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SPN100 Challenge: cavort. Dean's on a hunt with a difference. 100 word drabble. Based on something said to Sam during episode 11.22, but it's not really a spoiler.

Moose on the Loose

For all its great bulk and unwieldy-looking antlers, the creature was remarkably light on its feet and led a merry chase. Dean was certain the dumb brute was mocking him the way it cavorted through the forest, zig-zagging around trees and prancing over brambles.

Finally, the beast paused its frolicking and, true-to-form, shoved its massive head into a colorful patch of foliage.

Seeing his chance, Dean hurled the potion and muttered an incantation on hitting his target.

Naked and spitting twigs, Sam emerged from the shrubbery and gratefully accepted Dean's coat. "Thanks. Next time a witch threatens me, I'll listen!"

"I'll turn you into a moose. An actual moose" – Rowena, 11.22 We Happy Few