"Press play."

The camera shook a little as it first turned on and steadied out as it followed the reporter in her plum-colored business jacket and pencil skirt to where a girl of almost seventeen was booking it out of the tiny high school-you could see her shoulders hunching when she saw the camera and could see her speeding up as fast as she dared.

"Miss Cullen! Miss Cullen!" the reporter shouted, coming up to the girl, who tried to place her hands up to hide her face from the cameras and failed miserably.

"Miss Cullen, what was it like at the park?!" she shouted to be heard over the crowd of high schoolers flooding out of the building and around the cameras.

"I told you to leave me alone!" the girl shouted, and then she flipped her middle finger up, which got a few gasps but was mostly ignored. The girl then ran at vampiric speed away as the video cut.

"Thank you, Angelica," the blond on the throne drawled. "If you would kindly take that infernal device away-"

The auburn-haired young woman closed the laptop with an emotionless preciseness that appealed to Marcus in particular nicely as she then disappeared.

"That was good of Alec to get that footage," Caius remarked.

"Well, seeing how the abomination killed his sister, he'd do anything to kill her," Aro said. "His time will come quite soon, fortunately. One of our more technologically talented scouts was able to hack into the InGen email system and was able to find the email of Ms. Weber's to the lovely Dr. Cullen and Dr. Wu. Our plans will be complete in only a few weeks. How foolish, that they didn't leave."

"Well they are overly sentimental," Caius sneered. "How wonderful that it works to our advantage."

"Tis," Marcus answered in his dead monotone.

"Shall we send Heidi to take care of matters with young Alec?" Aro asked.

"Have Dimitri go with them," Caius suggested. "Then we have three-it is still quite the lucky number."

"Clever thinking," Marcus muttered.

"Excellent," Aro said. "They'll never know what hit them."

Screams filled the small cottage on the Cullen property at 3:00 that morning. Lex shot up as Jacob, Nessie, Edward, and Bella all came running into the room at their superhuman speeds.

"Are you alright?" Bella asked.

"There isn't any danger, is there?" Jacob asked as he tried to block Nessie from going through the door.

"N-No, no, just a nightmare," Lex murmured through shaky breaths as she ran a hand through her messy reddish-brown hair. "Go back to bed-or whatever you guys do. I'm fine."

"Are you sure?" Bella asked.

"Yeah," Lex said, smiling as she got to her feet. "I'm just gonna use the bathroom, okay? I'm fine, I promise."

"If you're sure," Edward said hesitantly, before he and Bella backed out, and Lex burst past them and slammed the door to the bathroom shut behind her. She let the faucet run and splashed some water on her face, shoulders, and legs. Even six months after the fact, she still could smell the rancid smell of the Indominus's breath, could still feel the ground rattle, could still see Jane burning, the ground shattering the gyrosphere, Echo attacking-


She took a deep breath in, then out. In. Out. Slowly, but surely, regaining her composure and whatever was in her lungs.

I'm okay. I'm okay. I'm okay.

Lex took a final deep breath, then flipped the lights off and lay in bed, waiting until Bella and Edward were too preoccupied to hear what she was about to do. One, two, three. . .

Lex then picked up her phone with the earbuds in, and speed-dialed his number. As casual as it was in the day, just video games and talking and skyping, nothing fancy, often at two in the morning, they'd end up texting or calling each other for one reason-nightmares.

Sometimes it was Zach who called first. Sometimes it was Lex. Sometimes Gray was with Zach because he was the one with the nightmare, or maybe it was all three of them.

Lex laughed bitterly at the sheer irony. Here she was, about to text her boyfriend all the way in Minnesota, and she'd bet a lot of money he was either awake or grateful she woke him up from whatever awfulness he had to suffer through.

"What's up?"

"Same nightmare I've been having all week-Jane on fire-"

"I'm sorry, that sucks."

"It royally sucks," Lex agreed. "Are you okay?"

"Just the gyrospheres," Zach said. "Do you just wanna talk?"

"Sure," Lex said, already feeling a smile on her face. It just helped, talking to him. They understood each other, just how to really handle it all-they were all in this together.

"Well, I forgot to mention some good news during our Skype today," he said. "Remember how I said Aunt Claire would be coming to some fancy dinner that Dr. Cullen's holding for his stupid InGen projects?"


"Well, turns out, that's the weekend that-"his voice dropped to a whisper "-Mom and Dad are divorcing. So Aunt Claire and Uncle Owen are in charge of watching us that weekend."

"You're coming here?!" Lex cried, forgetting about keeping her voice down.

"Yeah," Zach said. "I can't wait to see you, babe."

"Me neither," Lex said with a smile.

"Well, is there anything else?"

"Not really," Lex admitted. "I just kinda wanted to hear your voice."

Laughter came from the other side.

"That's sweet," he finally said as Lex's entire face finished turning red.

"Like you," she teased.

"I think I hear Gray. Gotta go," Zach said quickly, and she could hear rustling of sheets.

"Tell him I said hi!"

With a click, the line ended. Lex quickly set her phone on her dresser and bundled herself in blankets and pretended to be asleep when Edward came in to check on her.

He didn't have to sleep with the pain, she always thought. He didn't have to see the flames, the jungle, the dinosaurs at night again. For once, Lex wished she wasn't human-or whatever the hell she was.