Chapter 6

Pooh headed out part of the woods while Gadget and Zipper follows. Then moments later Pooh found sight of a tree dead ahead, a tree with a door with a couple of gaps and a wooden shingled roof on top of the door.

"Aha. I'm sure they can help us." Pooh said,

"Who's they?" Gadget asked,

"You'll see. That is if they're home." Pooh answered, he opened the door and went inside. While inside Gadget and Zipper saw hoards of junk and knick knacks and she seems fascinated, then they hear chattering from across, so Pooh noticed they were home.

"'giggle' It seems they are home after all. Hello!" Pooh called, then those characters heard Pooh chattering and running around panicking until Pooh found them. Those 3 characters were the pack rats.

"Oh there you are. I'm so glad you pack rats are home." Pooh said, the pack rats were flabbergasted,

"You see our friends have caught a bad situation and I was hoping if you can help us?" Pooh asked, the pack rats huddled and chattering in whether they'll help put or not, the Gadget stepped up,

"Please, he means is that our friends are in deep trouble and we need your help. Please?" Gadget pleaded, then the pack rats turned and saw Gadget making a cute sad puppy face pleading, they were heart struck and they went up to chattering.

"So are you gonna help us?" Gadget asked,

"Yeah Yeah, we help we help." one of the pack rats answered,

"Oh thank you!" Gadget squealed and hugged the pack rats,

"'giggle' Alright. Come along, I know a friend of mine who can also help us follow me." Pooh said and went ahead with everybody following.

The walked around the woods, the pack rats were really infatuated with Gadget's stunning appearance as they followed her.

"Uh Pooh, shouldn't we go back and save our friends?" Gadget asked, Zipper squeaked agreeing her,

"Well...I know another friend of mine who would help us, all we have to is to find his HOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLE!" Pooh suddenly fall into a hole,

"Pooh! Are you alright?" Gadget called,

"Yes. This is the hole of my friend's home." Pooh said,

"Well. I didn't exsspect company. Pooh bear, ssay why are you doin' in my tunnelss."

"Hello Gopher, would you mind helping us out?" Pooh asked,

"Well, not at all Pooh. Say, what do you mean by us?" Gopher asked,

"Well..." before Pooh can answer, Gadget, Zipper and the Pack Rats arrived,

"Our friends were held hostage at secret cave by Fat Cat." Gadget answered,

"Well sssure, I'll be glad to help and...sssay, why are these thieving varmints doing here?" Gopher asked noticing the Pack Rats,

"They're helping us." Pooh answered,

"Yeah Yeah." Zipper squeaked,

"Yeah we help we help." one of the pack rats said nodding,

"Follow me." Gopher said taking them to his workshop, Gadget was amazed by the looks of his tunnels being dug up by Gopher by himself, until they reach to the workshop,

"Is that your workshop?" Gadget asked,

"Indeedie." Gopher said,

"I have my own workshop at the Rescue Rangers headquarters, plus I made countless inventions myself." Gadget said,

"Well, you're quite a handy rodent yourself." Gopher complimented,

"Thank you." Gadget smiled,

"Ssso what do you need help with anyway?" Gopher asked,

"Well we need something to help take the honey pots from Fat Cat and return them to their rightful owners including my pot." Pooh said,

"Honey potsss you sssay?" Gopher asked,

"Stan and Heff stole honey pots all over the Hundred Acre Wood and bought them to Fat Cat at a secret cave we've found." Gadget explained until she thought of something that could help,

"May I borrow your tools Gopher?",

"Sure." Gopher said,

"What are you gonna do now Gadget?" Pooh asked,

"I'm gonna make us a walkie talkie so we can communicate while we gather the stolen honey pots." Gadget said,

"I'll help you out." Gopher offered,

"Thanks Gopher."

A few moments later, the walkie talkies were done, made of wood and some wiring job with an antenna with a speakers and a few buttons. They were amazed with Gadget's invention with Gopher's help

"Done.", then she tossed the other ones to Gopher and Pooh, she gave it a test run, as she run from the distance in the tunnels

"Testing...testing. Is it working guys?" Gadget asked through her walkie talkie,

"Working." Gopher answered,

"Um. It seems to be working...I think." Pooh said,

"Perfect." Gadget said to herself and ran back to them, they huddled up,

"Now I have a plan, the Pack Rats and I will head up to get the pots while you catch em' and gather them up and..." Gadget formulated the plan while the other listened.

