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The day started like any other at Stonehaven. The twins, Kate and Logan, were bickering. Kate wanted to have a race to see which of them was faster; Logan was uninterested as he already knew the outcome. His sister always won these little races. But she kept pestering him until he finally conceded and he got up to go outside.

This is when the day took an unusual turn. They opened the door and they smelled something unfamiliar. There were humans on their property. They immediately shut the door and went to find their parents.

Clay and Elena were attempting to get some work done as their hectic schedules rarely allowed them to actually dot their jobs. Lucky for them their work was optional. Elena was working on her latest news article, a commentary on the American political system. She found it to be rather dull but it was what the news outlets wanted at the moment and as a freelance journalist she simply wrote what people wanted to read. She was just beginning to start wrapping up when the door was startled open.

"Mom! Dad!" The twins came bursting into the room, bursting the comfortable silence that had enveloped the room.

Kate, the more vocal of the twins, decided it was her place to inform her parents of their discovery. "There are people here. We smelled them." She was rather proud of their discovery and it was apparent from the way she had puffed up when she had told her parents.

Clay and Elena exchanged weary looks. As the alpha, Elena, would have the final call in how they handled the affair. She briefly considered the possibilities. Occasionally people had wandered into their woods, to go hunting or simply go for a walk through the trees, but the many years that she had spent living in the supernatural world had taught her caution, that things were not always as innocent as they might appear.

She signaled to Clay that she would go check it out but that she thought it would be nothing. Over the years they had come up with their own silent language that had only become more elaborate when they had children. He responded to be careful.

Elena went down the stairs and gingerly opened the door. She walked out into the yard and immediately smelled what her children had earlier detected. There was definitely an unfamiliar scent hanging in the air. She smelled the air once more. Two new scents, one smelling of some kind of floral scent and the other smelled of a men's deodorant. A growl began to build up in the back of her throat but she quickly cut it off.

She heard Clay and her children begin walking down the stairs. He was going slowly trying to give Elena more time to investigate uninhibited by the children, but his instincts to protect her were beginning to win out and he had to check to make sure the threat was nothing serious.

Elena made sure her expression was neutral as he came down the stairs. She did not want to make her children uneasy, but the threat was present and Clay needed to know about it.

"Why don't you guys go watch that new movie that Jeremy got you?" Elena motioned the children to the rarely used television in the sitting area. The twins ran off full of excitement as they were allowed to watch TV which was almost always banned during the day.

Clay raised his eyebrows at this. "Darling, what is it?"

"There are two scents out there that I've never smelt before. It's not werewolves but that doesn't mean it's not something dangerous." Elena stated. Clay nodded in agreement and volunteered to change. Elena weighed her options. If Clay changed and it wasn't anything supernatural there was a chance that he could be spotted and people would start talk about wolves in their woods once more; if it was a supernatural having a wolf ready to pounce was usually a good strategy.

Elena decided that it would be better if they were in human form as there were only two scents and they were better fighters than any humans.

They moved unhurriedly into the woods surrounding the property. They heard some muffled voices and followed them making sure not to make a nose. Slightly behind the tree line they found two teenagers. They appeared to be arguing about something.

Elena and Clay had one of their silent conversations. They decided Elena would talk and Clay would be hidden behind the trees in case something went wrong. Elena cleared her throat. They looked up and their eyes widened.

The girl, small with big blue eyes, stuttered out, "W-w-w-where is-s he?"

Elena blinked at this. Where was who? "I don't know who you're talking about." She replied honestly.

This seemed to enrage the slight girl. "W-we know you have Derek! He didn't break any of your rules; you have to let him go."

This made Elena really pause. Rules, they had to know what they were. These humans somehow knew what they were and who they were. But who was this Derek? She mentally went through her dossiers. There was no Derek that the pack was aware of. She realized this would require a conversation that they didn't necessarily want to make in the middle of the woods. SO with a sigh, she invited them to make their way to the house. She signaled to Clay to run back and hide the children, she needed to talk these two but she was not willing to risk her children.

When she got back she heard the twins quietly playing upstairs. Without super hearing there was no way that anyone would be able to detect them. She settled into a chair in the sitting room and invited the two teens to sit down across from her. They wearily sat of the sofa, clearly rather uncomfortable.

"First of all who and what are you?" Elena began bluntly.

The boy, blond with Asian features, spoke up. "My name is Simon and that's Chloe." They briefly exchanged glances having a silent argument, "I'm a sorcerer and she's a necromancer." He finally finished. A sorcerer could be a problem, Elena contemplated quickly; she would have to watch him closely. A necromancer on the other hand was unlikely to be a threat. Her time with Jaime had shown her that.

"Why are you here?" Elena asked still confused about the events that would lead a sorcerer and a necromancer to come searching for someone at Stonehaven.

"We now that you kidnapped my boyfriend, Derek." The blond girl stated furiously.

Elena leaned forward at this. So this Derek must be a werewolf if they thought the pack had him. "We did not take your boyfriend. We only punish mutts who cause problems and this Derek has not come up so he must not be breaking our rules."

"Well someone took him and we know it was a werewolf. We need to get back my brother." Simon said.

Brother? He was definitely not a werewolf, so not by blood. "I think we can help you with this but I'm going to need to hear the whole story." Elena decided after a long pause.

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