"I don't know gang, do you know a perfect spot to relax? I can hardly unwind knowing there maybe crimes back home as we know it.",

That was Chip, a chipmunk leader of the Rescue Rangers, a bit anxious about having a little vacation whenever there's trouble back home,

"Oh come Chipper me lad, unlike you the rest of us need to unwind after all the hard work of solving crimes, helping people in need and whatnot." said a big muscular yet bulgy mouse known as Monterey Jack,

"Yeah come on Chip, you gotta loosen up and live a little." another chipmunk known as Dale agreed,

"Well I guess you're right, I guess I do need to live a little sometimes." Chip sighs, then he asks,

"Gadet, have you found a perfect place to stop yet?",

"Well almost Chip." a cute mouse Gadget answered as she patrols the Ranger Plane, the she spotted the woods where is nice and quiet,

"Why don't we check around the forest and find a spot?" Gadget asked,

"Bonzer idea Gadget luv, I'd really pick that spot to relax, dontcha Zipper ol' boy." Monterey asked to a small fly named Zipper,

"Yeah." Zipper squeaked,

"Alright, just hold tight guys, it's gonna be rough." Gadget said as she set the Ranger Plane into high gear into the woods,

After a short while, they find some trails and went to a 3rd set of trial to the left, it all went smoothly until suddenly the Ranger Plane begun to klunk sputtering,

"Hey! What happened?" Dale asked panicked,

"The Ranger Plane, it's sputtering I can't control it much longer." Gadget answered, the Ranger Plane sputters rapidly and then a complete stop,

"Oh no. We're going down mates." Monterey said, the Ranger Plane was going down,

"YAAAAAAAAH!" everyone screamed in panic, then the Ranger Plane crashed into a big tree and they jumped off the plane falling down until they splashed into a golden yet very sticky liquid in a big pot which was spelled "Hunny",

"Bleh, phootey, Crickey, what is this stuff?" Monterey Jack asked,

"I don't know, but..." Dale began to taste it,

"But it tasted sweet." Dale said,

"Honey!" Gadget exclaimed,

"Yes?" Chip and Dale asked heartfully,

"No, this is honey. A sweet liquid that bees produce from flowers." Gadget said, the Zipper swims in the honey tasting it,

"But how can we get out?" Chip asked, until they heard someone coming closer,

"Dum-Dum-Dum-Dududedum-Dum. 'giggles' Time for a smackeral of honey for breakfast." said a sweet bear coming outside for a honey pot, that was Pooh bear, he reached for honey and Rangers began to call out,

"Wait! Don't eat us, we're in here!" they all called, but Pooh picked up a honey full of the Rescue Rangers.