I do not own Harry Potter or Game of Thrones

I read a story a while back where Harry was reborn as the oldest son of Tywin Lannister. I can't seem to find it now but it inspired me to try by hand at writing my own story. There will be Harry Potter elements but it will be a Game of Thrones story foremost. There will be elements from both the Song of Ice and Fire books and the television series just to let everyone know.

So on with the story…

Chapter 1 – The Beginning

264 AC…The Westerlands

Tywin Lannister rode his horse furiously as Casterly Rock came into sight in the distance. He had already been on his way back to his family's ancestral seat to take a much needed break from his duties as Hand of the King when he had received the raven from his brother Kevan to tell him that his wife Joanna was in labour and that he should get back to the Rock immediately. His focus was absolute not caring for a single thing between him and his goal certainly about the poor straining horse beneath him. Soon he arrived at the castle gates already open allowing him to ride straight in where he more or less leapt from his horse and saw his younger brother Kevan emerge from the main doors. In no mood for pleasantries even with his family given the anticipation burning inside him, he asked only one question as he began storming his way into the castle.

"Am I in time?" Kevan who struggled to keep pace with his brother answered.

"Just, Lady Joanna is very close. Our lord father has yet to return." Kevan added bringing a scowl to the face of the heir to House Lannister. While Tywin was already the undisputed power behind the recent resurgence in the house's fortunes after dealing with the Reyne-Tarbeck rebellion, something that had impressed the Mad King Aerys enough to make him his Hand, he was not yet lord of the Rock. For that he had to wait for his father to die which given his vices and advancing age would probably happen sooner rather than later, so for the moment he was content to wait. He was still able to hear the laughter that had been once directed towards his house due to his father's weakness and it still nearly brought a tick to his face. But right now his main focus was on his wife Joanna, some said that the day he married her was one of the few times he had ever smiled. There was some truth to that, it was one of the few days in his youth when he had had something to smile about since despite his outwardly cold demeanour he truly loved his wife, one of the most beautiful and caring people he had ever met.

And right now she was about to give birth to their first child.

He could already hear the cries of pain that stabbed at his heart and he broke into a run thankfully he was not wearing his armour and arrived at the door to their shared chambers just as a different cry could be heard belonging to a babe. The doors burst open and he saw the sight in front of him and froze.

His beautiful Joanna was sweaty from her first labour and dressed in a simple nightshirt but never had she looked as beautiful to him in even the finest gowns as her skin glowed and instantly his gaze was drawn to the small bundle in her arms. He started walking forward towards the bed as the midwife quietly left the room so she did not interrupt the scene unfolding before her. Joanna looked up and said to Tywin as he arrived at the side of the bed.

"Our son." She said proudly showing Tywin the new-born boy's face. Tywin was hypnotised by the boy's face as he saw the glittering emerald green eyes that almost seemed to glow. There was a trace of blond hair on his head inherited from him and his wife. His breath caught in his throat as he looked on his son although the word seemed so alien to him but incredibly welcome all the same. The boy's eyes seemed to follow him with an innate intelligence like he was studying him closely but Tywin dismissed that as his own imagination playing tricks on him. Joanna passed the bundle into his arms and he held the boy as carefully as if he were the most delicate crystal in world.

"Now he just needs a name." Tywin said as he peered into the boy's face, his own heir of his own blood. Joanna paused for a moment before making a suggestion.

"What about Hadrian? Or maybe Harry. I know we discussed calling him Jaime if we had a boy but somehow Hadrian just feels more…right?" She was not sure she could explain her feelings to her husband but he just smiled and proclaimed.

"Hadrian Lannister, heir to the Westerlands and the future Warden of the West."

As they two new parents talked they were unaware that the boy still in Tywin's arms was no ordinary new born child. He had the memories and experiences of a two hundred year long life in a world as different to this one as chalk and cheese.

He was Harry Potter reborn.

As the boy grew he kept surprising everyone around him. From an early age Hadrian seemed to be far more intelligent than any other child his age, talking and walking earlier than most. He learnt to read earlier than most too and when he was not learning from his father or the tutors his father had hired he could often be found in one of two places. Either the library pouring over books that would have stumped grown men something that made his father and mother proud at his innate intelligence or in the training yard watching the other men train to fight. Hadrian had the memories of his past life but he felt strangely disconnected from them, almost like you were watching a play about someone you knew but you were just watching rather than partaking. From early on he came to the conclusion that his life was here now so he should make the most of it.

When he turned two years old he became a big brother as his mother gave birth to twins; a girl named Cersei and a boy named Jaime. Tywin brought Hadrian to see his younger siblings and while Jaime welcomed him with a toothless smile and grasped at his finger, Cersei seemed to howl at the sight of her elder brother which only made Jaime cry as he picked up on his sister's discomfort. Tywin quickly made him leave the room and Hadrian was left in the hallway with his uncle Kevan who put a reassuring hand on the boy's shoulder and reassured him that it was just Cersei being fussy. But Hadrian who had never had the experience in his previous life of having brothers and sisters was still off put by the reaction of his new-born sister and hoped in time things would improve.

