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So, I know I have about a dozen other stories I should be working on, but after last night's episode and reading the post mortem interviews, the idea that Klaus and his family are saved due to a crossover with TVD wouldn't leave my head, especially with the fact that TO has been pushed back to midseason. I have no idea where I'm going with this, so I don't know when I'll update.

Warning, if you're a Klaroline fan reading this hoping that Klaus and Caroline get together after seeing each other again for the first time, you're in the wrong place. This story isn't about ships and even if it was, it wouldn't be about Klaroline. I've got nothing against it, I've always liked there scenes, but I don't see them getting together even as a possibility at this point. And the fact that the Klaroline fandom feels the need to immaturely attack and diminish Klaus' feelings for Cami to an insignificant infatuation doesn't exactly help me to change my mind.

Dallas, Texas


Stefan drives his car, the silence almost killing him. Next to him, his girlfriend, Caroline, is just as silent, despite being happy to see her kids again. In the back seat, Bonnie is just as quiet as her companions. There are on their way to Alaric's house, checking out another lead.

Stefan wonders how this had all gone so wrong. For one shining moment, everything was perfect: he and Caroline were back together, Bonnie was freed from her Huntress impulses, and Damon had managed to do the right thing, the right way. Then Damon and Enzo had been trapped by The Armory's monster-a creature that strongly resembled a mix between the grim reaper and The Dementors from Harry Potter-, taken under its control. Stefan couldn't help the shutter as he remembered his brother's face, the demented look in his eyes as he and Enzo stood behind the creature. This creature obviously had a bigger plan, but what? First thought, they needed a way to free Damon and Enzo from its control, they were useless without two of their best fighters.

Thankfully, Caroline had the solution.

"We all know there's only one man on the planet who may know what this freak is and how to save Damon and Enzo." Caroline had said after they fled from the monster and there possessed friends.

And so began the search for Klaus Mikaelson. When Locator spell from Witches they bribed or sought help from pointed towards New Orleans, they realized that either a spell was placed that directed his location at New Orleans, or he was somewhere there. So they turned their attention to trying to find out what had happened to Klaus and his family. After running into dead ends, Alaric had gotten a lead and told to them to head back to Dallas.

Stefan pulled his car into Alaric's driveway and put it in park. The trio got out of the car and walked up to the porch. Caroline put her key in the door and unlocked it and the three walked inside the house. As Caroline closed the door, Lizzie and Josie ran toward her.

"Mommy!" They said in union and Caroline smiled for the first time in day as she leaned down and caught them in a hug.

"I missed you both so much!" Caroline said as she hugged them both.

"We missed you to." Lizzie said.

"Who are your friends?" Josie asked as she noticed Stefan and Bonnie.

"This is Stefan and this is Bonnie. Stefan, Bonnie, this is Josie and Lizzie," Caroline introduced as she stood up before turning to her girls, "where's your daddy?"

"He's in the kitchen with his new friend." Josie said.

Caroline nodded as the girls each took one of her hands and the group walked into the kitchen. Alaric was sitting at the kitchen table with a woman around his age. She had long black hair and blue eyes and fair skin. They both stood up upon realizing that they had company.

"Good, you're here," Alaric said as he walked forward, "Everyone, this is Willow. Willow, this is Caroline Forbes, Bonnie Bennett, and Stefan Salvatore."

"It's a pleasure to meet you all." Willow said a slight French accent to her voice.

"Josie, Lizzie, go to the living room and watch some TV. We need to talk to Daddy's new friend." Caroline told the girls.

Knowing that to argue would only get them in trouble, the girls let go of their mother's hands and ran to the living room. Once the children were gone and the Vampires heard the sound of the television running, the mood became serious.

"She's our next lead?" Stefan asked curiously.

"She's an old friend from back when I was still a rookie Vampire hunter. She's a witch with an uncanny ability with visions." Alaric explained.

"What kind of visions?" Bonnie asked curiously.

"Well Ms. Bennett, I can see what happened to a person. See what led them to where they are now. All I need is for someone who has known them to think about them intently in my presence." Willow explained.

"I think the only ones who would have happy memories of Klaus are Caroline and Stefan." Bonnie pointed out and Willow chuckled.

"They don't have to be happy memories of Klaus Mikaelson, just memories," Willow explained as she pulled out a black pouch, "now; all of you sit down at the table and join hands."

Exchanging uncertain looks, the trio joined Alaric as they all sat around the table and joined hands so they were in a circle. Willow opened the pouch and began to dump the contents of it, a white powder, onto the table and spread it out.

"You will be able to see the images as I see them, be prepared, they may be rather intense," Willow warned before putting the pouch away and straightening up, "now, I need you to think of your memories of Klaus Mikaelson, any memories at all will help."

As Willow began to chant, Caroline thought of Klaus. Of their conversations about art, music, about seeing his humanity. About their time in the wood, fighting a blush as she did so. About their phone call, his advice about the girls, how he saved Stefan for her.

Stefan thought about the first time they met in the twenties, about their friendship. He thought of every terrible thing Klaus had done to him, to his brother, to Elena. He thought about how, despite it all, a small part of him couldn't help but consider Klaus a friend.

