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Chapter 24


"Ugh, this thing is so itchy," I complain once more, tugging at the stiff collar of my dress shirt as Godric chuckles lowly, reaching up to help me loosen the annoying material.

"If you'd stop playing with it, it wouldn't be so bad, you know," he teases back, lifting a brow at me as I roll my eyes. "You ready for this?" he questions softly, working to adjust my collar as I let out a small sigh.

"Honestly? No," I answer truthfully. "I'm positively scared shitless, but I suppose I may as well get used to the idea," I sigh out as he nods lightly, his emerald eyes shining with a deep wisdom I've come to rely on in our time spent together.

"I can't say I'm exactly thrilled at the idea," he agrees, shrugging lightly. "But this day was apt to come sooner or later," he muses thoughtfully as a small frown forms upon my face.

"I would have voted for later," I reply. "Much later," I add, earning a small smirk from the man who I proudly claim as my very best friend and confidant.

"Yeah, I know," he concedes, shaking his head at me before patting my tie gently. "There, now stop messing with it," he scolds with a grin as I smirk at him, shrugging my agreement. A light knocking sounds at the entrance to the small room then and I don't need to ask who it is as I see Godric's face light up with obvious affection upon opening the door.

"I just thought I'd see if either of you needed any help," Sookie says, stepping inside before looking back and forth between us with a warm smile. "You both look absolutely stunning in those suits," she compliments, looking us both over appreciatively as we both step before her to give her equally admiring gazes, seeing her clad in her long, fitted gown.

"And you look gorgeous as ever, dear one," Godric replies, leaning forward to press a soft kiss to her cheek.

"Fucking incredible, Lover," I chime in, seeing her sapphire eyes twinkle in amusement before I lean down to kiss her forehead tenderly. "But isn't it bad luck for us to see you like this, you know, before the big reveal?" I question, earning amused smirks from both her and Godric as they shake their heads at me.

"No, silly," Sookie answers as the doors are opened once more. I'm left gaping, finding myself utterly speechless as the three of us take in the vision standing before us. "Oh, honey, you're just beautiful," Sookie cries out, wrapping her arms around our daughter as she beams over her mother's shoulder to Godric and I.

"Hi, Daddy Eric, Daddy Godric," she greets, never having changed her given names for us over the years as I'm left having to shake off my stunned reverie.

"Come here, my beautiful Addy-bug," I tell her, earning a small snort from my daughter before she's hugging me tightly.

"I told you, I'm too old for that nickname now," she chastises teasingly as I shake my head, pulling away to meet her smirking face that reminds me so much of her mother's.

"Never," I reply. "You'll always be my little girl," I insist before Godric is pulling her into a tight hug.

"You may as well accept it, my Angel, we're both too old to change our ways now," Godric informs her, earning a tinkling giggle from our daughter as she steps back to straighten her fluffy, white gown.

"Speak for yourself, old man," I quip, ruffling Godric's lightly graying hair, earning a small frown from him before both my girls are giggling together.

"Eric," Sookie scolds through her smirk as she steps forward to help Godric straighten his hair once more. "Save the rough play for the reception, would you?" she beseeches as I'm left grinning at her.

"Of course, Lover, a bit of rough play is definitely in order for later," I retort lowly, waggling my brows to bring matching grins from Godric and Sookie. Adeline sighs loudly then, shaking her head at the three of us.

"I'm still here, guys," she sighs out, her smirk giving away her amusement as Godric and I each wrap an arm around the woman we love.

"A healthy love life is an important part of any relationship, sweetie," Sookie offers sweetly as Adeline begins play gagging, holding her throat in a show of distaste to bring matching laughter from the three of us. Soft music begins playing then, effectively quieting our laughter before the room's door is opened once more.

"Ya ready, Sook?" Jason questions, poking his head inside to earn a firm nod from his sister. Godric and I each kiss her softly before sending her on her way and she grants us a parting wave before disappearing from sight.

