She walked into Killian's house, Henry in her arms, followed by Killian who was carrying Henry's diaper bag and a bag with the necessary things for them to spend the night. She took a look around, the furniture that filled their home at Boston, was now inside this house, and it surprised her how much at home she felt. She looked at Henry's face and she felt for the first time that she was bringing him home, their real home.

She walked into the living room, feeling a knot forming on her throat, it was in that couch were they spent a lot of time holding each other, reading books, Killian talking to her belly, memories she cherish. It looks different in the surroundings of this new house in a totally different town, but somehow it's even better in here. She looked into Killian's eyes, he looked anxious, and she knows she has tears hanging in the corners of her eyes. She took another look around, there are so many little things she remembers, so many memories scattered around in every object.

"Welcome home, love" he said. And she took a deep breath, trying to hold the tears that were forming in her eyes. She looked at him and smiled widely, he mirrored her smile "I have another surprise" he said and came closer to take Henry from her arms, the baby went into Killian's arms happily. Killian walked towards the stairs and stopped to wait for her. She just couldn't walk away from the living room, it was silly, but she felt as if she walked out everything would disappear and she will lose the strong feeling of home. But her curiosity over Killian's other surprise was stronger so she followed him upstairs.

"So, this is Henry's room" he announced when they stopped in front of the bedroom he chose for the baby "We'll have to decorate it further but for now it suits" he explained looking nervous.

"If he doesn't have to sleep on the floor it's alright" she joked and he smiled.

"Have a look" he said stepping aside to let her in.

The first and only thing she saw as she walked in was the baby crib they bought a New York, the one she fell in love with, the one he was so stubborn to ensemble by himself injury and all, the one that made them fight more than once, the one she thought she'll never see Henry sleep in. The teddy bear that was sitting next to the little pillows caught her attention, a pirate Teddy bear, the first thing Killian bought for Henry, the first toy Henry owned but had never even seen until now.

Killian sat the baby in the middle of the crib, and Henry grabbed the bear immediately. He took his cellphone out and took a couple of pictures of Henry. The baby's love for the pirate bear was evident, he is smiling beautifully and holding the bear towards her, showing it to her. That's when a tear ran down her face. Killian was there instantly hugging her.

"I thought I'll never see him sleeping there" she said pressed to his chest.

"I know, me too" he held her tight, until Henry called for their attention and they chuckled turning towards him.

A few hours later Emma was sitting on the couch in front of the chimney, a fire burning in it, Killian was at the kitchen fetching a bottle of wine, Henry was sleeping on his bedroom. Emma's stare was focused on the fire but her thoughts were else were. She let out a content sight, and smiled, Killian sat next to her handing her a glass of wine, clinking his with hers.

"For our future" he said and she smiled nodding in agreement, both of them had a sip of their glasses, the both of them focused their eyes on the fire, the crackling of the fire the only noise in the house "Is it too soon to ask you to move in?" he asked suddenly, she could hear the smile on his voice and she turned to look at him.

"I think it is" she replied after looking at him for a few seconds, he kissed her head before asking why "because we did everything to soon the last time, and it didn't end well"

"Well last time we had a baby on the way" he explained

"Exactly, now we can take our time with things"

"Well we do need to have at least one date before you move in, I can grant you that" he said and she giggled.

"I hadn't thought of that, and you are right Mister"

"You'll have the best date I can give you in this town. Though I don't know if I can manage that on a Monday night"

"Well the date doesn't have to be tomorrow night, I can wait a few days" she said and he agreed.

There, cuddled in his arms she felt happy, really happy.

The next day it was a working day, that meant facing Graham which she wasn't too eager to do. She woke up having Killian right in front of her, sleeping peacefully, she stared at him for a couple of seconds, feeling so in love. She got up carefully, checked on Henry who was also sleeping still and went to the bathroom trying to make as little noise as she could.

When she got out of the bathroom Killian was not on the bedroom, neither was Henry at his. So she figured they were downstairs already. She got dress and ready for the day as fast as she could, so she could spent at least a couple of more minutes with her boys before leaving for work. They had breakfast together, and for the first time it felt as if they were really a family.

She walked through the Sheriff station's door and braced for whatever was going to happen with Graham now. She loves the job she is doing here, but she would gladly look elsewhere if she didn't feel comfortable anymore. Graham was sitting at his desk and his head jumped in her direction when she walked in. She went straight for her desk and he didn't waste time in following.

"Good morning, Emma. I think we need to talk" he said as greeting and she looked up from the computer she was turning on.

"Yeah, I guess we do" she replied. He walked towards his office and she guessed she had to follow, so she did. Graham sat at his desk and pointed at the chair in front of it for her to sit. She did.

