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Chapter 14.

"You ready to go home?" Lana asked Hope, while she was helping her to get dressed. Hope nodded.

"I can't wait! You know how much I hate hospitals," Hope answered and Lana smiled. "I just wanna go home and rest."

"And you will, sweetie," Lana said, smiling. "We're so excited!" Hope laughed.

"This is our chance to be a family, a real family," Hope said, and Lana hugged her. "Mom," It was the first time that Hope called her like that.

"Yes, baby?" Lanas asked her. She was almost crying.

"I love you," Hope said, smiling. "I'm so sorry if I was being an idiot, and I know that I already said that, it's just that I can't believe that we're a family."

"We're not the perfect family, but we're a family and that's what matters." Lana said, and they left the room. Sean was outside smiling at them.

"Good morning, sweetheart," Sean told Hope and kissed her on the forehead. "Good morning, my love," He said, kissing Lana in the lips.

"Oh my goooood!" Hope said, covering her mouth with her hands "I'm sorry it's just that I used to be a Seana shipper, ya know? And now, seeing you kissing each other… Oh my god it's too much" Hope said, laughing.

"Seana shipper, really?" Sean asked her, laughing. Hope nodded.

"Don't worry if I freak out every time I see you together," Hope said, blushing. "I'll get over it," the three of them laughed and they left the hospital.

4 months later.

Hope was walking with her parents through a park. She was between her parents and she couldn't be happier, she had everything; mom, dad, a baby brother, a house, love, and her family.

"I love you," She said to her parents and they smiled at her.

"We love you too, darling," Lana said, and they stopped to buy an ice cream.

"Lana, are you eating a pineapple ice cream, again?" Sean asked her, smiling. She nodded.

"Actually, it's for the baby," Lana answered, eating the ice cream. "He is gonna love this ice cream."

"Pineapple is my favorite too," Hope said, smiling. She got closer to her mom's belly and kissed it. She was around 5 months. "Can't wait to meet ya, little one."

"What's up now?" Hope asked, when they started to walk again. "What are we gonna do with your fans and family?"

"I don't care about them. All I care about it's us," Sean said, and Hope smiled. "And I'm pretty sure that this 'Seana shippers' are gonna be excited to know that Lana and I are a couple and that we have two kids."

"You have no idea. You're gonna kill them, specially to a friend of mine, Noemi. She loves you!" Hope said, laughing. "We never thought that it could be real, that you guys could be real." All of them laughed.

"Answering your question about 'What's up now'," Lana started, slowly. "We become a family."

"That sounds pretty good for me, love," Sean said, smiling. He was doing it on purpose. He knew that Hope was gonna freak out.

"You're killing me, dad," She said, trying to get serious.

"Okay, you two, come here," Lana said, taking seat on a bench. "We're taking a picture as family."

Lana was standing next to Hope, she was kissing her on the cheek and Sean was touching Lana's belly along Hope's hand. After the picture, they kept walking through the park.

"What are you gonna do with that picture, mom?" Hope asked her, and Lana smiled.

"I'm posting it on Instagram," Lana said, holding her cellphone. "It's time to show my beautiful family." Lana said, posting the picture.

"And time to kill the Seana shippers," Sean added, laughing. Hope rolled her eyes.

My dears #EvilRegals, this is my family, and I couldn't be happier.

Lana, Sean, Hope and baby.


The end.

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