"How're you feeling, little one?" Godric questions softly as Adeline takes a deep breath before letting it out slowly, a little trick I taught her years ago to help her overcome her nerves.

"I'm alright," she answers, sending me a knowing wink before the two of us are taking our shared daughter by either arm, ready as we'll ever be to move forward with the day's festivities.

"Chin up, Addy-bug, this is your big day," I whisper softly as the three of us make our way to the head of the aisle together. At our queue, the three of us begin our slow, deliberate march, my chest swelling with pride as we guide our daughter through the hushed crowd.

We make it to the front of the small church and I have to hide a smirk, seeing my daughter's future husband gulping audibly as he looks nervously back and forth between Godric and I. That's right, little boy, this is our little girl and you'd do best to remember that.

"And who gives this woman to be married to this man?" the aged preacher questions, bringing me from my thoughts as I look over to meet the smiling face of my friend.

"We do," Godric and I answer in unison before helping Adeline step forward. I give one, last hard look to my daughter's soon to be spouse, seeing his brows rise subtly in fear before Godric and I are making our way to the front pew, each taking a seat at either side of our wife.


"Was that truly necessary?" I lean over to whisper to Eric, noticing just how antsy the young groom is now as my friend smirks over to me, nodding his golden head firmly.

"You bet your ass it was," he retorts, earning a headshake from both Sookie and I. That's our Eric. Sookie takes hold of both our hands then and we all turn our attention back to the front of the church, looking on as our little girl ties the bonds to the man she's come to love.

I can hardly believe just how much my little, golden angel has grown, finally becoming a woman, looking just as beautiful as her mother and having inherited Sookie's compassionate heart as well. We truly did well in raising her, the three of us, and I must say, this may very well be the proudest day of my life thus far.

"Oh, my baby," Sookie chokes out softly as I quickly present her with a handkerchief, watching as she dabs at her wetted eyes as Eric and I kiss her softly. "I promised myself I wasn't going to cry, dammit," she whispers, bringing smirks to Eric and I as we both recall her saying the same thing about our own wedding, only to have failed miserably as she broke down several times during the ceremony.

Eric and I each wrap an arm around her then, holding her tightly between us as the ceremony continues and Sookie manages to go through several hankies by the time we're standing and cheering exuberantly for the newlyweds. Adeline catches our gazes, sending us a shining smile before raising a warning brow directly at Eric to bring amused laughter from the lot of us before we're trailing behind the excited crowd, all making our way to the reception.

"I just hope we remembered everything," Sookie says once we're driving back to the old farmhouse, having decided to throw the party in our own backyard. "I want Addy's day to be perfect," she adds with a small sigh as I pull her into my arms, hugging her tightly against my side in the backseat.

"It already is, dear one," I assure her, trailing my fingers over her arm. "You just focus on having some fun tonight. This is your day as well, right?" I beseech as she smiles softly, nodding her agreement.

"Yeah, no becoming Momzilla tonight," Eric chimes in from the front seat, smirking at the two of us in the rearview as Sookie rolls her eyes.

"No Momzilla, I promise," she agrees. "But you'd better promise to behave, mister," she warns Eric, reaching up to ruffle his blonde locks to elicit amused laughter from him. "Seriously, I thought that poor boy was going to piss himself right in front of the alter after that death glare you shot him," she adds, shaking her head at him as I find myself smirking along with Eric.

"Uh, I'm pretty sure you told me to save up the rough play for the reception, Lover, no take backsies," he quips bringing soft sniggers from me as Sookie finally lets out a sigh, falling back to the seat beside me.

"I shall do my best to keep him in line, dear one," I assure her softly, earning a disbelieving brow from my love. "Hey, it's better than nothing," I explain with a shrug as she nods her agreement before kissing me softly.

"Thank you," she replies as we pull before the house, seeing several cars parked along the dirt drive already. The three of us exit the car together, making our way towards the backyard as we follow the sound of soft music, being played live by Eric's old band mates who were more than elated to provide tonight's entertainment.