"I don't think there is a right way to apologize for what I did, I spent the entire weekend thinking about this chat and I know I already lost your respect and trust. So all I've got is honesty, that's all I can offer" he said and made a pause looking into her eyes, she was staring back waiting, and curious for whatever he was going to say next "I don't know how it happened or when, but I fell for you, and I knew that being coworkers I had to treat it carefully. You are an amazing, wonderful woman and I waited, because it was easy to notice your heart was broken, and I just wanted to be there for you as a friend. I spent so much time with you and Henry…Suddenly this man walked into town and there is light in your eyes again…I hated that it wasn't me who put it there…" he made pauses, he was obviously trying to explain himself and Emma was paralyzed listening "and I was upset because he broke your heart, he left Henry and he left you behind…You came here to rebuild your life, but you took him back, right away you took him back…"

"Things are not the way you think they are. Killian never left us" she said and Graham looked surprised. She hated this conversation already, she doesn't have to tell him her story, this was Killian's and her issues, their relationship.

"That morning at Granny's when you introduced us I felt so stupid, the way you look at him…The dreadful night I kissed you I was drunk. I found out he bought a house in town, a big beautiful house, and I know it is for you Emma, he loves you, and he loves Henry so much, so I drank my lost away. I've seen him with Henry, and I have asked people and everyone likes him, they say how adorable he is with Henry, and what a beautiful couple the two of you make. I kind of started to accept it, you know…But then I saw him screaming to another woman, having an argument that can only be a lover's quarrel. And I had it, I figured he wasn't the person everyone thought he was, he had someone else…." He massaged his forehead for a second before continuing "I was so drunk when I saw you at Granny's, you look sad and unhappy and I knew it had everything to do with that woman. In my drunken state I thought that maybe if I show you how beautiful you are, if I showed you that you have other options…I was wrong, and I'm glad he was there to interfere" he said looking ashamed and abated. She was frowning, this was more information than she was expecting, she wanted him to apologize and to tell her it was not gonna happen again, but he is now proclaiming his love or something and she doesn't know what to do, but before she could say anything, Graham continued "I'm so sorry, Emma" he murmured.

"Let me be clear here, you and I is not going to happen. I'm back with Killian and he moved into town. Whatever impression you think you have about our relationship is wrong, because you don't have all the facts, and I'm not going to shared them, because is private. Killian is not just someone I just met, that maybe if you kiss me I'm going to forget about, We've been through a lot and I love him, I really and undoubtfully love him. He is Henry's father and it was not his choice to be out of our lives for so long, he is not the villain of our story…And about that woman, I know who she is, I know about her, that's all I'm going to say about the matter" she said being serious and he nodded "I know we can be friends again, somewhere in the future when this lack of your judgement is forgotten" she got up wanting to wrap this conversation, he nodded again, she turned around to walk out of his office but turned around again "You are a great guy, when you are not kissing unexpected women on the street in a drunken state. You will find someone wonderful to love and who loves you back. Look at me, I thought that was not going to happen. I was holding tight to a terrible relationship because I thought no one else would love me. Then Killian walked into my life, and proved me wrong" She said and gave him a little smile he mirrored. She walked straight to her desk and tried to busy herself to left all the awkwardness behind.


"When can you be here to babysit Henry an entire night?" he asked at his phone.

"Woaw…So you have plans for an entire night, that means everything is more than fine" he heard the musical voice of Tink teasing him.

"They are. And I want to take Emma on a date. I just kind of hoped to have her to myself the entire night. And I don't want to impose on the Nolan's. I know they wouldn't decline but auntie Tink is been away too long anyway".

"Oh my gosh, I have and I hated every minute of it. I started to regret bringing you back" she joked giggling "I miss Henry so much, but August and I, we thought it was best to left the two of you alone for a while to figure things out"

"Yeah, I think you did good. But now you can come back again anytime you want. You've got to see the house"

"I've got to…Look, I think I can be there Friday afternoon"

"That sounds perfect. The date will be at Friday then, don't call to Granny's for reservations. You'll stay at Emma's"

"So you'll have the house for yourself. You are so clever Mister Jones"

"Well yeah, but I'm also thinking of Henry, he has all his things there so it makes sense"

"Then I'll see you guys on Friday. I can't wait" she exclaimed with excitement.

At lunch time Killian walked into the Sheriff station pushing Henry's stroller. He wants for them to have lunch together, but to be honest he's impatient to know how was Emma's talk to her boss this morning. Henry spotted his mom faster than he did, his excited noises said so. Emma looked up from her desk and her smile spread so beautifully, that he couldn't do much than stare at her with a big smile of his own. She jumped out of her chair and almost ran to them, when she was taking Henry out of the stroller he took a look around and it seems they are alone. Emma noticed.

"He is out on a round" she explained getting closer and kissing his mouth briefly.

"We are here to take you out for lunch, if you are up to" he said caressing her cheek.

"Granny's? I've been thinking of a grilled cheese all morning" she explained and he chuckled.

