Rookie Fictioner here again and welcome to the Fanfiction about Riddle School, the game that I played before and had made stories about them before I have a Fanfiction account.

If you guys don't know what Riddle School is, then I will tell you. Riddle School is made by JonBro Inc. and it revolves around a kid named Phil Eggtree, who wanted to escape school, doing so he and his friends were taken by Viz, the villain of the series. Phil and his friends were on dreams which Phil had done the same thing: escape school. Diz, who doesn't like Viz's plans, caused Phil's death in a dream, getting him to save his friends with his puzzle skills. Phil defeated Viz and it was The End, or was it? In Riddle Transfer, we learn that they were taken by Zone 5.1 and Phil had done it again to save his friends.

Now that we have cleared things off, now let's go to the series of this Fanfiction.

Keep in mind that I don't own Riddle School or other elements from other series but the story is mine. (Maybe.)

Now let's get to the story.

Lovers or Friends.

A Riddle School and Battle War Fanfiction.

Chapter 1: Welcome to Danville.

(Phil's POV)

I drove my Mustang pass the "Welcome to Danville" sign and head to the city. I watched how magnificent and normal the city is and admired it that I will live somewhere in the city, my parents weren't that excited that I am studying in Danville High after what I did years ago when I was young. On my first day back at Riddle Elementary, I made fun of 5 by writing an upside down 5 with ketchup, escape school, got me and my friends get abducted by an alien who wanted to destroy the world, save planet Earth with Diz, and return to earth for 2 weeks. I kept hearing my parent's complaint about me escaping school in the first place and how they just not believe that I save the Earth. (Well clearly my fault since I escape school and made Viz abduct us.)

I wanted to study here so that I can start over and study at a real school instead, I missed Phred and Zack after we graduate at Riddle Junior High, and my parents said that I can do whatever I want since I am doing it alone.

I drove in German Ave. and walk to the front door to meet my cousin who studies at the same school I am going. I knock at the door and waited for the door to open, I pulled off my hoodie and fix my green jacket before the door opened.

"Ok, just a usual day at Danville, what could possibly go wrong?" I said to myself.

When the door opened, I saw a young teen wearing a blue jacket with a BLU insignia, black pants, baseball shoes, and a cap with headphones. I knew who that guy is, my annoying cousin Scout.

"Phil, it's nice to see you!" said Scout as he hugged me excitedly.

"Yeah, nice to see you too." I said gladly.

Scout and Spy were my relatives since Spy is my mom's brother and Spy married Scout's mom. (Weird, really.) I heard about my mom saying that her brother works for RED while his son works for BLU, they both fight each other but at the end, they had a good game together on free times. She also said that they both hate each other for killing each other, that's a bummer.

"So, why did you answer the door, I thought Spy was supposed to answer the door?" I said jokingly.

"Well, Spy is busy at his police work, so I answer the door for him." said Scout calmly.

I walk inside the house with my luggage and saw that everyone is completely wacko again. A guy wearing a tuxedo, another with a DJ Skully clothing, a hacker, a guy with a ski mask who is talking to a Russian mercenary, a triangle head teen, and many more. I know that I am in a city full of randoms and they seem to be fine about it.

The DJ Skully guy came and spoke to Scout.

"Hey Scout, who is that green hoodie with you?" said Mechanic. (His jacket has a nametag in it.)

"Oh, this is Phil Eggtree, my cousin." said Scout to Mechanic.

"Wait, Phil Eggtree, the legendary escaper of school, is your cousin?" said Mechanic in surprise.

"Yes, he is." said Scout happily.

"Yes! I knew Rookie will add the Riddle School series in his Fanfiction account!" said Mechanic excitedly.

Crumb Tacos, Mechanic, you broke the fourth wall again!

"Hey, I like breaking the fourth wall and it's my hobby!" said Mechanic to no one.

"What…" I said in confusion.

"He is the fourth wall breaker in this series." said Scout who have broken the fourth wall.

Oh no, not you too!?

Oh you will get this…

As what the not-seen-guy said, someone behind me was someone that I don't know. When I turned around, I saw a big guy wearing a pumpkin head and his holding an axe, which shocked Mechanic and Scout as they saw him.

"Rookie's Revenge isn't it?" said Scout in fear.

"Yeah, something like that." said Mechanic in fear.

As they saw the headless man, they yelled out…

"RUUUUN!" said both Scout and Mechanic as they run to the back of the house and sped off. I turn back to see the headless man but he is gone as well.

"Well, that is random." I said to myself.

I walk through the randomness in this room and entered a room with my name on it. As I entered the room, I place my luggage onto the bed and opened it to show my stuff for school, the room, and for entertainment purposes. I placed my Mac Book on the desk, I put all my clothes on the drawer, and pack all my school stuff in my backpack for tomorrow. I lay back onto the bed and think of things what I am going to do tomorrow.

"First off, don't escape school, don't cheat, make friends, get a job, and study well. That my new thing now, don't escape school, I have always escape school in my dreams and I will not intend to escape school again, I am no skipper of school anymore, I am going to change that, for good." I said to myself in my room.

"Because I am Phil Eggtree, and I am the stalwart leader of the group." I said gladly to myself.

To be continued, Comrades.