Meanwhile, back at the secret cave,

"Excellent work boys. Now I must go and take nice beauty cat nap and you two guard outside so our old friends might comeback and you idiots guard the honey." Fat Cat ordered,

"No problem boss." Stan said as he and Heff went outside the cave on guard duty while Fat Cats minions guard the honey,

"'YAWN' I'm sleepy myself." Mole said yawing,

"Hey we can't sleep, we're on guard duty all the honey remember?" Snout said,

"Yeah, but we'll take a quick snooze and we'll wake up before boss can." Mepps

"I agree, just a quick nap won't hurt, besides those bunch who ran away might not be back anyways." Wart said closing his eyes,

"Alright, but just a 15 minute nap and that's it." Snout reluctantly agree and takes a nap. While they're sleeping, the friends were getting a little patient for the others to comeback,

"Do you think Pooh will come back soon?" Piglet asked,

"I'm sure he will find help and get us somehow." Chip assured,

"Gadget love better get back here soon, I'm about to go threw a cheese withdrawl." Monterey said,

"Cheese withdrawl?" Roo asked,

"He can't go one minute without cheese." Chip said,

"If they don't come back soon. We're doomed." Eeyore said very doubtedly,

"Look." Tigger gasped as he noticed someone's digging a hole from the bottom, Gadget and the Pack Rats popped out,

"Gadget!" Dale exclaimed excitedly,

"Shhh. We're gonna gather honey down the hole while we free you." Gadget said quietly,

"Why are the Pack Rats with you?" Rabbit asked,

"They're helping." Gadget asnwer,

"Yeah Yeah Yeah We help." The Pack Rats said, so they quietly gathered the pots and dropped them one by one to the hole where Pooh and Gopher catches them and gathered them to the workshop, while doing so the Pack Rats exchanged the pots with walnuts and Gadget sets the others free by chewing the rope, then she instructed Zipper to go to the neares honeytree to communicate with the bees to help out,

"How many more Gadget?" Pooh asked on his walkie talkie, she counted them and answered,

"You're half way done guys. Keep it up.",

"Will do." Gopher said,

Shortly with just a few pots left, Rabbit heard that Fat Cat is on his way back from his nap,

"Hurry guys, Fat Cat's coming back!" Rabbit said in a slight panic,

"Just a couple more and done." Gadget said, the Pack Rats put down the last walnuts and the job is done,

"Well done guys. Our work here is..." Gadget said on the walkie talkie until,

"MY HONEY!" Fat Cat screamed, then noticed the honeypots were replaced with walnuts,

"Walnuts!? YOU BUMBLING NINCOMPOOPS! WAKE UP!" he shouts at his minions, then Stan and Heff heard the shouting and returned from their post,

"What's going boss?" Stan asked,

"STAN! The honey's gone and they stole em'!" Heff exlaimed,

"GET THEM!" Fat Cat exclaimed as his minions went after them, Tigger bounced towards them and bounced on their heads,

"Hoohoohoohoooo! Now that's using your head." Tigger joked as he gather his friends down the hole, Rabbit ordered,

"Quick into the hole!",

"After them, they went through this hole!" Fat Cat ordered,

"You go in and get the honey back." Stan said,

"Uh uh, no way I can't take the dark holes." Mepps chickened out,

"You go in." Mole said to Heff,

"Oh no, I'm too big for this hole,

"Forget it I'll go in!" Fat Cat offered as he tries to go through the hole head first leaving his half end stuck,

"Help! I'm stuck!" Fat Cat screamed,

"What's the matter sonny, stuck up there?" Gopher asked making a joke and everybody laughed,

"Don't just stand there you idiots help me out of this whole!" Fat Cat ordered,

"Okay now heave." Stan said,

"HO!" they exclaimed as they tried to pull Fat Cat out, they took a few tried and no dice until Zipper returned with honeybees,

"After them." Zipper squeaked as the bees charged at them stinging Stan, Heff, Wart, Snout, Mepps, Mole and Fat Cat's gigantic kaboose,

"Ow! OW! OUCH!" the exclaimed in pain, then Zipper found a small gap of the hole where Fat Cat got stuck and he's small enough to fit through the gap and then faces Fat Cat while being stung repeatedly, he blew raspberries at Fat Cat,

"Why you! OUCH! CURSE YOU RESCUE RANGERS! OW!" Fat Cat shouted and again in pain, everybody laughed when Fat Cat got his comeuppance and after their fun they quickly gather the honey pots and hurry through the tunnels on their way to Gopher's main hole,

"Thanks for the help." Pooh said,

"No problem Pooh Bear." Gopher said,

"If it weren't for your plan, we would've been Fat Cat's hostages for too long." Rabbit said feeling relieved,

"Yeah and I could've fight that Fat Cat and put him into justice." Tigger said,

"I hate to be a hostage for long, glad we're free from Fat Cat's clutches mind ya." Eeyore said,

"Well I'm off to my tunnelsss." Gopher said and went down to his hole,

"Now what should we do first?" Roo asked,

"The first thing to do is to return all the honey Fat Cat stole." Chip said,

"Let's bring back the honey to the bees first." Pooh suggested,

"That's a fantastic idea Pooh." Rabbit said,

"The bees did help us." Piglet said,

"Bonzer idea pally." Monterery said,

"To the honeytree we go." Pooh said,

"To the honeytree we go!" everybody repeated.

End of Chapter