Bonnie thought of his threatening presence. Of how he forced her to unbind his siblings by threatening Jeremy. Of how he threatened Tyler, every terrible thing he had done to her and her friends.

Alaric thought of fighting Klaus while possessed. He thought of the unclean feeling he had for days after he was free of Klaus' possession. Of almost killing him when he was first turned into a Vampire.

Together, the four gasped as they saw the vision. In a forest clearing, Elijah, Finn, Matt, some blonde girl, and a dark haired man were fighting. The dark haired man's eyes turned red as his veins stretched all the way down his face. He lunged for Finn and bit him, the Original screaming in pain. The scene changed to what Stefan recognized as the Mikaelson family home. The entire Mikaelson family, save Rebekah, and the girl were surrounding Finn as he desiccated. No, not desiccated, died, they all realized with horror as the Mikaelsons all watched helplessly.

The scene changed to an area that was unfamiliar to all. A man that Stefan recognized as Marcel Gerard stood at the window as a black man stood at the bar. The black man set down something in a syrup bottle, but somehow, the viewers didn't think it was syrup.

"It's the same stuff that made Lucian," the black man said as Marcel turned around; "I extracted it from Aurora's heart."

The scene changed again. It was a bridge at night. Klaus and Marcel were standing face to face and Elijah was standing behind Klaus.

"Don't you get it, you will never be safe as long as I am alive?!" Marcel said angrily as he grabbed Klaus by his shirt, "you can call me family all you want, I am done being your friend. From this day forth, I am nothing less than your worst-"

A sickening sound pierced the air as Marcel stopped. Klaus watched with an expression that only grew more horrified as Elijah yanked out Marcel's heart. Marcel stumbled over the railing and fell to the water as Klaus raced to the railing.

"No!" Klaus shouted in what the viewers recognized as grief and horror as Marcel landed in the water below.

The scene changed once again to the Mikaelson family home. Klaus, Kol, Elijah, and Marcel stood in the center of a crowd of Vampires. Suddenly, Marcel lunged at Kol; they exchanged a few punches before Marcel grabbed Kol and bit him, causing the Original to cry out in pain as his brothers looked on in horror. Marcel threw Kol through the crowd as his brothers lunged at him. Marcel exchanged a few shots with the Mikaelsons before he punched Klaus, sending his Sire towards the entrance. Elijah tried to punch Marcel but Marcel blocked it. Marcel twisted Elijah's wrist, breaking it and sending the Original to his knees before Marcel bit him on his wrist, causing Elijah to scream in pain.

The scene changed to the compound at a different time. Klaus stood next to Marcel, who sat in a chair. They stood before a crowd of Vampires, Rebekah among them.

"Justice for Klaus Mikaelson should be a fate worse than death," Marcel said as he got out of his chair and took out a curved knife, "this blade is embowed with dark magic. It will cause untold agony. All the pain we have felt at the hands of this man will soon pale in comparison to what he will soon feel. For as long as I decide to let him live."

The crowd cheered as the grabbed to Klaus, who didn't seem to be fighting back, and put him on his back and brought him before Marcel. Klaus and Marcel stared at each other for a moment before the darker man spoke.

"For Davina, Diego, Thierry, Gia, Cami, and the boy I used to be. The one you once called your son." Marcel said shocking the viewers.

Marcel then plunged the knife into Klaus' heart and the Hybrid cried out in pain and agony. Klaus continued to scream until the knife was completely submerged in his heart and then he quieted.

The scene changed to a new location. Elijah, Kol, and Freya stood around a table, holding a bloody dagger. Hayley stood behind them as Freya chanted until the Mikaelsons threw their heads back, unconscious.

The scene changed to night, the coffins of the Mikaelsons in a storage truck much like the one Stefan had traveled in with Klaus and Rebekah once. Hayley closed Elijah's coffin before getting in the driver's seat, Hope next to her.

The scene changed to a paradise. Rebekah, Elijah, Kol, and Freya were standing in what looked like a plantation from Stefan's time. It was beautiful, Caroline and Alaric promising to take the girls to a place like this one day.

"Is this yours or Niklaus'?" Elijah asked curiously.

"We're linked to his life force by the same spell our aunt Dahlia used to keep me alive for a thousand years. I realized it was the only way; give Hayley enough time to find cures for us all. In here we can remain together until we wake." Freya explained.

Elijah looked over at Rebekah standing off to the side ad walked over to her. A tear was sliding down her cheek as he walked over to her.

"He knew. He knew he had to be the anchor to Freya's spell. He saved us." Rebekah said as she turned to Elijah.

The scene changed to a cemetery that was familiar to Stefan. Marcel was putting brick after brick in a space where Klaus was unresponsively staring back at him.

The visions ended and the four of them dropped their hand. They were all stunned and horrified by what they had seen. There was silence in the room before Caroline spoke.

"We have to help them; no one deserves that, no one." Caroline said passionately.

"She's right. And even if we found Klaus and freed him, he wouldn't help us unless we helped his family." Stefan pointed out.

"So what do we do first?" Alaric said, having compassion even for the Mikaelsons.

"Isn't it obvious?" Bonnie asked and they turned to her, "we have to find Hayley Marshall."

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