes that I'm quite sure should never see the light of day. Probably inspired by one of those books if I had to guess." He finished with a nod towards the book in her hands.

With a solid slam the book was closed.

"I wouldn't know," she said standing and holding the book firmly in both hands, "I've never received a valentine. I'm sure it's terrible being wanted by so many people though."

The sarcastic tone in her voice made Draco recoil.

He started to apologize but before he could she was gone her back straight as a rod and her nose in the air.

He really was wearing off on her too much.

A feeling of guilt soon set in. He was always forgetting that Luna wasn't the most popular person in school. Probably because he couldn't see how anyone could get to know her ad not want the ditzy, incredible, little witch.

Stopping outside the entrance to the Ravenclaw tower, looking up to the eagle knocker he silently prayed that he would be able to figure out the riddle to get in.

The knocker looked in his direction with sharp eyes.

"Is it entrance to my tower you seek?"

Draco nodded.

"Then a riddle you must solve.

What is greater than God,
more evil than the devil,
the poor have it,
the rich need it,
and if you eat it, you'll die?"

Draco thought for a moment, then smiled, he had heard the riddle before so thankfully he knew the answer.


With a creek the wall opened up and the Ravenclaw tower was reviled.

Stepping in there were students sitting all about the room, however none of them were doing what he had been expecting.

They were playing bored games, in a corner snogging, sitting around talking and joking. None had their faces buried in books or studying like he thought they would.

Like they always did when they were out in the castle.

Another thing he noticed was the variety of students. There were almost as many Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs in here as there were Ravenclaws. There were even a few Slytherin.

Every now and again there would be a guest in the Slytherin tower but usually it was covered in green.

This was astounding.

One of the boys who he was now sharing a year with walked over.

"Can I help you mate?" the tall boy asked.

"I'm looking for Luna's room?" Draco said with authority like he belonged there.

"Boys aren't allowed in the girl's dorms." the boy returned with a stern demeanor.

Draco held up his hands in an innocent manor exposing the small pink box he held in his hand.

"Even if I'm just dropping off a valentine?"

The Ravenclaw shook his head.

"Enchantment mate, boys really can't even make it up the stairs."

Feeling defeated after coming all this way Draco began to turn when he felt a tap.

"Want me to deliver it?"

It was a very short girl but he could tell she was only a year or two behind him.

Must be half dwarf.

"Do you know where her room is?" he was really iffy about allowing someone else to even touch it. It was a particular gift that only worked once.

"She is in the room right next to mine." She said with a large smile.

The Ravenclaw boy looked at Draco and nodded.

"Andrea is very trustworthy."

Draco laid the box in her hand carefully. "Just don't touch what's inside okay? It's very important"

With a nod the short girl spun and took off up the stairs.

When she got to Luna's room she knocked on the door and waited.

And waited.

And waited a little longer.

She knocked again but still there was no answer.

Finally, with one last knock the door flew open and there stood the blonde in question, her hair was in a messy knot on top of her head, a few pieces of hair frayed and burned. Her white top was messy and covered in singes. And she was wearing big rubber gloves and holding a small potion bottle in her hand.

The small girl looked scared, she thrust the box towards Luna and bolted down the hall.

Luna watched as she ran then shrugged and closed the door. Turning the box over in her hand she found a small tag.

On it in delicate precise writing that she would recognize anywhere was a small note, "I've always preferred being number one anyways."

A smile graced her lips and she pulled off the gloves she was wearing.

She tried to open the box but the top wouldn't budge. Suddenly there was more writing on the card and Luna's smile faded.

"Not to open until midnight. It's not technically Valentine day yet."

With a huff she laid the gift aside, she sat the potion she had been working on aside and changed into something more comfortable. If he expected her to be up at midnight she would need some rest.

Laying down she pulled the curtains closed around her bed then set a silencing spell. Setting an alarm for eleven fifty-nine she laid down for a well-deserved nap.

When the alarm went off Luna sat straight up, with her hair falling around her face and her mismatch pajamas wrinkled and rumpled she reached over to grab the box.

Pulling open the lid, this time it allowed her to, she tossed it aside and sitting in soft pink tissue paper was a small white gold pendant, it resembled the old Chinese symbol of yin and yang but in place of the usual black and white dots, there sat a sapphire and an emerald. It was the most beautiful thing Luna had ever seen, much less owned.

Eager to hold it she dumped the pendant into her hand and suddenly the room was spinning. Luna gripped the pendant tightly not wanting to lose it in the small chaos going on around her.

She tried to soften her landing but she had not had time to grab her wand so unfortunately it was a nice rough dump on the behind.

Looking around she didn't know where she was but she couldn't help but be astounded. The room was lit in little white candles that smelled like vanilla, there was a tub with large white and gold tapestries surrounding it for privacy. A table sat with all the beauty supplies any girl could hope for to have a nice relaxing bath. One the vanity there were two more boxed. Opening one she found a box of assorted chocolates, and in the other nothing but an envelope.

Scrawled across the front were the words "open me once you get in the bath."

Written across the mirror in what looked like red marker were the words "Happy Valentine's Day."

Setting the chocolates on the table she noticed the small glass sitting with the beauty supplies, filled half way with a dark red liquid.

Draco always had to be so grown up she thought with an eye roll.

Luckily she knew she actually enjoyed a red wine now and again thanks to her father allowing her to drink with dinner.

Disrobing she stepped into the tub slowly as it was very warm, and she assumed it would stay that way.

Relaxing into the tub she almost forgot the card. Opening it a few white flakes fell out into the tub causing bubbles to appear, and with a small gust of wind there was suddenly the feel of two hands at her shoulders and feet.

An enchanted massage.

He really was too much sometimes.

Relaxing now, and allowing the hands to pamper her Luna sat in the tub and lost track of time.

Her fingers pruned and she still refused to move.

She finished her entire box of chocolate and still nothing.

She washed and bathed and washed again but still she didn't want to get out.

There was a small clap and then an envelope slid into the room.

Draco must be here to get her she thought with a pout.

Standing from the tub the hands gingerly wrapped her in a fluffy towel the could easily wrap around her twice. She walked over to the door and picked up the envelop and she heard the tub draining.

It was a howler.

Pulling off the sticker on the front it came to life in front of her.

"Luna love, I'm glad you're enjoying yourself but you've missed breakfast and first class, you really have to come back now. Just grab the pendant, it will work one more time to bring you back to your room. I'll see you at lunch."

She couldn't believe she had missed her morning class! She had to get back.

But first, she gathered up the boxes that had held the gifts. All the ribbon and paper and even a bottle of the lotion.

She wanted to always remember what her best friend had done for her.

Looking around she spotted the pendant and walked over to it.

What a gift, the anti-love potion she had been brewing for him really did pale in comparison.

She supposed she could miss another class or two to make it a little more magical she thought with a shrug as she grabbed the port key.

If you haven't guessed this one was portkey ^.^ it is my favorite so far! Love how thoughtful he was for the sweet little one! It kinda turned into more of a short story than a ficlet like I meant for it to be…..oh well, enjoy!