May 28, 1970 -- December 3, 2002


Noted for his roles has Mark, Becky's husband, on Roseanne and Doyle, Angel's messenger from the PTB, on Angel.


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Note: I really wanted cheese and that's why I wrote this and needless to say that I didn't want any cheese after I wrote it.


The Cheese Conversation:


"Behold! The power of cheese!"

-Some commercial


Harper- "Hey Beka, just the lovely lady I was looking for."

Beka- "What do you want, Harper?"

Harper- "Why do you always assume I want something? I just said I was looking for ya', doesn't mean I'm gonna' ask for something as soon as I find ya'."

Beka- "Well you found me so either ask or go back to your hole."

Harper- "My hole?"

Beka- "Yeah, you know that thing you call a bunk?"

Harper- "My 'hole'? My...'hole'?"

Beka- "So, are you going to ask me or not?"

Harper- "What exactly makes it a hole?"

Beka- "Harper!!"

Harper- "Seriously, I'm curious as to how my 'bunk' in your blonde little head becomes a hole."

Beka- "Well, would you look at that? 'I' pushed Harper's buttons. 'Harper's'. I didn't think it was possible."

Harper- "Ha ha. Tell me, 'Captain Valentine, what this high opinion of my cleanliness stems from?"

Beka- "I don't know, 'Seamus', maybe the fact that for the three years I've known you you've been a complete slob."

Harper- "Hey! I clean up."

Beka- "Right."

Harper- "I do."

Beka- "So what were you going to ask?"

Harper- "Do you like cheese?"

Beka- "That's your question? Whether I like cheese or not?"

Harper- "Yeah, I mean if you thin about it cheese is pretty gross."

Beka- "Do I want to know?"

Harper- "Of course. So anyway, this stuff is rotten milk basically. I mean, how exactly is that good for you?"

Beka- "That's disgusting, Harper."

Harper- "I know, that's my point."

Beka- "I'm so happy to hear that you actually have one."

Harper- "So?"

Beka- "So what?"

Harper- "Buttons, seams, hems-"

Beka- "-Harper!"

Harper- "Do you like cheese?"

Beka- "I suppose that would depend on the kind of cheese."

Harper- "Cheddar?"

Beka- "What kind of Cheddar?"

Harper- "Moldy Cheddar."

Beka- "Didn't you just say that cheese was mold? So how can it have mold?"

Harper- "That sounds like something I would ask."

Beka- "Divine save us all."

Harper- "And, no, I didn't say cheese was moldy I said it was rotten."

Beka- "Ah. I see that's different."

Harper- *shrugs*

Beka- "Why do you want to know if I like cheese?"

Harper- "Because."

Beka- *glares*

Harper- "Uh.okay I won this bet on Chigawan Drift, right?"

Beka- "Chi'na'ga'wa' Drift, yes. So?"

Harper- "So, the guy couldn't pay, but he had a lot of cheese. It's something fancy so it's suppose to be worth a lot and that's what he wants to pay me with."

Beka- "With cheese?"

Harper- "Yep."

Beka- "And where are you going to store this cheese?"

Harper- "In the hold."

Beka- "And take up space during a run? No, sorry Harper."

Harper- "But the guy owes me, Boss."

Beka- "Not my problem." *walks away*

Trance- "Hello, Harper."

Harper- *turns abruptly to face Trance* "Hey, Trance, can I ask you something?"

Trance- "Yeah."

Harper- "Do you think Beka likes cheese?"