She looks back and forth, music ringing loudly in her ears. Stiles and Scott are talking about something and Liam is chained to a tree.

They must be talking about the senior year. It starts tomorrow. Something will happen. Things always happen. And they were never alone, they, the pack: Scott McCall, the True Alpha, Stiles Stilinski, ex-Nogitsune, Lydia Martin, a Banshee, Malia Tate, a werecoyote, Kira Yukimura, a Kitsune, her, Elizabeth Hale, just another Beta, and Liam Dunbar, the baby Beta-wolf. Sometime ago, there were Allison Argent, Derek and even Cora Hale, her cousins, after Cora had been revealed alive, Isaac Lahey and so on. In three years, since Scott became a werewolf, so many things happened: she revealed herself to the boys, then the Peter chapter, the Alpha pack, the whole Nogitsune madness, the Deadpool...

It's Beacon Hills, all the bad things happen here!

''Hey, think it's enough?" Stiles asks firstly Scott, who doesn't give a very conclusive answer, then Elizabeth. While she thinks, balancing the possibilities and realizing how much she enjoys the situation, Liam screams:


"No", she eventually answers.

Stiles turns to the tree-chained Beta. "We are trying to have an adult conversation over here". That was his way of accepting my answer.

"You're only two years older than me." This makes her take her headphones off and cut Imagine Dragons in the middle of their song. Yes, they all are older. She is older too... two years. Crap! She loses herself between thoughts. The baby Beta-wolf annoyingly occupies some of them. It's exhausting sometimes. She comes back to the Earth only when the guys get to Liam.

"After the last full moon?" Scott asks him. They are talking about Liam's frequent loss of control during full moons.

He is trying to explain it. ''It was slip-up".

Stiles laughs. "Slip-up? A dozen calls to the Sheriff's Department about a monstrous dog-boy running around the streets of Beacon Hills naked. That's a slip-up?"

Elizabeth almost laughs... up until she hears the last part. That is bad. "Naked?"

Scott is equally surprised and confused. "Why were you naked?"

"You weren't completely naked, right?" Elizabeth continues.

Liam sighs. "It was really hot out that night, okay? Let me go."

She quickly turns around, on her calves, to Stiles. "Don't. Or I bite you. And I am not an Alpha, thus all your are going to feel is pain. A lot of," she tells him and smiles largely to show him her sharp teeth.

Scott eventually unchains him. Liam thanks him, then looks to his hands. Elizabeth smells blood, his blood, and he probably figures that out, knowing her really good sense of smell, but she doesn't say. She knows they need to get going, to get Malia, then get to high-school on time.

They get into the car, Stiles driving, Scott next to him, and Liam and Elizabeth in the back. They drive for a while after which the baby Beta-wolf starts asking questions. I.E.D., A.D.H.D. or whatever what he has is called can be annoying at times. "So, is it a party?" He asks.

"No, it is not party," she answers. It is a thing for seniors. It is the only signature they leave to the Beacon Hills High School. Right there, in the library, the whole thing is meant to be special.

"Then what exactly is at midnight?"

"Your bedtime," Stiles utters bored.

Elizabeth bursts into laughter. It looks as though as she's the only one that finds it funny, but... Looking at Liam, she says: "Sorry, baby wolf."

He eyes her unamused. "Do not call me that, Liz. The deal was that you do no call me 'baby wolf' and I don't call you 'Liz', Liz, remember?"


Then the Jeep stops. Actually, it screams in great pains, releasing weird sounds, then stops. It's Stiles' Jeep, after all. "I think it's electrical," Stiles says then goes with Scott to check the engine.

Meanwhile Liam shoves his headphones into his ears and puts some music on. Elizabeth is left looking at him. She is happy that he has found an anchor, that music of his. She used music too before. Edith Piaf or Beethoven, good stuff, used to bring her back to who she was. Ever since the whole Deadpool adventure, since she's turned to like alternative rock bands, it stopped working.

But she might have found another one without knowing.

She hears a thunder and it sends shivers down her spine. She looks in the back of the car. A lightning hits a few meters from them. Liam sees it too.

