"I'm walking the plank, edging out, see the drop

If I take a new step will you follow or stop?

I look back from the ocean beneath to your eyes

Are we in it together now?

If you've got any doubt I'll cast them out

I feel you close around me, I'm living for two

And why I'm laughing I'll remember for you."

The Whitlams' "Fall for you" resounded through the Lion's Paw's dance floor as the last notes died away. Onca appeared once again at the stage in the corner. Shalimar made her way over to sit beside Emma, grinning widely at her.

"Good evening. Firstly Brice would like to warn everyone that two private parties in a month is stretching it a little." Laughter echoed around the large room. "Secondly there are a couple of announcements to be made. Cane will be joining the pack today. As of tonight he is one of us and will be treated as such." A ripple of approval ranged the hall. "Shalimar will not be joining the pack, though she hopes to spend much time with us." Another ripple, of regret this time. "As to our lovebirds, Mikil and Dahy, a date has been set for a wedding but they won't tell us what it is yet. They would also like to announce something." Grinning, Onca bowed grandly to the couple who jumped onto the stage together.

"Most of you know I spent a little time this month serving with Mutant X." Mikil started. "Unfortunately, my plan of joining Mutant X in Shalimar's place has been abandoned. Shalimar has been forced back into her place on Mutant X. For the most part, this is because I'm pregnant." There was a moment's shocked silence. Suddenly they seemed to realise what had been said and everyone cheered loudly. Dahy stepped forward.

"A date has been set for our wedding and we hope you'll all attend!" He added and they both leapt off the stage.

Jesse looked around to talk to Emma and Shalimar only to find them missing. Asking a tall blond feral if she'd seen them he was pointed in the direction of a small door labelled 'private'. Looking around to make sure he wouldn't get told off for trespassing, he stepped inside wondering why they had disappeared.

"So this is where you've been hide" Jesse blinked, slowly. His brain processed the sight and then the thought. "I'm going to go now." He turned around and quick-marched out of the storeroom.

Emma and Shalimar didn't even notice him go.

"Broad horizon as I walk from your embrace

What I feel is nothing but the taste of you

I get buried in your mouth

I fall in, I don't care if I can't climb out

Look at the moon but I see only you"

They say that death is not the end, merely the beginning. So what is life? Think of it as your prologue. And dream of things to come.

The song (both parts) is "Falling for you" by the Whitlams. Don't ask me how Lion's Paw got hold of the Whitlams, maybe they have Australian ferals.