"Your heart's desire, Swan" he admitted, because that's all he wants for her.

"Did you listen to that, Henry? I'm going to be seriously spoiled from now on" she tickled the baby's belly getting a giggle from him "Ok, I have an hour, let's make the best of it" she said and then sat Henry back on his stroller.

They walked to Granny's and he remembered the first time he entered this town, and how he imagined Emma with a faceless man walking around town, he is so lucky that man is him, he is not going to take it for granted.

They sat at what was becoming their booth at the diner, Henry busy with a chewing toy. He couldn't hold it anymore "how was your morning?" he asked knowing she will get the meaning of his question, she sighed.

"It was weird. I was expecting an awkward talk with a bit of an apology in it. But what I get was a love proclamation. I wasn't ready for that one" she said, her face contorted in discomfort. He was not surprised, but he wasn't exactly ok with it either.

"Well, Swan. The man tried to kiss you. I think there is a hint in that" he responded.

"He didn't try, he succeeded at it" and he thought he rather believe he stopped it in time.

"Well, I know for a fact what one of your kisses can do to a man" he said caressing her hand "But he better don't get any ideas of having a repeat performance, I don't think I can hold myself twice" he said letting lose all of his charm and Emma rolled her eyes, he smiled feeling happy, his threat was real but there was no reason to take Graham seriously, they are here together "I have news. I found a babysitter for our date, and she can take care of Henry all night long if you agree" he said changing the subject. Emma opened her eyes wide and his suspicion that Emma hasn't spent one single night away from Henry since he was born was confirmed.

"I don't think we should abuse David and Mary Margaret's willingness to help out" she used as an excuse, valid but an excuse.

"We are not. I called reinforcement….How do you feel about leaving Tink and Henry having a sleepover at your place?" he asked, hoping for Emma to be in. If she is not, he can live with it, but he hopes she is open to the idea.

"Well…" Emma was interrupted by the waitress who took their order. After the girl walked away Emma turned to look into his eyes "What are exactly your plans that we need a babysitter for an entire night?" she asked with a mischievous smile. He smiled back raising one of his eyebrows.

"Well, darling. I believe we should go big, after a nice dinner date, we go and celebrate being together again…hopefully with a naked party" he whispered the last sentence getting as closer as he could and winking at her before leaning back. Emma's cheeks were immediately pink and he loves it.

"Ok. Tink has spent a lot of time with Henry before, I have not left her alone an entire night but she has helped me before…" Emma looked at Henry who was still happily biting the chewing toy, massaging his inflamed gums "Henry sleeps the entire night anyway, and we will be just a call away and at your place I'm guessing…" she looked into his eyes and he nodded "I think it will be alright. I'm sure they'll have fun" he smiled widely, he was looking forward for her agreeing.

"Fantastic, love. That'll be Friday night" he announced.

They had a nice lunch, and he walked her back to her job place. When they were almost there he remembered his meeting for the afternoon.

"Love, I forgot to tell you. I'm going to check on an office space close to the docks. I found it on the paper earlier and called. Hopefully the space is all I need"

"Oh that's wonderful. You are really moving here" she said in awed and he smiled softly.

"So the house was not good enough to prove it?" he teased.

"Of course it is. Is just…I kind of figured you were going to be away all of the time taking care of your business" she confessed.

"Well, I'll have to travel sometimes. But my place is right here with the two of you, there's nowhere else I rather be" he stopped her in front of the Sheriff Station. And caressed her cheek, wanting to make her feel he is being honest. When they were about to kiss the door of the station was opened from the inside. The both of them turned to look at the intruder. It was Graham walking out, and stopping in his tracks when he noticed them.

"Oh, sorry…Ummm…I forgot something in the car" he said and walked away awkwardly. Killian got serious and stepped away from Emma.

"He really wants me to believe he didn't saw us through the glass doors?" he asked sarcastically.

"Easy, tiger…Be nice. I have to get back to work" she stepped in front of him, pulling up on her toes kissing his mouth briefly "I love you" she said looking into his eyes.

"I love you" he replied. She smiled and kneeled in front of Henry's ride. She said her goodbyes and walked inside. Before he could turn to walk away, Graham was walking back straight towards him, he frowned and waited.

"I don't trust you. I don't think you deserve them. But she is happy, and is all that matters. Just have in mind that I'm right here waiting" Graham said menacingly. Killian gave a dark chuckle and shook his head softly.

"I guess you'll get tired of waiting at some point, because I'm not going anywhere. I don't care who you are, or what badge you carry with you, you don't scare me. Don't you ever touch her again." He said darkly. Henry made a noise getting bored of sitting there without moving and Killian's attention went to him "Now if you excused me I have to take my boy home" he didn't even turn to look at Graham, he felt content to have the opportunity to say what he really wanted to say.

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