In the two hundred years of his previous life Harry Potter had tried to bridge the gap between magic and science hoping to merge the two so he could bring the wizarding world into the present rather than remaining hundreds of years behind the muggles. There was so much that each side could contribute to the world that it had become his greatest focus even as he had raised a family and worked as an unspeakable in the Department of Mysteries uniting magic and science had been his most sought after goal.

But while he had found some principles that did cross over it had proved more work than he had managed to accomplish in even his longer than normal life span especially against the opposition to the idea that wizards could learn from muggles. But the benefits of this meant that Harry had studied both magic and science very closely learning much about both. So his knowledge was centuries ahead of what was presently known here in this world and regardless as to whether or not he had achieved what he had set out to do Harry had a very powerful mind, once he had stopped dumbing down on reflex after having to do it for years in fear of violence from the Dursleys and later not showing up Ron or Hermione in class to keep their friendship he had quickly become one of the best minds of his generation even better than Hermione in some ways because while Hermione was good at storing, retaining and then repeating information that was all she could really do with it since she was almost religiously devoted to what was written and often could not grasp there might be more to it than that, but Harry could do all that and then imagine and see beyond what facts were written in a book to see how it might be developed further rather than just accept things at face value.

At five he was already speaking many languages including High Valyrian as well as the common tongue with a fluency that impressed his teachers immensely. Not to mention his skill with numbers and every subject he was taught, showed a natural brilliance that was a great source of pride to his father Tywin who had ensured only the best teachers for his son while he himself was away from the Rock due to his duties as hand of the king but when he was able to return home for brief periods taught him politics and strategy and how to rule as was his future.

But it was not just academics were Harry excelled, his excellent reflexes showed in physical training too as knights sworn to his father taught him to ride a horse, fight with swords/spears/bows and so on. The boy learnt quickly showing good speed for his age and able to copy their actions after watching the knights do it a few times. In private however even from his family Harry practiced and channelled his magic learning to direct and control its flow in deep meditation since he had no wand or other focus here so he had to learn to channel it with sheer willpower alone, something Harry had in abundance.

But it was a lonely childhood as his siblings were still too young to join him in his training and there were few other children at the Rock for him to socialise with. And as his father had taught him, social skills often played a key role in effectively ruling a kingdom. But he had few people outside his family and their servants to develop them with. Even fewer to actually make friends with.

But then one day Harry while sparring with his sword fighting instructor he had noticed young Raphael Daniels, the son of a steward and the same age as Harry himself watching them from the shadows with a sort of longing in his eyes. Harry was curiously looked at the other boy and it was then that Raphael realised he had been spotted and was about to make a quick escape when Hadrian stopped him.

"Come Raphael Daniels, practice with me." The other boy could not believe he was being given a chance to practice sword fighting with the heir to Casterly Rock. He was sure his father and Lord Tywin would not approve but it was his greatest dream to be a knight and here was the prodigal heir to Casterly Rock and the Westerlands offering to let him spar even if it was with a training sword. So he took the offered wooden sword and stood in the opening stance he had seen other swordsmen use. Hadrian then proceeded to beat him with humiliating efficiency but instead of lording it over him Hadrian showed him what he had been doing wrong and how to hold his practice sword properly.

From that day he and Raphael were often found together practicing their fighting skills in the yards of Casterly Rock. Tywin had not been keen on it at first but Harry had pleaded with his father to let the boy train and Tywin never one to miss an opportunity saw the boy definitely had the potential to be a great knight and a strong warrior to serve as the sword at his son's side. So he decided to allow it and more so gave Raphael's father the town of Riverspring as his holding after the death of its lord who had fathered no children. It was not much but by raising House Daniels into the nobility as a minor house under the Lannisters he secured their loyal service for not only his lifetime but hopefully his son's too. But more importantly for Harry at least he had a friend that he could count on. Raphael was loyal to a fault and an exceptionally good swordsman that was there to watch his back and more importantly the two young men could speak freely with each other.

Also as the years passed Hadrian began coming up with a number of intriguing ideas, one of which was develop business holdings for the Lannister family to supplement their mining income. Harry had said to his father that mines eventually run dry and this way if they could establish strong assets before that became too much of problem they would secure themselves for future generations, worthy of the expense required to set it up initially and after a while if they did it right then it would not only pay for itself but begin adding additional wealth into their coffers. Tywin had thought long and hard and agreed with his son as they both started laying down plans. It would take a lot of work and men of learning would have to be found to help them run it but the idea had merits worth the work it would take to turn the dream into reality especially with his powers as Hand of the King. The scope of Hadrian's imagination especially at not yet eight name days old yet never failed to surprise Tywin who had never thought of such possibilities himself. With Hadrian Tywin felt certain his legacy would reach greater heights than in their entire house's history. His only irritation was that his two younger children did not take after him as Cersei was a prideful little madam who thought she was smarter than anyone else around her and Jaime only seemed interested in becoming a knight.

