Here's Chapter 2!

The two supernatural teens looked at each other. Tell this stranger, who may or may not have kidnapped Derek, about their past? Through looks and gestures, Chloe and Simon decided that they had no choice and would have to tell the alpha of the werewolf pack about how they ended up in Bear Valley.

Chloe cleared her throat. "I think I should start by saying that we are not your average necromancer or sorcerer. We were a part of one of the many experiments conducted by the Edison group. Theoretically this experiment was to make our powers more manageable but it didn't really work that way for some of us." She decided to omit the fact that she was in fact a failure of the experiment. "We met at a group home for people like us, but at the time I had no idea that any of this stuff was real. They told me I was schizophrenic. Simon and Derek told me what I really was and we planned an escape."

Simon took over the story from here. "Turns out we were not the only supers at Lyle House. We had to get out of there especially after one of the girls at Lyle House was murdered because she couldn't control her powers." Simon paused for a second at this point. Chloe thoughts went to her ghost friend who had not been around as much lately, just stopping in now and again to see how everyone was. The last time she had seen her was when Derek had gone missing and she had asked Liz to look for him. So far she had been silent.

"Anyway so we broke out of there: Me, Chloe, Derek and another girl, Rae. It turns out Rae betrayed us and Chloe and her ended up captured by the Edison Group again." Simon then looked to Chloe to continue as she had actually experienced this part.

Chloe decided not to mention that it was her aunt who had handed her to the Edison group.

"I got free with a witch named Tori, who is waiting for us in town, and we managed to meet up with Simon and Derek again. We've been doing just fine, but a few days ago Derek was taken. Right before he disappeared he sent me a text with just the word werewolf. We tried to find him but he was gone." Chloe heard her voice break a little at the word gone, so she stopped to compose herself.

Elena looked between the two teens. This was clearly not the whole story, but if what they said was true they had a pretty good reason to be distrustful of people. Her mind drifted back to her own time held captive by scientists studying her powers and she felt a wave of sympathy for the young adults. She would try to help them. "I believe we need to call a council meeting. I'll tell you the details as soon as I get them."

They exchanged phone numbers and the two left to go join their witch friend.

Once they had left Clay came down the stairs. He had, of course, heard everything. He didn't say anything as he came up behind her just rubbing his hands over her in a silent show of support. The idea of a group of people willing to kidnap and experiment on supernatural children was very distressing with their own children only a floor up.

"I'm going to call Paige and Lucas and see if we can get a meeting sooner than planned." Elena sighed, exhausted at the prospect of having to organize such a gathering. She picked up her cell phone and dialed the number for Cortez- Winterbourne Investigations.

"Thank you for calling Cortez- Winterbourne Investigations, this is Savannah how can I help you?" The witch on the other end of the line answered. Elena smiled and then felt it melt into a grimace thinking of how this situation could bring back painful memories for the girl who was in such a similar situation.

"Hi Savannah, it's Elena, can I talk to Paige?"

Paige answered the phone sounding frazzled the sounds of papers being shuffled and copied was evident through the speaker. "Elena, is everything okay? Lucas and I are going to be in court tomorrow so we're just doing some last minute research to make sure all our bases covered." Elena barely held back a snort as she tried to imagine Lucas going to a courtroom unprepared. But the reason she called still hung heavy in the air and she was able to maintain her composure.

"Paige we need to have an emergency session. We just got information about something that we all need to look into." The sounds in the background stopped and Paige sounded more professional and focused as she spoke.

"I'll see what I can do. I can be in New York tonight if you need me to." That was Paige Winterbourne, anytime there was a crisis at hand she was ready to jump straight into the middle.

"If you wouldn't mind, this is important and it needs to be resolved as soon as possible." Paige agreed and by the time they hung up had already purchased tickets to leave for New York in only a few hours.

So the council is on their way. I know, not the most interesting chapter, but it needed to happen to get the story in motion. Please leave me a review.