My name is Isabella Marie Swan. 8 years ago the man I thought was the love of my life left me. But he did not just leave me behind he left 3 beautiful children as well. My best friend Eli turned out to be a guardian a mythological creature born to protect the human race. And she and her mate Tristan stayed with me and when I found out about my pregnancy helped me escape Forks. Had it not been for them my pregnancy would have killed me. Eli knowing that without me being turned to a vampire I would die went back to Forks and managed to find and steal 7 vials of vampire venom the Cullen's had left behind. Being immortal herself she had done everything in her power to keep me alive. Using magic energy stones to stay awake 24/7.


"Izzy!" she'd plead "Hold on we'll get them out don't die on me!"

After using one of her enchanted blades to cut the children out they'd injected the venom into my heart. Having not been prepared for triplets I had only had names for the first 2. My beautiful daughter Renesmae and my son EJ. So before the venom took me completely I had given my best friend permission to name my last child. Crying she'd whispered


*End Flashback*

My first daughter Renesmae had her father's hair and my human eyes. Her full name was Renesmae Carlie Mason Cullen. My son EJ had his father's hair and startling green eyes his full name was Emmett Jasper Anthony Mason Cullen. My youngest child Asha had clear blue eyes and dark black hair. Her full name was Asha Elizabeth Mason Cullen. During my transformation Tristan had faked all 3 of our deaths and also resigned himself and his mate from the guardians even though they were only 16. When I woke they asked me what my diet would be and said they would not be offended if I choose human blood. Deciding that since the Cullen's treated me like a pet I would not follow them in there diet but I would only drink donated blood.

Barely a year later a female vampire with bronze hair had shown up at our doorstep. We later found her to be Edward's mother who'd been changed by a rouge vampire. Finding out that the triplets were her grandchildren and that Edward had abandoned me she'd ceased her search for her son and decided to join our little coven so she could watch her grand children grow up. The triplets had looked to be 2 at the time and were growing at twice the normal growth rate. My pregnancy had been 4 and 1/2 months and they had the mental IQ of adults and the ablity to talk. Elizabeth had quickly become the mother and leader of the family. And preferred to be called Liz. The kids were an equal split of vampire and human so they ate human food as well as drank blood. Eli and Asha had bonded well being the odd balls of there family's having traits that nobody else in there family had. Tristan and EJ being the only boys of course bonded. Nessie and Liz bonded well because of there love of the classics.

A month later we decided that to keep the Volturi from thinking the children were the dreaded immortal children we would go to Volterra and explain that they were half-breeds.


We'd talked to the Receptionist Gianna I think it was and she'd paged Aro and he'd sent someone to take us to the throne room. The triplets were asleep on the other 3's shoulders when a girl of no-more than 16 had walked in her cloak was as black as the three kings cloaks in the painting. She had bronze colored ringlets streaked with black and the same startling green eyes as EJ's. Upon seeing the children she froze and asked

"How old are they?"

"1,they aren't immortal children" I'd replied. She smiled and said

"I know they aren't. If you follow me I can explain some things about half vapire children,if you don't mind me asking who is their father?"

"Edward Cullen." I'd spit through my teeth and she'd immediately tensed and said

" I never properly introduced myself my name is Sarenity." I'd introduced us and she'd smiled at the triplets. We walked into the throne room and she'd walked up to Aro and took his hand.

*End Flashback*

After that meeting we'd had the shock of our lives. Sarenity was really a half-breed as well and her biological father was Edward. Her mother had come to the Volturi and died giving birth to Sarenity. Her full name at the time had been Sarenity Sapphire Hillshire Mason Cullen. Aro she considered her father and his mate her mother they had raised her for 50 years and it takes only 8 years for half-breeds to become full grown. She had changed the Volturi for the better. I'd also found my true mate in Demetri. While Liz had found her mate in Marcus. We'd both been wed 2 years after we came to Volterra. Liz,Demetri and I were to be crowned as Queens and King now 8 years later.