"Guys," she calls for Stiles and Scott. They only ask her and Liam to wait a bit more. A few seconds a lightning hits again, inches on their left. Mentally, they freak out. But they are too shocked to react physically. After the thunder, the Jeep starts working again. They go fast. Elizabeth sighs relieved. She has never liked thunders or lightnings. She likes rain though. It is refreshing, it is calming, it is almost like anchor. But no, that isn't hers.

In twenty minutes, they reach Malia, who after hugging her dad, comes to Stiles, shoving her lips to his before he could finish his sentence: "Sorry that we're late-".

Elizabeth mutters to herself, but easily audible: "And I always shipped you with my cousin".

Scott turns to her. "Cora?"

She shakes her head, replying: "Derek". Scott is left a bit confused, then turns his head back to the happy couple. They are just ending their kiss.

Liam stands, moves forward and says to Malia: "I am sorry too, you know." The werecoyote looks unamused by the joke or whatever that is. Elizabeth, on the other hand, grabs Liam by the arm and pulls him back on the seat. Then she puts her lips on his, like it is the most usual thing to do. It somehow is. It is worth it and incredible, better than both can think. The kiss is powerful and it wakes up something in Elizabeth, a connection to who she is, to who the boy that always answers her kisses, to all the guys she names her friends.

Like an anchor. Him.

When they break, Mr. Tate, Malia's father, says something about a gun, something the two from the back seat don't quite understand.

They see Scott in the distance, fighting a big guy. Kira and somebody else, a werewolf, are down. Elizabeth roars, turning her fingernails to claws. 'Nobody hurts my family. Nobody hurts my friends. You're dead, big guy.' But before she can get between the two, the big guy gets Scott, impaling him in the chest with his neon-glowing claws. And it looks just like he is sucking like out of the Alpha. Just like Deputy Parrish told Sheriff Stilinski and Mrs. McCall at the hospital, discussion she and Liam have overheard. The red Alpha glow in Scott's eyes is disappearing... Or not. After a second it comes back, more powerful and brighter than ever. Scott McCall is just about to show the real power he has got.

He easily breaks two of that guy's claws. "You can stay and I will break something else. Or you can run".

The guy looks at Stiles, who says he would run, then at others, then at her. She nods. 'Run, dude!'

He goes away.

They have dropped Liam in town. He wishes he could come, but it is a thing for seniors.

The pack enters the high school only to be scolded by Lydia. "Where have you been?" One of them sighs, but it doesn't really matter who. It is a relieved sigh, 'cause they are seniors, 'cause they have survived the Argents, the Alpha pack, the Nogitsune, the Deadpool up until now, 'cause they have reached the school tonight.

In the library, they are supposed to write their initials on a shelf. The first one is Stiles. Whether he writes S.S, from 'Stiles Stilinski, or his real name, Elizabeth cannot know. She puts the marker in her left hand, as she is left-handed, just like Lydia, and thinks how to calligraphicly write an 'E' and a 'H'. Elizabeth Hale. She struggles not to care about her ugly handwriting, just writes her initials and steps back, giving Lydia the marker. Elizabeth can't help but feel a little bit jealous that the only signature she leaves to the Beacon Hills High School is ugly and that everybody else's looks cool.

Scott, after signing for himself, notes 'A.A.'. Allison Argent. Elizabeth's eyes get teary. But she holds them. Allison would never want any of them not to pass over her death. "She would have been with us," Stiles says with his head a bit lowered.

Lydia sighs thinking about her deceased best-friend. "She still is," is all she utters.

Elizabeth adds: "She will always be."

-sometime later-

Lydia looks at the ceiling. She can only mutter that her friends are going to die. Aiden, who is supposed to be dead, is questioning her. "Lydia, what do you know?" He asks. She looks at him and realizes it cannot be. The mirage of Aiden dissolves. Instead, Dr. Valack appears. He asks about each of her friends, but she is trying to protect their memory.

She sees how Liam and Scott fought, how Mrs. McCall and Sheriff Stilinski had a fight too, how Kira left, how Deputy Parrish stood in the middle of the fire, his eyes glowing murderously, how the Desert Wolf attacked Malia, her daughter, how Stiles is laying unconscious, barely breathing if not at all, in the wreck of his Jeep, and Elizabeth falling off a building to her death.