Lord and Ladies

With Voldemort resurrected, Dumbledore needed to find a shortcut, enabling the light faction to gain power and stand a chance against the dark. The one he found proved very enjoyable for Harry Potter and some girls.

M for a reason.

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1 Surprise

Harry woke up, trying to remember the pleasant dream he had just had, that was so atypical for him, yet even without opening his eyes, the dream just vanished. He still tried to enjoy that pleasant feeling he had in his dream, keeping his eyes closed and not moving at all. It didn't help. Instead of recalling his dream he noticed that the bed had a different feel to it and then that he was utterly naked. He didn't remember going naked to bed. He didn't really remember much of what had happened before going to bed or of anything that happened during the previous day. He clearly remembered the third task and what had happened after it, until he was eventually able to sleep, quite fitfully. He could barely recall meeting Cedric's parents and later talking with Ron and Hermione, after he'd been released from the hospital wing. He wasn't even sure he'd eaten dinner.

He then became aware of not being alone in bed. Somebody's head was lying on his chest. Judging by the scent and the long hair, it must have been Hermione. He could also feel two soft bumps pressed on his ribs. By the feeling his bare skin was giving him, these must have been female breasts. He blushed at the idea of Hermione being naked at his side. He was almost sure he was still dreaming, as Hermione would never sleep naked with him, or with any other boy, at least until she finished school – he felt quite sure about it.

He also felt two other bumps pressed on his back. He had no idea who that could be. Harry opened his eyes, trying to see what was really happening. It didn't help much, as the room was quite dark, yet he managed to see that he was not in the dorms, nor in the hospital wing, although he couldn't identify the room, certainly not without seeing it properly. He noticed an arm stretched over him. It didn't seem to come from the person behind him, nor from Hermione, who was cuddled at his chest, but it was too dark to see anything but an indistinct form behind Hermione.

He groaned internally. 'Even when being with two, possibly more, naked girls, I can't really enjoy the view.'

He was very soon becoming aware of another problem. His bladder was full and he urgently needed to go to the toilet, before he would embarrass himself. Wherever he happened to be, he was sure there would be some toilet facility nearby, if only he could reach it.

The darkness seemed to slowly lighten. He could see some heavy curtains blocking a window or two, on his left side. He couldn't move his head to the other direction, but he suspected he would find a door or two there, yet he first needed to disentangle himself from the girls. Easier said than done. He tried to push Hermione's head off his chest, only for her to move in her sleep, pushing herself more firmly on his body. He couldn't move in the other direction, as it was also blocked by a very feminine body. He lost his patience quite soon, as the pressure in his bladder became insupportable, pushing Hermione from his chest and moving back, awakening the girl there just as well. He didn't bother with niceties. He just crawled quickly down, noticing a door to the right of the bed and another, just in front of it, seemingly smaller. He checked it, finding what he was looking for, and closed the door behind him.

A short while later, he opened the door again, feeling relieved. He was surprised to find the room fully lighted. Somebody had probably opened the curtains, letting the bright sunshine in, nicely illuminating the three naked girls that were sitting on the bed's edge, waiting for him. He felt his cheeks getting hot, just as another part of him was becoming excited at the sight. He still managed to stammer, "Good Morning, girls."

Hermione was sitting between the two other girls. It took Harry a moment to identify them, never having seen much more than their faces before. One was Susan Bones, whose large breasts were evident even when wearing the school robes. He could now see these breasts in their full glory, and Susan didn't seem to mind his stare. The other took him a bit longer to identify. Could she be... No, that's impossible! Still.. He had never seen Daphne Greengrass smile at anyone, certainly not the shining, inviting smile that she was directing at him. Harry could now see that Daphne was a real blonde, as her pubic hair was just as light as the hair on her head. Noticing this made his body react even stronger, yet none of the girls seemed to mind.

His eyes finally found Hermione, his best friend and his secret crush for more than a year. Her breasts, although much smaller than Susan's, seemed even nicer, and her pubic hair was trimmed, leaving just a narrow strip of hair to accentuate her feminine crack. She was smiling at him, looking completely comfortable in the buff, something he would have never believed.

"Good morning, Harry," she said, patting the bed at her side. The two others just nodded.

Harry sat reluctantly. His stiff erection was too evident to hide, yet it didn't seem to embarrass the girls, although it embarrassed him.

"Do you remember what happened before you fell asleep?" Hermione asked him. The other girls seemed just as eager to hear his reply.

"Not really. I don't think I remember anything that happened after I left the hospital wing." Just speaking of that would have dampened his mood, if it wasn't for the view he was enjoying.

The girls seemed disappointed, yet Hermione asked, "Can you recall any dream?"

Harry shook his head. "I know I had very pleasant dreams, but I could remember nothing as soon as I woke up, except for the nice feeling they gave me." Looking at the three naked beauties once again, he added, "I suppose they were more than dreams, weren't they?"

He was fascinated to notice how Hermione turned into her "lecture mode" despite being utterly naked. "I can only tell you the part I'm aware of. You and I were called to the Headmaster's office just before dinner. Ron wasn't pleased to be left behind, but you made him aware of him going to eat dinner before we got a chance. Then, as soon as he left us, we were transported into this room, arriving naked." She blushed a bit at her own words.

"And then...?" Harry prompted her.

