A/N: I am still heartbroken from the Season 4 finale. But our ship will forever live on in fanfiction. This story takes place directly after the events of 4x09 but with a major alternate twist. I hope you guys like it and please review!

Chapter 1

"Come on, baby." Alex pleaded tearfully as he continued to try and try to bring his wife back to life. "Please, please don't leave me."

He momentarily looked over to where Norman laid. He was still motionless, lifeless. He was convinced that he had something to do with this and a part of him didn't care if he woke up.

Norma was still pale, still lifeless and Alex sobbed as he clutched her body to him. "Please, please..."

Suddenly he heard her gasp and begin coughing.

"Oh, thank God!" Alex breathed in relief as he kissed her face and held her close. "Norma...oh baby, you're going to be ok. You're safe."

"Alex," Norma's voice was raspy and her throat hurt so bad. "what..." Tears stung her eyes as she saw Alex so emotional infront of her. She weakly touched his face. "happened?"

"Shhh," Alex gently soothed her. "don't try to talk baby. The ambulence is..." He broke off as he heard the loud sirens approaching from outside. "here now. They'll get you both loaded in and taken to the hospital. You're going to be ok."

Norma looked at him with slight confusion. "Both?"

"Yeah," Alex nodded as he gently stroked her hair. "you and Norman."

Norma still looked at him in confusion and also uncertainty. "Norman?"

Alex was taken aback by how confused she seemed, it's like she didn't even register who he was talking about. Then again, it had to of been all the gas...God he didn't even know how long she had it in her system.

"Don't worry, they are going to do everything they can for your son." Alex reassured her softly.

"But, I don't..." Another cough overtook her.

"Shh, baby." Alex saw the medics coming in. "Save your strength."

The medic walked over and placed on oxygen mask on Norma.

At Norma's struggling, Alex gently ran his hand on her arm in a comforting manner. "It's ok, Norma. It's going to help you breathe better. Trust me?"

At his words Norma immediately calmed and grasped his hand in hers. She felt herself begin to drift off.

Alex immediately got concerned. "Shouldn't she stay awake?"

"Her vitals are good," The medic comforted. "we just need to get her to the hospital."

Alex nodded as he let the medic load his wife onto a stretcher, he never let go of her hand. "And him?" He pointed to Norman's body, his voice had gone somewhat cold.

The second medic shook his head with sadness. "This one's gone. He's not responding to oxygen, to anything. He's a DOA."

Alex felt mixed emotions. A part of him was somewhat relieved because he wouldn't be able to hurt his wife anymore...but another part of him was incredibly sad because he knew that this would no doubt devistate Norma. He knew how close she was with her son.

"Are you sure?"

The medic nodded. "He's cold, Sheriff."

Alex just nodded as he placed a kiss to wife's head. "I am so sorry, baby. I love you."

It had been about twenty minutes and Alex was pacing the waiting room, waiting to hear how his wife was doing.

He just prayed to God that she would pull through. It was something he'd given up on a long time ago, praying...but he would do anything for Norma. He needed her to be ok. She was everything to him.

He didn't think the image of her laying on the floor so lifeless would ever leave his mind.

He looked up anxiously as he saw the doctor walking towards him.

"How is she?" Alex immediately asked. "How is my wife?"

A smile was on the doctor's face. "She's going to be ok, Sheriff. It's a miracle is what it is but her vitals are great. You can go in and see her."

Alex let out a breath. "Thank you. Is her son..Norman...did he?"

The look on the doctor's face was solumn. "He didn't make it. I did everything I could but it was too late. I'm so sorry."

"Can I? I need to be the one to tell her. My wife was incredibly close with her son. She's not going to take this very well." Alex warned.

"Of course." The doctor nodded.

Alex thanked him again and made his way down the hall and was stopped by the deputy.

"Sheriff Romero, we've investigated the house. It appears the gas leak was intentional."

Alex's eye twitched in anger as he thought about Norman...the messed up kid that he was sure was a danger to his wife. The kid that had swung an ax at him...the kid that was now dead. It would serve no use to be angry at someone who was dead. He needed to be there for Norma, she was really going to need him.

"Yeah, I know. Norman Bates...he's been ill. I'm sure it was him." Alex replied tiredly.

"Actually we found a piece of evidence that may suggest otherwise." The deputy stated, as she pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to him.

Alex read it and felt tears sting his eyes as he read what could have been his wife's last words to him.

"We think it may have been an attempted suicide.."

"No." Alex sharply stated. "She would never do something like that. I know her."

The deputy was compassionate. "But she left her ring on the note...isn't it possible that she was..."

"No." Alex replied sharply. "She wasn't leaving me. It was that kid. He's dead now and this...I need to go be with my wife now. I will find out what really happened from her."

She just nodded. "Of course."

Alex turned and made his way further down the hall and into Norma's room.

"Hey," He smiled warmly as he took her hand in his, placing a kiss on her palm. "baby how are you feeling?"

"A little groggy but ok." Norma replied as she softly smiled at him. "What happened?"

"Well, it looks like it was a gas leak. Norma, I need to ask you something." Alex pulled the letter out and placed it infront of her. "I need you to tell me if you were..." He breathed deeply, it was hard to even say. "Did you try to kill yourself?"

"What?" Norma frowned deeply. "No! Why would you...?" She looked at the letter as even more confusion entered her. "Alex, I don't remember writing this."

Alex was taken aback as there was only one other explanation. If Norma didn't write that letter, than her son did. He knew it. He freaking knew that kid tried to kill her and himself along with her, making it a murder/suicide.

"Listen, I need to tell you something." His voice was soft, gentle. "It's not gonna be easy for you to hear and I am so sorry to have to tell you, baby." He gently ran his hand along her face as he clasped one of her hands in his. "Norman didn't make it. He's dead."

Norma's confused expression didn't change. "I'm sorry, who?"

To say that Alex was stunned was an understatement. What was going on? "Your son, Norman Bates.."

Norma blinked a couple times before responding. "I'm sorry, Alex but I don't have a son."