Unfortunately Harry's relationship with at least one of his younger siblings was not as successful as Tywin had hoped it might be. Jaime despite being only two years younger seemed to nearly worship his older brother and Hadrian had started with Raphael to teach the young lad to handle a sword where Jaime showed a prodigious talent unfortunately he was uninterested in politics and any other areas outside fighting but that was not such a big concern as Hadrian was set to inherit the Rock rather than Jaime. But Cersei only seemed to resent her older sibling's presence whenever he was near. The jealousy of his position as their father's heir and more personally his favourite was evident in her eyes as although Tywin would never admit to it he did tend to favour Hadrian. She was also angry at her inability to match his intelligence, trying her hardest only to fail at matching his fast and detailed learning. Joanna had tried her best to mediate between the two but Cersei just did not want to have anything to do with her older sibling and much preferred her twin brother's company who quickly found himself stuck in the middle. This cut short the time the two brothers could spend bonding but for the sake of a happy household they all let it be and enjoyed what time they could find.

But then all three of Tywin's children were dealt a harsh blow as their mother died in childbirth bringing their younger brother Tyrion into the world. That was the day that any sign of their father's smile became a distant memory as he silently walked out of the chamber leaving their new-born brother who had been born a dwarf in the arms of the midwife with a last look of revulsion directed at his youngest child. Cersei developed a deep hatred for Tyrion instantly due to the death of their mother but Harry and Jaime while filled with grief at their mother's passing saw no reason to blame the baby becoming the only Lannisters apart from their loving aunt Genna that were willing to be nice to Tyrion.

Harry as time went on tried his best to be there for his younger siblings as their father grew more and more distant stepping up almost into the role of a parent to Jaime and Tyrion. Tywin would speak to them but as a lord rather than as a father, Hadrian would help Jaime refine his skills as a potential knight often while developing his own impressive skill with the sword, lance and bow & arrow. He would spend hours in the library with Tyrion teaching and debating politics, strategy, history and other academic subjects to his youngest brother whose mind was incredible sharp, equal to his own and his father's in many ways. And he also tried his best to ease the hurt that was often dumped on Tyrion by other members of their family especially their father and sister.

When he was twelve name days old Tywin decided to take Hadrian to King's Landing and introduce him to court. Hadrian's eyes watched in interest as he rode at his father's side into the capital and he did his best to study it all as closely as he could. As they entered the Red Keep Hadrian was amazed at the attention to detail that must have gone into constructing a stronghold this impressive. He was quickly taken before the King and although Harry would refuse to admit it to anyone the disturbingly gaze and appearance of the so called Mad King Aerys who looked so haggard sitting on the ugly iron throne scared him slightly and Hadrian considered for a moment that he might not be human but some quite of wraith that was haunting the castle. The King had stared at him with a gaze that was worrying his father and Tywin was considering sending him back to Casterly Rock until Aerys had turned his attention back to Tywin who sent the boy to their rooms in the Tower of the Hand. As he walked through the corridors of the castle Hadrian was thinking over what his father had told him. He said that no-one was to be trusted here, that loyalty and honour were liabilities that were certain to get you killed and that he should see everyone as a potential enemy. Hadrian was so focused on this that he nearly collided with a woman that emerged quickly from around a corner.

"Pardon me my lady." Hadrian said bowing in respect as he had been taught. When he looked up he saw a woman of Dornish descent smiling at him, clearly high born from her elaborate and expensive looking silk gown and intricate golden jewellery. She looked to be in her very early twenties nearly ten years older than him but she was without a doubt one of the most beautiful women Hadrian had ever seen especially as her eyes sparkled back with amusement at his dumbstruck expression until he realised he was doing a very good impression of a fish and quickly set his face back into its smooth mask developed from his father's teachings.

"No worry young lord, now what is your name?" She asked him with amusement dancing through her tone clearly seeing through his mask at how nervous he was really feeling.

"Hadrian Lannister my lady. Might I be so bold as to ask for yours?" He said determined not to appear foolish in front of his lady whoever she was. He would not be labelled a fool on his first visit to the capital and shame his father and himself. His own pride would not allow it, nor his good sense.

"You might." The woman teased and smiled and Hadrian frowned before he realised she was going to make him ask properly just to annoy him so he decided to play along rather than make himself seem childish.

"If I may, I would know your name my lady." He said and she kept on smirking which only made her seem more beautiful.

"I young lord Hadrian Lannister am Princess Elia Martell of Dorne. It is a pleasure to meet the son of the Hand on his first visit to court." She said having seen his introduction to the court only moments ago and decided to meet the young lord by herself to see what kind of boy he was. "Perhaps I should show you around? If your father permits of course?"

And that was exactly what she did. Under the careful watch of his father's guards Elia had shown him the Red Keep and told him just who was who. Now she was not teasing him he found himself liking the woman and hoped that he might be able to call her a friend although that would only be between them. As time passed he would get over his initial crush and even through her become friendly with Prince Rhaegar Targaryen and for a while things were brilliant for the young lord. Tywin had been very pleased when he saw his son befriending the crown prince seeing it as a way to keep the position of Hand of the King in the family that if Hadrian proved himself capable then maybe Rhaegar would make Hadrian his hand of the king.

But everything was about to change as the Mad King's actions grew more and more horrific and fanned the flames of Robert Baratheon's rebellion.