Title: Temporal Distortions
Rating: PG
Author: Mac (ColMackenzieJAG@aol.com)
Disclaimers: Voyager and her crew belong to Paramount Pictures while
the Doctor, Peri, as well as the TARDIS belong to the BBC.

"What was that!" Peri cried out.

The Doctor, an odd man with a strange obsession with cricket, replied,
"We must have hit some temporal distortion. We've been thrown off

"As usual," the young Earth woman muttered. "Why is it we never seem
to have any luck?"

Ignoring the comment, the Doctor worked on regaining control of the
TARDIS. "There we are. Perfectly safe."

He opened the view screen. "Oh yes, perfectly safe... in an alien
space ship," Peri responded sarcastically.


"Captain," Harry Kim said, "I'm reading a temporal distortion about
two light years from our present location."

Captain Janeway sighed. She was not in the mood to get into another
temporal dispute. "Mr. Paris, plot a course away from the

"Aye, Captain!"

"It's gone!"

Janeway looked up at Harry. "Ensign?"

Before he could respond, Tuvok spoke up. "Captain, a small vessel has
materialized in Cargo Bay one."

"Take a team down there immediately," she replied. Her first office
looked at her questioningly. Janeway just shrugged. "You have the
bridge, Commander."


"Um, Doctor..."

"What is it now, Peri?" he replied, not looking up from the console.

"Whoever owns this ship isn't very happy about our intrusion. There
are a bunch of them outside with weapons of some sort."

The Doctor grinned and opened the door. "Lets not disappoint them."

Peri crossed her arms. "I don't know about you, but I have no desire
to be shot."

"Who said anything about being shot? I wasn't planning on misbehaving...
were you?"

Before she could respond, he was out the door. She sighed and
followed him out. One of these days his curiosity was going to kill him.


Captain Janeway arrived in the Cargo Bay to see a man step out from the... She did a double take. It looked like an old police box from England. How did it get here, she wondered. Shrugging, she walked over to him.

"I am Captain Kathryn Janeway--"

The man smiled, extending his hand, and spoke up before she could say anything more. "Good day, Captain. I'm known as the Doctor, and this is Peri."

Realizing that this man and young woman couldn't possibly be hostile, she turned to Tuvok, who dismissed his team, but remained with Captain Janeway. "I have to admit, I was somewhat surprised at your abrupt arrival. I usually like to speak with visitors before they arrive on my ship."

"I'm terribly sorry about that," The Doctor replied. "There was some sort of temporal distortion which caused me to lose control of the TARDIS. Your ship was the closest place to materialize."

Janeway inwardly groaned when she put two and two together. This man had something to do with time travel. "Well, I'm certain we'll have much to discuss. Mr. Tuvok will take you to our guest quarters so you can freshen up. When you've done so, he'll bring you up to my ready room."

"Wonderful. Thank you very much, Captain." Peri nodded as well and followed Tuvok and the Doctor.

"Senior officers, report for a staff meeting in ten minutes."