Before long, dinner is served and the crowd is soon engrossed in merry laughter and stories of reminiscence as the three of us look on, greeting many of the guests and receiving well wishes from all. After a time, the band calls for the fathers of the bride and Eric and I make our way to the dance floor together, joining our stunning, smiling daughter as she greets us both with open arms.

"Tell me, little one, is your day all you wished it would be?" I ask her as the three of us begin to sway gently to the low music.

"It's just perfect, Daddy Godric," she answers, leaning up to kiss my cheek softly. "Thank you," she tells me as Eric clears his throat loudly, raising a brow at Adeline. "And thank you, too, Daddy Eric," she adds with a chuckle, having to rise up on her tiptoes to place a kiss to the grinning blonde's cheek.

"I'm glad you're enjoying yourself, Addy-bug," he tells her as the two of us take turns twirling her over the makeshift dance floor, eliciting delighted giggles from our daughter as her flowing gown flutters around her in billowing waves.

The music soon quiets and we both lean down to press a kiss to either side of Adeline's golden head before her groom is joining us on the dance floor. Adeline gives Eric a warning glare and I place my hand upon the taller blonde's shoulder, shaking my head subtly as the fearful groom stares up at the both of us.

"Congratulations," I tell him, reaching out to shake his slightly trembling hand. "You've managed to find yourself the finest bride in the entire state of Louisiana, well, after her mother that is," I commend, shaking his hand as I send Adeline a playful wink to earn a fond smile from her.

"Yes, the most stunning, by far the smartest and sweetest damn girl this side of the Mississippi," Eric adds, wrapping an arm around our daughter as she beams up at him. "And you'd do well to remember that," he adds to the fresh faced, young groom. "You're a very lucky man and will remain to be so just so long as you treat my little girl like the princess she is, got me?" he questions as I squeeze his shoulder warningly and Adeline shakes her head at him.

"Um, yes, sir, o-of course, sir," the poor groom stumbles out, nodding a bit too fervently to the much taller man as I give him a kind smile, trying my best to ease some of the tension before Eric nods firmly.

"Alright, glad we understand each other," Eric replies, lifting Adeline's hand to kiss her knuckles softly, giving her a small wink as she smirks at him. "Love you," he whispers, earning a bright grin from her.

"Love you, too, Daddy Eric," she tells him, hugging him tightly. She turns to me next and I take my daughter into my embrace, taking in her same, sweet, vanilla scent as a fond smile stretches over my face.

"I love you, so very much, my Angel," I whisper softly as she pulls away to give me a watery smile, having to brush away the start of her tears as she nods to me.

"I love you, too, Daddy Godric," she answers before I hand her off to the new man in her life. My heart pinches, seeing her give him her soft, caring smile and I have to remind myself once more that I've done my job well, having raised her to be the best woman she can be as Eric slings his arm over my shoulder, smiling along with me at our daughter as she begins her dance with her new husband.

"Come on, let's find Sookie," I tell him then, tugging him from our spot on the dance floor as he looks down to me with a mischievous grin.

"Now that's the best idea you've had all damn day," he tells me, his bright blue eyes shining in anticipation as I find myself chuckling at my ever devious counterpart.


I wrap my arms around my new husband's neck, a soft smile pulling at my lips as I continue to enjoy what's apt to be one of the most special days of our entire lives and know, without a doubt, I've made the right choice in tying my life to such an incredible man who truly loves me with all of his heart, just the way my parents love one another.

I have to smirk then, covering my mouth to stifle a laugh as I see both my fathers luring my smirking mother from the tent. I know full well just what the three of them are up to, having shared a house with them my whole life and can only shake my head as I see Daddy Eric scoop my mother up off her feet before the three of them are disappearing from sight.

I look to my husband then and make a silent wish. I earnestly wish for our shared future to be filled with just as much love and just as much playfulness as the lives of my three parents, for if such a wish were to come true, I know our future will be an immensely joyous one indeed.