"It looks like our hormones kicked in. You looked me over and told me you had a crush on me, and I confessed having fallen in love with you even before I knew what falling in love meant. We were soon kissing and hugging and it didn't take long for us to be fully engaged in each other. When we calmed down, we saw Daphne standing at the foot of the bed, just as naked."

Harry blushed. Wouldn't Hermione be furious with him that he had taken advantage of her? She didn't seem to be, and... well, she had also taken advantage of him. Maybe it wasn't that bad...

Daphne took over. "The headmaster called me to his office as soon as I reached dinner. I was walking alone in the corridor when I was transported here, arriving naked. You were both too busy shagging to notice me, and you seemed to be enjoying it very much. When you reached your peak, you were suddenly engulfed in a golden mist and then there was a flash, signifying marriage, as far as I know. I believe you are now married."

Both Harry and Hermione looked shocked. "We're too young to be married. It's illegal," Hermione stated.

Daphne shook her head. "It may be illegal in the Muggle world, but Magic can't be restricted by law. Still, I may have misinterpreted what I saw. We must wait and see."

Hermione gave it a thought. "Alright. What happened next?"

Daphne smiled nervously. "I became highly aroused while looking at the two of you. Once you came down from your peak and moved a bit apart, I just pushed you aside and grabbed Harry. I'm not sure he even noticed it was no longer you that he was holding. I kissed him passionately, and it didn't take too long for him to respond and repeat the same actions with me. Once I came down from my peak, I saw you dreamily looking at us, while Susan was standing at the foot of the bed, in the same place I had been when I arrived. I moved aside, knowing very well what effect our actions had on her."

It was Susan's turn to speak. "I probably arrived shortly after you and Daphne started, although you didn't seem to notice me. I watched how you made love tenderly and passionately and I felt I wanted to be part of it as well. After you reached your peak, which was accompanied by another bright flash, I moved onto the bed, occupying the place that Daphne had vacated. You seemed quite eager, though, despite having just had a magnificent release. I thought it had something to do with us being young teens."

Susan blushed nicely, her face reddening almost to the color of her hair. Harry instinctively took her hand in his to calm her down. She smiled thankfully at him and continued. "It probably went quite similar to the other two shags. Once it was over, you just fell asleep. I hugged your back and Hermione snuggled into you, while Daphne hugged the three of us and we all fell asleep, so it seems."

Hermione thought for a moment. "There was a bright flash when you reached your peak, as well as when Daphne did. If that's a sign of marriage, then the three of us are married to Harry."

Harry didn't want to think of that. Getting married was frightening. He didn't want to be like his uncle with his aunt, nor like Mr. Weasley. Instead, he noticed something was missing in Susan's story. "But how did you get here?" he asked.

Susan shrugged. "Just like you. A house elf asked me to go to the headmaster's office about half through dinner. I barely left the great hall when I was whisked here."

"Well, now I think we may safely assume that our esteemed headmaster is behind this," Hermione said. "We still don't know what it all means nor why it all happened, but before we can proceed, I think there's a not-so-small matter that we should resolve first." She turned a predatory glance at Harry while her hand grabbed his erect manhood. "Care for a repeat performance of last night?"

While listening to the girls, some fragments of memories seemed to be awakened in Harry's mind. It wasn't much, but it was enough to convince him that doing it all again would probably be a very pleasant experience.

He found sating Hermione very nice. He also felt like he was forming a much deeper connection with her than mere friendship, yet he couldn't really think about it, as neither Daphne nor Susan would give up their share. He found them both almost as nice as Hermione. He still wondered why they were acting the way they did, but he surely had no reason to complain.

After a while, they were all lying in bed, all sweaty and breathing heavily. Harry was hugging the three girls as well as he could, thinking that he might just like being married to them, if this meant such a morning activity each day.

With his hormones temporarily quietened, he could finally pay some more attention to his environment. The bed they had used was quite large. It didn't have a canopy, but it still sported four corner poles that were richly engraved. The headboard was also made of the same solid wood and had some intricate patterns engraved in it, seemingly under a flat surface. The patterns were moving slowly, indicating that it was a magical bed.

Looking farther, he noticed the window and the deep red curtains. Judging by the angle of the sun rays, it was probably quite late in the morning, and the heavy curtains had kept the room dark despite the broad daylight. He noticed some gold trimming upon the curtains and on the window frames, as well as on the doors. Wherever this room was, it was certainly a rich house.

"I wonder where we are," he said, not expecting an answer.

A "pop" was heard, and then, "Why, you are at home, Master, at Potter Manor. Would you like breakfast in bed, or do you prefer to go down to the dining room?"

Harry was surprised to see a house-elf there, wearing a very elegant (and quite antique looking) uniform. "We have no clothes here," he noted.

"Oh, your clothes are in the wardrobe, where they belong, and your wands are on the night-tables."

"And where is that wardrobe?" Harry asked.

The house elf pointed at the wall behind the bed, a bit at the side, where there was another door that Harry hadn't noticed before. This still didn't explain how they had reached this awkward situation, but he didn't feel like going out of bed yet. Cuddling with his three beauties seemed quite nice.

"I think you should bring us breakfast here. We shall then take a shower and put some clothes on, before taking a tour of this place. How shall we call you?"

"Twinkle, Master. I'll bring your breakfast now."

Another soft "pop" was heard as the house elf disappeared. He returned almost at once, carrying a long tray, laden with food, which he moved over the bed, letting it float in mid air, just at the comfortable height for the four teens to eat.

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